Arsenal fans mustn’t be fooled by Kroenke’s cheap tricks

Will the Kroenke’s use cheap tricks to win back the fans? by ThirdManJW

For the first time in years the Kroenke’s are under some real scrutiny, not just from the Arsenal fanbase, but the football fraternity. I use “scrutiny” instead of “pressure”, because they are based in the U.S., and are probably barely aware of the anger over here. It’s tough to apply some real pressure, when we are so far away from them, although that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try!

That said, Josh Kroenke has spoken in a fan’s forum, and Arsenal released a statement of apology in regards to the European Super League debacle. So at least there’s some acknowledgement of how much they have hurt the fanbase. The question remains…will they try and win back some favour with the fans, and how?

The two most obvious options, are sacking Arteta, or/and signing a big-name. Arteta divides opinion a lot, but I would say that more of the fanbase want him gone at the moment. So, will Arteta become the sacrificial lamb to appease the fans? Although I use the term “sacrificial lamb”, Arteta couldn’t really argue an unfair dismissal, given the results this season. Sacking him, and appointing a decent name in his place, would certainly please many fans.

Whatever happens in the summer, we cannot let ANYTHING like this blind us from the real issue here. I don’t expect season ticket holders to give up their tickets because it could take years to get back in, but for anyone who does attend the Emirates, do not buy ANY food/drink or merchandise whilst you’re there. It’s all over-priced rubbish anyway! Fans in general, for once, don’t buy yet another new kit! The only way we can harm the Kroenkes is by not giving them money.

This isn’t just about Arsenal. All fans need to unite against these owners, and please don’t be fooled by any cheap tricks they may use to win us over in the summer. The Kroenke’s have been here long enough for us to know what they are really about. We must keep up the protests, and even more so when fans can actually get back in the stadiums. I live in Australia now, but if I was back in England, I would certainly protest. I haven’t bought any kits, or merchandise for years, and do not have any sports subscriptions, so I am doing my bit by not giving the Kroenkes any money. The fans actually have all the power, so let’s use it for once!


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  1. Well expressed article. People should get their season tickets as you say. If their is no change in results (Arteta will probably be gone), there could be 4 or five stay away ‘non attendance’ games during the season. That way people can keep their season tickets and serious action taken. An empty Emirates would make news, unite support and hurt the Kroenke’s in their money/greed gland.

  2. I also think Arsenal will sack Arteta if we get kicked out of EL, to calm the fans down. But I’d prefer Arsenal to replace Arteta in December, if he doesn’t show any progress in EPL table

    Firing a manager in the middle of the season will be a shock therapy to the players. That abrupt move will make a strong message that everybody is replaceable and the players must put in extra effort for their new manager

    Chelsea did it several times and it did wonder to their squad. The last victim of such move is Lampard and Tuchel has been benefiting from the players’ new attitude

    1. @GAI
      By the time we fire him in December the season will have become yet another write off and the focus will now be on “next season”.

      1. The method has been working well to Chelsea. They did it to Mourinho two times/ Villas-Boas/ Di Matteo/ Lampard and won some trophies because of that

        1. Actually if we think about what you are saying we may as well see a similar pattern with the sacking of Emery and the 2 trophies that Arteta won.

        2. Doesn’t make sense to keep a bad manager and prolong our agony

          A new manager can at least give renewed hope and be given the summer to build his or her team

        3. @GAI
          Yes, it works but only if the manager hits the ground running. If he doesn’t then that is another season in midtable mediocrity. Let us eject Arteta as soon as this season is through so that the new manager can make his own signings and we don’t see a repeat of the Saliba, Martinelli, Guendouzi scenario where the new manager is resentful of the recent signings made by the last manager.

  3. Criticism of Club owners is a soft option.
    Disatisfaction from the fans is a result of unrealistic expectations, poor recruitment. and poor coaching.
    It has nothing to do with owners.
    Spurs fans + Daniel Levy, Newcastle fans + Mike Stanley, United fans + the Glazers are all the same as Arsenal fans + Stan.
    Criticizing Stan is childish an easy out rather than face the real issues. Arsenal stayed with Wenger 3 seasons too long. Arsenal signed too many expesive mediocre players while losing top players on a free. The league has become a lot tougher.
    The rebuild will take 4 years and
    Arteta is only half way through the process.
    Because of Covid the market has crashed so we cant get rid of players because no one will pay the asking price and the players won’t leave their comfortable Arsenal salaries.
    The owner should not have to pay for all the mistakes made by the scouting group and Coaching staff.
    Besides the club is two games from the CL.
    Fans need to stop whining and moaning and toughen up.

    1. “Wyoming” Kroenke, how are your beloved Uncle Stan and his son Josh today? Please pass on my hate when you next visit or speak to them!

    2. Wyoming, you are a courageous soul.
      But you are right in your analysis of what has gone wrong.
      Whether Arteta is the right man for the rebuild still remains to be seen, though.

  4. It will take time for any manager to re-build the team. Arteta has not got the players he needs or wants. There is still a lot of dead wood in the squad that is overpaid. If these players can be sold and a core of new players comes in and gels with the youth we have we can challenge at the top again.
    However for any of this to happen our owners the Kroenke family need to spend money.
    This in unlikely to happen. I never wanted the Kroenke in and preferred usmanov.
    But even if our ownership changes it will not be a quick fix. It will take time.
    Under the new ownership and board selection the club has completely changed. It is not the Arsenal I know and loved. I still love and support the team but not how it is run.
    The only way to get the owners out is not buying merchandise. Most of it is overpriced. Stop buying and they will leave, but it may take a whole season

  5. Am curious, if the club was fan-owned would we be contributing our personal finances to the club’s transfer kitty?

    1. The self sustaining model is actually one area I agree with the Kroenke’s on. If all clubs took this approach then the ESL wouldn’t have been thought up. So I wouldn’t expect fans to put their money in either, although that could be optional.

      Kroenke is a billionaire, so he can easily afford a few quid to get the odd transfer over the line if needs be, if we’re short on the odd occasion. Yet despite being extremely wealthy, he takes money out of the club, and that doesn’t sit well with anyone.

      1. @TMJW
        I agree with the self-sustaining model and I believe it would have already brought league success right now had we managed our finances with prudence. Anyways, for all the hate Kroenke receives he has never taken money out of this club and I know that for a fact because I occasionally check the audited financials on the club website. The £4M advisory fees fans love referencing to was a one-off payment for services offered and anyway would not have made a damned difference on our transfer objectives that year.

        1. I agree with everything you have said, as I have often stated how dreadful Wenger and Gazidis were with our finances.

          The main reason I want Kroenke out though, is that he simply does not care about the direction of our club. He doesn’t even understand football and it’s culture.

          1. Although there is no one, who really knows, whether Kroenke cares or not, it has become the “truth”, that he doesn’t.
            But even if he only cares about making money, it doesn’t matter, because he is clever enough to know, there is more money in being a top club, than being a middle of the table club.
            So the fact is, he actually does have an interest in Arsenal improving. That is of course why we have spent much more money than nearly all other clubs over the last few years. He actually wants/needs us to do better.

  6. “Arsenal released a statement over SL debacle ”
    We cannot bemoan about money and refuse a competition supposed to increase revenus…..The economic ignorance of our fan base is incredible. We should ‘v accepted this competition especially as we’r,thanks God,still considered as a big club!!!!

  7. Unfortunately, Arsenal fans are often like the villagers in old Frankenstein movies easily swayed by any voice which conforms to what they want to hear. So Arteta tells them that Josh and Stan truly love this club and everyone Ooos and Ahhs towards another ten years or whatever of this regime ready to believe that the Kroenkes after all know best and that we are not worthy. Reality, however says that nothing is going to change and that this is probably as good as it will get. Enjoy.

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