Arsenal fans must get behind the team for make-or-break showdown

Whoever would have thought that Arsenal would be facing Leicester in a make-or-break game at this stage of the season? But this is the reality right now and in one weeks time every single player and fan must be urging our players to do their very best to get all three points and close the gap on our opponents at the top of the table.

Arsene Wenger managed to galvanise the team to handle the pressure yesterday against Bournemouth and he will have an even bigger job ahead of next weeks game. Le Prof is convinced that yesterday’s confidence booster and the Emirates crowd next week can only help towards beating Leicester.

“[Beating Bournemouth] is very good for the future as we now have a very big game at home against Leicester who are now the favourites for the Premier League,” Wenger said. “[A win] can maybe prepare you in a better condition for the next game.

“We have a week to prepare for that and I have to think about it. Leicester is a strong side but we are also a strong side. At home with our fans and support, we can do it.”

Every team, except Leicester it seems, has had blips this season, but our win yesterday has hopefully signalled the end of our one and it is now imperative that we go on a winning run if we are going to take the title. One big thing in our favour is that we absolutely destroyed Leicester at Filbert Street and I am sure that their players, as well as ours will remember that day, giving us the psychological advantage. Any with the home fans screaming their support for our boys will help intimidate them further.

So let’s leave our differences aside for a week and just give everything in support of our boys!

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  1. Make or break, a must win, do or die, call it what you like. My hope is that Arsenal players long experience of dealing with these high pressure games will get them through. Leicester must be feeling a bit giddy and pinching themselves

  2. Preaching to the converted this article is….for your information MR, EVERY AFC fans, even the most vocal and critical ARE BEHIND THE TEAM….even when they make oaths and swear they are past caring what happens with the club you can bet your bottom dollars they are still rooting for the club, hoping they can be proven wrong…seeing things critically and rationally and been able to voice their discontent when the team hit another low or fail at the same point as every season does not make them any leas supportive of the club than the like of fan who sees the world through a rose tinted spectacle and who believe the club is in good fettle… coyg, prove the doubters wrong

  3. Next week is a big weekend for the top four..Arsenal vs Leicester….Man City vs Tottenham..

    We need to get behind our boys and show them support..Wnger needs to keep Gabriel in and please for the love of everything gunner play Coquelin ahead of Flamini…

    We need to be screaming for our team next week at the Emirates we can be the 12th man in the squad (same we gave a war cry vs Man utd earlier this season) Lets cheer our boys on to victory

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