Arsenal fans need a PEACEFUL organized demonstration of strength

If Arsenal fans want change you have to force it…. by Neil

I hold my hands up in admitting that I genuinely believed Wenger would evaluate his failings as our manager in recent times and bow out gracefully at the end of this season, making way for his successor. I even went as far as to defend him, asking for people to show him respect and allow him yo make that decision without being hounded out……

At the weekend, having beaten non league Lincoln City, I read he would ‘ideally’ prefer to stay at Arsenal than move. ‘Ideally’ I’d prefer to take Sienna Miller to bed than my missus but…..

I think its fair to say the Wenger Out support is far greater than those wanting him to stay and yet it appears the board know a change of manager will be a costly affair: an incoming manager of any calibre will probably ask for 100 million to spend, which will mean dipping deep into their coffers to oblige. It means they will do everything to avoid it. On that basis there is only one way Arsenal fans will get what they want: An organised demonstration requesting Wenger to step down.

Timing is pretty crucial and should allow maximum time for the board to act and bring in a suitable replacement before the transfer window opens, so the new manager has sufficient time to get rid of some players and bring in others.

I would say, given our current form we will struggle to beat City…it’s not impossible, its just unlikely. Should we lose that semi final at Wembley, and we’ve not recovered a top four position, the next available date should be chosen.

It will require 5-10 thousand fans to turn up in order for the protest to be acknowledged by the club but more importantly the media. A protest of that size would make national news and have the desired affect of forcing a resignation. It shouldn’t be derogatory, it should be completely respectful: no burning effigies, no banners with offensive comments. Just plain and simple and along the lines of.. ‘WENGER PLEASE SHOW HUMILITY AND RESIGN’….. Someone suggested a demonstration where fans leave on the 80th minute of a game. This would also work but I think you’re dealing with trying to make an visual impact against 60 thousand people and there’s the distinct possibility insufficient fans will join in.

Once a date is chosen its a relatively straight forward exercise to inform Sky News, BT and press that an organised demonstration is taking place. Once it has national sports news status it then puts the board and Wenger directly under the spotlight, and it then makes the outcome of him resigning or the board not renewing his contract a reality.

What we do not want is for neutrals to think Arsenal fans are unreasonable people or thugs. We have had to accept humiliation of recent years and I have to say I now fully appreciate the anger and frustration many fans have felt for a long time. BUT in order to be taken seriously and not criticised it requires an incredibly large group of fans protesting in a civilised manner so as not to attract criticism or give the board the opportunity to switch attention from Wenger onto a the demonstrators.

200 people and a few banners on match day is not enough as it gets absorbed into 60 thousand non protesting spectators. It has to be on a day when there is no game.

So, how many fans that are genuinely unhappy would give up an afternoon of their time to force change?



  1. BUR says:

    I hope a good turn out will be on the cards. We need people to make a stand and demand that changes are made. What other club would have suffered the humiliation and embarrassment that wenger has forced upon us.

  2. Kotte says:

    We should come together as Arsenal fans and do this,not because we hate Wenger but for gods sake we’ve suffered too much…its time for him to go!!!

    1. rusky says:

      You will know the value of Wenger when move to another club

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Yup, a saving of £10 million a year, how’s that for value?

    2. RSH says:

      i dont hate wenger, he just has to go.

    3. chu says:

      so which manager do you reckon we’ll get. look lets call a spade a spade, the reason we cannot compete at the highest level is because of our lack of spending on top quality players while other top teams are willing to pay huge transfers and fat salaries. you must take those issues to the board and not wenger. why has man city suddenly and recently become a force in england? MONEY. do you think the board is going to trust a new coach with say 60mil to buy one player?
      lets get our priorities right.

      1. upp says:

        Yeah, cos when we spend half of it is on dross like xhaka

  3. arsenal_canada says:

    Just read west ham might be in for Perez in the summer. I want him to stay. He’s been great everytime he’s played imo, not to mention that deadly left foot.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Yup and Newcastle are also interested in Perez, as they seem odds on to be back in the premier league next season.
      There’s also news of Barca coming in for Bellerin… Again!
      and Munich are interested in Xhaka.

      1. arsenal_canada says:

        Jesus, hopefully it’s just horse $hit.

    2. upp says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I like perez. but deadly left foot? deadly to who? reading and Lincoln?

  4. tweety says:

    i wish i’ll be there to protest, but i am a foreigner. i think the best way is to boycot home matches by not attending. gooner = forever

  5. khangunners says:

    The problem is some fans dont care at all about Wenger all they think about is watching football. Its this fans dragging us behind we need to scream and show our discontent. The thing about us gunners is we will lose 20 games and win one and it was like nothing was wrong at all. Thats exactly what has happened now!! The article was good but i fail to understand one thing why why are you guys saying disrespectful?? Hve never seen a single banner that has been disrespectful and hve not seen a fan who is disrespectful unless be it arsenal tv hehe

  6. aluz says:

    I don’t understand how one man can be so selfish by holding a club hostage like this. How does he even convince himself that he deserves a new contract?
    I support organised and consistent protest with one unequivocal message;
    WENGER OUT……..and afterwards;


  7. HA559 says:

    Why does Lukaku want to leave all of a sudden? Because he has had a good season thus far?

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      He wants Champions league football

      1. arsenal_canada says:

        I guess that’s us ruled out ?

  8. Raoh says:

    Yeah a peaceful protest would work…as long as we come in numbers and it is about being a pro Arsenal I guess…I also want a change at the manager position buto let’s not hound him out like he is worth nothing
    If he stays though and the board backs him up…and no candidates rush at Arsenal door here is what I would like:

    -A director of football to lessen the burden of work he has to shoulder in the transfer window. Write your list for each position you feel we’re weak, for those that you want/should be sold. And if needed the DOF will call on you. Ensure a timely window without time wasting and also more time for Wenger to work on the tactical side.

    -If it is a 2 year contract make it performance based for the 2nd year to be an automatically renewal upon the 1st if some goals are met or surpassed!

    Things such as winning 65% of the game you play against top 6 (Chelsea,City,United,Spurs,Toffees, Reds 2x) that is 8/12 the other 4 being a buffer kind of.
    Than nothing but a top 2 finish couple with the 1st one would highlight a team contending. Also a minimum of a QF birth in the UCL. Finally if either the EPL or UCL is one the renewal takes care of itself. FA Cup or League Cup won’t cut it!!

  9. summerbreez says:

    I am all for it but at the end of the season the team needs us now and particularly now we need to unite for the sake of the team this up evil will cause turmoil in our dressing room and in around the pitch I do not want to see Arsenal go down the ranking we need to finish strong and high up the table as possible we have very important matches to come we need to be behind our club Our Arsenal

    1. upp says:

      True, however:
      1. If we protest during the summer window, people will say give the man a chance, the season hasn’t even started
      2.if we protest at the early part of the season, people will say give the team a chance to get in their stride
      3. we protest now and you say the team needs us now to at least achieve minimum.
      …so you can see, there’s no time in the season that’s acceptable for protests

  10. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Theres news of Wenger’s close friend and right hand man leaving at the end of the season. After 20 years at the club, he’s apparently off to Turkey to become a manager. Could this be a sign that Wenger is leaving as well?

    1. RSH says:

      Maybe, maybe not. He may have already made the decision before the season started and the press just found out.

  11. AndersS says:

    I live in Denmark, and I would like to suggest an online petition with a nice letter requiring Wenger to step down and the board to present a 3 year plan to reinstate Arsenal as one of the leading clubs in Europe and a true contender for the EPL title. If the demands aren’t met the fans signing wow to:
    Boycott matches both live and on TV.
    Not buying merchandise.
    Boycott sponsors.
    If this is spread it would allow fans all over the world to be part of it and the potential pressure on the board could be huge, also financially.

  12. G-Force says:

    Guys, there is an official #wengerout crowdfunding campaign on website Justgiving set up by Chris Butler. So far £2,527 has been raised. They aim to use the funds to help with more advertisements, banners etc and might even arrange for a plane to be flown over the stadium during an Arsenal game like David Moyes. Check it out and help the cause.

    It is time to ramp up the protests and get this clown Ar$ene out of our club!!!

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