Arsenal fans must be hoping that Havertz continues his run of excellent form in March

Arsenal are having a strong run of form in the Premier League. They have won all six league games this year, and they remain in contention for the title with 58 points, five behind league leaders Liverpool, who have played one more game. Our Gunners face Sheffield on Monday for their seventh league win in a row.

Many factors contribute to Arsenal’s recent success, one of which is their players stepping up.

Kai Harvetz, their 2023 recruit, has made a significant contribution to Arsenal’s recent success. The former Chelsea player has ‘discovered a role’ in the Arsenal squad. Gooners cannot help but appreciate what he brings to the table.

Mikel Arteta hasn’t really relied on his strikers for the majority of the current league’s six-game winning streak. Eddie Nketiah has fallen out of favor, and Gabriel Jesus has been nursing an injury. He hasn’t counted the two, but he has relied on Havertz as his point man, alongside Trossard or Odegaard as a front two. This front creates pressure on the opposing defenders, causing them to panic and make mistakes that the team takes advantage of.

Notably, despite his not-headline-worthy form in front of goal, he has been instrumental in our Gunners’ recent success. His intent to affect games has been obvious. Yes, with a £65 million price tag, one could say he should score more, but that does not mean he hasn’t made an impact.

That said, in his last two games, he has scored two incredible goals to help Arsenal put pressure on Manchester City and Liverpool in the title fight. As we begin our March fixtures, it is evident that Havertz will play a vital role.Chelsea, our struggling London rivals, discovered that Havertz was always at his best, as of Feb/March.

In three games in March 2022, he scored four goals and assisted once. Last year March, he scored three goals in 4 Chelsea games, repeating his exploits from the previous season.

Arsenal’s downturn in form later on last season may have influenced Arteta’s decision to go for Havertz, probably believing he may be the secret weapon as the Premier League title race neared its conclusion.

In March, the ex-Bayer Leverkusen player has always been in excellent form; hopefully this will continue this season as we march on to the Premier league title.

Sam P

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  1. Havertz seems to be the kind of player who isn’t fazed by the big occassions or high pressure moments. As we approach the run-in,we are going to need that kind of mentality because some have suggested that a lack of mentality contributed to us missing out on the league last season. Rice and him have definitely improved us in that aspect. We can also hope that our players from last season learned from that experience and will be more composed this time.

  2. Not just Havertz but all the Arsenal, we praying they keep the form and level shown recently

  3. The Big German sports nerves like a bundle of steel no doubt about that, equally a depth playing on either wings or coming through the middle arriving in the box late, he seems to reserve his best performance for when it matters most, he’s a big game player alright.

    There is massive factor why Arsenal is more feared this season as opposed to the last campaign, the impact of our recent summer addition could prove hard to withstand.

    So yes as he comes alive like an old tube amplifier, am hoping it continues

  4. Havertz has definitely shown improvement, but his performance still falls short of his potential and the club’s expectations, considering his wages and transfer fee. It’s concerning that he wasn’t even mentioned in any selection for our top 5 players. As the club’s highest earner and second most expensive player, he must step up his game. I hope he can rediscover his form from his time at Leverkusen, or at least come close to it. Wishing him the best, but for now, his performance isn’t satisfactory.

    1. How would you know the club’s expectations of him though? And whether or not he’s fallen short of said expectations?

      1. I think when a club puts a package together of £100million for a player it’s safe to assume what expectations are being laid out…

        I agree with SS, I do think Havertz has improved and is still improving, and he’s becoming a decent player for us, but he’s still fluffing sitters and slowing down attacks needlessly. Articles like this stating ‘his excellent form continuing’ are needlessly over the top in their praise, purely to provoke a reaction. If we reach a point where he’s comfortable in a number of positions then that’d be great, my only umbrage would then be how to justify his wages. I just feel no matter where he plays he either isn’t our best option or we can upgrade, but that isn’t to say he won’t be a very important utility player for us, and I’ll more than happily cheer him on as long as he’s in our team.

  5. And do you know SS doesn’t know?😅
    Tt is just an opinion, just saying.
    We are not in court or writing a Phd. thesis.

      1. As I mentioned in the comment, I base the club expectations on the fee and wages paid for him. I know this is a football blog and it’s allowed to be emotional and have blind support. That’s normal. But we also can’t run from logic. When you buy two cars, one more expensive than the other and with higher maintenance costs, you expect more from it. In every organization, the most valuable players – the ones that contribute most to the organization’s objectives, are paid the highest. When the club decides to spend £65M and weekly wages of about £300k, they do so because they expect similar value in players contribution. When an employee is negotiating a salary, he bases his argument on what he brings and the market standard. I could go on and on but I hope the point is clear

        1. SS

          I know you are entitled to an opinion, but come on, Kai did not set his transfer fee

          People always look at the goals and the assists, but forget the other side of defense

          There is a reason we are scoring alot, and there is a reason we are conceding less. One of those reasons is Kai Havertz

          I challenge you in the coming games, just check his off the ball movements, and you will realise how much he contributes

          For me, he has already done enough to justify his signing. 65M signing for him was a steal, just ask Man United and Mason Mount

          1. Havertz has certainly improved his performance and is contributing to the team’s success, but as the highest-paid player, greater expectations are placed upon him. It’s not that he’s playing poorly, but rather, he should be performing at a much higher level. It’s concerning that he wasn’t included in anyone’s top 5 player list. Can we accept that the club’s top earner isn’t considered indispensable to the team? Personally, I cannot. With his immense potential, he should be striving to reach even greater heights. Currently, his £65M price tag doesn’t seem like a bargain, and his £300k weekly wage appears excessive considering his contributions. It’s important for him to give back to the club as much as he’s receiving.

  6. I think after the Gunners have seen the Red Devils not holding the Citizens to a draw game in the Manchester Derby last night. And having previously seen The Reds piped Forest to a lone goal defeat at the death of the added time in the match. And went away from the City Ground with all 3points in the match to their bag.
    But the Gunners will pour their disappointments of not seen Liverpool and Man ity drop points to advantage them on the Blades totally.
    And will dispose them away in the match by taking them by the gun incredible in the match.
    But would Arteta make changes to his Arsenal’s starting lineup team that started at home against Newcastle last weekend. And hit the Magipies 4-1 at full time of the match?
    I think the Gunners gaffer will keep his last starting team against Newcastle to start the Seffield United match at the Arena Stadium tonight. But he may make one or two changes to his last Newcastle match to start the Sheff Utd match as he deems it fit to have the Gunners start the match.
    And I think Arteta will start Karl Havertz as false nine in the match.
    My match prediction: Sheff Utd 0-8 Arsenal. At full-time.

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