Arsenal fans need to accept Mustafi’s apology and move on

Shkodran Mustafi apologizing to Luiz shows he is ready to learn from his mistakes by Lagos Gooner

Several seasons ago, whenever Arsenal gets reduced to ten men in a game against a top six rival, the chances are that they will end the game losing woefully, but against Chelsea, they didn’t only draw the game, they were also strong defensively. What is it with this new found spirit in the team? What has Arteta infused into the players that make them fight till the end? Well, Mustafi, who unfortunately caused the panic defending by Luiz due to a misplaced pass, seems to have indirectly answered my question, judging by his apologies to Luiz.

Well, according to the Metro, The much maligned Germany international, Mustafi, took to social media after our game against Chelsea, to praise the resilience Arsenal demonstrated in difficult circumstances, and also took out time to say sorry to Luiz, who will now miss next Monday’s FA Cup fourth round tie at Bournemouth through suspension.

“I am absolutely happy and proud to have such a great team that fought with me all 90 minutes after my mistake that not only caused the first goal, but also sent David Luiz (Sorry, David!) off the pitch” he wrote on Instagram, as reported by the “We never give up, we fight with passion and stand together!” he asserted. Now, this apology shows how much Mustafi values the unity in the team.

Nice one there Mustafi! Owning up to your mistake, means you have gotten over the past and are ready to move forward with playing football and doing well. This apology by Mustafi will surely pacify the minds of Luiz and Leno, who may feel bad about his wrong and short pass that led to the confusion in Arsenal’s defence. This apology will no doubt impress Mustafi, as this will eliminate any tension his mistake may cause. Now, as professional footballers, learning to accept your fault for causing the team some tensed moments will go a long in building that family type of unity in the team.

After the game, I read so many unpleasant things written about the German international on social media by football fans around the globe. As expected, many fans who may or may not be Arsenal fans, called for his immediate sale away from Arsenal. In as much as I won’t hold anybody to ransom over his or her opinions, I would like to call on fans around the world to cool their tempers. Mustafi happens to be the only senior defender we have as emergency backup. With Sokatris still nursing an injury and Luiz serving a suspension, Mustafi is surely going to be involved in the next few games. We need to move away from his mistakes, compliment him for owning up to his errors and encourage him to play better next time, because his apologies will only strengthen the team and unite them as they fight to make Arsenal great again. Can we do this?

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. How many mistakes does Mustafi, Ozil and Xhaka make per season? They apologise, and now we can move on. If Laca or Maitland-niles makes 1 mistake, Arsenal fans will say that they deserve to be sold. Is this a race issue?

    1. Your response really surprised me and I find it shocking that you would think that people who post on this site might be racist towards black players in the team. Mustafi, Xhaka and Ozil get plenty of stick. Is it because they are Muslim?

      We are Arsenal supporters who from time to time want to vent our spleen at mistakes and poor displays on the pitch. If that involves black players, white Muslim players, black Christian players, white Buddhists, then they are getting bad press from us if they don’t deliver. Full stop. I never consider refraining from making a valid remark in deference to someone’s colour or creed.

    2. The only “race issue” at our club, is the race to be successful again.

      Top Gunner? Top Clown is more fitting and why bring other players in to a debate about a post by mustafi???

      The only colour I ever see is the red and white…jeez people like you are such pathetic losers and morons.

  2. He is playing with fear and anxiety and it affects his judgements. If anyone here understands the human psyche one iota, then they will understand what fear and anxiety can do. For his sake and our sake he should not be played at the moment. It is costing the team….and him.

    1. Evidently, he’s not fit to play at this level for Arsenal anymore. This is business and it requires a professional approach, if you can’t cope you leave.

    2. @Sean Williams
      And you’re doing a psych eval on a guy, you’ve never even met. Much less, are qualified to do…

  3. When I saw the team selection, I cried literally because Mustafi was selected, I said there’s bound to be an error, and there was. We cannot be happy and continually live with the knowledge and fact that Mustafi will either start or play as a substitute. I believe, one way or the other, a better solution exists other than Mustafi. Can’t we get even one manageable defender from our academy? It’s enough, the guy has cost us so much. Meanwhile, nobody is wrong to say Mustafi is terrible and should leave,it cannot be overemphasized. His apology does not fix anything.

    1. I believe everyone here has a point..

      Kill him
      Forgive him
      Let him go
      Keep him..

      What I want to add to all these is; no body is above mistakes, and arsenal didn’t sell all the players they sold because of the player’s mistakes…

      Some were sold for age, love of other clubs, wages issues, love and hate of the fans…

      But thats were am going to…

      I believe that nagative criticism of players from fans, can destroy players performance and relationship with fan… Thereby affecting results

      David was booed during the match where he collect red card…

      Now who ever the player is, if u boo them they panic and make more errors..

      If you praise them their head goes up high and they start to do things magically… To favour the team and put smile back at the face of the fans

      I suggest we support these boy as long as the uniform is red and white… That’s how to support our club..

      Our support will help them overcome errors and become the better players we want them to be.

      Who ever is playing for arsenal deserves our support not negative criticism…

      I love Arsenal..

  4. Well said, I have been an Arsenal fan for over 50 years and have never known such vile abuse towards our own players as I see these days. It beggars belief that any true fan would slaughter our players for making a mistake at their work, right minded people would recognise their own faults at work and no, it doesnt make you perfect if you get paid more money.
    Think about it, would you go to work somewhere you were abused and saw calls to sack you by your own side every week – we could end up with nobody that was any good wanting to come to a toxic club if it continues

    1. CJ
      Aside from the personal abuse he is getting, he isn’t good enough. To keep committing the same mistakes shows he is psychologically stuck and his nervousness is proving expensive. To play him is stupid. Has anyone at Arsenal studied Psychology. I like Arteta but he must carry the can for choosing Mustafi.

      1. @Sean Williams
        Studying psychology does not qualify you for evaluating a persons actions without an in depth study of said person… What you’re doing is pure speculation.

        1. NY_Gunner

          You’ve got eyes haven’t you. Use them. What do you think that the supporters can’t see? Look……… use your eyes.

      2. Rubbish! If I were to evaluate you in your work as well, I’m sure I’d find more shortcomings than that of Mustafi. You lot think you have a right to demand perfection, right?

    2. @CJ Here’s a simple explanation: Mustafi is the CISO of a massive company called Arsenal. He’s been personally responsible for several massive/very costly data breaches that have hit the company. Please tell us CJ should shareholders just hold his hands and sing kum baya while the company takes a massive hit? Mustafi is our last line of defense as a CISO is to a company. In an ideal world where most of us live, Mustafi would’ve been fired long time ago. I do not condone vile abuse towards him, Im just stating the truth about Mustafi. And by the way players feel let down by such costly errors, they just cant come out publicly.

  5. The man is paid to play football, to defend properly, not to make apologies every now and then.That mistake against Chelsea was unpardonable. He was not under any pressure. He had ample space to play the ball forward, but decided to make a weak back pass.That’s the kind my friends and I would jokingly call ‘brown envelope mistake’ – the ones you make because you have collected a bribe from the opposing team!
    The man had an option to leave in the summer so Arnesal could bring in a suitable replacement, but he rebuffed everything and stayed. Now he is giving us apologies instead of football!
    Once Holding is fully fit and back, I don’t want to see Mustafi’s name on our squad list anymore.

  6. I saw it coming with 3 or 4 bad passes prior to that one. He should have passed the ball towards the corner edge of the 18 yrd box and not directly at Leno in that manner. He is not a creative defender also and he should stick with long balls to the wings to initiate the play.

    1. You just said what is domiciled on my mind. Mustafi had a galaxy of positive options but chose none. I pity the guy but averagely the guy, aside his series of mistake, he would have been a great defender. He needs a loan to a club that won’t demand that much from him to sharpen and build his confidence and kill the anxiety in him.

  7. OT: That Soyoncu foul on Shane Long is quite similar to what Luiz did to Abraham both clear goalscoring opportunities in the box. Funny thing is the ref at Kingpower immediately went for the yellow card as opposed to a straight red as we seen at SB! If Luiz’s foul was a straight red then Soyoncu shouldve seen straight red before the offside review by VAR ’cause the ref didnt know Long’s knee hairs were offside anyway. Seems football rules vary game by game.

  8. But people learn from their mistakes!! I don’t think that’s the case with Shkodran. It happens time and time again! And his errors are usually very costly ones!
    I was so angry on Tuesday.. I know he did alright in the 2nd half and even popped up with an assist 😳, but if he hadn’t had that brain fart in the first place, we wouldn’t be on here discussing this now would we?!
    I don’t like sitting on the edge of my seat every bloody time the ball is at his feet and he’s under a little pressure… I’m sorry, but we need someone else – Mings, please 🙂

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