Arsenal fans must not get too excited – we need consistency first

Let’s not get too excited…. by Dgr8xt

Hello all. Seems all Arsenal fans are happy with our start to the season. I for one have been looking at the league table often, just to see that we are actually on top when it’s not an alphabetical order placement. It’s surprising to see (and who doesn’t like surprises). But in all honesty, I’ve not been excited one bit. It’s not deliberate. It’s knowing the fact that THIS IS ARSENAL. The main issue is that WE ARE INCONSISTENT and have been like that since forever.

I will not make the same mistake I made last season by judging the season’s outcome with the first three matches. If we can reduce our inconsistency levels by at least 50%, then I’m very sure we can finish 3rd. I mean that in 6 games, instead of winning 3 straight and losing the next 3, why not win 4, draw 1 and lose 1. That will take us to 3rd place come end of the season. But if our demons continue to plague us, then I see us finishing 5th. My top 7 prediction is:

Manchester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Manchester United
I’ve never been one to criticize players as most of my criticism is usually directed at the management, right from the Wenger days. I’m not part of those who overly feel that certain players are the problem. So I don’t care how good our transfer window has been. Many fans and pundits have said that this summer is our best transfer window ever. Same thing they said last summer and I’m sure they will say the same thing next summer. But regardless of how good our transfer window has gone, we need consistency.
I also don’t care about pre-season friendlies. I’m not sure I even made a single comment on this site about any of the preseason matches because Arsenal and Manchester United usually have the “best transfer windows” and “best preseason records”. But when the league starts, reality begins to dawn on us. And let me say this. Whoever has watched Newcastle since their takeover will agree with me that even though money has been heavily involved in their recent transformation with the addition of quality players such as Trippier and Guimaraes. The players themselves have shown a willingness and determination to do better by believing and giving every required fight in every minute of every match, something money cannot buy and I credit the coach for that. If our players can show similar determination every week, we should be clearly a shoe in for the league trophy especially given the quality of players we have.
Finally, I should say that Arteta has shown a clear strategy on how he wants things to go and he deserves every praise for it, especially when we look at the atrocity called Manchester United. What he needs now is not just getting more quality players (we’re already miles above Newcastle in that department), but being able to motivate the ones we have to give their 100% in EVERY SINGLE GAME

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Arteta talks about Jesus, Odegaard, Saliba and the League table after Bournemouth win.

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  1. We all said we had a great set of fixtures to start and we had to cane them. So far so good and the article is correct, consistency has to improve. We are playing with a lot of freedom and that is great. We haven’t seen yet how we perform when we play our direct rivals, that will be a different test. Started the season like a train but we can’t let it derail. When we get into the season and we get a few injuries, how wilĺ we cope without, jesus, Martinelli, Saka, Saliba, Partey and a huge one Ramsdale. Lets see how we do and hope that we can when those players are out.

    1. How will city cope without rodri, debruyne, mahrez, ederson, halaand. Lets stop being pessimistic but optimistic, we fell apart last season because we had no goals in our team, jesus is that missing link, just like every other team, all other team has this one player that connects all the dots.
      City has it in debruyne but it will be calamity if they loos rodri.
      Liverpool already feel the absence of mane, but now its Thiago.
      Ours is Jesús and partey, otherwise we can cope without any other player.

      1. But that was one of the excuses some people used last season for our collapse. Every single team has injuries ( incidentally we had fewest in the prem last season) and its how you cope when they are out, that is the point

  2. Taking it one game at a time, Dgr8xt, but am liking what I have seen so far. There is still the potential to improve in this squad. Here’s hoping that all the stars align.

    1. Agree, we do need 2 solid back up players for Partey and Saka.
      But we have had a great deal of consistency in the years gone by, consistency in winning the top four trophy,
      consistency in bottling up the UCL
      consistency in hiring prima donnas and cast offs and cheapos
      Now when we have a real manager, with a real vision and real players to play the game according to his vision, here come the doomsday prophets with another cheap shot at the manager. Sorry, Mikel is going to ruin your dreams.

  3. I understand that you don’t want to get over the moon with our recent performances and all but all I see from what you just wrote is someone still lost in the past. We have a very young squard, the youngest in the league and it is clear what quality they posses and they are only going to get better. We are not who we used to be anymore, it’s a new administration, new players with different mentality, so judging them by our results during the later days of Wenger, Emery and Arteta’s first season isn’t an honest opinion. It is clear that there is a massive improvement in this team right now. There is a clear plan and it isn’t going to manifest in one game.

    1. Actually, I believe this author is one of the historically cynical and sceptical individuals who were driving the negativity on this site. A number of them are now trying to carefully reposition themselves perhaps to gain some kind of credibility.
      Many of these people refused to acknowledge the problems we had and relentlessly mocked and derided the manager and the strategy.
      The author points that it is still early in the season and there are areas of the squad that need strengthening. These are pretty obvious to most supporters.
      What is also clear is that there have been gradual improvements over the past couple of seasons in the make up of the squad. Potentially, we have taken some big steps forward but we will know better as the season unfolds.

    2. We’ve not won the league for almost 20 years. That’s largely due to inconsistency. Same inconsistency made us throw away too four last season even while playing one match a week. Three good games this season against inferior opposition doesn’t necessarily mean that our almost 20 years problem is over. We need to be more consistent

      1. @dgr8xt, so Crystal palace, Leicester &Bournemouth are inferior in premier league?, then I don’t know what to say again, but to be honest, you don’t need all this just to discredit the Hardworkg and effort of the players….

        1. by inferior he means they are considered smaller clubs than Arsenal and ones that we should be targeting to beat, not that they are terrible teams. Go work on your comprehension before criticizing.

      2. 20 what is your expectations..1 or 2 league title..we all know what happen mate..the Arab,the Russian mafia…this year is our time .

    3. Thanks, what the writer doesn’t understand is that, we were 5th last season, and we added some more quality players to the team that took 5th last season, players like Saliba, Jesus, Zinchenko, etc who have improved us a lot in terms of scoring and defending, unlike last season …… Let’s us be calming down and watch the team progressing, sure we will face some challenges on the long run and that’s while we have some more quality backup unlike last season….

  4. Am happy with the direction Arsenal football club is going and its showing in the team performance.

    The writer make mention he has never place much intrest on preseason, there was a time when Arsenal was laugh at that they can not even win their own cup which is the Emirate cup.

    Significant improvements has been made by the gaffer, the fear factor is slowly coming back to the team, it takes all different things to get some people excited, if Arsenal should happen to beat Manchester United by 6 nil on the 4th of September, there are Thomas’s out there that still wont believe we have turn the corner.

    Contrary to the writer I love the last preseason and would welcome the next one with open arms in the same country which kick start our campaign

  5. Sorry, but I can’t remember ANYONE saying we had a good transfer window last season – the opposite in fact.

    I’ve praised MA / Edu for this window and claimed that it’s the best for a long time.
    Apart from Vieira, who we are still waiting to comment on re. the PL, every senior signing has improved our squad, both individually and collectively.

    Three games in and we have been consistent – consistent in the way we play, the support for each other, the team selection AND the fan’s backing.

    That was one of my main problems with Mikel’s management last season, there was no consistency whatsoever in any of the areas I quote above.

    It has changed this season, even on Just Arsenal!!!

    I think we will see two more signings and I am confident they will be made to strengthen the squad now, rather than the message last year that the signings were for the future.

    I know some will call me negative, but it will be interesting to see how the fanbase react when / if we lose our first game and how we lose it.

    1. The biggest thing will be how we react to a defeat. Defeats are going to happen but bouncing back is key.

    2. @ken1945
      I remember many saying last season’s transfer window was very good.
      I am one of them, and I still think so:
      Odegaard was a really good buy, and could end up being a fantastic buy.
      Ramsdale was a very good buy.
      White was a massive upgrade on Chambers.
      Lokonga – well here I am not sure, but we didn’t spend a massive amount of money on him, so if he disappoints it is not a huge amount, we will loose.
      Tavares? I think, we will have to wait and see as well. IMO he has potential, but also flaws, which may be hard to overcome.
      All are very young, which means they have a lot of time to become even better players and more valuable assets.
      A very good transfer window, which defined our strategy back then, and which we are now adding to.

      1. Jesus – absolute winner and signing of the window. Not is he only experienced, he’s at his very prime and gets to play with freedom. If you look at City, you can see even Håland is a bit restricted and I seriously doubt he will hit the same heights as he did at BVB.

        Zinchenko – quality buy. Winner mentality, tough, skillful, versatile. I think his attitude played a big part in buying him.

        Turner – the little I’ve seen him, he doesn’t strike me with confidence. Luckily we have Hein in the U21’s and he looked very good for Reading last season before he got the finger injury.

        Vieira – very surprising signing and I can’t say anything about him yet.

        Marquinhos – cheap, one for the future. Killing it at U21’s but I wouldn’t count on him yet to have impact on the senior side.

        I think we are still 2 senior players short. Based on rumors we are going for experienced players who are in their mid-20’s at max. I think this is excellent approach as most of our team are youngsters with roughly 0-2 seasons of PL experience. If we can nick Tielemans for less than £20 millions, I think he would be quality rotation for red-hot Xhaka, who is undroppable at the moment.

    3. Most people said our last summer transfer window was the best, fans and pundits. Maybe you didn’t see any or have forgotten as it’s been quite long.

      1. Who are these “most people”? There were various opinions as to which team had the best window last season.
        Many pundits suggested Chelsea had the best window given that they added Lukaku to what was already a very strong team. Others suggested Man U adding the likes of Sancho and Ronaldo etc.
        There were many other teams that were considered to have very strong windows. There were few experts who actually rated Arsenal window highly. There were pundits who suggested that it was one of the weakest.
        What was considered notable was that we spent a lot of money. Evidently, this was based on the need to make significant changes to the squad.

  6. You need to aim and set high standards because if u fail there is a big probability u will finish not too far from target. So we should aim and push for winning EPL. If we fail atleast we will finish in top 3 most probably. Its funny how most of the fans have become so understanding and say they just need to see progress that was not there when Arsene was in charge and most fans were throwing their toys out of pram. Defeats and losses do make u humble 🙃. For me UCL spot finish and a trophy either its FA Cup or europa league is must if we can not achieve that after spending so heavily in last two transfer market and completely changing the squad then its a failure. I hope its our year because Arteta’s previous league finishes do not justify the praise he gets. Some Arsenal fans have even put him in same bracket as klopp, pep, Zidane etc for finishing 8th twice and 5th once.

  7. hey the greatest improvement is with the fans. way to go guys , at last we are not going to be outsung by palace lol .
    Enjoy it , back to sexy football

  8. Lets be honest , not just optimistic arsenal fans but everyone , including all the Pudits and whoever, they all agree that our first 11 can give a run of money to any team in the league. The issue which everone highlights is the squad depth. Which most of us will agree , that we are bit laging . So if we get bit of luck and can keep out top 11 injury free most of the times , we can make it to 4. The above prediction can be true is we have injuris to key players for longer time. Having said that, this can even happen to any team. Imagine Spurs without Kane and Sn for long time. So lets prey and hope we get bit of luck in ijury front this season

  9. Agreed

    We’ll meet Spuds, Liverpool and Man City in October. We’ll find out whether most of our players have enough confidence to finish fourth or not, in that month

  10. Until we have that upgrade in the midfield and also the forward line, there is only a meager hope for any achievement. Just being objective

  11. Imo, It’s not about what the manager thinks or believe, but the players. Players need to believe and even better know what they can do and firing up to perform better and better. If players believe they can bounce back from defeats, they will. If they don’t they won’t. So far this season, that has been the case. Our players seem to exude not just confidence but rather an assured conviction that they can do whqt is asked of them. And with Jesus and Zonchenko, we finally have players who can inspire on the pitch at any moment of the game. They don’t stop performing just because they are down 2 nil in the first half. And that will is contagious. It will ignite our inexperienced players to try harder the more they will be under pressure. That’s what was lacking last few seasons, players with conviction in our ranks. I know for sure now, our players, and evem the inexperienced ones have role models to look upto right on the pitch while they play. That will be a huge difference this season.

    1. I really admire your positivity and optimist you are. But if it’s coming from the last three results we’ve had, then it’s a little too early IMO. If we lose our next two games against inferior opposition while playing without any passion or zeal, will you still be so positive? My point is that we need more consistency and we should not be too quick to judge the season based on three games

      1. Well a bit of thisat positivity is from the first 3 games, but most of it from analyzing what caused so much inconsistency last season and a few things that have changed that will help mitigate that inconsistency this season.

        Most of the matches last season when Arsenal performed badly, it wasn’t from one or few specific players but the whole team performed poor all at the same time. And that happens when the players have no one to look up to, no leaders on the pitch who punch harder when put down. This season, bringing Jesus and Zinchenko will help a lot with that. They are the kind of players who fight harder when down, as we have seen them before. Just knowing we have them makes me positive this season. It inspires everyone to play hard and not sulk.

  12. Pat,
    You are too pessimist. With our best start since…l don’t even remember, you already predict we will end up outside top 4.

    I think it’s too early to predict anything. The best way is don’t lift our foot from the gas. Make the distance as far as possible before we meet our real test : the other big six.

    1. The article wasn’t written by Pat, it was by dgr8xt, who is one of the most regularly critical posters on this site.

    2. I like your statement “… don’t lift our foot from the gas”. That’s the consistency I’m talking about. It’s not being negative. I really hope we can achieve that and not lose two or three games straight in drab fashion

  13. I say, if GJ9 stay fit up to 75% of the season, we’ll get 4th place.
    If he fit up to 80%, we can finished 2 or 3rd.
    If GJ9 fit above 90%, then we can get the tittle.

  14. We surely are not finishing below Chelsea. Judging by our squad strength, with the addition of 1/2 quality players before the window shuts down, the winning mentality of players like Jesus and Zinchenko, the quality of players like Saliba and Odegaard, the determination of players like Partey, Xhaka, Tierney and the ever present quality of Saka and Martinelli makes me feel positive for the season and top 4 is for the taking along with a trophy or 2. I am optimistic for the season. The defence seems to have sorted itself out with the addition of Saliba, the hardworking White, Gabriel and the talented Ramsdale, so all in all the season will be interesting and hopefully a very successful one at that.

    1. You’ve pointed out a lot of reasons why you feel we could go all the way. I do not dispute any of them. The only thing you left out is what I believe is most important. Despite all you’ve outlined, if we start to win three and lose three, it will be for nothing. We need to be more consistent that we were last season. Spurs have always had a worse team than us but have consistently finished above us in the league due to their slightly higher consistency level

  15. Last season’s transfer window got us Odegaard and Ramsdale. The remainder provide adequate cover without really making on impact on the field.

  16. I agree with David above. There are posters who are repositioning themselves after months of saying Arteta doesn’t have a clue

    However, I think it is perfectly reasonable to change your mind if you see a change and think it is for the best – whether belief in the team is improving or if it goes the wrong way.

    What David sees happening is repositioning without those doing so owning it. Having largely been in favour of Arteta I wouldn’t try to worm out of holding up my hands to say I got it wrong if it all goes pear shaped in the future. Some of the abuse I got for thinking that MA deserved patience was incredible

    Lots were just too hasty to ditch him because the promised land wasn’t delivered immediately.

    Only one team can win the league each year
    Success and failure are mostly cyclical and I believe our turn will come again

    1. And consistency is key to a successful season. Until lack of it creeps in, then that will determine and define our league position
      That’s not to say that 19 other teams might not attain consistency either
      A lottery at this stage

    2. “Repositioning themselves “
      What are we playing chess
      Facts are we’ve been crap for Artetas tenure ,this season we have vastly improved -so far .
      Fans had every right to vent any frustration they saw fit these past seasons .
      Seems to me it’s the old “Pat myself on the back “”I was right situation “going on now ,why can’t you and fans alike just be happy that we’ve started well rather than having to point score .

      1. DK
        * CRAP*
        A bit harsh and totally off piste.
        We were inconsistent at times but 22 win isn’t crap
        We haven’t managed to put 22 wins on the board for approx 5 years prior

        1. What’s crap ?
          That we had our worst season in 25 years ,no European football .
          Playing awful football that belonged in the 80s
          Now after spending over half a billion pounds in the last 4 seasons then yes we should see massive strides taken ,which as only just come to fruition this season so far .
          This childish game that fans play about who’s right and who’s wrong really grates on me ,who cares aslong as we are back to where we belong ,we have been crap for the last 3 seasons ,thus far we look good ,long may it continue .

          1. Sue is right , the author of this piece is trying to reposition his stance and still does it without being straight foward about it.
            From his piece I can still see his rejection of Arteta as it still reeks in his post. For instance his rubbish attempt at predicting league table at the end of the season reads to me as
            Pep is better than conte who is better than klopp who is better than tuchel who is better than Arteta who is better than Howe who is better than TenHagg.
            Conte at second place says it all, he is part of the fans who wanted conte and still broods over the fact we didn’t get him, and loathes Arteta while at it.

      2. You amaze me at times Dan kit
        Why can’t I be happy?
        I am happy
        A lot of those who – like you – who don’t think Arteta will succeed get very tetchy now that there is a better outlook. That’s how I see it. I cannot imagine the sh*te that will come my way if/ when Arteta fails in the future. There will be the usual smug comments highlighting how obvious it all was.

        1. Be as happy as you want sue ,you are your own person ,where did I say you couldn’t be happy ,my post was about your point scoring comment ,seems you have a problem for some fans that weren’t happy before to be happy now without dragging up past opinions .
          I’m tetchy and fans like me ?👍
          I’ve been nothing but happy to see the team respond this season ,not sure where you are getting this from .
          And please stop with the self pity ,if you want to talk about abuse ,try reading that me and my family should hang themsleves on a football forum ,then get back to me about abuse .😂
          That’s where we differ ,water off a ducks back for me that I don’t need to keep reminding everyone about it .
          I suggest you do the same .

          1. I will definitely take your comments on board Dan kit and wait with bated breath when it all goes Pete Tong

    3. Well written post SueP👍. It would seem that some fans want instant success these days and have no understanding of the job Arteta and Edu have had to do.

  17. This post was all negative, imagine this post is being read by our players, what motivation will that give to them, in life we understand that one needs to set his standards to the highest and then work towards it, we fell apart last season because of injuries to our key men, and we didn’t have a hungry striker, we didn’t have Jesús, we managed our way through with a striker who contributed below 10 league goals las season, we did have Saliba last season, partey was bein rushed back to injury, saka has no competition or replacement, martineli was playing without role, we had just one game patern because of our lack of flexibility in players.
    All this has changed this season we have zinchenko, who offers us tactical flexibility, we have, we have xhaka playing nearer to goal which brings some good parts of him, which is creativity and takes away a part of him which is commiting reckless tackles. Martineli and Jesús are giving us the samba feel while we have the watching nketiah who is learning from Jesús, not to mention marquinhos and Viera who i believe will be our secret weapon come the latter stages of the season. Our defense is as solid as ever, we have presence there.
    And no one is talking about how we are dangerous in corners and dead balls both offensively and defensively

    Bro we have every reason to be aiming for the title, and we fans need to be loud and clear with that, let our players know that this is the standard we have set.

  18. You praised Newcastle utd a lot in your write up, so tell us when last did Newcastle carried the league?
    I also saw your prediction of the table at the end of the season and I see spurs ahead of us. David is right about you, so much negativitity but as we started so well you try to thread carefullyand softly but still couldn’t hide your real position.
    Us REAL Arsenal fans clearly saw what Mikel was doing in the recruitment dept. Which is that he started the strengthening of the squad from the back (goaly and defence) then moved moved up till he got to the attack this while tinkering where needed to be tinkered. Aresanal WILL NOT finish 5th this season we are far better than we were last season, the away game against palace showed us that fact.

  19. Imagine calling Leicester ( one time part of the so called big six ) a week opposition , and palace who took 4 points of city last season a weak team.

  20. We all forget how very young team we were last season
    We are a season more mature and more experienced as a team and management.
    Game management in certain games was poor ast season and especially at the end of the season. The squad looks stronger in depth this season
    I looked at the Liverpool game last season where we should have won but as soon as they scored we looked like we were playing men against boys.
    I see more consistency in our players this season and not just the results going our way but how they seem to know what to do with the ball and especially when we Don have it
    Winning breeds confidence and happy we have winnable games to start with and happy we are taking full of advantage of them.
    I disagree with some comments about the run of our first games are shoe ins. Every team can beat any team on there day and especially at the start of the season. We are building momentum, confidence and consistency
    I said before 25 wins 7 draws and 6 loses get us 3rd
    We are well on our way but still a long way to go in what will be a roller coaster ride

  21. The next week will determine if we can make a top challenge. Right now if Jesus or Partey get injured, or even others, we will not have the squad. We may have over 50 games this season. Without another top midfield player and striker cover….forget it. We are two players short of completing our jigsaw. Without the Full Monty of a squad, we will not have a top team in every game, and we know what will happen. It’s now whether Edu doesn’t get complacent and think we can get by without more guns and ammo.

  22. I actually don’t understand what made people think Spurs are better than Arsenal.

    We could easily have finished above them with Tomiyasu, Tieney and Party fit and without the carelessness of Holding.

    Even without buying more players we have a better squad and game plan than Conte’s team.

    I also think we are probably better to cope with few games without some players.

    White or Elneny can play DM as temporarily cover for Partey. While Zinc or Fabio/Lokonga can cover for Zhaka in his new role.

    Generally speaking we have a better squad than last season or even recent seasons.

    This squad should be fine until the next window and by then we may have a much clearer understanding of what the fringe players can offer and make a better decision on the appropriate replacement if need be.

    A Happy Gunner !!!

  23. Firstly I appreciate ur opinion, just that you are a poor writer. There’s not much solid premise to your views just plain rigid pessimism due to past disappointments. We missed top 4 due to injuries plain and simple. If you are a true gunners fan you would av observed that for the past 12yrs Arsenal has not had a viable and virile set of of defenders as we have currently. The group that came second behind leceister in 2015 imagine if they had this set of defenders (tomyasu,saliba, Gabriel and Zinchenko or tierny). Now we have a hyena hungry attackers in matinelli , Gabriel and Saka and you still don’t see any prospects for consistency? Well I see it and this is what is driving arsenal fans crazy inspite of ur baseless call for humility you are using to hide your unremovable pessimisms. Arsenal will give Man city a run for there money and this team will bring them down to earth in the emirate stadium. What they saw at Newcastle will be child’s play come October. I even feel that a win against man city would still not convince u come October.

  24. A handful of about 3 grief posters really spoil this site, but I guess that’s life online.

    Endless negativity, with nothing supporting it but pseudo logic and a sense of entitlement – they turn every discussion from something that might be interesting into a bunfight about the same issues and forget inconvenient facts about last season, such as:

    1. Target was *understood* to be EL, not CL.
    2. Injuries.
    3. Players behaving badly (Aubameyang).
    4. The randomness of on-field action and decisions in a low-scoring game like football.

    On that last point, AON reminded me of some things I’d forgotten. The Spurs match I tend to remember as as just a bad 3-0 loss, but I forgot the dubious penalty for their first goal. Holding’s sending off was also suspect ( the way Son’s head dips down towards Holding’s elbow when the ball is miles away). That game was already gone at that point due to those 2 key decisions which I disagree with (and I’m quite non-partisan when I look at these things).

    The Newcastle match looked more like choking but that’s not really giving credit where credit’s due, Newcastle were a very good team by that stage of the season and the atmosphere in the ground for a mid-table side with nothing to play for was… surprising. That adds more fuel to the “random factors” aspect – the clubs who played them early in the season at St James under Steve Bruce had a massive advantage. And rearranging the Spurs match due to covid worked out in their favour too.

    If anything the games that mattered most were the ones that would normally have been won, earlier in the season – Soton, Burnley, Everton etc. I’m not sure that I’d call what happened at the end of the season “choking”.

    1. 1 -Arteta said we will be CL winners in 3 years when Willian signed
      2- 19th in the injuries table
      3- Player behaving badly (if to be believed)left start of January ,him to blame for the next 4 months ?
      4- not sure what that ment .

      As for the grief posters comment ,do you mean fans that have a different view to you how to support the club ,your post on Dan smiths article yesterday ,hypocrite comes to mind .

      1. 1. Arteta doesn’t set the targets. And… can you link to that statement? Not that it matters, just that you lot like to pull random statements out of the air as if some interview comment justifies your demands.

        2. KEY injuries, not NUMBER of injuries. E.g. Partey, both FBs.

        3. He was playing with almost no interest for some time. And yes, I blame him *partly* for the next 4 months since he was a key player, so hard to replace at that kind of notice (watch AON and you’ll see that the club had about… 1 minute and 9 seconds to replace him).

        4. I’m not surprised that you don’t understand it. Even though I went on to explain it.

        Lastly, no, I mean grief posters – they are different to people who happen to have a different view (which they can make a well-reasoned case for).

  25. We are sofar doing well. I like the way how the new pair signings from the previous champions are shinning at the club. I a stounch fan of Arsenal alongside Arteta and Tierney as well as Smith Rowe. I am happier than previous season. In Edu and Arteta we can make it to the best. I wish my club (ARSENAL) the best as we add in more players i.e Pino ,Tielesman and Neto. Thank you my fellow supporters for being patient all along as move back to winning ways.

  26. Somehow we would need Martinelli, Partey and Jesus to stay fit ,if we want to achieve anything this season,
    If we do sign Neto, then we already have a good cover for The attack, I’m convinced Marquinhos will surpass expectations, as well as Miguel Azeez, we can only hope for the best.

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