Arsenal fans must forget the anger they are feeling and do this one thing

It has taken me a few hours to pen this such was my anger, I wanted to avoid going off on a rant and just ripping the team to pieces and hopefully, I have succeeded in that.

I am not interested in what Chelsea, Man Utd and Tottenham have done or not done over the last month, I am only interested in what we have done.

Which is to throw away a viable route to the Champions League via the Premier League and give ourselves the comfort of focussing on the Europa League and not because it gets us into next seasons premier European competition but because we would be winning a major piece of silverware.

Instead, we are now primarily looking at the Europa League as a vehicle into the Champions League and not as another trophy to add to the cabinet.

So that is where we are and there is no point moaning about it or attacking the players and management because all that does is undermine their confidence and focus.

Trust me, there will be time for a post mortem and that time is not now.

The one positive from this season I can hang on to is that we are two different teams when it comes to the Premier League and Europa League.

In the Premier League, we are bottle jobs, there, I said it.

But in the Europa League, we are a different beast, we are confident and have a sense of invincibility about us, I mean, we went to Italy and beat the second best team in Serie A on their own patch and not in a lucky way but in an organised calculated way.

We came back from being a goal down against Valencia last Thursday to beat them 3-1, would the Arsenal Premier League team have done that? I don’t think so.

Maybe it is something to do with Unai Emery, he did go an entire season without an away win with Sevilla and yet won the Europa League on multiple occasions.

Our domestic away record does not transfer to the Europa League and that gives me every confidence that we will be able to defend a two-goal lead at the Mestalla.

And that is where I am right now, angry yes but that is now compartmentalised and will be brought back out at certain moments but tonight I am going to bed dreaming of Europa League success and not what happened today.

And that is what I urge all Arsenal fans to do.


  1. It’s not like we have any other choice. Emery made it this way. Sacrificed our league qualification to UCL for a lottery at UEL entry route to UCL.
    It’s his way or the high way, as shown by his line up against Crystal palace.

    Let’s hope Frankfurt does us a favour by knocking out Chelsea from the tournament. If not… I don’t even want to think about it.

  2. We’re 27 point behind the leaders. far away from city and Liverpool. Our work in the future is to reduce this point ………. Unai emery.

    Imagine words from a coach, arsenal is finished

    1. Ofcos that’s the work. Reduce the point gap. What’s wrong with saying that. Klopp finished 8th 2 seasons ago. Don’t jst throw tantrums. Reason.

  3. It’s the only way. Pretend our Europa League team is a completely different team than this team of PL dross. Otherwise stop watching now.

  4. I wish your dreams will come true so disappointed with result tonight,I was there tonight,hope we manage to at least get something out of the season,even the golden boot

  5. Another support the team article

    Just what we need right now

    Maybe get the club to support the fans would be better

  6. You all miss the missing link. The team has struggled mightily through out the season without Aaron Ramsey. Look at the losses and the pattern will emerge-Chelsea, Southampton,, West Ham, Everton, Crystal Palace, Wolves, Leceister given away against Crystal Palace (away), Brighton at home. Mustafi has been equally error prone-giving away penalties against Spurs( in both games, Liverpool and Crystal Palace not to mention a host of other errors of judgment that led to goals. We were only in the hunt for Champions League football for this long because the other teams were equally inconsistent. We were never good enough. Never managed to get the balance between creativity and defence right in the absence of Ramsey and Holding.

  7. Best thing from today is it shows the board what is needed now they either sort it this summer or we can kiss CL goodbye until they step up and realise we cant go on like this.

    Only players who have impressed are the new guys the rest have been below par 75% the season and its not good enough we need to be ruthless now and kick to the curb the players who dont meet our standards.

    lt will take more than next year id say but what choice have at the end of the day.

  8. It’s all doom and gloom for some fans, but it’s only for those who are not realistic. I never thought in a million years that with one game to go we’d only be 4pts off 3rd, and 3pts off 4th, with the squad Emery inherited, coupled with the crippling injuries.

    We also have to remember that the season hasn’t even finished! If we make the EL final, that’s our first European final in a whopping 13 years! What progress! If we win it, then that’s our first European win in about a quarter of a century! Given our woeful record in Europe throughout our entire history, a win would make Emery an Arsenal legend in just his first season.

    1. @ThirdManJW, awesome comment, most of our fans are not realistic. Everyone knows that we are Arsenal but some sections of our fanbase expect Man City performances on the regular. I ask that our fans take an objective and unbiased judgement of our squad and that will go a long way to easing tensions and health problems. It is a miracle we were in with a shot at top 4.

  9. Emery the Spanish morinho…I can’t just tell the kind of football we are playing,we can’t dominate games any more even against small team and so called small teams are out playing us both home and away.My Arsenal is finished…no style at all.

    1. That’s my main worry. I have no idea what the game plan is most of the time. They don’t press, at least not consistently, they don’t play possessive football, they don’t do nothing.

  10. Sorry but EL is just another trophy in the cabinet.
    We have a chance at least to win. I’m being realistic not pessimistic.

    No chance to win PL next year with majority of squad that will still be here. No chance with this owner.

    No chance in CL next year if we get in; see reasons above. CL only enriches owner, fans know we can’t honestly compete at that level.

    5th is appropriate to our level unfortunately. I don’t believe owner is willing to invest and do what it takes to go to next level.

    Last 10 years are ample evidence. Stadium is another example. Are we competing against the top clubs like what was promised? Or did stadium only make owner richer?

    I love our club like all fans, sucks not being loved back. Oh well, so round and round we go, when it will stop no one knows.

  11. I thought Emery made the substitutions at a wrong time, when the team was clearly finding the rhythm and looked very much like scoring.

  12. We have supported these lot the entire season, but what do we get as fans? Shit performance, 1 point from 4 matches & heart breaking end to the season.
    These players don’t deserve to be at Arsenal if nothing can motivate them.

  13. Valencia just won 6-2 away from home. Against a relegated team yes, but that is a real confidence boost ahead of them hosting us and our dodgy defense. Are we even allowed to field the same side as Napoli away?

  14. Some of you guys speak like the EL is done and dusted cause of Emery’s tremendous records. We could play a goalless 75 minutes at Valencia then they score. You can imagine the kind of Arsenal that would play the last 15 minutes- concede a 90th min goal then 3 subs come in to get the vital away goal then it’s over then we read articles on goonernews and watch rants on AFtv and forget about it the next 2 days- look forward to next season and the same cycle repeats again. And what’s the guarantee we wouldn’t even get our asses whooped in the final? You the fans in England pay for one of the highest tickets and watch this shit all season. Boycott tickets till they are reduced to the shit the bottle jobs are playing- Mkhitaryan payed €180000 a week to give shit passes. I pity what waste of monies some hardcore fans waste for those pieces of shitloads. Yeah am f***king pissed of

    1. Make you right Chu, the only trouble is, and I’ve said this before, once you stop paying for your season ticket you go to the back of a 40,000 waiting list. It’s not as if you could take a year off to show your anger but yes, stop buying programmes, scarfes, shirts, kit, merchandise etc and boycott the club shop in order to show the leach Kroenke how we all feel. I’m all for that.

  15. What baffles me is at the start of the season no one had any expectations with a new manager changes,and the team he inherited,now we are 5th,possibly going to the europea final with a CL place for next season,now fast forward to today anad eveybody is slamming the team,the manager..who by the way did not get much funds,I find it unbelievable,thanks god I don,t have friends likr those people whom as soon as things don,t go the way they want they turn on you,what did you exoect,since Ferguson left man u have spent 744 millions,look as where they’re at,chelsea are no better than us,spurs best team ever have just few points above us,but you don,t see their fans slamming their teams when t hey lose unlike arsenal fans who can,t wait,you should be ashamed,even when we win you are not satisfied,yoy only supporting the team for trophies! I’ll advise you to support another team and by reading the comments many of you are clueless,giving advice to the manager really,you need to stick playing FIFA!!

    1. You’re talking from the outside, you obviously don’t go regularly. Over the many years I’ve gone to Arsenal we’ve always been one of the biggest clubs in the country and set our targets high. If you’re willing to accept mediocrity like it is under Kroenke that’s up to you.

    2. The comments above Tissiam are 100% true . The manager has done very well with the players he inherited for GODS sake give the man a chance before you CRUCIFY him

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