Arsenal fans need to be patient with Danny Welbeck

Not the time to jump into conclusions on Welbeck by SE

Arsenal’s opening champions league fixture could have been a lot different had their 16 million pound signing on the Transfer Deadline day, Danny Welbeck, been a bit clinical in front of goal and tucked away the chances that came his way. Danny’s detractors and skeptics would be having a feast of their ow, after seeing the Englishman fail to bury clear cut chances in his first two games for Arsenal but, logically, this is not the time to jump into conclusions whether Welbeck is the striker pertinent to Arsenal’s scheme of things. Read on.

Not the time to jump into conclusions on Welbeck
It’s safe to say that Welbeck, over his first couple of games as a Gunner, has had his own share of 7-8 opportunities to score his first goal for Arsenal. The former Red Devil hasn’t really looked composed and, in truth, these big games can be asking a bit too much of the newcomer, which is exactly the case with Welbeck. It’s easy to think what might have been had he tucked away his one-on-one chance against compatriot, Joe Hart on Saturday; but, the lad needs time to bed into the No.9 role at the Emirates. It’s not so much about the style of football he needs to adapt to, but having the gazing eyes of the world can be tough and he needs that all-important first goal to kick start his tally.

Also, I can see a pattern of Welbeck and Arsenal not finding their best touch in the last couple of games. Against Man City, albeit Arsenal went 2-1 ahead, they weren’t at their sharpest and it can be tough as a striker to tuck away the odd chance that falls to you. However, I did think that he should have done much better last night against Dortmund when he had more than 2-3 easy chances. From Welbeck’s point of view, he needs to calm down and reassure himself if and when he has the chance to score a goal.

Final Thought
Having played in a couple of high-voltage games, following his deadline day transfer to Arsenal, Welbeck shall be better equipped to find the back of net, starting on Saturday against the Villains in the Premier League. Anything goes; after just a couple of games for Arsenal, it would be harsh to judge on the credentials of Welbeck as a top-drawer No.9.


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    1. It’s ok for welbeck to miss but not sanogoo or giroud . The only patient needed is welbeck infront of goal. Coming from somone who use to play with him

      1. we’ll be patient with Welbeck because hes been here for two matches. The reason Sanogo gets hammered so much isnt entirely because he is poor, but because he was our only option (or only option wenger was willing to use). In no situation should an amateur like Sanogo have been our starting striker. Shuld never happen at Arsenal, but it did because the striker position got ignored for so long. And Giroud…. you’d think his finishing would be good to begin with after coming here as French top scorer. Hopefully Welbeck will deliver but if not thats 3 average strikers in our squad (and poor Campbell still warming the bench for no reason)

  1. Just remember he’s only played 2 games for us, yes he missed two good opportunities last night but ask yourself that question, would Giroud have done better? I think not. At least we’ve got a mobile striker up top instead of a static lamppost.

    1. Yes he probably would. Everyone is always negative towards giroud.
      For somone with a 56% shot accuracy last season Danny needs to be putting those chances away. How frustrated must podolski or Campbell be

    1. Chelsea drew an injury ravaged schalke who has 1 point in the bundesliga, ATM last years CL finalists lost to olympiacos, man city lost to bayern and stoke 2 weeks ago at home. Liverpool surprise surprise beat a freakin Bulgarian twam by a 93 minute penalty. But let me guess it’s fine that they didn’t perform?

      It f*cking happens to everyone but no other fans are as fickle as you lot I hope your all 15 year old girls cause if your not that’s sad as f*ck

        1. You’re wasting your breath. Most people on this site are not happy unless they are p1ssing and moaning. Imagine what it would’ve been like if Just Arsenal was around when got knocked out of the FA Cup by 4th division Wrexam in 92.

          And to think Wenger wasn’t manager then…

      1. your calling Dortmund game a bad day at the office? Sick and tired of YOU supporters that have no ambtition to win anything. Every game against a big club that we get battered against is considered a bad day at the office. When you gunna open your eyes, its pathetic! The last quality team we beat away was Dortmund LAST season. And lets not even get into the last quality team we beat in premier league because that was in the 11/12 season. Take off the damn blindfolds and realize we are going nowhere!

        1. We havent beat City, Chelsea, Man United in the league since 11/12 season! And we call ourselves title challengers? We’re not, we fight for 4th every season and we’re heading in the same direction this season. I am so sick and tired of hearing Mertesacker and Arteta saying the same thing over and over about how they will “learn” from the defeat and do better in the next big match because it never happens. And one has to wonder why the players keep sucking against every hard team face.

          1. We beat liverpool comprehensively last season; that game was similar to Dortmund vs arsenal; we could have scored a lot more than 2-0. I feel we did well against city too; I get we didn’t do well against dortmund and I don’t think anybody is more disappointed than me but let’s move on, focus on villa on saturday, let’s stop d negative vibes; let us together create a positive energy around our club

  2. Welbeck-Sanchez- Theo or Ox

    With Mesut feeding them from behind.

    Until I see that not working, I am sticking to it as the best possible system

    1. Agree the new formation isn’t working as we don’t have a quality def mid and ozil isn’t compatible

      1. I would love to see a 4-4-2 narrow diamond. This would benefit the skill set of the players we have as all the forward target are capable of offering a wide position and ozil and santi can be more involved in the game. On one side of the cm we have the energetic players on the other side the players who drive forward with the ball.the width would be provided by full backs or forward players running away from goal.
        …..Podolski/welbeck/giroud*(yaya)…….Sanchez/Walcott /Campbell
        …………Ramsey/diaby………………………..wilshire/ox chambo
        Gibbs/monreal……………………………….debuchy*/ chambers/(bellerin)

        1. Only problem there is with DM, the selection sucks, none if them are good. We can’t rely on any of those players, so for me the only option is to at without a DM in til we get one. OX can play as a CM as he tracks back really well

  3. I think it’ll be good to play him against Villa in a game we SHOULD (not guaranteed based on this season) win. Hopefully we’ll actually be ale to find some passing rhythm against them on Saturday. One thing I think he should work on (other than finishing) is his fitness. He seems to run out of steam after about 65-70 minutes though that can be attributed to the fact he hasn’t ever really had a consistent run of games at United. Hopefully he comes good. In all honesty if he can get 15 goals this season that’s more than what I can expect from him and will be a very good return.

  4. Some saying we might move for diego….. No not costa.. lugano and yobo for cb cover. L O L.
    Wenger is the king of banter.

    1. Wenger: we don’t need a cb till January at least chambers 3rd monreal4th

      That would be the likely answer to the romour

  5. Got patience wit welbeck if we’re counting misses let talk about the whole team. It’s not all about the stricker is it? I like the positions he’s been in and movement first goal this weekend….wenger has to drop ozil just so he can come on to so clapping to boost his morale cus he lacking something especially after winner World Cup. I know most would act like the king of the world at least I would lol. Give Ox a go. I feel like he’s out of control sometime but then again it’s like he’s in another gear trying to pick tempo up while the rest of team is stuck in same gear. I put Sanchez in this category too just has been in better position to finish.

    Wenger make a f@cking sub

  6. I’m giving welbeck a pass for the moment. 2 games against city and dortmund to start off his AFC career with a squad that isn’t exactly gelling. We need to get the right players in the right positions behind him first. and ROTATE THE SQUAD FFS. He might not be the striker we wanted but could end up being the striker we need when Ozil gets his form back and theo comes back from injury.

  7. Welbeck will end up being good. Needs work but he continually puts himself about and gets into good situations. If he can learn how to be clinical, he will score goals.
    Off topic- thoughts on picking up Lassana Diarra on a free? Obviously not the quality DM we had wished for, but I reckon he’d do a job until January. He’s also played for us before so is familiar to Wenger. He’s getting on but he’s still got plenty to offer I reckon.

    1. Diarra wouldn’t be a bad signing at all. Good cover for the rest of the season till we sign a serious DM next summer. It all comes down to Wenger. Would he actually play Diarra? We signed Kallstrom, Emiliano Viviano but barely ever got to see them play because Wenger plays favorites over who’s in form.

      1. I would take him on a year contract (9months) 50k weekly
        It’s a no brainier he is still a good player at 29years old a better diffensive mid than any we currently have he would also relieve pressure on debuchy who is injured. I don’t think flamini will get a new contract so he could take over his place.

        What he brings to the team?
        Great tackler
        Quicker than all our cm/dm
        And very discipline
        Highly experienced

  8. He’s a decent player but as a professional striker, especially for a high profile team like Arsenal, he can’t miss pass up some of those opportunities. He is a Gunner now so we will support him thru thick and thin but with the chances he got, two in particular last night, he should at least be putting them on target and give a chance for a rebound.

    The Villa game this weekend should settle his nerves a bit and get him into goalscoring form. COYG!

  9. We used to dominate matches even while we are losing, now I wonder what the team is doing they seem to be no where near possession this season..

  10. He’s a decent player but as a professional striker, especially for a high profile team like Arsenal, he can’t pass up some of those opportunities. He is a Gunner now so we will support him thru thick and thin but with the chances he got, two in particular last night, he should at least be putting them on target and give a chance for a rebound.

    The Villa game this weekend should settle his nerves a bit and get him into goalscoring form. COYG!

  11. Welbeck will come good in time but I think wenger missed a trick with Loic Remy he’s class the guy has one chance one goal against Swansea he’s clinical 14 goals for a poor Newcastle team says it all… How he would’ve put them chances against city and Dortmund in…. Anyways shocking team performance a lot of changes needed for Saturday….

    Bellerin Chambers Koscielny Gibbs
    Coquelin Wilshere
    Chamberlain Cazorla Sanchez

    Ramsey, ozil need to pick up their form
    Scz needs to know he’s got completion getting to comfortable lately.
    Coquelin for Arteta… We are desperate for for players for DM so why not??
    Mertesacker needs a rest he’s gone even slower since coming back from the WC….

    Subs: Scz,Podolski,Rosicky,Mertesacker,
    Ozil, Ramsey, Monreal

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