Arsenal fans MUST respect Wenger in his final season – He deserves it!

We are now approaching Arsenal’s final game of this campaign and as we are playing the worst team around I am sure we will finish in a respectable third place. We may not have won a trophy but we have performed better than every other team except Leicester and Spurs, including all the other so-called Big Clubs.

Now this has been a very angry season on Justarsenal with people aggressively calling for Wenger’s head since the opening day defeat by West Ham, and was just as much in evidence in Sunday’s penultimate game against Man City. In this game we secured our Champions League slot, away at the most expensively acquired team in Premier League history. In fact against a team that only recently lost narrowly to Real Madrid in the EPL Semifinal. They are no pushovers but we managed to come from behind at their home ground to get the necessary point.

BUT still, all the way through the game and afterwards, all I hear is how bad the players are, and how rubbish Wenger is as a manager. The evidence of his ability and success over 20 years of giving his life and soul to our great club shows he doesn’t deserve this outrageous treatment. I really hope that we don’t have to listen to this for the next 12 months. Wenger WILL be here for his 20th and last season. Let’s show him respect for his achievements and give him one more chance to go out in a blaze of glory.

Stop calling for Wenger out until at least he has been given the summer to improve the team as he likes, and prepares to win everything next year. We have flogged the subject of Wenger’s departure to death and it is now time to celebrate finishing in the Top Three despite having a rubbish manager and mediocre players.

Give the Boss one more year to put things right. He deserves that chance at least.

Sam P


  1. How sure are you that its his final season? Let the man come out and say it first.

    Either way I don’t think true Arsenal fans have ever disrespected Wenger, I wouldn’t call respectively asking him through a few banners and online petitions to step as disrespectful. Ask former Real Madrid managers about disrespect.

    Arsene is and will always be an Arsenal legend and deserves a statue, lets just hope the upcoming season is his last in order for the team to move forward.

    1. Completely agree with the fact that by no means next season would be his last, and I wouldn’t say Wenger is exactly giving his life as a charity to Arsenal, he’s quite well payed to do it. Frankly quite a few people would love to have his place. And last but not least, how many years in a row people gave him one more season and he failed? Put a number of seasons that is enough to count as failure.

    1. exactly whats up with guys telling pple what to do.everyone has a right of making his/her choice and respect is earned not by history but by the present.its upto him now to win our respect back(transfer market and nxt season) just supporting blindly is boll…
      this has to stop whats up with pple telling others the right norm of behavior.pple raised the banners coz they are disappointed and hve a right to be.lets be frank nxt season if no epl title for arsenal and another scramble for top four will we still be glorifying wenger??lets love the club its our arsenal!!!

  2. Wenger has his own stubborness, delusion and lies to thank for having my respect faded away throughout the years. A great manager the first ten years, then gradually becoming an inhibitor of success (or as mourinho put it – master in failure).

    If Stan sells out to a new owner who isn’t in it for the profit (aka Usmanov / Dangote), how many years will it take before Arsenal wins the league again?

    1. @sevenitti
      If you think anyone who buys AFC would not be in it for the profit, you are as deluded as you think AW is, even more so…Get it right. AFC is and for the most of it’s existence, been a business. And any businessman shellin out money to own it or become majority shareholder, is doing so because they want to profit from it…
      Usmanov and Dangote are “BUSINESSMEN”…

      1. *newsflash
        Abramovic is a businessman
        Mike Ashley is a businessman

        yet they put more money into the club than they ever will get in return.

        1. @sevenitti
          And how are their business models working out for them?
          For one, if you think that for one minute Abramovic is not making money off of Chelsea, then you are as foolish as you sound. Yeah, he’s taken huge losses. But he also knows those very same losses he incurred will be added on to the selling price. And Ashley floats next to nothing in NUFC. Look where its gotten him.
          Get real, or learn business…

          1. You just don’t get it, do you… Oh well, you keep on worshipping Kroenke, and I’ll keep on doing my thing.

            1. So you’d rather be Chelsea, with their Russian mob-money, ultimate boy-toy (football club) owner? No respect for being self-sufficient?

              1. no idea what this means but if u r asking is abramovich a worse person than kroenke then the answer is prbably no better nor worse but if you are asking whether you want a slime bag owning your club who actually cares about winning stuff or a slime bag that doesnt i would have thought the answer is pretty obvious for most fans

      1. And Wenger was proved to be a specialist in failure.

        Furthermore, Mourinho is a specialist in winning the league (done it in every club he’s managed since his Porto days.)
        He’s a specialist in winning the champions league, being one of the very few managers in the history of football that has done in multiple times, or even more impressive – with two different clubs!

        1. guys talk about respect and just see what happened to mou at chelsea who is the first manager to win epl for them.respect is earned let him earn it by calling the right shots then we will back him not t the moment

    2. I think it is an interesting thought, what would happen if we got an owner who cared about us as a sporting team and not just a piggy bank…

      Wenger will be told to win the title so he will be in a situation of win or fail to meet target, something he hasn’t been in for how long now?

      “how many years will it take before Arsenal wins the league again?”
      I honestly think we would have a very good chance of seeing us lift the EPL at least once within 5 years, if Wenger is sacked then the new manager would need some time to build his team and then the new manager isn’t guaranteed to win the EPL just because we finally have desire to win.

      I say this not as disrespect to Wenger but disrespect to the board, they have allowed standards to drop for the sake of profit, Wenger has done his job… It would have been wonderful if Wenger could make the BIG profit and win the EPL, I do hope that the next manager (when-ever it may be) will have support so he can focus on the sporting side and let the businessmen worry about the business.

  3. If it is truly Wenger’s final season, I will not put out a single moan and easily accept every win, draws, defeat and others. I will be in tears during his final minutes with the club.

    If it is not, I’m just gonna support Arsenal but not hoping for anything at all. I’m immune to pain already.

    All the best Le Prof.

  4. I agree with the premises he deserves respect and fans should be careful HOW they vent their anger and frustration….i have always believed we should allow Wenger the luxury of leaving and not pushed buy that too has to be balanced with his own readiness to accept he has lost the plot and leave graciously…the wrting has been on the wall for a while, but its almost lke the man lives in a bubble, totally insular to what is going on not only in th club but outside of it too…if that is not the case then he should hae retired having winning the F.A cup that broke the drought, that way he would have been remembered for all the good things he has done for us, they say hood actors quit when the ovation is loudest but this man is just like some sit tight dictator who has to be chased out of office like some common bandit…the saddest part of all this is nit missing out on trophies, or not been competitive, the saddest part for me is what he has done to his legacy, he has denied us fns the chance to venerate him and miss him, the chance for us to beg him not to leave, as with all great managers….and for that reason I will never forgive him

  5. You have absolutely no right to tell fans how they should react towards Wenger.
    Fans having been nothing but loyal to Wenger inspite of his lies and cringeworthy statements over the last few years. His fans have taken alot of disrespect on his behalf from Man-U, Chelsea, Liverpool, City and now Spuds fans.
    If fans began emptying seats a long time ago the shareholders would have demanded Wengers resignation due to lose of profits. So your beloved Le Flop should be thanking us for saving his skin.
    Le Flop had the audacity to call out fans for not showing support despite achieving his biggest failure to date. That’s madness.
    And if this where really his Final season don’t you think he would have told us a long time ago?
    I personally think his waiting for a string of good results at some point next season
    to give him the opportunity to extend his contract,since most fans would be blinded by the Euphoria of being in all Four competitions……..then along came February.

    1. Dom04, I doubt very much that this sites constant detractors, of Le most successful AFC manager, are the one’s Wenger should be thankful of. I could be wrong here, but if I were in his shoes, I’d be both thankful and proud of the fans who drowned out that cough! protest. You know the one’s, that vast majority who told a small few to pipe down!.

    2. “are a u a kid who like melodrama”
      Are you a special education drop-out? Learn to type coherently my friend before looking silly online.
      I find it incredibly ironic that ask me if i’m a kid when you sound similar to a 12-year old learning a new language.

      “which lie do you mean’
      Let me explain this… your vocabulary

      -Wenger say he gon buy quality over quantity in 2011, but he buy no body.
      -Wenger say he gon win the league in 2011 but he lose,
      -Wenger say he gon spend in January 2012 but he buy no one.
      -Wenger say…..

      You get the piont.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with this article..
    The comments section has become full of senseless whinging, constant complaining and a tireless bore. Any outsider would think the team had been relegated, not set to finish 2nd/3rd in the most competitive league in the world.
    Wenger will be here next season. The City result confirmed that. Constructive discussion and actual ‘support’ has by far and away been missing for some time.

    1. I think I am weeding out the aggressive annoying trolls and things already seem to be improving. There is definitely nicely more discussion than stupid sloganizing. If people can’t be polite and friendly they are not welcome.

      1. Admin why did you delete my comment when Krish disrespected me?
        You have left his comment yet you delete mine…….Please stop being dictatorial and biased Admin we aren’nt high school kids for God’s sake.

  7. Meanwhile, ADMIN is busy furiously working overtime thumbing down anyone who disagree with the article…..????

    1. shut up and dont talk as it would be wrong even if he did that.. and IF he had to overwork its because of some smallbrained people here who cant stop writing rubbish and repetitive statement and comments

  8. As always, we can only presume/ Guess with what’s going on, in and around the club.
    With the rumours of a 3 year extention sitting on Wenger’s desk, it is highly doubtful that Wenger will step down at the end of next season, as some fan’s seem to presume that he will.
    Respect has to be earned, as in every aspect of life, one can lose it, quicker than they had earned it and in Wenger’s case, he has definitely lost that respect ( this season) for his failures and negligence, in almost every department.

    He has already warned the Arsenal fan’s, not to expect the league title, next season…. little does he know that most fans have already accepted that Arsenal won’t win the league trophy again, until he is long gone.

  9. Here! here!. Any genuine fan of the club who’s at the games would throw his best into cheering the team on next season. Wenger has giving us much to be thankful of over the seasons. How great would it be if pundits, and ex players, and everyone began to say where has this kind of support been over the years. Congratulating our fans along with the team because they believed the 12th man really inspired the team to give Wenger a great parting gift for all that he’s achieved.

      1. Dublin, I lived in london for a spell when very young, and I have a sister who still lives in north London. Uncles too in the area who are fully fledged Gooners.

    1. The FANS have much to be thankful for? In the last TWELVE seasons? Really! Like what? Oh, wait… A new stadium, which the loyal FANS pay close to the highest fees to watch games in – and yet that profits mostly the Board and shareholders, or winning ONE trophy TWICE, out of a possible FOUR, in TWELVE YEARS? Oh, and how about the EPL title drought? Or the fact that we haven’t gone past the FIRST knockout round of the UCL in like TEN YEARS PLUS? How about the fact that Wenger seems to have more excuses than ideas? First he says we haven’t been able to compete for trophies due to lack of financial power, yet he also Claims that Leicester proves him right, that a club doesn’t need to spend big to win? Can Wenger pick a struggle? HE Claims he doesn’t have the money to spend like City or Chelsea, but he still can’t build a winning team from scratch, with guts, hunger and confidence, like Leicester? Then what CAN he do? People keep saying “be careful what you wish for”, and point to ONLY Man Utd as an example of what might happen of Wenger goes. What of Leicester, Atletico, West Ham, Real Madrid, etc? didn’t THEY change managers at some point or the other in the recent PAST? . And look how it affected them! Very well, I must say! It’s madness to keep doing the SAME THING over and over, and expect a different result! We must change!

      1. We have a huge amount to be thankful for in Wengers early rein. What, we should just ignore that and focus only on the bad, because you are angry and you say so. We have much to thank Wenger for, he took this club and made it one of the most supported clubs worldwide. We are simply bigger because of Wenger. We demand more because Wenger had us taste nirvana. As for the stadium getting paid off early, it was a big deal. Players sold, funds scarce, and yet top four target was always met. You might not like that top four was the target, but that’s neither here nor there. This is an incredible level of consistency, he stayed loyal to help the club and I for one appreciate the hell out of it. As for the last three seasons, when we’ve had some real money. We have become the record holders of the FA cup. You might believe we have nothing to thank this man for, you are a small minority which got found out at the Emirates last week, and were told. So keep on ignoring the early greatness, the stature of our club now thanks to this man, and the love he has fo Arsenal. There are many who still appreciate.

  10. Who said it’s Wengers Final season he will sign a 3 year Contract very soon. So buckle up and get ready for some more of the same old same old. Battle for 4th place last 16 Champions league and the odd FA CUP. Move along nothing new to see here AGAIN.

  11. I respect, even admire, Wenger for making Arsenal an exciting team to watch and, for the first part of the his reign, also a winning club.
    But the last few years has not been good enough. We have not moved forward, and I have trouble looking forward to next season, as I don’t expect Wenger to be able to make the necessary improvements.

  12. Wenger does deserve respect, no doubt. But part of respect is not to treat him like an old man who doesn’t understnad football and should thus not be held accountable.

    Respect is to treat him like any other manager in charge of a top football club and not to give him a break because he is old.

    I will never insult Wenger but he ran out of ideas on how to improve this squad last summer, he ran out of ideas to fix our naive defending a long time ago, and I for one find it hard to believe that anything will change.

    I will never insult the man by calling him names but he has proven he is out of ideas and doesn’t know how to take this club forward. How else do you explain that despite sitting on a mountain of cash last summer and in January, he did not manage to improve this squad?

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