Arsenal fans must lower their transfer expectations

I normally don’t respond too much to transfer speculation as papers (and certain individuals on here) will just write rumours with zero substance. With the Transfer Window approaching that will only increase in the next few weeks.

Where I do engage is when I hear the response of certain Gooners to certain links.

In the last couple of weeks I have seen a trend. Despite this being such a poor Arsenal squad that we might not be in Europe for the first time since 1995, a section of our fan base continue to put their noses up to other players.

The majority on this platform feel Aguero is too injury prone, Boateng too old and not liking the policy of giving a final pay day to a big clubs cast offs.

To my surprise many readers were dismissive of stories re-emerging about interest over Zaha, and in the last couple of days haven’t been receptive to the idea of us asking about Jesse Lingard’s availability.

First of all, I agree that in an ideal world we shouldn’t be looking at free agents and loans, but we don’t live in a universe of rainbow and unicorns.

Wherever you agree with him or not, Stan Kroenke will not sanction bids for a Grealish, Haaland, Sancho, Kane, etc. Chelsea and the Manchester clubs will so the gap could grow bigger.

Our recruitment team have to find a way to catch up with the top 4 by being creative. Hence why you look at those out of contract or who you can borrow for a season.

The names I mentioned above don’t just walk onto our bench, they make our first 11.

This is some of our supporters biggest problem, despite what the table is telling them they think we have better talent then we do. For example, how objectively can the same readers not want Lingard who’s contributed 11 goals to West Ham, but then say a week before that Maitland Miles and Joe Willock should be in our midfield. Who’s had more impact on loan?

Rewind back to the summer, sources said we were offered Coutinho and Rodriguez. When you think the lack of creativity we have had, how crazy is it to think there were those who thought we had better?

Do you remember the mockery on social media towards offering Gary Cahill a contract and/or paying a 3 million buyout clause for Jonny Evans? These were proven defenders, winners and leaders who would have cost a combined 3 million at a time when we needed some steel. Fan Channels swore down the camera belittling those two men showing pure arrogance and zero knowledge.

How many years now have those two been respected centre backs for Palace and Leicester respectively? Every year they have been better then what we have had.

To clarify; if your criteria is to find value then you take a bigger gamble. Age might mean there is zero fee, attitude problems might mean a club will sell at a reduced price, fitness might mean you loan someone who you know if healthy can be sensational.

If you want closer assurances to a finished article, the higher you have to pay.

The Gunners can’t have it both ways. Either you invest heavily with the hope it leads to a higher return or you think outside the box.

Unless you’re really lucky and produce the next big thing from your academy you have to take a gamble. Maybe you borrow Coutinho, and he turns out to be the version we had at Liverpool for example.

The most realistic balance I think would be Zaha. He’s proven in this division, better then what we have, can get better and with so many contracts running down and needing funds, the Eagles won’t ask for as much as they did two years ago.

We need to adopt the Atletico Madrid model. They accept they can’t compete with Barcelona and Real Madrid off the pitch, but have an attitude of ‘that doesn’t mean you can’t win’, you simply find other ways.

When I suggested Luis Suarez 12 months ago the majority gave me the same response to what is being said about Aguero now. His age and injury record was brought up. He could now be about to win La Liga.

Maybe some gooners need to change their way of thinking?

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  1. Well, look at Luiz. None of us were particularly happy with his signing and he turned out to be one of the best defenders we had in the club in the last 5 years.

    It goes to show that old players can contribute a lot.

    1. OnceGreat not just one of the best, he’s the best we’ve had in a while I don’t care what some say.

      1. @Lenohappy, it’s good 2 know we still have some visionary fans amongst us. David Luiz is currently Arsenal’s best defender by a milestone, followed by Tierney & Pablo Mari. So glad we have him & will be happier if we extend his contract 4 a year or 2.

  2. Emery wanted Zaha but the board gave him Pepe, that there was the game changer. Any arsenal fan who thinks we are better than aguero is a joker, aguero will still work in any of the top teams, Barcelona real Madrid Chelsea Juventus and Psg, the only problem I have with him is injury apart from that aguero all day over both aubamayang and Lacazette, if I’m to choose between Lacazette and aubamayang I know who I will choose.

    1. Arsenals golden PL years were when there was only Man U as competition.
      But things changed once Abramovich bought Chelsea in 2003 and Skeikh Mansour bought City in 2008.
      Spurs and Tottenham arrived recently.
      But we still retain the 2004 expectations with a 2021 squad and a changed PL.
      Apart from the freak Leicester season expensive imports have won the titles these past 20 years.
      Today only the obscenely rich can win titles buying the best players and hiring top managers.
      Arsenal has spent big but only on attackers Ozil Sanchez Lacazette Aubameyang Pepe who have not justified their price tag. Our defensive purchases have been poor Mustafi Socritis Debuchi Paulista Kolasinac Torreira + Saliba.
      So Arteta is struggling amid the madness of empty stadium football a squad heavy with overpaid underperformers and a fan base
      living off 2004 memories
      Yet despite this Arsenal could make the CL while finishing 8th two seasons running.
      So what is the clubs identity, who are we, where are we going and what is the plan?
      The answer is something along the lines of We are in transition, It will take time, We need to be patient Trust the process and get behind the team and the Manager… if not you are not a true fan.

      1. I don’t understand some fans, you need to get your facts right. Even with Chelsea and City arrival with revival of licester & Spuds we constantly finished in champions League spot, not to mention bag full of FA cups we won. For fans like you who blindly support Arteta that’s nothing but Arteta winning single FA cup and finishing mid table is achievement? Last time we lost this number of matches in a single EPL season was 28years ago so how is this a progression and how can we trust the process. Having a brain and questioning something if you see wrong does not make you into a fake fan…use your brain dude.

    2. Lenohappy, Do you not understand that Aguero has been consistently injured and this is likely to continue as he gets older? He will not get younger! No one doubts his ability but his fitness is suspect and in fact regularly so. Not a cat in hells chance he will come to us, so forget this daft and false rumour.

  3. Examples.

    Villa took Ollie Watkins from Brentford.

    Looks a very good player to me.

    Liverpool picked up Andy Robertson from Hull City.

    Also a superb player.

    Would we have “sniffed” at players coming in from Brentford & Hull ?

    O.K. only 2 examples, both of which paid off, but these players are out there – and are hungry.

    Loosely connected ;

    Using some “wonderful” data gathering gizmo, we went for Musafi over Virgil van D who was at Southampton at the time and Celtic prior to that.

      1. Exactly Sue.

        Pure coincidence re’ your and my examples –

        Brentford & Hull again !!!

        Great minds and all that 🙂

      2. @Wyoming- you are so wrong to believe it was only Man Utd who we competed with as you say. Both Liverpool Clubs were always competitive, Leeds under O’Leary were a team in the making and gave everyone a game. Chelsea before the Russian Roubles were emerging and had some great players. Do not underestimate that Unbeatable season PAL. like today there were no teams rolling over

        1. Phil.

          You mention David O’Leary.

          Going off-piste slightly, but ;

          Said before on here, this is an “ex” I would like to see involved in our hierarchy in some capacity.

          1. AJ- I’m not sure about O’Leary. He was very loyal to the Club when he could easily have followed Brady and Stapleton by moving, but he was far too quick to stick the knife in when managing Leeds. Sometimes just for the sake of it too

          2. Phil, David O’Leary hated losing as a player at Arsenal; did you really expect him to change when manager of Leeds. O’Leary although quiet and determined as a player, was never going to lie down. He should be on the Arsenal Board.

    1. AJ, spot on and in addition, Arsenal have often missed the gems right under their eyes in the Academy. Gnabry, Reine Adelaide, come to note without even considering Harry Kane, who Liam Brady still has nightmares over.
      By the way Dan, it is Maitland Niles on loan at West Bromwich Albion.
      Money will be tight for the vast majority of clubs post pandemic, thus there may be bargains available on one hand, but on the other won’t be able to afford players Arsenal was to sell.

      1. Agreed ozziegunner.

        If we had nailed even a percentage of the players “we just missed out on / had with us at an early age / trained with us” – we would be world beaters !!

        Who is that Ronaldo fella ?

        O T

        You mention Kane.

        Spuds to lose him at end of this season if not top 4 ?

          1. towny, yes Wenger was managing Arsenal, when Harry Kane was let go, but Liam Brady has openly stated that it was his decision or at least his recommendation; one which he has lived to rue.

  4. No more players 30 years and above unless as some have suggested on a yearly contract. It has never worked for us it will be madness to keep on repeating the mistake.

    No more rejects from teams above us especially our fellow big teams. If the player is not good enough for them why should he be good for us? How are we going to catch them if we stuff our team with their rejects? In our deals with our fellow big teams they always get the best players from us and we get past by date from them. That should not be allowed to happen anymore.

    The great Arsene Wenger used to say he will sign a player if he is an improvement to the ones we have. Whether he did what he said is another topic but that doesn’t make that view less true especially with our current state. We should sign a player who will improve the team otherwise better not waste resources and make do with what we have. Or better yet just get a proper manager for example Brendan Rodgers (even though his Leicester looks like bottling top 4 again) and be amazed with what our current players are capable of.

  5. Dan mate, i do agree with you here

    As i said on a post last week, we’re not the club we used to be, we’re not a world breaker club anymore and we do have to think outside the box somewhat.

    I do honestly think that Aguero would be a great signing for a season or maybe 2 but it would be a pay as you play type deal and i’m sure he would not want that type of deal.

    As much as i hate teh squirmy little shyte Lingard, he would actually be an improvement on what homegrown players we have currently in that area of the pitch, he always comes good in big games, especially against us.

    We should have signed Zaha instead of Pepe 2 seasons ago 100% but like you said, it all depends on if we can win the Europa, what we can or will do in the summer.

    I want us to win it i really do but i cant see us getting past Slavia on Thursday and if we do, meeting UE in the semi’s will be extremely tough and he will also have something to prove

  6. Personally, I think age is catching up with Aguero. City have had his best years, hence why they’re not renewing, and as much as I love him, I just don’t think we can afford to take such a gamble… sorry, Dan 😊 Beggars can’t be choosers, I know, and unfortunately this is where we find ourselves, however, for me it’s too risky.

    I do see what you’re saying though, Dan. I’ve been guilty of turning my nose up at certain players in the past..
    I blame Lichtsteiner – he’s put me off the more mature player for life 🤣

      1. Sue, but do you still have the 10″x8″ glossy of Kolasinac on the wall?
        I was hoping he would perform well for Schalke and a German club would buy him.

        1. 10 x 8? Make it 18 x 24 😄😍

          Not looking good, Ozzie, Schalke will only buy him if they avoid relegation – no chance!!

  7. Sergio Aguero isn’t as healthy, tall and quick as Luis Suarez. Lacazette struggled to convert Tierney’s long crosses into goals, in set-pieces and in aerial duels because of his height, so we better gamble on a taller striker

    David Luiz and Johny Evans are still dominant in the air, despite being too slow for quick opponents. But Aguero would likely suffer like Lacazette, since our system isn’t fully established yet

    1. gotanidea. “But Aguero would likely suffer like Lacazette, since our system isn’t fully established yet” . Please tell me what exactly is our system.

        1. GAI you are truly MA in disguise if you think the king of sideway passing is better than Wenger’s and Emery’s.

          1. Pepe and beast mode, I think that is the point GAI is making; passing to the feet of forwards under Wenger and Emery, rather than crosses looking for headers.

  8. Balogun, Ben Cottrell, Azeez, Zech Medley [as replacement for the players mentioned in the article].

    – We have the talent better than what we’ve got (in the first team), but choose not to use it.

    1. PD, to those you mention you could add Moller, Ballard, Patino, John-Jules, Lopez, Saliba and Mavropanos, all of whom will be older, stronger and more experienced at the start of next season.
      Given a full preseason of strengthening and conditioning and some “friendlies” game time, Arsenal may find that they can fill some of the squad deficiencies from within.

      1. Thank you. Very true.

        Although I’ve never watched the players you’ve mentioned play.

      1. Dan, yes, but only on the YouTube highlights of U18, U21 and U23 games as and when available, not live for obvious reasons.
        The point I and others are trying to make, is that JA puts forward the next big thing in other teams/leagues while neglecting, at times, what Arsenal has in its Academy.

        1. So my point is how can we campaign for these players to play and say they are better then the first team yet you only seen highlights on YouTube?

  9. Fantastic players are available but some fans only scratch the surface when asking for new players.

    Buendia, Koopmeiners, Daka, Centonze, Bissouma.. all quality players with several good seasons behind them, thats consistency. They are available for right price and would likely be interested in our club. We have no need to overpay though.

  10. I totally agree with HH’s view on taking over 30’s. The sole advantage (getting a cheaper and available neme player who has been top class) are vastly outweighed by the risks – all of which have happened to us recently. Terms like “injury prone”, “loss of pace”, “uncommitted/disinterested”, “looking for an easy life”, “no residual value”, “can only deteriorate in quality”, “hampering development of younger players”, “not worth those big name wages” etc spring readily to mind . I look at contract renewals using exactly the same criteria. Other than on a short term basis in a positional crisis do we really want them?

  11. there are few good free agents in the summer . Like Depay, calhanoglu, this are proven attackers . For the no 9 position i would prefer Edouard (or haaland LoL) for his height and pace .

    1. comparing lingard with willock and niles is daft . Lingard has more experience than the two combined and willock is just 21 and niles 22. Lingard is a big pitch player ( i.e he thrives on the counter ) something arsenal are clearly not. Or maybe you want us to build the team around him (lingard)

  12. The rumour mill in full flow.

    And once again it’s Brentford (Sue)

    Ivan Toney (25) has 35M price tag slapped on him.

    We are said to be sniffing (naturally).

    1. Top scorer in the championship. Must be tough being a ‘Bee’ – one minute your fave player’s there, the next he’s gone! That’s the way to do it though!

  13. Unfortunately both the fans and the club are myopic when it comes to the sources of our players. ANY player from a foreign club is assumed to be of a higher current and potential standard than players from our own lower leagues. The only recent exception other that at youth level I can think of is Rob Holding. This view from the fans I can understand, especially considering the successes of this approach under Wenger. But nowadays major clubs have refined their scouting systems based upon AW’s pioneering scouting networks, whereas we have wound ours down. Very rare, possibly excepting Edu’s Brazil connections, for us to steal a march on foreign talent now.

    Traditionally lower league English players were deemed overpriced and underskilled in comparison, but times have changed. Most Championship and many lower league clubs now have excellent technical youth academies, producing more than just gritty hard working tryers. They have been coming off the conveyer belts into senior teams for several years, with many already in their early 20’s.

    English players are more motivated. Simply getting into the EPL is huge for them. Money is a secondary issue and commitment and loyalty almost guaranteed. I disagree that coming up from the Championship these days is any more of a culture and class shock than coming from most foreign leagues. Foreign players can have massive problems adapting, and demand more wages because most are here purely for the money.

    Lets look further than chasing only the brightest English youth prospects like Bellingham, Mount and Sancho. Players develop at different speeds. There are many good 20/21 year olds down there that will explode mid 20’s, especially with the very top level coaches. Recent new “home grown player” rules mean it’s crazy not to invest further in this approach.

  14. Auba is a tried and tested goalscorer in Europe..willian was good,Pepe,guendozi,Leno, Laca..that they are mediocre is because Arteta is not good…he didn’t inherit a bad team..he made a top 6 side become a mid table team…the performers at arsenal are not his signings…his players are failing despite their favourable game time

    1. I am in no way an Arteta fan but this isn’t all on him. We have been pretty poor for a long time.

  15. Its not my opinion the squad is as bad as its league position and i dont think its about being choosy. We can still bring in the type of player we need within our compass but not just anyone mentioned by the press. The problem lies with the management and poor tactics more that saying our players aren’t this or that. A lot more needs attention as well as the squad for us to improve.

  16. I don’t disagree with the concept Dan and I really agree on our expectations but I do worry if we focus on the old star as the only source for value – they are expensive and they are leaving for multiple reasons, but often injury.

    We also need to look and see if the old star will get the support needed to thrive at Arsenal. Some players need other great players to be good, so the fit is key.

    Arsenal has to be very careful taking walking wounded – look at our track record with injuries. Tierney is potentially world class, but for 40% of the season, the rest of the time he is out. We effectively need really strong cover for him because we have to bank on absence. Now he is young so that is a bit different. Bringing in an oft-injured old guy won’t help us.

    I think looking at the lunch pail guys like Cahill or emerging players is where we need to go. Maybe we need to be looking at the steady solid EPL guys.

    At best for the next while we might be able to buy one strong player (not world class but a level or two down) and we may need to sell to do that. I think we have the money to invest further down the talent poll – more risk for sure but some wins as well.

    1. plus, Arsenal will be attractive to those further down the talent pool. World class players aren’t coming to Arsenal until they believe they get Champions League.

  17. DAN the part I liked esp about your as usual thoughtful article , was the so common unrealism of many of our existing JA fans- I think esp of such as Highbuty Hero- who consistently vastly overrates many of our present players. In a post still on JA right now (not this thread) he again overpraises many of our existing players and refuses to consider then the moderate to poor players many of them are.

    He is far from alone; in fact overrating our players is a common fantasy fault, esp of many of our younger fans and it heaps unnecesary pressure on our under fire manager to try to make silk purse from sows ears.

    I say, constantly, that it cannot be done. H H even rates such as BELLERIN AND XHAKA, which I find astounding in naivety. Until many of our fans adopt a realistic and sensible approach and see our present squad for the midtable squad it actually is (taken as a whole of course , not individually) then unfair pressure on MA will continue to increase. Unfairly too!

    1. Looks like HH isn’t alone in rating Xhaka and Bellerin – MA clearly does also, especially Xhaka!

      1. Wrong Sue! When MA brings into the club HIS OWN chosen players , you can THEN say he rates them. He was stuck with XHAKA, a WENGER LONGTIME FLOP but has no quality alternative, thanks to Kroenkes meanness. That does NOT mean he rates Xhaka. Same applies to BELLERIN.

          1. 👍 he loves this guy so much he plays him at left back just so he can watch him fumble his way round a football pitch … both need to be gone in the summer if we are going to start a revival

      2. Sue when the team is doing bad most of us will point the blame to the players we dislike even if those they like are performing worse or just as bad.

        Xhaka is rated highly by all the managers he has played for and his fellow professionals. He may not be a world class midfielder but he is one of my favourite Arsenal players.

        1. HH.. 👍 We all have favourite players as well as opinions and shouldn’t be continually put down by others because of them. You shouldn’t have to justify yourself to anyone else on here, HH.
          Keep doing what you’re doing.. you’re an absolute delight 🙂

  18. Well said Guy.We need to trawl our own Leagues for unknown gems rather than become a retirement home for those seeking a final resting place.The thought of Arsenal recruiting someone as slow as Boateng appalls me.As for Aguero I should imagine his wage demands would be well above our budget and be on a par with ludicrous salary paid to Auba.

  19. Interesting article
    I checked on Cahill and he was given 2 years at Palace. A great pro finishing his career at a mid table team that have no expectations of winning the league. With Evans, he has extended his stay and I can only assume that as a senior player he will be that vital back up and I imagine on a pay cut
    They have had super careers

    The likes of Aguero will command huge wages as would any mega top name in the twilight of their career. I doubt very much if Evans and Cahill are earning top dollar. Arsenal have seen fit to commit huge sums in salary to men who rely on pace which is bound to diminish. It’s not a case of being against them individually but working out what is best for the club.
    Whether you like Luiz or not, he got the extra year at a reduced income. I was never against Auba extending but 3 years on top, top money was as a result of him holding the upper hand. Willian’s contract was potty as he wasn’t already an Arsenal player and will cost the club over £10m pa. which can’t be justified to me.
    if other clubs through their scouting networks can find gems……..

    1. Carry on as we are and we will only be able to sign league 2 and conference players even they might turn us down as well!!

    2. Two year’s prison just for joining Palace, Sue? I reckon Cahill will be out in 8 months for good behaviour.

  20. I have always told my arsenal fans friends. The only way to stay relevant against the big spenders is to change transfer policy. Go for players under 25, (for speed and commitment) with an handful of 28-33 yrs olds (for experience). Find a balance between the two bunch, create an identity and play our hearts out. Which teams are taking this approach?



    Real Madrid (surprise, suprise!. In the last year or two, RM acquired a lot of young talent. Rodrigo, Vinicious Jr, Valverde, Arsensio, Kubo)

    RB leipsig

    Advantages are we will play fast entertaining football, win games convincingly and have a pool of talents to sell afterwards. Dortmund bought Haalaand for 18M but how much will the Norwegian Magician leave BVB for? What of Sancho, how much was Dembele? Auba?

    We all know Ajax does what Ajax does every season.

    Yes Mr Wenger took this approach before before and it kept us in the CL for a long time albeit a trophy drought. But with the experienced players we can ground out wins and win some silverware along the line. I really want my Arsenal back. That Arsenal that can score goals and even at the dead (remember Vs Wigan in 06). Fo great comebacks (5-2 against Spurs 2012, FA cup final 2014). What do you think?

    1. Well said kobin…. That’s the only way forward, we can’t compete with big boys no more… The fact that we don’t have players that other teams are falling over to buy is a worrisome situation that affects our future in some way..

      We need to invest in youth, we have an abundance of talents within our ranks already, we can scout the lower leagues as many have said above.. A lot of hidden gems to nuture into stardom

      All we need is just one or two marque signings every season to maintain a balance..
      Though I feel we have a good team underperforming due to tactics, mentality and selection effects of hiring a brilliant rookie who wants to be pep immediately..

      I don’t believe the talk about having a mid table squad…bar Chelsea, Liverpool, man city.. Look at Man Utd, Leicester, West Ham, Aston Villa, everton…can we really say they have better talented
      players than ours…i honestly don’t think so

        1. Current form maybe but quality and career record Till date not a chance..

          Compare a
          Rashford martial greenwood
          Richarlison C. Lewin Bernard
          Barnes vardy iheanacho
          Bowen Antonio yarmolenko
          Grealish Watkins traore
          Aubameyang lacazette pepe/willian..

          Some managers wouldn’t mind having these players in their team, Giroud at Chelsea anyone?

          From the players above only vardy is a proven 20goal a season forward like aubameyang ,trophies ,experience wise the others cant really walk into any top European team.

          Then to youth just Man Utd can even try to step up to us.
          Compare a
          Shoretire D. James Diallo greenwood
          To martinelli Saka ESR even nketiah

          Naaaaaaah mate… We have a squad that shouldn’t be out of top four, or struggle to get to Europa finals..

          The major weakness in our team this season was a creative midfielder, where we were lacking while our rivals had quality like Fernandes, Madison,james Rodriguez, lately Lingard…

          Tactics, selection, motivation, commitment maybe the ozil and Co issue rub off on other players

          1. Digne is better then Tierney
            Coleme n better then Nellerin
            Mina,Keane and Holgate better then our center backs
            Midfield they have more creativity – Rodriguez, Sigurson and Bernard walk into our midfield
            Yet to see anything of Party , rather have Dacoure
            Richarlison is better then Lacca

            Leicester -:Kepper is better , center backs are better
            DM is better
            Madison and Barnes walk into our midfield
            Vardy would play ahead of one of our strikers

            Man United – keeper is better , rb is better , cb is better
            Pogba and Fernandes walk into our midfield
            Rashford would play

  21. Look at chances that top clubs like psg miss with top players every team misses chances when we talk it seems like we only watch arsenal matches. We are were we are because we are generally poor and inconsistent, we don’t create enough chances and put too much pressure to convert the very few we may create

  22. So, Arsenal fans should resign themselves to a mid table mind set and be happy with used throwaways like Aguero and Suarez. We are not worthy indeed.

  23. Aguero and Boateng are bad transfers for this squad. It’s not about low expectations. It’s about a bad transfer policy.

  24. Jérôme Boateng earns £210,000 per week, £10,920,000 per year…will be 33 in September

    Sergio Agüero earns £230,000 per week, £11,960,000 per year…41 games missed since Nov. 2019…will be 33 in June

    Zaha earns £130,000 per week, £6,760,000 per year playing…9 goals, 2 assists…weaknesses = holding onto the ball too long and helping with defensive coverage…will require a considerable transfer fee and will almost assuredly want a considerable wage increase

    Coutinho earns a minimum of £240,000 per week, but could be considerably higher(Barca is a bit sketchy when it comes to revealing salaries)…since April 2020 he will have missed 46 games by the end of this season and has yet to show his Liverpool form since leaving his former club

    this has nothing to do with lowering expectations, most of us are all-too-familiar with that sad concept after enduring numerous tragically poor transfer windows during the post-Dein Wenger years, these acquisitions would simply make no sense from a financial and/or footballing standpoint…(1) each move would unjustifiably inflate our wage bill, considering the projected return (2) several of these individuals would negatively impact our youth development and (3) in most cases, it would require us to spend a tidy sum to provide appropriate cover due to their troubling injury histories

    btw being creative doesn’t mean continually accepting others hand-me-downs and sloppy seconds…so instead of doing the same old, same old, it’s high time that someone in this organization was actually willing to commit to “real” change so we can finally reinvent this tired old wheel

    P.S. Jesse Lingard = “moon walk”
    although I could see the potential benefit of this move, due to his League familiarity, reasonable wage and the fact he meets a positional need, I likewise understand why some would be turned off by the notion

  25. @RW1 (no reply button).

    Harsh to say the least.

    Having previously played Xhaka at L/H centre back, Arteta knew he could do a job for him at L/B on the day.

    Xhaka had an excellent game, when called upon to play out of position given the fixture to hand (Sheffield United).

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t !

  26. Having watched Everton on numerous occasions I cannot believe what I have just read concerning the superiority of their players over their Arsenal counterparts.As someone who was involved in scouting 30 years ago, there are very few Everton players who I would be interested in apart from Calvin Lewin.

  27. interesting view but that’s what we did with Willian and i think if we are not regretting it now we will in two years…I’d play/apologize to Guendozzi and saliba and mavropanos and sell everyone over 27 and make some other tough calls ….we could then buy grealish and more !
    maitland niles
    must be worth 150m…
    start with: leno,tierney gabriel salliba cedric partey guendozzi saka smithrowe pepe martinelli….
    and still have 150+m to spend

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