Arsenal fans need to calm down and think carefully….

In Defence of Wenger and the players…. by Alarcon

It is exceedingly obvious that Arsenal are not having a good season at all, languishing at 6th on the table when this season was supposed to be the one where Arsenal capitalised on the FA Cup win to steamroller on. As a result of the team’s under-performance, fans have been turning on Wenger and the players. However, I do feel that much of the criticism leveled at them is rather uncalled for.

First of all, looking back at the Anderlecht and Swansea games, it is true that Wenger’s tactics in both games were debatable, but it is unwarranted to claim that Wenger and Arsenal are ‘absolutely clueless’. With regard to the Anderlecht game, it is important to note that it was Wenger’s tactics and Arsenal’s tenacity that even opened up the three goal lead in the first place. Of course, Arsenal managing to somehow blow the lead has to be a cause for concern, poor tactics were not necessarily the reason why we only managed a draw in the end.

For one, given the resources at Arsenal’s disposal, we hardly had the option of putting on an extra defender and digging deep. Instead, Wenger sent on attacking minded players, partially because he probably kept in mind that ‘attack is the best form of defense’, and also partially because of complacency and the want to give some players a run out.

Additionally, luck had a big role to play in our last two results. In the case of Anderlecht, one of their goals was significantly offside, while their penalty was also rather contentious, as it was given quite softly. As for Swansea, luck was also a large reason for the defeat. Say for example, Ramsey had scored the volley (which narrowly missed the bottom corner), or Fabianski had not managed to somehow save from Welbeck, or Swansea missed their inch perfect free kick, we could quite well be singing the praises of our manager and our team, as we did have some delicious plays in the game. As fortune had it, we came up short in both matches, not necessarily due to Wenger’s lack of tactical nous, but due to sheer dumb luck.

This article will also attempt to rebut some of the longer standing criticisms of Arsenal and Wenger.

Not buying a no nonsense, tough tackling DM:
The fans like to look back on past events. Some words that persistently emerge from the mouths of our fans are: ‘We should have bought Gustavo/Bender/Wanyama’. It is easy to say these words, while repeating that having a DM who sits and does the dirty work for the team is key to any title winning team. However in my opinion, saying such things would be extremely unfair. What is extremely noteworthy is that none of these three players are exactly in high demand, as all of them are in teams not in contention for titles. This is because the old fashioned DM is long out of fashion, with teams favouring deep lying playmakers and box to box midfielders instead.

For one, Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City, Juventus, Real Madrid, etc. all rarely employ the traditional holding midfielder, or the midfield destroyer in the mould of Viera. Yet, most of these teams have been relatively successful (with the exception of Liverpool and Man Utd). Similarly, Arsenal has been playing deep lying playmakers like Arteta and box to box midfielders like Wilshere and Ramsey. So I would say that as long as the midfield positions are well stocked up on, and good enough of quality, there is no need to buy a ‘good old-fashioned DM’. (I do agree that we have to upgrade on Flamini)

Becoming a one man team:
Recently, there has also been much said about Alexis carrying the team on his shoulders. However, I would say that these claims are unjustified. Although Alexis has in some cases single-handedly inspired us to victories, I must say that we are far from being a one man team just yet. Yes, Alexis does score a large proportion of our goals, but many of his goals are still largely created by the rest of the team, with him simply applying the finishing touch.

Not signing more players:
Many keyboard managers would have Arsenal pretty much overhaul the squad, preserving only 3 or 4 players from last season. I definitely say different. Just looking at how much impact our current number of signing has had on the fluency of our play, signing more players would only be folly.

Though this article is aimed at defending Arsenal, I still admit there are a few things that need to be improved. Signing a CB in January is now mandatory, and some players need to work on their basics. But to what seems like the majority of fans out there now, Arsenal are certainly not in a crisis, and people need to step down their criticism.


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    1. in defense of Wenger? ? where did the writer kept his love for arsenal to defend someone against arsenal? ? anyway #WengerOut best!

        1. Its actually sad fellaz some of us are out here in Africa and we pay subscription fees to watch Arsenal on TV every week, we pay for the internet we invest emotions and Wenger has lost and its not that he does not know he is nonchalant to obvious problems. Gunners what are we gonna do this is disease like now

      1. I had to create a username before I was done reading this, this person hates Arsenal and is winding us up on purpose, Wenger is killing his image and that of Arsenal, Im rendered useless being an Arsenal fan for the manager only. Why is Carzola getting to start over Poldi and Camp why,

      1. Publicly debate someone ( Paul Merson) should ask AW if he had bought a striker and a D/M last season what would of happened? and if he had bought D/M and one or two defenders this season what would of happened, he should be made to answer these questions.

  1. This is article is written by wenger himself! in every paragraph the author(wenger) agrees to the problems subtly and then tries to provide a lame justification….

    1. keep calm lol
      why did not even win the game from andre the team which players are very young ( avg 20 years)
      santi he is out of from but he played every 90 min.wenger logic
      chamber he is not rb.why the hell wenger sent jenki on loan he is much better rb as compare to chamber and west ham at 4 and he started every single game.
      flamini is over confidence . i think in next 2-3 game he will receive a red card.

  2. I was wondering when someone was going to write a Wenger defense and would you know, here it is in the form of an article that air brushes 9 years of almost script like underachievements. Only problem this year is that even “our number 4” position is in serious jeopardy. To top it off, our manager conceded the title race 11 games out of a possible 38 into the season, oh joy!

  3. We need atleast 2 cb and 2 dm. Both flamini and arteta need to go. Wenger is at fault for yet again leaving it 2 long to make the subs. Take off the wrong people. Not putting the right people on. Monreal at cb is an awful decision.

    Just hope our guys have an injury free int break

    Bring on united


  4. Yes enough wailing and
    gnashing of teeth.
    Everton v Westham
    Man City v Swansea
    If we beat Utd we could go clear 4th.
    7 of our next 8 games involve direct rivals for top 4.
    Utd WBA. Southampton Stoke
    Newcastle Liverpool OPR Westham.
    My point is that top 4 is still very much in our own hands.

      1. There is criticism and then there is pessimism; this is pessimism because as you can see from the table we are within 3 points of all these “good form” team apart from Southampton (who still have plenty of the big teams to play), if anything, this should give us encouragement that we are able to keep up with them without being in “good form” ourselves.

      2. @Thando.
        It won’t be easy but we
        have Utd and Sotn at home.
        QPR WBA Wham Stoke Newcastle are all beatable.
        Southampton have Man U, Man City,
        Arsenal, Everton and Chelsea before New Year.

    1. @ davinz,great we are in november and already worried about the fourth spot fight.
      Thank you Mr Wenger that the Arsenal worth.

  5. If we do everything that you want us do (or not do) in this article, we will NEVER win the PL… An article that in truth shows less ambition than Wenger himself!

    1. When Mourinho called Chelsea the little horses in the PL last season, he got praised for his mind games. When Wenger says something similar, he gets slammed immediately and fans call for his head.

      1. Everybody knew Chelsea could challenge for title.Hence,mind game.
        We are a million miles away hence the truth.
        Get the difference ?

  6. All Wenger has done for the last nine years is to paper over the cracks in our team and squad.we are Arsenal FC and we should be not just competing for trophies but winning them on a regular basis.unfortunately our manager is now too old and to stubborn to change and he refuses to listen or ask for help.
    He is directly responsible for dragging us down to the point he himself admits we are out the title race.he is paid 8m a year to put a team out who can compete for the league not give up in November.
    The fans have lost faith,the players are losing faith and his staff have lost faith so while i respect what he has achieved a long time ago Wenger is well past his sell by date.Wenger Out !

  7. don’t Waste ur Time sire!…….. My mind’s already made…… Even if he wins the Man-Utd game ….there’s no guarantee he’s gonna do same to westbrom…….. RESIGN !DICTATOR WENGER RESIGN!

  8. AKB alert?? lmfao.
    Now I’ll try and but a balanced and unemotional spin on this.
    It is true that for the Anderlecht game at 3-0 some people would say “go for more” some would say “sit back”. There’s no pleasing everyone.
    The same applies in the Swansea game ideally we needed a 2nd goal to kill off the game.
    All I would ask for in both games though is a bit of common sense and compromise.
    When leading both games by all means continue to attack but do it with the front 3 or 4 players. In both games Ramsey and Flamini should have just sat back and held their positions and both Gibbs and Chambers had little need to push on, again we were found to have a situation where just our cb’s were left back, (we know this is suicide with Per’s lack of pace and Monreal being makeshift).
    4 points on this:
    1. I’d expect the players to have better game management knowledge and awareness.
    2. If not I’d expect Per, (the captain for the Swansea game) to be screaming at them and calling them back, I didn’t see this.
    3. If having seen that Per or no one else is doing this I’d expect either Bould or Wenger to get off their ars*s for once and organise from the touchline.
    4. I’d expect Wenger to help the players at the correct time during the game by making effective substitutions.

    None of the above happened and again we capitulated.
    We are currently a rudderless ship with no leader on the pitch or the dugout.
    The MOTD analysis that showed 7 players in the Swansea half when Ramsey lost the ball and broke, (for the first goal) was an eye opener. How can players of this experience be so stupid!?

    On the players form they are professionals who under lucrative contracts have a responsibility to do well for their team. How do we explain what has happened to Cazorla and Ramsey for example, fitness issues? confidence? either way they need to man up and get with it before we reach game 38 and everyone says “oh damn the seasons over!”.
    On the lack of signings at CB and DM. How can Wenger have been so incompetent?
    We release Jenks, TV5, and now Coquelin and don’t buy a CB, why? Top managers would have only released this player once a replacement had been secured. Instead Wenger was visiting the pope in Rome! He also said he would not have bought Welbeck if he’d been in the country, where would that have left us?

    We can all see what needed/needs to be done but Wenger cant, why?
    All I ask is someone to sit him down cut through his icy and evasive exterior and quiz the guy to get some answers. The fact he has not been honest or felt he needs to explain himself to the fans does not endear himself to us and personally angers me.
    I really don’t know how anyone can now defend this mans decisions in the past and present, he’s lost the plot!
    Over to you, AKB……….

    1. It always nice to see coments like these @ronny331 great talk,this is the second game wenger said he didnt think we would win, why do we have subs then?it simple make subs early

    2. Why are you asking for comments from AKBs? You guys have all the answers. And in case you haven’t noticed there are only a couple of AKBs on here – the AOBs on here are the only ones in the room and working themselves into a tizz talking amongst themselves.

  9. TO TICKET HOLDERS AND ARSENAL FANS IN LONDON………It costs very little to print or write on an A4 sheet
    of paper with the words WENGER OUT on it (for
    example), it costs very little if half a dozen of you
    get a small banner made up between you and the
    other more imaginative of you can think of other
    things to do. I’m very
    sure if you did this before/during/after the next few
    games you will soon find people on the streets and
    in the ground who will join you. Pass out the A4
    sheets to people on the trains and buses, in the
    streets, in the pubs (or latte bar) and to people
    who sit around you, empower yourselves and the
    people around you.
    Please don’t think that by joining a group on
    Facebook or moaning on twitter we will get change.Its now or never that a
    lame duck CEO (who can’t sack his own employee)
    and a majority shareholder (who can vote to pay
    himself £3mill) and Arsene should give way for passionate people ie….USMANOV as club owner DAVID DAIN as CEO …..Jurgen klopp as manager and Henry has ass manager.

  10. If people want to protest in an affordable way. We all need to phone up AFC on a given day and block the switch board, if you can afford it don’t hang up. 0207 619 5003

    1. Hi mate,my neighbour is a spuds fan so plan to ask to use his phone ! Cannot not wait to see his face when he gets the bill lol !

          1. Agree mate as the saying goes “actions speak louder than words” so let’s make posters,leaflets with Wenger out on and call arsenal and block the phone lines.

  11. Quote: “Though this article is aimed at defending Arsenal…”

    Hmmm it sounds me that you actually used your whole article defending wenger, him and the club are not equivalent you know? Maybe when wenger moves to another “arsenal” you can follow him to support your club instead.

  12. ArsenaL Board to offer wenger just a meagre £20miL to get his acts right( i mean to get a D.M , a CB pLus etc) …….. Aha! & the stingyness continues… Arsenal’s case is always about having a deep pockets and short hands …..

  13. USMANOV DEIN KLOPP THIERY MY ULTIMATE SIGNINGS…..Thats how my bunner will read like given a chance to around North london…..GOONERS I KNOW U GOT BALLS U CAN DO IT.

  14. Also your last line:

    ‘Arsenal are certainly not in a crisis, and people need to step down their criticism’.

    Were you are fan during the invicible era? If so do you have a short memory or low expectations?
    Arsenal is/was a team of epic proportion that people feared, we had warriors all over the park and they were men not boys, (Keown, Sol, Lauren, Adams, Viera, Gilberto, etc etc).
    We’ve slowly lost our way and declined over the years, because it’s happened slowly people forget where we’ve come from I think.
    If I was the likes of Ian Wright, Henry, Pires, Dixon etc I’d be so sad watching on.
    We went 49 unbeaten, won multiple cups and now we are scrapping every year for 4th place.
    Wenger does not realise the PL has changed and due to spending and better training methods other teams have caught us up. He has not evolved or adapted maybe due to his age and him being old school. We need a young manager to take the helm.

  15. Seriously EVERYBODY incl. managers, ex-prem. league players, ex-Arsenal players, tv commentators, fans are saying that Wenger has lost it. The guy is tactically inept and unable to adapt to modern day fotball. He is stuck in the past and doesn’t want to change like an old man next door. It is DIABOLICAL that he can’t get more out the players he has at his disposal. And guess WHAT the answer too our problems is simple. STOP GIVING THAT BALL AWAY. Stop those stupid, sloppy passes. Address this on the training ground NOW!

        1. So why are they top then, could it be that they have invested in the right players. Oh I know we let them have Fabregas the same as we let United have RVP. Now thats ambition isn’t it.

          1. We had too many playmakers already to bring Fabregas back. Seriously and some idiot on youtube was saying why settle for Arteta and Flamini when we could have had Fabregas back. Has he even watched Fabregas play? The guy is an AM, not a holding or DM. Some fans are clueless. I am not saying Fabregas is a crap player, he is brilliant, but BECAUSE OF CONTRACTS WITH OUR CURRENT PLAYERS we literally couldn’t bring him back. It’s not that difficult to grasp.

  16. @Andrewafc. Nice work but cant we request a meeting? their must be enough concerned fans to get peoples attention no, no?

    1. @Ronny331
      A lot of Arsenal fans don’t live close to the ground. I was thinking of a cheap way that people could protest and make an impact.

      1. @Andrew AFC
        site below has Gazdis full info incl fone & email address….to direct protests towards him

  17. Bad luck has been one of the main culprit for our dismal show of trophies but thought Wenger was in Rome, on the final day of the transfer window, to sort the problem out with the Pope???
    Hmmm screwed up on that front too…not happy Mr Wenger!

  18. seriously, does anyone have a means of contacting Usmanov, David dein and piers morgan? ……… There’s need for a conference meeting with these people …… There’s gotta be a way to save our beloved club from the hands of these tyrants …..the meeting should be strictly for devoted n committed fans……. No gate pass for the AKBs

      1. @ Andrew, then perhaps we could get piers morgan to get in touch with Usmanov and Dein on our behalf…. What do u think?

  19. AKB need to wake up and look at how Wenger has not moved with the times,when he first joined he revolutionised English football now managers like Gary monk who is paid a lot less can out smart him.

    1. You make it sound like a chess game between two people. A football match is between 24 + people where each individual has to chip in. If half our team are slack and are not prepared to fight till the final whistle, we deserv to be punished, and this is pretty much what has been happening. You cannot blame Wenger for the shortcoming of our players. You know why? Because if Sanchez can run around and give 120%, the rest have no excuse. I’m not saying Wenger is completely white tailed in the matter, he should have done something about Chambers against Swansea, but when a team is 3 – 0 nil up against any team, to concede 3 goals in the last 20 minutes is purely the teams, primarily the defenses fault, and no one elses. These players are paid sh*t loads to be professional sportsmen and for them not to fight till the end of every game is an absolute disgrace.

  20. What if welbecks miss fell to a spud defender?
    What if Sanchez’s strike against Anderlecht hadn’t gone in?
    We can play the luck game all day long.
    But we have only Wenger to blame.

  21. @davidnz maybe if we play chambers as a cb and bellerin as rb but i dont think wenger would do that and has been his downfall in our last games

  22. There is no defense and mean that literally! No excuses Wenger had chance to address our weaknesses during summer he had money to do it and failed now we are paying for it big time. I seriously want us to finish outside top 4 and win nothing if protesting does not work and Wenger fails to deliver champions league football it will surely force board to act especially as it will cut half there income which they will not like as at end of day they put money first in front of ambition!

  23. We have been poor for 5 or 6 seasons now, not just a couple of games!! The only top quality performance of the past two seasons was at home to Napoli, no other performance came remotely close to that. There is no determination hammered into our players. We should be hunting the ball in packs and at opposition players feet not hanging back waiting for them to charge at us. So many times have we heard that we will come back stronger from our defeats and then we go lose again lol. We should be masters of the universe by now if we take Wenger’s words into consideration. Instead we throw away a 3-0 lead at home and then a woeful loss at Swansea. I’m sure Wenger will say they can turn it around YET AGAIN for the 6th year running and then fail to do so.

    1. This is exactly it. Last year the defence was solid and thats the only reason we remotley competed for the title and they got exposed very the best teams. Other than that we’ve been a shambles for a long time. Took Spurs collapsing to get Top 4 in 11/12 & 12/13.

      These idiots fail to see the problems in context

  24. we should have sign Fan Fav Balotelli…hes a bargain…

    he got no probs scoring and finding goals at a club at night…..

  25. Wenger is so lost(watch a video of him comenting on our game vs swansea) ive never seen him like may be that reality has stroke him now that he realise that it was a mistake to ignore defensive signings

  26. we need better centrebacks….

    Chambers is not good enough…he was totally destroyed by players with pace….

  27. I hv read tru ppl’s suggestion here, the best and easiest way out of all, is “wenger out” on A4 paper, let all fans show dis at d stadium, tv will show it to d whole world, within two games, somethin will be done. Asene is killing dis club, I can’t remember wen arsenal play with complete 1st eleven, substitution always 70mins, why? The tactics he adopt 85mins by putting Sanogo in our last game should hv come 60mins, but he waited till eleventh hour. Wenger can’t beat big teams (top 7 teams) anymore. “Wenger out”

  28. We are struggling even with ££££ available now!
    I feared this may be the case as Wenger has never bin great at spending big on players and getting it right.
    Our side is unbalanced and we have the fewest defenders out of the top sides in our squad available.
    I really don’t know where we are going under Wenger.

  29. All i can say is Wenger better buy BIG in January. I’m talking players like Hummels, Carvalho, Khedira, Cavani, Reus, Draxler, etc. Those types of players. Lets flood our team with talent so that managerial tactics won’t be as big of a factor. Just spend, spend spend. Recklessly for just one transfer period.

  30. i love the way the author of this childish post is pro wenger today . tomorrow he will cease on the latest public opinion and be anti wenger . he is writing these silly bob like articles just to the page going . would you not be better served to come up with some quality articles for a change rather than write childish nonsense just for reaction . this is not a newspaper surely , you must know you are not that good at writing after all . not only is wengers time up but unless is done then this once excellent page is also in danger of waving itself goodbye.

  31. I believe the fault can be shared equally between the players, manager and coaching staff as well as the board. The players definitely need to man up and start playing at the required level. Apart from Sanchez and a few others it has been disappointing so far to say the least (cf Cazorla and Ramsey); Chamber-Bellerin (no brainer).For all the beautiful plays that we love to see; when you lead sit back a bit deeper and go from there (we don’t ask for a complete change of style,just caution). There’s enough quality up front to do that and it’s no rocket science. Wenger must be also a bit more decisive even thought in most games, up to the 60th-70th minute is tactics are spot on; we lack realism (Welbeck should score more and not shoot on the goalkeeper) and a game lasts 90+ minute fellas. Last but not least, to respond to your article nobody’s asking for a destroyer; anyway I’m not. You named Real madrid, Man city and even United and let’s add Bayern and Barca to that list. Except for Real who doesn’t have per say a physical body in the middle (except Khedira); all of them have players more physical than we do and more athletic. Bayern can play Alonso (considered one of the game best in the middle at age 32) and Martinez as CB if needed and that says a lot if you add there technical ability to pass and IQ. Schweinsteiger is not somebody you can bully in the middle physically and he’s no destroyer. Modric and Kroos can cope physically, tackle well, break plays, recover the ball and protect effectively the back for (not necessarily from set pieces and corners) and I can go on and on. All I think Arsenal fan is asking for is a physical and athletic presence in the middle , with enough pace (we’re not asking him to be able to compete with Walcott),technically gifted with IQ as well as defensive minded to do the job…those players are out there we know it…it’s a matter of wanting to put the money on the table for that type of quality that is all. Arteta and Flamini are just not on that level anymore and able to do all that week in week out against the best of them even thought I really like both players, it’s just the truth. Atria I’m sure would be better as a #10. Chambers is also starting to tire out and is showing that asking to cover CB and RB is a tall order for a club like AFC (I applaud him for all his effort…can be a legend here). We need another CB plain and simple. The DM and CB must be of quality not just body’s coming in!!

  32. If you think that is they are the only problems people have with Wenger tthen you haven’t got a clue whats going on in this debate.

  33. As I read through, I keep wondering may be this guy is a spuds extracting some pleasure nectar out of our dismay. How can you say you’re depending arsenal at the same time depending Wenger.
    Suppose we agree with you that the CDM role is an outdated tactics, now can u compare matic with flamini, or flamini with fernandinho or with xabi alonso or with khedira; or is it Arteta you think is their match.
    Suppose we agreed with you that Wenger still got it, how can you explain his awful habit of refusing to make substitution even when it deems necessary till the final 10mins? Wengers inability to stand up and talk to players alone highlighted his ‘Cluelessness’. Last season we received 6-0 trashing against Chealshit credit to wenger’s fear for substitution, liverpool gave Suarez sentforth reception on top us with a beating of 5-1 all credit to Wenger’s all round disabilities.
    The truth is: we have not been any trophy contending side for the past 10yrs thanks to Wenger’s commitment in the transfer market and the boards commitment towards making cool cash.
    Arsenal is a football team, not some kind financial institution and hence the need for some trophy to add confident. Wenger is ageing and so his Tactics, and die hard fans are stucked with Gazidis, Kronke, Wenger and his Arse-licking Fans.

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