Arsenal fans must acknowledge how important Nicolas Jover has been to our success

Arsenal has made a resurgence in the last two seasons. They have established themselves as one of the finest in the English football landscape, leading the Premier League standings for 248 days last season and currently leading the league.

Well, it is during this period of dominance that the Gunners have set up some great stats that simply go to expose how incredible they are as a team. The most recent intriguing Arsenal statistic regards them and how dangerous they are from set pieces.

Nicolas Jover, who joined Arsenal’s coaching staff from Manchester City, is having a significant influence. Statistics do not lie.

Arsenal has been the greatest set-piece side in the Premier League since the start of the 2022–23 season.

The Gunners have scored 25 goals from set pieces, three more than any other side.

Notably, Arsenal has been efficient with set pieces, scoring 5.3 goals for every 100 set pieces taken.

So, when praising Arsenal’s rise under Arteta, Nicolas Jover should be lauded; he is one of the club’s unsung heroes.

That being said, I hope Arsenal continues to improve. They are better at scoring from set pieces, but they now need to start scoring more from direct play. Signing a clinical striker like Ivan Toney could help them with this.


Darren N

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    1. Ben White must be told not to take throw ins again He wastes SO MUCH TIME, while standing there with the ball stuck on the back of his head, while men all around can grow beards in the time he takes to FINALLY thow in.

      How he has not yet been booked for time wasting astounds me. He OUGHT to be booked and is bound to be so ere long. THAT is why he needs to be stopped from taking throw ins.

      1. He has been booked Jon, but only once, so far. He was one of the first, before Tomiyasu got his, and a sending off.

        1. Thanks for letting me know Jax.

          None of us can be surprised . He takes throw ins to a new low in MASSIVE time wasting.

          Frankly, he bores me to death, standing therewhile NOT throwing the ball in, almost all day long.

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