Arsenal fans may as well accept we are not signing anyone

Accept it. We won’t sign anybody, because we’re “very happy” with our transfer business. I’m laughing at this as I read that Sky report we don’t want Mahrez and we won’t accept a cash deal for Sanchez, but be well prepared for him to depart one way or another.

We messed up the Alexis problem when he wasn’t offered a new contract soon enough. Now it’s dead. His team mates don’t like him because he is a winner and doesn’t accept mediocrity and if we keep him, we’ll lose 70 million and nothing will change either way as the display at Liverpool showed.

We shipped the Ox and good riddance I would say. Nine goals for Arsenal in 132 appearances? It’s interesting whether he’d do better under a good manager like Klopp, but why on earth did he play against Liverpool? Why did Sanches play? I mean Arsene is shooting himself in the foot.

If he keeps Alexis, he’ll have to explain why we lost 70 million for nothing, by keeping an unsettled player that doesn’t care about the club and if Wenger sells, fans (who are already increasingly angrier) will lose it and I’m really expecting Arsene to face the kind of abuse he could never image.

He’s lost the dressing room. People don’t follow his instructions and what I believe is that Wenger will follow the Mourinho road at Chelsea or the Ranier one at Leicester. And both those managers had fans support. Wenger is done, finally finished. There are no more tricks up his sleeve. He is exposed for the coward and clown he is.

Au Revoir monsieur Wenger, you are no longer wanted here. I think that 10 games into the season, wandering around mid-tabled if not worse the board will take action and advice Kroenke to sack him, or the players themselves could ask for this too. It’s inevitable. It could’ve been avoided, but Arsene chose to destroy any sort of legacy he had. You live and die by your choices in football.

Even if he prolongs it for a game or two, the sack is knocking on the door for Arsene.


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  1. gotanidea says:

    The transfer window hasn’t closed yet. I expect some panic buys to appease the fans.

    If Arsenal are smart, they will strengthen the midfield and sell Ozil before the window closes.

    1. Richard Roberts says:

      Ozil is second rate. Sanchez had Bayern and City chasing him, who’s chasing Ozil? He goes into the last year and no top club wants him, says it all. He gets away with murder under Wenger.

      1. BigStick says:

        Dortmund supposedly has some interest in him and a swap for Turan (Barca) plus $42m for Ozil has also been discussed, allegedly. I’d be happy with Ozil leaving if we had a decent replacement for him but we don’t, unless we use Lemar (if we even get him, which I think we will with Wenger in Paris right now) as our new creative outlet. That still leaves us weak in defense, at least if our back line continues to play like a bunch of amateurs.

        How is our defense not excellent with Mustafi-Mertesacker-Koscielny? Even if you throw in Chambers or Holding we should still have a very solid defensive back line. So the problem must be in training/drilling and tactics, i.e., Steve Bould/Arsene Wenger.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          I could see Mourinho picking him up for nothing next season, they have a team which can cope better having an Ozil. I wouldn’t be certain, but I feel Mourinho would nearly do it alone so to make it look like Arsene’s fault that Ozil fell so far from grace.

      2. neil says:

        Guys.. take a decision.. do you want to sell Sanchez for a heao of money or keep him and get him to help us win games? You cant keep saying both are bad .. we are where we are !

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Yeah I was getting that impression too, that people were jumping to the opposite spot that we were landing on. In the beginning most wanted him to stay, because he’s a hurricane. Then when it looked like he would be staying, except a few who called it, people said having him when he doesn’t want to be hear is bad. Now at the death, he looks gone, people have moved once more. Not everyone of course, but I got that impression. I wanted him to stay, I didn’t budge, but after the Liv game the way the players seemed to not care, I got swayed myself by the people who say we shouldn’t have a player here who really really doesn’t want to be here.

    2. RSH says:

      Lmao, Ozil contract ending and not a single big club cares. That tells you enough about his Arsenal career.

      1. RSH says:

        people scoffing at Ross Barkley when Ozil isn’t much better than him, lol.

  2. Richard Roberts says:

    I would rather lose £70m personally. All the cash we bring in never gets spent on decent replacements anyway! if we lost Sanchez but got Lemar fair enough but we know Wenger wont spend. Painful season ahead.

  3. Sign someone Orsin Venker says:

    Sad and depressing

  4. Arseneout says:

    we might sign lemar and vvd and draxler but i prefer wenger to be sacked and usmanov and tukhil or whatever his name to take charge beleive even with this squad he can win a 4th position

  5. Dave says:

    It’s over wenger!! (Thank god)

  6. Leeroysgooners says:

    What’s going on with this once great club being told we have no money?!?! So why were we told we had 150m to spend at the end of the season and now its nowhere to be seen…. how many more lies wenger must of known this and just played along with the mbappa nonsense get renewal tickets in!!! Its a total disgrace

  7. jon fox says:

    Fine Article , KM and I totally agree. I f I could be sure that Wenger would be sacked some 10 games into the season, I would already be buying champagne by the case. I have honestly beeen calling for his head since 2007 and even in his glory years early in his reign (when dinosaurs roamed the earth and one of them is still managing us) I coiuld clearly see that he had a phobia against any sort of confrontation and had no idea how to use tactics defensively. He is weak and cannot stand up and put someone in their place, like Fergie did so often and Conte did last seson with Costa. This toughness has always been lacking and has been more obvious still since around 2007, when David Dein was disgracefully and scandalously forced out by Danny -the traitor -Fitzman and his cronies on the pygmy board, including Peter(50 years behind the times) Hill-Wood. Despite being Deins close friend, Wenger did nothing to help his friend , who in turn had protected and helped Wenger constantly. Wenger should and could have told the board to re=inste him and at that time from a position of huge strength but he funked it. Funked confrontation as he has done every time it happens. The only ones he ever picks on is helpless refs and the fourth officials and blames them for his own shortcomings. He is too arrogant to ever accept blame himself; it is always someone elses fault. WELL IT IS NOT. IT IS HIS , ALWAYS, AND WE WILL AND MUST FORCE HIM OUT.

  8. satanK says:

    We may as well accept the mid-table mediocrity in the future with kroenke as the owner.
    He bought Arsenal to fund the rest of his franchises. It is as clear as day. So as long as he lives, Arsenal is going to suck like it never sucked in it’s history. Don’t expect a single Premier League title as long as the yank is alive. As long as there’s breath in those horrible lungs, there will be pain for Arsenal supporters, as long as the blood runs through him uninterrupted, there won’t be much to be happy about as an Arsenal supporter. I think my message is clear.
    The yank piece of sh********t has to move to another plain of existence ASAP.

  9. USAGooner says:

    If Sanchez goes next summer for free we dont necessarily lose $70 mil. With Sanchez we have a better chance to get back into the CL. Getting back to the CL is worth way more than $70 mil in TV money and CL bonuses alone. WIthout Sanchez we do not get to CL.

    It is a good gamble.

  10. Chuauhnuna says:

    Arsenal is the only club that does not know how to do the selling and buying business simulteneously..

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