Arsenal fans laughing at yet another amazing Tottenham record

Tottenham managed to finish above Arsenal for the second time in 22 years last season, and while Arsenal have brought in Unai Emery and five new first-teamers to try and regain the Kings of North London title, the Spuds have created a record by becoming the first team ever in the Premier League era to manage to go through the whole summer transfer window without bring in ONE new arrival.

Pochettino blamed Brexit as well as the new stadium… “What the club is doing is showing it is so brave,” he declared. “Building a new training ground, finishing this summer the (player’s) lodge was a massive investment.

“Building a stadium that is nearly £1bn. That is true, don’t believe in £400m, that is the truth. Then with Brexit it’s worse because the cost is 30 per cent more. That is a drama, I feel sorry for the English people.

“For me [that] is to be brave. Of course maybe in the mind of everyone they will say, ‘Oh Tottenham didn’t sign’, but to sign for the sake of signing?

“You need to respect all the opinions but of course we are a club that our decision was not to sign, (even though) it is the fashion to sign or because we are the only club in Europe that has not signed players.

“That maybe looks bad because of the perception and because of the history of football, but that is our decision – to keep the best players and to keep the squad. It’s a brave decision.”

I must say Arsenal managed to stay in the Top Four (and above Tottenham) for the whole building of the Emirates, and admittedly Wenger nearly came close to signing no-one in the year we only bought Petr Cech, but what ever Arsenal do Tottenham have to try and do better lol.

So here is my favourite tweet of the day….

Sam P


  1. Durand says:

    I’ll laugh at the spuds when we finish above them in the table, not a moment before. Nothing funny to me finishing behind those dirtbags 2 years in a row.

    Sell Ramsey, it’s ridiculous now, not like he’s Inesta, or Modric. Clearly not about the team, sell him before things turn sour.

  2. Nayr says:

    Sanchez awful for united.

    a matter of time before their fans turn on him.

      1. COYG_CA says:

        Man YAWN-ited . . . (and lucky)

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    The moment you read an article that’s bad during a week then it gets followed by a series of good articles and you start feeling good, suddenly Boom!! out comes another poor article, somehow Sam you always pop up with a more worse article.. you’re consistent with that…I’ll say if you keep up with the cohesion you have with the number of irrelevant articles you post, you might take over Wenger’s throne

  4. stubill says:

    The Argentinian sounds a bit too defensive, I’m sure Levy told him when he signed his new contract that there was no money for players lol.

    And of course it’s all Brexits fault, everything is, I stubbed my big toe earlier and immediately blamed that damned Brexit.

  5. ken1945 says:

    Amazing when one is presented with the facts in black and white.
    22 years with Arsene at the helm and we are told repeatedly that the last ten or twelve ( according to how much one wants to disrespect the man ) were terrible.
    Only the last of those two years did we fail to qualify for the CL and finish below our noisy neighbours.
    During that time the Emirates was built, the Invincibles went into football history, we achieved three doubles and won seven fa cups.
    What a great history of achievements by the club, the players involved, the backroom staff and the manager.
    All this despite Kronkie and his board of incompetent yes men and Arsene’s awful last two years.

    Now let’s see how the spuds fare as they have to pay for their new stadium.
    I wonder if they will produce their own Invincibles, finally win the premiership and/or the fa cup, qualify for twenty consecutive years in the CL and mind the step?

    We now have Emery and the three musketeers to take us forward and I have no doubt at all that even more success is coming our way.
    Meanwhile let’s watch the spuds create new records of their own making…. can’t wait for Sunday.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Ken, I’m sure like me you saw the great Tottenham side of the early sixties. I remember going to Edmonton Town Hall to see the celebrations when they won the double and remember the massive banner that covered the old Ward’s department store that read “WELL DONE SPURS A MAGNIFICENT DOUBLE” These were the days when it was 2 shillings to get in so we’d all go together, a young gang of about 20 of us half Tottenham half Arsenal, all between 9 and 12 years old, No hooliganism in those days, we’d go to support the other team and visa versa they would do the same the following week at Highbury. Me personally as a 10 year old it killed me, seeing this great side cast every team aside with ease but it never lasted. Within a decade we won our own double and over a lifetime they’ve always looked up to us with envy and they always will. So youngsters don’t worry, they’ll have their five minutes of success they always have done but it won’t last

  6. Innit says:

    I’m not laughing yet
    For years I watched City, Chelsea, United and even Leicester win the Premier League and watched Chelsea, United and Liverpool win the Champions League.
    And last season not only are we not the best in London but we weren’t even the best in North London.

    Spurs have a very good side. Don’t count them out.

    1. Durand says:

      Innit that’s a hard dose of reality, and every bit truth.
      The club needs fan support now more than ever; united we stand divided we fall.

      1. ozziegunner says:


  7. Snowden says:

    I am not laughing at the spud hole because they didn’t buy players. I don’t know why they didn’t but I know they had a good team last season
    and will give 100% this season.
    Let’s hope we can spoil thier party and beat them at the spud hole and the league.

  8. JJPawn says:

    Well said…

  9. GB says:

    I bleed Arsenal and have watched us lord it over them for too many years to count but the stark truth is they did not NEED to buy anyone in this window but we did.

  10. Jeremy says:

    I am not sure what those fans are laughing about?

    Despite not buying, they still managed to hold on to their best players.

    I think their current squad are still quite strong.

    Why the laugh about others when our backyard is still on fire? Strangely, there is no articles about gathering the fans against Kroenke.

    Are fans already resigned to fate?

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Exactly….without any signings their squad is still very strong….

      they have DM, CBs, gk, mids, wingers and even quality strikers

      a couple of signings would have boosted their squad…

      i am assuming they ran out of money since they are building a new stadium

      Running on a budget is the same for almost every team apart from Chelsea and City

      Most fans would love the club to be financed by Billionaire owners and spend on whatever whoever and whenever they want just like City and PSG…

  11. JustJoy says:

    spuds will one day sell academy players to pay wages for the senior players…

    anybody who swallow a whole pumkin knows how wide his anus is….

  12. pires says:

    We dont give a shit about other trams.It’s an Arsenal site,move on.

    1. pires says:

      Other teams sorry

  13. Phil says:

    There is a simple reason just why they could not buy anyone and that’s because they were unable to SELL anyone.Alderveield and Rose have been desperate to go since they saw how much Kyle Walker earns at Citeh.But that Toilet Bowl ? they are building will drain them of every penny they earn for a decade.If they don’t win anything (which they won’t) how long before Ericsson and Kane up root and leave?We know to our cost how this can happen and it will happen to them as well.The difference is we had a Manager who stuck with the Club and got us through to 4th place and the CL money that was desperately needed.We also had a housing project that allowed us to get revenue in during the financial crunch that affected so many.What do they have?A Manager who blames Brexit and will be out the door as soon as the Teal Madrid job becomes available again.
    So let’s just watch them slowy sink back to the abyss they come from and deserve to be.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Phil what you say is true; however provided Arsenal gets its own house in order and Kroenke private ownership doesn’t turn out to be the disaster for this great club that we fear, then let other supporters worry about their own clubs. We should only worry about the Arsenal.

      1. Jeremy says:

        Spot on, mate.

        We are gloating over Spurs while our ship might really sink with AH Kroenke at helm.

        We should really concentrate on driving Kroenke out for good.

  14. Senile says:

    There is mo need to laugh. For now, they are okay and have a good team. They will likely compete for trophies but won’t win any.

    Then their problem will start, they will become “also ran’ club, players will become unsatisfied and bigger clubs will pounce.

    It would take a lot digging deep to keep their players and compete in the transfer market. We saw it played out with Emirate. Kudos to Wenger for steadying the ship somehow before he turned it to our way of life and lost it about 5 years back.

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