Arsenal fans must believe in Wenger and the squad – Focus on success!

We all know that the uncertainty over the contract talks with some of our biggest stars is killing Arsenal fans, and while we are still waiting for some big stars to arrive the frustration is growing stronger every day.

But according to one of our Invincibles stars, Robert Pires, we need to have faith that Wenger is doing all he can to get Arsenal back up challenging for the League title next season, and his number one priority must be renewing our top stars contracts. “This summer for Arsene Wenger is very important,” Pires said on “In my opinion, he needs to try to extend the contracts of Alexis and Mesut Ozil. This is the first thing, and after of course you need to sign new players.

“Everything has changed because we’re not playing in the Champions League, but we must focus and look forward to the new season. The most important thing is to win the Premier League, for him, the players and the fans.

“I believe in Arsene Wenger, I believe in this squad, I believe in the young players like Alex Iwobi and Hector Bellerin. When I see the names on the paper for the squad, it’s very good.

“Some players can play at a very high level and play for the national team. Maybe Arsene Wenger [would like] two or three more players but the stability is here because he’s extended his contract.”

Stability, cohesion, continuity – some of Wenger’s favourite words. But Pires is right, if Alexis and Ozil re-sign on the dotted line, then the rest will follow. A great new striker, a brilliant midfielder, and we are good for next years title.

We must believe in Wenger!

Sam P


  1. Sam p article strikes again 🙂
    What does the p stand for in
    Sam p….

    1. It’s that Sesame Street time again, hey?
      Let’s see if we can find the Magic ‘P’ word, shall we? ??

      I’m guessing that it rhymes with:


      ?? just kidding.Com

      1. Fatboy. I still say the deals are done and all this has happened in the past. Media will pick up later. #LACALEMAR
        I cannot wait to hear what you have to say once the deals are announced..
        You’d go from fatboy to obeseboy because you would have to alot of humble pie.
        Everytime you scream and sing lacazette’s name or Lemar’s name you will Re-member
        Please wait. This will be my last post until the deals are announced.
        For those of you actually want more reliable transfer news please like and i will continue to post.

        1. @ Re-source-reloaded ?

          Get Real for fork forking sakes! ?? if the deals were already done then some glory hunter in the media world would have announced it by now.. Or even a week ago, since you claim it was done back then. I’m not saying that Arsenal won’t sign these players because the negotiations were on going before you started blabbering on about done deals, But to believe that they have already been signed is pure delusional and I’m not buying your bull??? Mr REtard-Source- Reloaded?? Even if we do manage to sign these two players in the coming weeks that still makes you wrong about them already been signed. ??

          1. Of course that makes me right. The deals will be announced soon. And I called them around two weeks in advance.
            FYI deals do not get done overnight in most cases.
            And I do not schedule announcements. Arsenal football club do.

            1. You joker, ?? now you can’t tell the difference between 2 days and 2 weeks lol

              Man, you don’t get it do you? Other sources would have claimed that the deals were done, long before Arsenal officially announce it.

              The last regular that loved using hashtags alot was that SoApYbOlLoX fellow and he hasn’t been around for a while… I just wonder ???

            2. I’m pretty sure you are bo**ocking us, dear Re-source, even though I’d be more than happy to visit the all you can eat humble pie joint and stuff myself like a pig.
              Will you eat the same slice of the humble pie, should your claims turn to bull***hit?

          1. Because they are nowhere near forking done… That’s why ????? Jeez, now he’s asking for likes to spill more bull??? Pick a clue, why don’t you!

            Anyways, I give him 10 out of 10 for entertainment value ??

          2. Yes i can.
            Lacazette cannot be announced until diaz is officially announced by lyon. Lyon are worried his asking price will go up if arsenal announce the lacazette deal before.I’m revealing my source in the next article.

            1. Hahaha ?? Okay and who are Monaco waiting to sign so that we can announce Lemar then?

              1. Nothing is done for Lemar. No kit number etc: and he is not currently in London..Lacazette has not been assigned a kit number yet either.
                There are alot of things that need to be done once a deal is concluded on paper. Which deluded world do you live in?

                1. Oh,Your changing your tune now?
                  So what happened to the kit photos that were taken when they signed for Arsenal last week? ?? I can’t wait for your Wenger type excuses when both these targets are dead in the water, as they say.

  2. We can’t have belief until we see who he signs. Also, how can you have belief after 13 years of not winning the PL title and just 3 FA Cups, not doing well in Champions League

    If Wenger signs the players we need then I will have belief. But every season he does not do enough. He hasn’t signed a Top defensive midfielder or top CF for years. Alexis is our only WC player in attack. Nobody else comes close. He relies too much on average players

    I used to be a huge Wenger fan once upon a time but over the years he lost me as well as many other fans. Summer after summer he does not do enough to make us contenders.

    If Wenger signs a Top CF and an upgrade on the wings( only 1 if Alexis stays) or top midfielder who can play different positions , I will be happy and all is forgiven

  3. Believe in Wenger???? Look at his record for last 5 year.I agree things were difficult after we moved to new stadium with huge debt in our books.But what has he done in last 5 yrs to make fans believe in him.
    He sold our best players to rivals.He made panic buys when we had bad couple of games.
    Only people who believe in Wenger are in Arsenal board.Their belief is dependent on the money they are making because of him.The day that stops no one will believe in him.

  4. I believe in Arsene Wenger – the hoodoo broke long time back. I believe in this squad – the hoodoo broke last year. Our squad is good enough for top 4, but injury and mediocrity from some players has become a recurring issue for years, and a lot of people in there is not doing their job right, includes backroom staff, physio, coach and ofc, players. I believe in Arsenal FC, but that is slowly diminishing over each year, and 2 years contract for AW added to that. A financially stable club, with a model to make money, a manager who rarely evolves and fit more to be a CFO these days, that is a bad state to trust

  5. It’s not major investment , world class footballers and a solid game plan that we need to go in to the new season with ….

    An optimistic crowd , and deluded fan base should suffice to bring that league title home !!!

    Honestly , Have you ever heard such idiocy ???

    Believe in what ?

    Our only world class player is about to sign for a rival , we are watching the same old transfer negotiations nonsense we have to go through every year again , and the solution is to ‘believe’ ???

    Ridiculous !

  6. I have been saying all day that we must get behind Arsene and the squad. We have the most talented squad in the league and we need to break away from the idea that keeping Sanchez and signing more players is essential. We have a top manager and exceptional players. Let’s support the team and enjoy the success they bring.

    1. I would become a serial killer just to have fun killing some people who talks like you.. hahahaha mr. Admin I’m just kidding, don’t block me please

          1. You say that now but when you come around you’ll be calling my crib and I ain’t even give you my numbers

            1. Nas ether must be ur ringtone u quote that ish like its the quran

    2. And what success is that? Top 5 or making it into the quarter finals of Europa League? Or having second most bought 2017/18 shirts in the league?

  7. Exactly what a ridiculous article!
    I want to get behind Wenger and the team more than anything but he must deliver this window more than ever. It’s again seeming that we insist on going in with derisory bids then another then another until the player goes elsewhere to a decisive club or the selling directors tell us to sod off!
    With no cl Wenger must tear up the economic model or at least detour from it slightly this year to strengthen and get us back in the CL at least.

    Deliver Arsene and I’ll get behind you, don’t and it’s going to be a long and poisonous season.
    #splsshthecash #sellersmarket

    PS if we get mbappe fantastic but if all of your attention and stubbornness is going towards getting him and not liokibg ekesewhere I don’t think many fans will ever forgive this. I hope you have given mbappe a deadline of when you’ll move on!
    Does seem strange to me though that if Monaco won’t sell Lemar due to bakayoko and Silva sales that mbappe isn’t going as well, somewhere but where?

    1. Apart from Monaco offering Mbappe a 900%. Wage rise to stay, they have also promised him that they wouldn’t sell anymore of their key players, who helped in winning the French league title.

      Mbappe has changed his Twitter account photo to one showing him running alongside an advertising board reading ? “Priceless” and some media outlets are suggesting that he is stating that he’s staying put.

  8. Why do they insult the intelligence of us fans by saying such things? I can only believe in Wenger & this squad if they compete for the whole campaign & not only half of it. Support has never been a problem from the fans, but we have been fed mediocre performances, stupid excuses, crap transfers for far too long. I will still support this team, but I’ll not support a single person/persons blindly.

  9. “But Pires is right, if Alexis and Ozil re-sign on the dotted line, then the rest will follow. A great new striker, a brilliant midfielder, and we are good for next years title.”

    that’s a big IF. And you know if we used IF for the last 13 years, Wenger would have been the God of all managers. But without the famous IFs, Wenger is just normal clueless specialist in failure. I see the same transfer window, same folding on the sideline, same long caterpillar jacket with it’s stuck zip, so many similar stuffs

    I won’t give Wenger any credit until he does normal things as a manager. If he does things right (I used IF), then he’ll have my respect, coz he respects none of us, I’m just returning the favor

  10. It is my opinion that this summer’s transfer activities will either redeem or destroy AW legacy at Arsenal. If he continues the penny pinching strategy in the transfer market, we can forget about Lemar and Lacazette or any top players and we can forget about challenging for titles in his last two years at the reign. Instead of being remembered as the forward thinking man who transformed the club and English football, AW will be remembered as the man who turned Arsenal into an also-ran club, a manager who was left-behind and ultimately refused to evolve with the times… #sad

  11. See if Chelsea get Bakayoko. City already got Silva, and might be going back for another. Wenger is French, so he should have a head-start on French based players. You’d have to ask wtf is going on. The Lyon chairman hates him. Monaco is his old stomping ground yet other managers are getting in there ahead of him. He has a great relationship with Houlier. What’s taking so long. Get them done Arsene. Lyon are already planning for Lacazette departure so just get it done.

  12. Belief and faith, faith and belief.

    Sounds like a cult or religious sect not a football club;)

  13. If we keep Alexis, and Ozil, the rest will follow…what? Ozil has been at the club for four years, and Alexis for three, and we’ve only regressed in the league and in Europe. Yes I have belief in Wenger to continue our journey of consistent mediocrity!

  14. If Alexis & Ozil extend their contracts, plus buying 2 or 3 more worldclass players, we can win the treble. EPL, FaCup & Europa

  15. Each transfer window brings so many “ifs” and lots of “maybes”, and then years after, it becomes “nearly signed…” The sorry tales of the Arsenal FC.

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