Arsenal fans need to be patient and allow Edu and Arteta to assess their options before buying

Why haven’t Arsenal made any signings yet this summer? That’s the question many Gooners are asking themselves. There may be numerous valid explanations for this. However, Arsenal fans must hope that Mikel Arteta has a secret list of targets and is simply waiting for the stars to align before making his move.

Recent weeks have seen Arsenal linked with a number of players, but Arteta and Edu must be carefully considering their options. After making the decision to sign a particular player, Arteta and Edu may be working to build a positive relationship with him prior to the swoop.

As important as this transfer window is – deals closed could get Arteta’s project over the line – Arsenal’s decision-makers do not want to spend a lot of money on players like their rivals, who end up not performing consistently.

That said, as a club, the Gunners may be tightening their purse strings in order to balance the books following a few big-money additions last summer, as well as trying to let go of some players this summer to make way for new signings.

Players such as Mohammed Elneny, Cedric Soares, Arthur Okonokwo, and Sambi Lokonga are all expected to leave as of June 30th, while others like Smith Rowe, Reiss Nelson, and Eddie Nketiah could maybe be sold and maybe a couple of surprise departures too.

So don’t worry that the summer transfer window hasn’t gotten off to as brilliant a start as many would like, there’s still plenty of time to make this the best transfer window ever, and I’m sure things will start to take more shape after the Euros are finally done and dusted. I’m sure Arteta will be first very keen to find out if all his current players come back from the internationals fit and well before assessing his needs…

Darren N.


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  1. Surely this is the most important phase in the gaffer project, there is not much wiggling room to play with here.
    But with such spectacular progress in recent years, we atleast owed Edu and the gaffer this breathing space.

    1. Is the “Five (5) phase” thing even real? Or is it just so called Arteta Lovers making up even more talking points to excuse the mayhem that Arteta has bestowed upon our club in his time as manager?

      1. Surely you will admit the progress made is real, the Ding dong battle with the champions to the line, for not one but two consecutive years has to be seen has real progress.

        For a club that was not in the champions league, fighting toe to toe with the champions, this feat has to be seen as something fulfilling the gaffer mandate,

        Goonerstar in the gaffer presentation to the Kroenke’s, when Arsenal starts playing efectivectively, against
        the champions on the pitch, that’s phase five , slated to achieve in the fifth campaign, but four points off the champions, with all things considered, some already think phase five is already in motion.

  2. I started trusting Arteta and Edu from 2020 / covid timee when they started “The Deadwood clearance” process and started building a young team.
    Now is time for Arteta to deliver the big trophies. And also start performing in the domestic Cup. We have been a complete joke in the domestic cup since after the 2020 FA cup triumph..

    I hope we do much better in the CL too.

    I am very optimistic about the future at the moment..

  3. I appreciate Edu and Arteta on their readiness to bring new players to have in-depth squad, the duo should do add new signing fast to integrate with the other players, good luck Arsenal

  4. Please, how long would it take them do this assessment?
    Sloggishnes and procrastination is more allow at our team.
    They have to know this.
    They can’t continue breaking our heart off the pitch

  5. Karl Hein just extended his contract, so Ramsdale would likely be sold if Arsenal make Raya permanent

    Ramsdale’s price tag would likely be high, so his sale money could be used to fund a marquee signing

    Romano said Arsenal have been monitoring Joao Neves for months. I hope we won’t sign him, because we’ve got other pressing needs

  6. Like 99.9% of the calibre of player Arsenal require are either at the Euros or Copa America. Any links with players playing in either competition are likely fictious.

  7. I dont think any big club in Europe has made major signings yet mainly because there are 2 tournaments going on namely the Euros and the Copa America and most top players are busy in these tournaments. That said, I think Arteta and Edu have a set plan as to which players they will be targeting and surely they have plan B if plan A does not work. I think a defensive midfielder, an attacking midfielder and a LB/CB will be the need of the hour and a GK if Ramsdale decides to leave.

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