Arsenal fans need to be “open-minded” on Arsenal’s transfer targets

Even before the transfer window opened, the only thing the Gunners could think about was bringing in a striker.

It’s been disappointing that Arsenal’s forwards have been firing blanks, given how brilliant they’ve been at creating chances.

There are some games that Arsenal should have won, but didn’t because they couldn’t convert their numerous chances. Having said that, a striker has yet to be signed two weeks into the winter transfer window. And, while Gooners expect one to be signed, the top footy journo Dean Jones believes it is unlikely that a striker signing will be the first. Jones believes Arsenal will prioritize a move for a fullback over any other deal, which is surprising given Arsenal can’t spend much (so they should have prioritized their major transfer needs).

Jones told Give Me Sport: “They haven’t got a lot of money to spend, but they will put some money into a defender if they have to. So I do think it’s worth being open-minded about who that might be. I don’t think this is going to be like Arsenal going out and signing the best full-back in the world; I think it’s going to be somebody that they look to have as a squad player, but somebody that can grow into their team. So certainly something to look out for. Because at a time when all the talk is about how much they need a forward, the reality is the first signing through the door will probably be a defender.”

It’s perplexing that Arsenal isn’t prioritizing a striker transfer. I’m not sure why they’re going that route when everyone feels they’re just a clinical striker away from winning the league. Mikel Arteta and Edu must do everything possible to bring in a top striker; the other deals can wait.

When the winter transfer window closes, if a striker deal isn’t done but another is, and the Gunners don’t win the league, the Gooners will be furious, don’t you think so?

Darren N

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  1. If a defender is bought or not, simply play Zinchenko or ESR alongside Rice if Partey is not fit. Find a different position for the Havertz that you love so much.

    Stop emotions in using players.

    I still believe our attack can do well with the right combination at the back and the midfield. then we wait to buy the right attacker in the summer.

    Also move players up from the academy as City and Man U are doing. the manager is killing the academy.

    The only player we really need to buy is a striker. The defence and midfield can be revamped from the academy.

  2. It is indeed unfortunate that our front attack have been firing blanks, which is unsurprising that we are all calling for a striker. We can’t get any inspiration looking back to chances created but missed. I honestly can’t find fault with Arsenal supporters, backed by former players and coaches, in pointing at the obvious. If politics had a role in soccer I would say we stand a chance without one, but for goodness sake , people who need to be open minded are those thinking there’s a way to the top of the league without one.

  3. For a Club of our stature to be operating without a natural left back is beyond belief imo.Not surprisingly our opponents have latched on to this weakness and have cashed in on numerous occasions.Our Manager seems to think that Zinchenko or Kwior can cover that position but I believe he is mistaken .

  4. “When the winter transfer window closes, if a striker deal isn’t done but another is, and the Gunners don’t win the league, the Gooners will be furious, don’t you think so?”

    Well it would depend on who they brought in and if he was worth the money.

    I would love a new striker but we have to face up to the fact that it will be very difficult to achieve in this window and I do not want a second rate player just for the sake of it.

    If that cannot be done then why should it stop us buying anyone else else?

  5. If no one comes in and we finish another season without a trophy then major questions must be asked as to why so much money was lavished on a player signed from Chelsea who has failed to show over the last few years that he is anywhere near the required quality.

  6. I wish that Havertz’s money had gone toward Newc’s Isak before Newc got him and that the Vieira Lokonga money went toward Douglas L of Villa and then we sold Nketiah and Nelson and brought in Pedro Neto

  7. It’s my belief that in order to comply with FFP, we simply don’t have the funds available to buy a striker of the quality we need. I would be surprised if we buy anyone this month.

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