Arsenal fans need to believe we can beat Chelsea

Would we be fickle to hope for a result against Chelsea?


After Fridays dismal performance wouldn’t it be nice to come out against Chelsea and get a result?


Well of course any good result in any competitive game is a nice feeling but for Arsenal when it’s against one of the top rivals it is even sweeter. Especially Spurs 😉


Our squad, although it is young and full of some new faces who haven’t yet settled into the team, there is no denying that we do have individually talented players even if right now it is not connecting. Hopefully sooner rather than later it will begin to click and us fans will get to smile again.


Let’s hope it comes as soon as game week two in the league. But to do that we have to overcome a Chelsea team who won comfortably by a 3-0 scoreline in their opening match against Crystal Palace.


And as we all know they have also just added Romelu Lukaku to their ranks who if reports are to be believed will be making his debut against us.


And given that our next few fixtures are as they are below:



West Brom – Carabao Cup

Manchester City

Norwich City


Carabao Cup third round if we go through



It is unlikely that we will be getting 15 maximum points. As nice as it would be, given how we have played against Brentford and given how the attitude of the team seems right now, the potential points could come from Norwich and Burnley but even they are not to be taken lightly and Norwich, like Brentford, are newly promoted.


Given also that we lost in pre season to both Chelsea and Tottenham, although the games were tight it is clear that all of the players will need to be on the ball if they are to get anything out of the games.


As we know in football and as we saw last season anything can happen on any match day. But the feelings I have for this season are that the top teams so far and I know it has been one game, but so far they seem more stable, more together and more ready for the competition.


I hope Arsenal find their feet and find it quickly to begin their journey of getting back to the very top or as close as possible because I would hate for my beloved team to be crumbling before my very eyes!


So as hard as it may be right now we have to have hope, belief and positivity that our players NOT ARTETA but our players, find their passion for the game and competitive levels and turn things around to begin to play the way we know they can and the way they should when representing the all important Arsenal shirt and crest!


Here’s hoping hey Gooners!


Shenel Osman


  1. Wishful as it may seem, sometime luck and against the run of play lands a gift win for a team. This is what Arsenal and I can hope for.
    The odds are strongly against us. I can see Arteta falling back strickly on a dull and uninteresting game of DEFENSE ! DEFENSE ! DEFENSE!
    That unfortunately we not help. Chelsea will score goals all the same and not 2. By the time Arteta then wants a face saving goal that will open up more goals and the Team may fall apart.

  2. Just believing makes negligible difference.
    The players are the ones that need to believe and then go on to implement it on the field.

  3. We have a better chance against Chelsea than Brentford in my opinion.

    The less possession we have, the better we tend to do. Hence our half decent record against the better teams recently.

    1. Good point PJ…this newfound narrative by Arteta apologists suggesting that sentiments will be flipped on their head depending on the results of the next match is so simple-minded and short-sighted…I’m certainly not basing my critique of our current manager solely on our piss-poor showing in week 1, quite the contrary, in fact, as I’m attempting to address the longtime inept decision-making of this amateur hour managerial/administrative partnership

      there’s no way a single person envisioned the possibility that if we were functionally given the largest monetary backing since the arrival of our absentee landlord that the only properly addressed NEED would be the 9M, of the over 100M provided, spent on what appears to be a potentially serviceable back-up LB, who btw just happened to be shoehorned into the LB position in his first premiership appearance

      so far they signed a “hopeful” prospective CB, or RB or DM, which if so would be even more ludicrous, for well over the number, then sold off the Diamond Eye-approved Mavro, on the cheap, and never allowed Saliba an opportunity to earn the very spot that White presently occupies, so the chances of him returning are slim to none

      they likewise signed another interesting project in Lokonga, whom I think has a decent up-side, but certainly not a proven entity, from a starting perspective, especially since we re-upped our sloth-like enabler, for 4 f’ing years, then somehow gave him the armband, and Partey was out injured

      then we sold the only midfielder who’s ever proven he CAN score at this level and are replacing him with a player who is both timid and appears to lack the secondary scoring potential we so desperately crave…not to mention, his very presence will likely mean that the only centrally positioned player with any bite in his game, ESR, will likely be shoehorned out wide again, which will ultimately affect his, Auba’s, if he’s not run out of town, Saka and/or Pepe’s playing time, and for what rightful reason, to score more???

      finally, we’re contemplating, if not finalizing, a deal for another underwhelming Keeper, who neither exhibits the characteristics that are currently lacking, for playing out from the back, who’s likewise as error-prone our present Keeper, for considerably more than we sold a much better Keeper for a year prior

      so whether or not we get a result this weekend will have little affect on my thoughts, unless Arteta drastically changes his tactics, he no longer plays out from the back, Xhaka is rightfully benched, the armband is given to someone who better reflects the supposed youthful revolution that was conveniently created out of abject desperation, someone comes clean about the Auba/Laca “illness” gig, ESR isn’t shoehorned out wide, as that would likely mean that either Saka or Pepe wouldn’t start, Gabs would be starting opposite of White and someone who can protect our right-side forward/winger, with overlapping runs, is played in the RB role…now there’s a blueprint for “real” substantive change

      1. TRVL, its pretty obvious that next seasons team under Arteta will be basically the same as last. Odergaard has been signed because he plays Artetaball, Ramsdale too wrongly exorcise the ghost of Martinez and doesnt, the rest of the players are for a future team without Arteta because he most probably wont be here long enough to bed them into the team. I am really worried our club has lost its status and the present incumbents are not capable of getting it back, in fact, making it worse. They haven’t a clue.

        1. just look at the money spent for such potentially miniscule improvements…imagine if we had acquired both Nuno and Lokonga, as logical depth pieces with potential upsides, then used the rest of the available funds to properly address our most pressing needs…no longer baffling, just par for the course in this purgatory of mediocrity…if this goes sideways, the only way we would ever raise funds for a future manager would be to sell our best and brightest

          1. Where have we strengthened in Midfield and up front!!!???? From the day Arteta walked through the door we have struggled to score, even more now!!!! And he sells a goalscoring midfielder Willock, brings in sterile Odergaard and we haven’t addressed the scoring issues.

        2. Curious if Odergaard is a sign things are going to be same does that not mean we’ll finish 2nd? (do not think we will before you misinterpret) As we were 2nd with him last year during his spell? Either way your statement makes no sense we improved with Ode. The 12 game run that had us 15th was before he arrived. Can you not see what I mean when I say your not paying attention? Your lumping Ode in with a 12 game run that happened before he arrived that had us finish 8th. Wood for trees.

      2. Way to prove my point about the fact it makes no difference what results we get to likes of you. Man didn’t get sacked for an absolutely awful run of form (whether he should of not got sacked is a debate but he certainly won’t be afforded another such run so its irrelevant now.) Since that we were the 2nd best team in the league for 24 games (3rd 25 now.) What else was he supposed to do at the point? Serious question that none of you ever answer, what else could of he have done with the squad in those 24 games for you? Be better than City over that period as well as Chelsea/United/Liverpool/Leicester/West Ham/Leeds/Whoever? Now your saying if we beat Chelsea it changes nothing when it will literally be the 4th time in a row he has beaten Chelsea and an overall record of won 4 drawn 1 against our London rivals. Changes nothing for you yet our 1st defeat in 6 away to Brentford apparently proved you right which still has us and him on the 3rd best form in the last TWENTY FIVE GAMES in the league. Tiresome. What happens in 13 games time if we’re still in the top 4 on the last 38 games? Still continue your vendetta? Try to claim Chelsea/City/Spurs/Leicester/United at that point in 14 games is an easy run? We’ll have Everton/Southampton/Leeds/Wolves to play at that point. Sure you’ll find something then to justify why the most recent 38 games should be ignored in favour of a 12 game run of games that were bad before that. Get back to me after the United game yeah? Won’t hold my breath considering you already going out of your way to ignore our last 25 games in favour of the 12 prior to those 25.

        This is my problem no matter what results we get you have and are going to continue to complain unless we win the title by the sounds of it. Same goes for other haters (no other word for people who ignore all recent results in favour of emotion.) We could be comfortably in the top 4 and you will still be here claiming it’s going to fall apart any second. If we end up miles off top 4 in the same period I won’t be claiming its about to turn around. That is difference.

        1. first, take a deep breath…second, take another deep breath, being extra careful so as to not accidentally swallow your tongue in the process…third, and most importantly, get over yourself

          1. I could agree for us both to get over ourselves which actually all I want. Asked you specific questions, you ignored them because you cant answer them. What could Arteta have done in those 24 games better than be 2nd? Simple question.

          2. Angus, surely .you must realize by now that until you bring something that’s both coherent and well-reasoned, which, of course, this wasn’t, I’m not going to take your questions seriously…looking forward to our future encounters though

        2. First of all Angus, dont dress it up to what it isnt. We finished 8th, that is all that matters, we got stuffed by Emery in the EL, you get nothing for a good run of game at the beginning, middle or end of a season, its a full season only. Plus we got stuffed by Brentford, stop your blubbering.

          1. Never did dress up. I have REPEATEDLY acknowledged the season was bad. My question is and you deliberately ignored it. What could Arteta do in the last 24 games other than be the 2nd best team in the league for you to give him more than 1 game? No doubt as you all do everytime you’ll ignore question and revert to insults. I’ve said repeated if we start bad Arteta’s gone so we don’t disagree on that. You just apparently want to insult me because I’m looking at the positives that do exist. Just wondering whose blubbering in this scenario?

          2. LAST SEASON is last season, we were 8th, hardly scored any goals, got beat by the manager deemed not good enough for us. This season lost to the mighty Brentford! This season is far more important than last season highlights!

  4. I’m fed up with Gooners baying for Arteta’s head after one game. Since Christmas his team has had the third best record in the PL and a similar defensive performance. That has been since the emergence of ESR and Ødegaard. They’ve done really well and deserve a better bunch of supporters than they’ve got. One or performance doesn’t mean they’re no good.

    1. You will have to forgive me if I don’t jump up and down wildly applauding a run our last 5 games that saw us finish 8th.

      Clearly issues at the club are far deeper than Arteta, but the soul-crushing negative football he is trying to sell to the fans is a hard if not impossible attempt.

      More than 10 players have come in since Arteta took over, unfortunately the only constant is the depressing way we play on the pitch.

      Unlikely everyone in the kit is a bum, but more likely the issues lie with tactics and general way they play the match, as micromanaged by the manager.

      1. Durand
        We aren’t the prettiest free flowing football of yester year
        MA frustrates the life out of me and he does seem to be micro managing at times
        But and this is a big but
        He will fall on his sword and be marched out if he falls to win more than he loses
        He is a coach learning his trade to be a manager
        The owners put him and us in the this position as cheap was suppose to be best and MA comes a damn sight cheaper than conte
        All good teams start from the back and CB is absolutely correct 3rd best team last season but dont jump up and down just yet
        We have sacrificed our attacking for defending and we look boring for this
        He’s slowly clearing out dead wood and players with no heart and please don’t mention xhaka as he does need to go
        It is getting tiresome reading messages about dumping MA
        He’s rubbish
        He needs to go
        He hasn’t got a clue
        Until such times the OWNERS get rid of him or he walks then stand behind the team which mean stand behind the manager as he is part of the team

    2. It was the 2nd best form since boxing day. The 3rd since Christmas is counting United’s extra game in that time. Still after the last game it’s 3rd in the last 25 but who care about the most recent results right?

      1. Not sure who you are aiming that question at angus

        But to answer it
        Of course we care about the last result but like everything you need to build foundation and that builds stability

        1. It was a response to someone who said we’d had 3rd best since Christmas but ended up somewhere else/

          My point Alan is everyone was baying for blood before a kick and there are multiple comments on this page saying if we beat Chelsea it changes nothing.

          Your sentiment I agree with and proof is the pudding for Arteta this year. My issue is with those who just ignore anything postive to maintain their position.

  5. The game is actually a huge opportunity for our young attackers. If they’re really eager to cement their places, they’d take high-risk challenges in the game

    The supporters at the stadium can help the team tremendously as well

    1. Gai
      Chelsea is beatable though it will be difficult to achieve. Chelsea already high on confidence. If Folarin or Martinelli lead the line I hope they won’t be be agitated seeing the Emirate fans.
      Arteta should drill the boys in training to be aggressive and ready to fight for 3 points. We have a lot of young players who should be tiredless because Chelsea will be ready to run all day.

      Game management will be key on Sunday,; if they can’t win the game don’t lose it.

      1. Arteta had better train his attacking fullback to cut inside more often than trying to reach the byline and cross, regardless of the formation

        Tavares is confident to do that and it could make our short attackers able to keep the ball

  6. We need to learn how to control the midfield. We master that, then we can take on anybody…IJS

    1. Teams do not need to “control” any game.
      Teams just need to nick two goals
      per game and defend like hell.
      You can have a 30-70% deficeit possession but still win if you take your chances while you can have 70-30% superiority and lose if you don’ take your chances.
      Two scruffy, ugly deflections or toe pokes
      beats one worldly every time 🙂

  7. Our problem is not about beating Chelsea. Even if we win Chelsea by 15 goals to 1, it does not mean much if we loose to teams like Burnley, Brentford, Aston Villa and Watford.

    We need a team that can consistently pick up 3 points every week.

    We are signing Odegaard and Ramsdale

    We need 2 more players: Aouar and Pedro Neto.

    If we get these 4 players, and a manager who knows what he is doing, we will compete for the title this season.

    1. I’m not sure Aouar is the player we need when we already have Smith Rowe and odegaard.

      I am worried where the muscle and steel is coming from in our midfield? I worry about the height of Ben White, the quality of our right backs and still even with ramsdale, who is grabbing those crosses?

      After that who is going to stick the bloody ball in the net?

    2. What I would have preferred is a CF but in today market we will need over £70mil to get a proper CF like Calvin-Lewi or his compatriot.
      I really think we need to let go of either of Auba or Laccazet and buy a better replacement but it isn’t going to happen.
      So I’ll settle for a Rb

  8. Wenger and Emery were sacked for not getting top 4.
    The bar for Arteta has been lowered.
    7th place and back into Europe is the new normal.
    So Arteta can only succeed this season.
    Arsenal plays poorly when expected to win like at Brentford but plays well when expected to lose like this Chelsea game.
    Arsenal also plays well when the season is over like the FA Cup win in 2020 and last seasons 5 game winning streak when there was nothing to play for.
    So logically Arsenal should beat ECL holders Chelsea then lose to tier two WBA in the carabao 🙂

    1. I think its very simplistic to say AW and UE were sacked for not getting top 4. There were many other reasons, primarily that the standard of football was dropping, there was no discernable pattern of play and few signs that an upturn was likely. If Arteta can demonstrate both a plausible pattern being established and an upturn is starting, I don’t think league position will be as critical as many others believe.

      1. So how is Artetas tenure any different to what you just described?;))))

        Good luck AFC – you are gonna need it.
        Said it before but even if we should get a draw or a win through fluke or sterling performance in this one match the same problems persist and do not go away.

        The top of the tree or if your want the foundations of the building are both diseased and crumbling respectively.
        One performance is not going to help us move from mid table mediocrity as has been evident in seasons gone.

        We now have odegard who is not wanted by his club but is perfect for side passing Arteta ball. We have addressed none of our problem areas with any real top quality and are under the same owner and management and are arguably weaker than last season.

        Expect more of what went before.

      2. The standad of fooball was not dropping.
        The standard of the league was rising.
        The emergence of Tottenham under Pochettino and Liverpool under Klopp had changed the cosy top 4 dynamic into a top 6
        But the club still expected top 4.
        So both Wenger and Emery WERE sacked because of their failure to make top 4.
        3 years ago two 8th placed finishes would have been regarded as diabolical.
        Instant dismisal.
        Not so now.
        Zero desire to change a two times 8th placed manager is a clear change of expectation from the club.
        I am not complaining about that simply pointing out the change.
        Getting the club finances back on track is clearly seen as far more important than league position right now and I agree.
        A period of stability cheaper players lower salaries is more important than top 4.
        Arteta is just lucky to be manager in a period where financial “correction” is deemed more important than league table position.

    2. This is 3rd time i’ve called you out for lying so stop doing it both Wenger and Emery kept their jobs after finishing out the top 4 and were sacked the year after when it didn’t improve. I’ve point this out to you so your doing it deliberately and you do it on nearly every article. It’s an opinion you are lying.

        1. Worth noting to others that both wenger (13) and emery (8) were sacked for being more points behind 4th than Arteta last year (6) so hardly inconsistent on those 3 seasons compared alone never mind both got an extra year like Arteta. People will have a point if Arteta does as bad as Emery did this year and doesn’t sacked until then your judging him by different standards. If you try to pretend Arteta finished 8th after Emery I will have to point out Arteta was 6th (been wrongly saying 5th) in the form table just 1 point behind the 4th in that period Chelsea so that 8th is Emery alone.

          Will people stop pretending there were not reasons to give Arteta time. The run of better form. The fact it was one season like the others got. The fact it is the only pandemic season in our run of 5 years out the top 4. If he fails now he gets sacked and we’re all upset so not sure why people are so obsessed with slating him now so they can look good if it happens. Pointless and entirely unproductive.

          We’re about to play our local rivals on the back of a 3 game win streak (which included an FA Cup final win less than a month over a year ago) against them and I’m worried about the atmosphere particularly the moment someone misplaces a pass. Shocking.

  9. People say we have spent over 100mil and still haven’t improved the squad.
    My question is, who would you guys buy if given the same amount that Arteta and Edu have spent on 5players now to really improve the squad

    1. We have spent 135m…
      Spend 60m on maddison, tavares is ok, Aarons 25m
      Bissouma 40m
      Onana 7m.
      Our defence was never the issue…with Mari,Chambers,Gabriel,Holding,mavropanos,saliba.. we had enough CBs

      1. Doesn’t the team below look improves with the 130m already wasted??

        ………………. Aubameyang………………….
        Saka…….. maddison…………Pepe
        ………… Bissouma…..Partey…………..

        The rookies at the helm are trying to run us down.. But we shall overcome this mess

  10. I bet the gunners shop is going to be heaving Saturday with all the fans buying the shirts of White and Odergaard! NOT! The krankies and those at the club have no idea about whats needed to improve us and no idea whats needed to boost merchandise sales. Our signings this summer including Odergaard and Ramsdale have missed the mark by a country mile. The club has no idea!!!!!

    1. But the future look good.
      If one look at what’s happening at the club it’s clear we are rebuilding, moving away from Wenger era

      1. Really! Not for me we are not. We are building a team capable of staying in the prem, not challenging top 4. Where is the marquee signing that is going to get us all excited and frighten the opposition. Where is the great plan to improve us this season because that is what the remit was, to get us back into Europe. I dont see any of the players that will be first team regulars being top 4 or 6 quality next season.

  11. Look how much letting Martinez go has cost Arsenal. And now we are in for another poor goalkeeper. So many other better good goal keepers out there that we could’ve got. Even Mat Ryan was ok, but he is gone now. Areola, Romero, Heaton also gone. Ramsdale is gonna cost us more points than he is going to save. He is part of the reason Sheffield got relegated.

    Another trophyless season for Arsenal, no UCL. Wasting money on poor quality players again.

  12. The fact that we ‘have to believe’ that we can beat a team says it all!

    Never thought the day will come when things will get to this level when we ‘need to believe’ …. Just says it all

    Very sad day indeed!

  13. If odegaard is on board I would still go 3412 against Chelsea
    White holding or Mari Tierney
    AMN Lokonga Xhaka Saka

    Obviously if either auba or laca or both are fit then that changes things

  14. If odegaard is on board I would still go 3412 against Chelsea, just to try and curb the power of Lukaku and the threat from the flanks.
    White holding or Mari Tierney
    AMN Lokonga Xhaka Saka
    Pepe ESR

    Obviously if either auba or laca or both are fit then that changes things

  15. Our last win against Chelsea was one of the most depressing games I’ve watched as an Arsenal fan. We won I know, got the lucky break thanks to their defensive head snap and then hung on doggedly as Chelsea ran out of ideas. But what a horrible performance. The number of times Arsenal got the ball over their half way line could be counted on one hand. And it wasn’t because of Arteta’s tactics as some would like to believe. They simply had our measure all over the pitch against an impotent midfield and a clueless manager. Dream on fan boys but you will always remain delusional.

    1. What about the previous 2 within a 1 year period? 3-1 and a certain FA Cup victory. Curious. If you want to point out that game was against the run of play Burnley, Leicester and Wolves alone spring to mind as games that should of been out of sight before turning out as a loss. Trade those 3 for Chelsea and we’re 4th/5th last year depending on the GD with Chelsea but lets pretend the margins were not small and we did not concede very little making those margins even smaller whilst calling others delusional for paying attention to the actual reality. 6 points if you want to take the season as whole.

      Arteta’s record against Chelsea is won 3 drawn 1 you can’t hold that against him. Seriously. Say whatever else you like his Chelsea record is good.

      1. @angus…this form stats u keep putting everywhere on this forum to defend what millions of arsenal fans can clearly see on the pitch is just laughable….

        You actually Know the truth that’s the path that pains me, u watch our games, u also complain about the shitty display u see….

        I can understand saying that we should give him a chance but don’t try to paper the cracks with form stats,
        most of the matches we lost weren’t upsets as we lost easily, the teams didn’t grind out the win against us…

        Most of the matches we won except a few weren’t emphatic, comfortable or easy cuz we had to work hard for the 90mins for those victories .

        December…3 losses 1 draw 2 wins
        January…..3 wins 2 draws
        Feb….3 losses 2 wins
        Mar…..2 draws 1win
        Apr….1 loss 1 draw 1 win
        May….5 wins (4 wins when we had nothing to play for in the league again)

        So Mr stats…. 14 wins, 6 draws, 7 losses

  16. It’s not about the record, it’s about that particular game against Tuchel. The performance was deflating.

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