Arsenal fans left disappointed by price freeze with no European football on offer

Some Arsenal fans have been left disappointed after the club froze season ticket prices for the next campaign.

The idea had sounded good considering that some clubs have raised their season ticket prices despite the pandemic.

Arsenal’s decision to freeze their prices was seen as a gesture of goodwill initially, but fans have now expressed disappointment at the decision considering that they would watch fewer games because the club failed to finish last season inside the European places.

Mail Sport reports that the fans realise that they will watch just 21 games next season, 19 in the Premier League and two in the FA Cup, instead of 26 if we made a European competition.

Considering this development, the ideal thing would have been to reduce the price of the season ticket instead of freezing it.

However, the club defended their decision by claiming that Europa League matches were at the lower end of the price structure, so they can still say it was a price freeze.

The report quotes an Arsenal supporter who said: ‘It’s over a grand for 21 games, which doesn’t sound like a price freeze to me.’

Having lost some revenue because of the coronavirus pandemic, Arsenal might consider this a way to add some needed funds to their bank balance.

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  1. However, if we don’t use the amount of cup games given within our season tickets, the club will either :
    Carry those games forward to the following season, or reduce the cost of that seasons tickets… at least that’s what they have done before.

    By the way, my season ticket cost just £280 – a reduction from last season due to the coronavirus.

  2. A reduction of 5 games for the same price actually is a price increase of nearly 30%. Some price freeze!!!!

    1. Clive, if we don’t use all the game tickets, they are carried forward to the next season.
      As far as I am aware, we have seven cup games as part of the s/t, so even if we reach the semi final of the fa cup, we will still have three games to carry over.
      The league Cup is not included in the s/t, so IF MA achieves European football for the following season, we will be in a win/win situation… unless I am reading this completely wrong???

  3. The way things going with this delta variant might be back to square one soon and the lovely sound of fake crowd noises. Scientists saying potentially 100,000 new covid cases a day by July.

    1. I know where you’re coming from, Kev82 but I’m just hoping sufficient vaccines will have been given by then to halt the worst of it. The thought of fake crowd noises 😱

      At a personal level, at least my son and his fiancée can have the wedding that’s been postponed twice already. Third time lucky

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