Arsenal fans need to count their blessings and get a grip!

Following on from Big Gun’s sensible post about the state of Arsenal right now, I thought it was about time that JustArsenal’s Mr Admin should give a personal opinion. I have ALWAYS felt that EVERY fan is allowed to have an opinion and will let them publish or comment on the forum, but lately I am finding I am having to delete very personal abuse against other readers. This will NOT be tolerated. We are ALL Arsenal fans and are here to discuss Arsenal Football Club, not who has the biggest fists in the playground……

Given the surge of hatred against Arsene Wenger, it is time to discuss his actual record this season. After 11 games in the Premiership, Wenger has only just lost his second game, and as the first was at League leaders Chelsea I don´t consider that a bad record. Also we are sitting just four points behind Man City in THIRD place, which is quite amazing considering the horrendous injury list we have had since the start of the season.

Let´s look at some other “TOP” teams.

Man United are one point below us, even after spending a record 200 million in a year. They are not even in the Champions League – but would you rather be in their position?

Look at Liverpool. They have spent fortunes in the last couple of years but are currently languishing in 11th place with FIVE defeats already. They have just 3 points from 4 Champions League games and couldn’t even be bothered playing a full team against Real Madrid last time out.

Look at Tottenham, one place below them. Also with 5 defeats. Okay I just felt like putting them in, they are hardly competition!

Look at Everton, who nearly pipped us to 4th spot last season. They are level with both Liverpool and Tottenham with just three wins this year.

Going back to the Champions League, Arsenal fans are annoyed that we are ONLY second in our Group, but Man City may not even progress if they win their last two games, but we are certain to qualify for the knockout rounds. Would you rather we were in Liverpool’s or Man City’s position in Europe?

My point about the above comparisons is that ALL of them have changed managers recently. ALL of them have spent fortunes on the transfer market. NONE of them have had to cope with losing half their team to injuries.

So let’s count our blessings shall we? I dread to think where Arsenal would be WITHOUT Wenger….

We have definitely had worse starts to the season, but maybe without quite so many injuries, and the fact is that Wenger has always managed to rally the team to stay in the Top Four. Is it really worth the risk of letting ANY newcomer come in and take over halfway through the season?

Can’t we be a little more positive for a change? Show some respect….to Wenger AND your fellow Arsenal fans, whatever their opinion.

Mr. Admin

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  1. Why would the players be motivated? If there was a real a competition to be in the starting 11 maybe things would change.

    1. i agree admin this is getting out of hand…
      yesterday someone on here told me to go suck nuts out of a mars bar – mars bars contain no nuts !!

      i cannot live my life under such confusing tyranny!

      1. we love arsenal not arsene and we do not want that someone from another club make our club fun.
        everone said that Alexis is arsenal fc ya it is right
        but why ramsey wilshere santi ox gibbs chamber mert welbeck nacho flamini are not Arsenal fc coz thay are doing nothing.

    2. Admn is right, we cant sack wthe manager in the middle of a season

      It will be in summer then.

      Off topic.

      Chilean newspaper about arsenal situation.

      its in spanish, just use your translator…

      They see us like lo-sers and like a sh**t team, sanchez is some sort of hero in chile and when he signed for us, chilean people expected us to be a top team. Now chileans are sl*ating alexis 24/7 on social networks for choosing us, they want him to move to a better club…

      Im spaniard so spanish is obviously my mother language, i can read most comments on this social networks. THIS CHILEAN GUYS ARE URGING ALEXIS TO RUN FROM WENGER. EVERYONE CAN SEE IT.

    3. Admin says: “I dread to think where Arsenal would be WITHOUT Wenger….”

      That says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You think Arsene is Arsenal? Nope, we will succeed without him, he is no god.

      1. AKBitches at work again trying to mak wenger look like a god to Arsenal Fc….Wenger Out and anytime will do even tomorrow or b4 d next match

      2. Exactly! Untold Arsenal had a similar article saying fans should support Wenger since the word “support” entails standing by someone ESPECIALLY when things are bad. Wenger is NOT Arsenal. He just has a first name that sounds a bit like Arsenal. My support is for AFC translate to the support for its manager ONLY when he is getting it right. Granted, some managers may make mistakes here and there. That’s alright cos we’re all humans. But when the same mistake is made for 10 years consecutively, it’s no longer a mistake. Its simply pride, arrogance and stubbornness. Even if Guardiola were in Wenger’s shoes, i’d still say kick him out! My ULTIMATE support is for ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB, not any manager or player.

        1. sorry i meant *My support for AFC translates to the support for its manager ONLY when he is getting it right.

        1. No. The only player in arsenal that cares about fitness is Sanchez. The rest are a bunch of poor organized lazy kids.

    1. @Andrew, some here will be praying for the next manager to flop, as soon as their god (Wenger) leaves, so they could say, “Did we not say it?”

      Well, Wenger will be our coach until he clocks 90 (could get older), and when he passes on, Wenger junior will succeed him with Big-gun as his assistant.

  2. @Mr. Admin we are not trying to fight with everyone or abuse each other but lets be honest. Forget the injured players that’s part of the game, talk about the issues we had at the beginning we were short in numbers on important positions I knew that, you knew that, Gunners fans knew that, pundits knew that, the board knew that and Wenger knew that.

    Now game time, team selection frustrates, we not qualified managers but we love soccer so much we can understand some things. example, Carzola, Ramsey, Nacho not doing well, you have Campbell, Podolski Rosicky and other tactics that can be applied. We are pissed with Wenger for his disinterest on the obvious issues and you cannot sit there and claim Wenger has not been the author of all our frustrations. It actually hurts to sit here and type this because inevitably you love your fellow Gunners. Lastly I heard that in soccer winning is the only thing. Are we wrong for wanting that since it was promised to us saying we can challenge in the transfer market. Why he never bought PLAYERS WE NEEDED?

    1. I agree that we needed those players, but I’m not convinced that Wenger did not TRY to buy them. You KNOW he wont buy anyone overpriced (well…except Ozil when he was desperate) but his problem is he tries to get a bargain at the last minute rather than pay full price early on. I agree that Wenger is living in the past where a million was too much money, but the fact is we need to support ARSENAL and whoever is playing for us…

      1. I agree “we need to support ARSENAL and whoever is playing for us…”
        But, we do not need to support Wenger blindly. Put some pressure on him.

      2. Looks like you aren’t gonna win this one admin, Wenger needs to go asap and (almost) everyone knows it.
        Comparing us with UTD is nonsense, they were champions, we are failing, well off the pace and worse every year.

    2. I agree that a change of manager is a gamble at this time of the season. However, as Man United has shown, you can never be fully ready when it comes to change of managers. There are always teething problems, in some cases less severe than others. A tactically astute, young Roberto Martinez, on one hand, came from a lesser team & lifted Everton up to our necks last season. Their performances against Moyes’ United & us last season were perhaps some of the best I’ve ever seen. Moyes, on the other hand, moved up the ladder & completely screwed up United. Yes, we look terrible! However, as much as we try to gain some comfort in the knowledge that our opponents are also not doing too well, the problem with our team seems to a persistence of the same unaddressed issues season after season. The FA Cup triumph for me only covered the same unresolved issues — lack of physicality in the team, never-ending injuries, too many inconsistent performers, tactical rigidity, defensive frailties, etc — problems that have softened our Arsenal and made us very predictable over a few seasons to even the lamest pundits. We can say he’s trying on the transfer market, but why, for instance, let Vermaelen go when you don’t have a replacement lined up & yet you know defending is our biggest problem. I can’t even remember the last time Arsenal was 1 or 2 goals up, and as fans, we felt ‘job done’ & didn’t have to feel nervous! What’s the point of coming close to a title one season, then completely messing up the next? What’s the point in getting a CL spot every year & really not achieve much with it? It seems Wenger is now doing just enough to keep us afloat, but not enough to move up higher. Which is where the fans’ frustrations, I believe, mostly lie. Maybe it’s time for us to take a leap of faith!

  3. Why are you AKBs so scared?
    Get out of your comfort zone, because Wenger will leave sometime anyway.
    If he doesn’t raise the standards of our football this season and doesn’t strengthen in January he has to go.

    And to ensure this it’s necessary to put pressure on the board.
    Don’t buy arsenal merchandise.
    Those fans which attend should draw up posters which say, “Play the players in position”, “Stop favoutitsm”‘ etc.
    Wenger out posters can wait until January.

        1. out of hand. heil, alluding to hitler ? seriously?
          as a german , i don’t think this is funny. just idiotic

          1. All right dude.
            If you don’t find it funny then you don’t laugh, while I find it funny and I’ll laugh. Laughing is a good exercise.

  4. We should be 3rd or second from the standing and what wrong with mr admin?you have looser mentality you cant be happy with log standings

    1. Of course I´m not happy. I am just saying we have no choice but to give Wenger until the end of the season. We all KNOW we have a brilliant squad, but half of them are injured! Wait ’til they come back and we will be brilliant. Mark my words…..

      1. Well maybe we’ll be brilliant. We’ll still win naught. Our brilliant selfs will not even challenge.
        Where we will be without Wenger ?
        We were 3rd richest football club in 2010. We are 5th now. Bayern Munich established themselves as a Global brand by Winning. We are projected to be over taken by both Chelsea & City in next 2years at the same rate.
        So,you see not exactly moving forward.

      2. But we don’t have a brilliant squad.
        How many of our starting 11 would start at Chelsea?
        How many of Chelsea’s starting 11 would start at Arsenal?
        That is the problem, 10 years ago ALL of our team could have started at any club, today; Sanchez, Ozil, oops! I ran out of automatic starters at any club…

    1. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. I would LOVE wenger to change his tactics depending on his opponents, but its too much like hard work…..

  5. Out of 45 games against top 4 in last few years
    Arsenal have won only 4 of their matches

    This alone tells the ability of wenger to motivate players against big teams

    Tell me for the last how many years we listen to the same d##n excuses from these AKBs

    1. also we took 4 points from a possible 45 against top 4 away.
      Enough is enough, taxi for Wenger in 30 minutes please…

  6. Wassup @Andrew how are you mate
    I read about your idea of protestingon some post earlier

    I am in

    Wenger doesn’t deserve to be sacked but the message has to be given to the board

    1. @hardy
      I am well how are you?

      That makes four of us what do you need to do to get people motivated to do something.

  7. ….

    Admn is right, we cant sack wenger in the middle of a season

    It will be in summer then.

    Off topic.

    Chilean newspaper about arsenal situation.

    its in spanish, just use your translator…

    They see us like loosers and like a sh*t team, sanchez is some sort of hero in chile and when he signed for us, chilean people expected us to be a top team. Now chileans are slating alexis 24/7 on social networks for choosing us, they want him to move to a better club…

    Im spaniard so spanish is obviously my mother language, i can read most comments on this social networks. THIS CHILEAN GUYS ARE URGING ALEXIS TO RUN FROM WENGER. EVERYONE CAN SEE IT.

  8. Let us consider a fact. Last year Wenger was ready to step down. This means he knew his time is up and he is not doing justice to this club. Now tell me how can one FA cup victory can all change that ? For a club like Arsenal, where a manager did not win anything for 10 years and had made up his mind to give up, is it fitting to give the manager another 3 years just because he won one FA cup. This does not seem right. If he knew he would still be able to deliver PL his contract extension should not have been decided by an FA cup.

  9. Admin

    You know this subject is winding people up , so why post three articles in a row on the subject.

    1. To: Mr Admin
      I think you should get a grip rather than slagging off fans worried about the collapse in standards at Arsenal. We fans are entitled to, in fact, should, put the club before any one individual. One trophy (Community Shield doesn’t count as a first rank trophy) in 10 years and that only because someone else beat Chelsea (something we have never done under Mourinho) is simply not good enough for Arsenal FC. Most of the points you make (which are mostly opportunistic and insubstantial) don’t address the real issue facing the club which is mismanagement at almost every level from the manager upwards (and I am not excluding failings lower down in the club’s hierarchy either but these are the responsibility of the manager).
      So please if you wish to run this forum properly encourage the fans to speak up for the welfare of the club first and foremost (in a non abusive way of course). In any case there is no need for abuse as that only detracts from the facts and these deliver only one message: Arsene Wenger’s time as manager of Arsenal FC is coming to an end and the precise time of that coming to pass should be triggered by the interests of the club.
      There is no need to be concerned about Arsene Wenger’s material wellbeing into the future as he has earned tens of millions as managerof this club so everyone can rest easy on that point, however, the future of the club is much less certain given the mismanagement is has suffered for some time now.

    2. Simple aswer. Because I believe that EVERY Arsenal fan is allowed an opinion, whether you agree or not. We have had a 1000 Anti-Wenger comments, but who has looked at what will actually happen if he leaves?

      1. What happens then? A lot of crap will happen but we will eventually find a balance again, getting rid of wenger is like doing something painful and stresfull that you dont want to do but once you are done with it it just feels great.

      2. My worst fears confirmed: OMG!!! Admin has been bitten by Wenger the nightwalker!!!!!! No wonder, just no wonder!!! How can we have an umpire that takes sides? That’s why very realistic and honest comments get deleted without warning.

        Admin, even if u are an *** (can’t say the name, makes me shiver), u should really have not announced it or made it obvious. But just like it happened to Big-Gun, after u get bitten, u can’t hide it when u turn. #sad

        1. Teehee! I used to be AKB but was bitten in a dark ally by the “I’ve Had Enough” DAY WALKER. The Day Walkers see things clearer in the sunlight.

      3. @ Admin

        You do know that Ar$ene will eventually leave the club either through old age, retirement etc etc, right? It is INEVITABLE.

        All I am saying is that life and our great club will still have to go on. The club does not revolve around him.

      4. Thankyou admin, I’ve been waiting for an article like this for a while as im sure many other “silent on here” arsenal fans have.

        U generate a very good point what happens if arsene leaves?


        BECAUSE arsenal players play for Wenger, just like united players played for fergie, thats what most people just don’t get. Arsenal players aren’t great because they are just good talents, they are good because they give there all for wenger. Many players have left lots of flopped at different clubs only a few have done well. Thats because arsene gets the best out of hof players like fergie did.


        Respect wenger because hes a far greater man than you will ever be. I like many of wengers players look upto him, I’m 27 and have spent the last 10 years supporting arsenal, call me a AKB call me what you want but a big part of why i support arsenal is because of wenger, his philosophy and his mentality.

        Sure its annoying when he doesn’t make the tactical changes that i would….but what do i know? sure i can play football, i can man manage, but i don’t know the details, the details about players lives there moral, what they do in training, how fit they are or what potential they show.

        FAITH RESPECT and HARDWORK make u sucessful, money is a short cut and has proven many times without those three virtues even all the money in the world won’t allow you to achieve what you want.

        1. Mate you saying the players play for Wenger? Which players? We didn’t say he must have bought Bale of James Rodriguez, all we said was Wenger must have bought the needed players b4 the season began. Well he didn’t buy them. We are now saying Wenger must use the players he has sensibly, well he is not, and now we are saying he must go, ofcos he must.

          Any other manager with half his ambition and motivation would have beat Swansea and Andelecht all day, do better against Chels even beat mancity. He has a bench with talent but he always fields players off form. We don’t have a brilliant squad but its an ok squad. We just need a manager to use right players in right positions and right times. What is Sanogo doing in the bench when he just returned from an injury when hes never scored? And should Campbell kill someone to share Sanogo’s privileges?

      5. If he leaves? Don’t you mean WHEN he leaves? He won’t die on the job (at least we hope not) so he will eventually leave. Life without Wenger is inevitable whether in january or the year 2020. What happens then? The action taken by the club in 2020 to replace him may as well be taken in 2014. So the question of what happens when he leaves should not arise.

  10. I am a big believer that all problems are relative and I appreciate my fellow Arsenal fans frustrations…but remember there are plenty of football clubs around the UK that are in a complete mess; Arsenal aren’t one of them.

    It would do our fans good to get a little perspective on things rather than moan all the time!

    Get behind the team its only November for gods sake, COYG!!!

    1. Exactly. It’s only November and Wenger has thrown in the towel already.
      If that’s how you want to justify the inefficiency of our manager at present times, so be it.

      1. @Adienl

        Get a grip pal…your acting like its the end of the world.

        Did you honestly think we were going to win the league this season or something???

        Yes Its the same old song, year after year…I know this, but we have had worst starts to seasons and still managed to get our shit together and finish in the top 4…yes top 4, as winning the league is just beyond this team without spending serious dollar. Your frustrations are valid, so rather than cry…go have an angry wank and get over it…its only NOVEMBER!

        1. And then when ppl start cursing its wrong, but maybe u a spud fan mate cos it cant be same song for 10 years. You know some have been supporting Arsenal after Wenger and the first major trophy Arsenal won in that time is the recent FA cup. Back then the reasons where to a degree sensible but now its no longer finances or lack thereof, its the lack of ambition, passion and winning mentality which has been sucked out of Arsenal throughout that time.


          He has failed to motivate players, and there are many causes to that, like team selection. How can you hit a wall and still choose to keep banging hoping your fists will break it. Wenger has lost the winning mentality. I didn’t believe this but since yesterday I began to realise how much of LOOSERS ARSENE WENGER HAS TURNED ALL OF US TO BE. WHETHER CONSCIOUSLY OR SUBCONCIOUSLY BUT HE HAS CAREFULLY SUCCEEDED

      1. @ks-Gunner

        No pride, no ambition? Already fallen? Have you listened to yourself?? we have only lost two games and one of them was to Chel$ki…even Man city are trailing them. I know we have been under performing as a unit, but come on, have you seen the other apparent top 6?

        I appreciate your frustrated and tired of the same crap, but really…you should high 5 yourself across the face and wake up, ITS ONLY NOVEMBER!

        1. Usualy our tittle hopes cramble in middle Febuary, this years its NOVEMBer, so what is your fakking point mate? What do you want to tell us with this November? Do you think we are going to make a great comeback or something.

          We have drawn to many games which had to be won at home, this is failuare, the part of the season we have to play those games away and it wont be easy.

          And again, do you think Wenger will beat Moro in his life ever? Dont think so, right?

    2. By plenty i would assume you are referring to only top teams like Manu, Manc, chelsea, Liverpool because i like to consider my club in this bracket only for comparision.

      Now start counting the number of trophies won by each of the club in the period Wenger has been the last 17 years. Okay you will indicate the oil money for Manc and Chelsea. What about MANU? SAF won a PL with a team which finished 8th(or 7th!) next year. Even Liverpool won an UCL and not with a top top group of players. It was Rafa Benitez’s tactical prowess and genius.

      Let us consider Athletico Madrid and Dortmund. AM won La Liga last year and reached UCL Finals and had one of the cheapest teams in Europe. Again : Diego Simeone.

      Dortmund : I dont think Klopp needs an introduction.

      Heck even consider Southampton this season. Some “so called experts” even tipped them to be fighting for relegation. And see what a wonderful work RK is doing there.

      Dont tell me we did not have a title winning team in any of those 10 years. Just ask yourself how many times we almost almost won the title but for the lack of proper depth in the key positions , poor rotations and poor tactics in the big games.

      Manager IS crucial. And we seem to pay the price for this every season.

  11. Now there’s an educated slap on the wrist. Bit like being told to go and sit on the naughty step! So next time I have a meal at the Ritz and I get served some greasy fish’n chips I shouldn’t complain out of deference to the three star chef. I should indeed be grateful to get any meal never mind one that is cooked with skill and served with care. I think that the article is as close to being an insult as it is no doubt intended. I promise not to look forward ever again to a new season and not to expect that my team should ever try too hard lest become depressed and fatigued. Thank you.

  12. I am not saying “sack Wenger”. We are Arsenal. We are better than that. But its about sending the message to the board and Wenger himself that one FA cup victory does not change anything and he should resign with dignity and gracefully.

  13. Mr Admin if you think that this is the end then you are mistaken. This bs we have been facing is only the beginning. You and the other Akb freaks, together with Big Gun, the 2 faced fella, are going to bleed your fingers out in writting emty topics about pointles exuces, to excuse something which can not be excused.

    What do you plan to writte in the next article? Relax Gunners, it is not Wengers fault that the others are better then him. Do you get my point? Pathetic bunch of people all of you.

    1. I expect the next article to be along the lines of “The players don’t motivate wenger”.
      Excuses are so easy to find these days.

  14. And what about Wenger’s attitude : “Its impossible to catch chelsea now”. Even 1/3rd of season is not over and already given up ? Now what are we playing for ? FA cup ? 4th place. Unless it becomes mathematically impossible to catch a team, you DONT give up. You just DONT. What attitude and passion you are expecting from the team whose manager himself is devoid of ?

  15. plenty of people could help wenger if he was willing to be more flexible….
    dennis bergkamp
    tony adams
    dolph lundgren
    david dein
    sooty (not sweep the scoundrel)

      1. Ian Wright: “Bould isn’t allowed much say in training. I know he has recommended defenders to Wenger, but they haven’t been signed.”

  16. Good and valid points. I hope some of you have come back down to earth and realized that Wenger’s departure cannot and will not happen right now. Let’s see what he does in Jan, and until then, stop whining and support him and the team.

    1. Yes your wenger has all the time till Jan.
      But he has to be put in his place. His deficiencies should be pointed out by the fans. He has to be shown how poor he’s been performing, since he doesn’t amend his mistakes and repeats them every game.
      He cannot escape the pressure.

  17. Fellow gooners just Look at Bayern Munich
    They built a stadium too like we did but they did not lose their spirit for fighting for trophies

    But in Europe
    Arsenal in past few years
    round of 16 or quarter final
    Bayern Munich
    3 CL finals in last 5 years (2010, 2012, 2013)

    Because their club if ambitious and they takes risks

    Their DIRECTORS are German legends and Bayern Munich fans
    they will never take money over success of their club

    Who do we have????

    Nobody with power in the board cares about arsenal and us fighting for real titles
    They all blindly follow a manager who doesn’t have anyone to report to so he is happy too

  18. I seriously wonder what our results are going to be leading up to and including January. We have to play Southampton home and away between now and Jan 1st and they won’t be a pushover not with only conceding 5 goals so far this season and having a better goal average than even Chelsea. we play man Utd next, then Liverpool just before Xmas, and also have City away on Jan 18th. Judging on our non-management so far i can’t see us getting more than 2 points from all five of those fixtures. We know full well that if Wenger wants someone in January he’ll wait until 31st before acting.

  19. Arsene Wenger managed to hide his mediocrity under the veil of Stadium debt and lack of financial support. Now that veil is gone, its a naked parade.

    1. @Invincible49
      So true! Wenger used the stadium to take the spotlight off his own performance. FFP another distraction. We could have had our stadium and the best team in England if we had gone with Dein’s idea of bringing in Russian money. Fight fire with fire instead of with Wenger’s hand wringing and limp excuses. Everything became cheap about Arsenal after that on the playing end except the manager’s wages.

  20. If this was the first time we have had a poor start or had lots of injuries or failed to sign players we need I would agree give Wenger time and a chance to correct but this is why so many of us are fed up is this is the 9th year now.wenger has no excuses he chose not to buy a DM and CB in the summer when he had the cash to do so,he fails to work on the defensive side of the game and we lose games we should win,he plays top players out of position arshsvin and now Ozil.
    He get paid so much money and treats the fans and ex players with utter contempt.
    He has had enough time and chances to build a team that wins trophies and it’s time he stepped down and we got a manager that can adapt to the era of football we are in.
    @admin agree we should respect each other but I’m disappointed you cannot see through the failures of a once great manager.

  21. Is Abuse to fellow arsenal fans and the manager out of order? Yes
    Should we be grateful for a tactically inept manager who can’t manage his squad? No

  22. Calling all Gooners fed up with Wenger,go visit the she wore a yellow ribbon Facebook page and on there is A4 poster you can print to take to the games put up around the emirates and hand out.time for change starts now and this is the first step.

      1. Next game yes Man U at home will be Wenger out before and after the game but will cheer the team on during the game

  23. Man City have the right idea. Mancini won the league and then lost it and got replaced instantly. Pellegrini won the league and is now losing the race and already the club are lining up someone who can do a better job. At Arsenal we are totally different. Even when the manager has not won the league for 10 years we still keep him on and manage to cling on to fourth place each year. That is not progression in my mind.

  24. @Mr lean @Andrew how are you guys
    A long time since we all talked (Old days)

    Three of us are ready to implement @Andrew idea
    Lets hope we get some more people to do it

    @Phil Thompson nose where are you??

    1. @hardy
      Yes, it’s a long time since we talked. How are you?

      I can spend hours blocking Arsenals switch board and it will not cost me anything.

          1. You guys make us out like we want Wenger to stay for another decade. All we are saying is give the man until Jan, and if he ends up buying a decent player or two, then till the end of the season. Not a lot to ask.

  25. ANSWER me this do you think a manager who failed to delivering in any other industry would still have his 8m job I think NOT.I am not talking about FA Cup Premiership or any other cup what I am talking about is CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. The money was there to buy the right players but Mr Wenger with RESPECT you failed to deliver year after year. If Arsenal had not won the
    FA Cup last season Mr Wenger would be gone.

    1. Would be so funny for us to have a performance inspector come in to see how our manager is doing in his role. They’d be like “He’s only won one measly cup in 10 years?? You guys kidding me?? Why do your keep him on?” I’m picturing it now lmao.

  26. Eat ur records……… Do yourself a favour and tell dictator WENGER how much we want him out of this club

  27. This whole thing just make me sick cuz it reminds me of a particular woman that was my neighbour. Her husband was very abusive and incentive to her. He’d comeback late at night and beat her up, you’d hear her screaming seriously for help.

    One day I could not take it anymore so I called the police on him. When they arrived and questioned the woman, she bluntly denied having issues with her husband and told them it could be the next door, not theirs. I felt badly f*cked and stupid.

    Much later, my girlfriend asked her why she denied having issues with her husband and claiming he never used his hands on her, the dumb woman started saying things like he was a nice man when I met him, he’s just having a rough patch, I know he’d change. Well, he could change only after killing her.

    That woman is like the AKBz. Plainly deluded and intellectually numb folks.

  28. It is true that our players are underperforming absolutely no doubt about it; BUT there is one reason and one reason only and that is WENGER, his philosophy and handling of the Club has allowed demotivation, complacency and frustration among the players.
    So as an ARSENAL fan and with all the frustrations of being one at this point in time, we should not take it on the players but on the REAL Culprit, WENGER.

  29. If Wenger carries on this way, expect Sanchez to leave. He is top quality and money alone won’t keep him here. If he doesn’t see any hope for trophies then he will be tempted by the dark side if the force.

  30. OMG! Admin seriously… If our aim is to play like crap because everybody else plays like crap then just I don’t get your point. Our quality and team standards have slipped by a mile. We can are not even close on a European level. Great managers set high standards and are not happy until they achieve it.

  31. If I could wave a magic wand I would make Wenger disappear and put Klopp in his place and make him bring Reus and hummels with him.

  32. “Also we are sitting just four points behind Man City in THIRD place”

    Another way of stating the same thing, is that we are sitting just 1 point behind West Ham and Swansea City in SIXTH place. How any gonner can be satisfied with that, is a mystery to me. And although we’ve lost “only 2 games”, it really doesn’t tell the whole story about how appalling our performances have been.


  33. AKB = Lack of them things between the legs.
    I respect and am grateful to Wenger for what he’s done but based on facts and one after another, after another managerial mistake I now ‘respected’ and ‘was grateful’.
    I work in a business that is data driven and is constantly looking for continual improvement.
    Mistakes happen and things don’t always go right but analyse, understand the cause, make changes and ensure you never make the same mistake again. Basic business management but Arsene having gone to the school of Economics seems not to follow the above principle.

    Arsene look up DMAIC on Google….
    Define – Define the problem.
    Measure – Measure it over time.
    Analyse – To understand the cause.
    Improve – make improvements.
    Control – make sure the improvements are effective and put measures in place to ensure things don’t relapse.

    Obvious really no?
    Wenger could and should have a team of people doing this for him 24/7 for every issue we have, goodness knows there plenty to work on!

    On topic I agree verbal abuse, (ageist, racist, wishing someone to die etc) is completely intolerable and also aggressive abuse towards fellow fans should be curbed though I understand personally how someone relatively calm can through escalation and repeated errors become insanely exacerbated!

    1. You obviously do not respect Wenger and what he has done, because if that were true, you would give him till Jan to buy one or two players and until the end of the season before calling for his head.

  34. Compared to last season, we are crap. People have a right to express their feelings about that. The trouble is, many people still think Wenger is untouchable and some kind of Demigod. He isn’t. He is fallible and failing. The evidence is clear.

    Enough of this ‘we have to get behind the team’ crap. We are failing, and there are reasons why.

    God only knows why we sent Jenkinson out on loan, because it was clear to any idiot that we were short defensively, so why?

    I know the premiership is competitive this season, but our defensive record is poor at key points of a game. Put simply, we are no longer a team to be feared. We are a team in disarray, and a team that is predictable. Hence why we have lost 2 games when seemingly in the lead.

    We cannot control a game, the manager NEVER subs properly or rotates the team. We have players that rot on the bench or never see first team action. It’s fecking unforgiveable, and I am pig sick of our obstinate manager who in his arrogance thinks he knows best. He doesn’t anymore, and we are becoming a laughing stock. It really is embarrassing.

    Please can we have new manager with modern ideas, that lets players develop and doesn’t show favouritism or freezr players out.

    Not much to ask is it??

  35. Can we all just calm down a bit, and instead of wanting Wenger to be sacked right away, just give him until Jan to see what he does? There are no AKB’s on this site, because we all know Wenger’s time is up, its just the manner in which he departs is what is essentially become an argument here. Some of you want him gone NOW, which is just stupid as it will cause way too much disruption and affect our team negatively. Give the man a chance until Jan, and if he buys a decent CB and perhaps another player, then give him till the end of the season. Have a heart ffs

    1. Big gun I predict two average signings , apparently 20 m is what we have to spend , we need minimum £35 m

    2. @Big Gun

      Let me guess – if he doesn’t buy in Jan, you switch back to anti-wenger and if he does, you feel high and mighty and come on the forums to heap praise on your false shepherd.

      Have a heart? If he is doing charity work, I would have a heart. The man is being paid £8 million and he can’t even get off his constipated a$$ to shout out instructions to the team.

  36. I agree there should be no personal abuse but let’s keep it real
    I don’t give a toss about Man U, Liverpool or anyone else we should only set our standars to the top teams and at the moment we are WAY OFF, so admin if you wish to support wenger that’s fine, but it’s also fine for what is the majority on here to want him out , you seem a typical wenger fan happy with fourth no matter who else is above
    Stop making excuses

  37. “Arsenal fans need to count their blessings and get a grip”

    I mean really!!!

    Not only the club has become a farce and a laughing joke…
    Not only our manager has been CLEARLY exposed as a fake…
    Not only the scope of ambition is NONE…
    Not only the fans are paying the most expensive seats in world football to watch sh*t…
    Not only we have one of the highest paid manager in world football…

    And now, we are supposed to take it and get on with it…

    I am not surprised as some fans have done it already…

    Addiction is a b*tch, but being addicted to mediocrity and underachievement is just sickening…!!

    Look at Wenger… He could not care less.
    The objectives are top four and get out of the CL group stage… Those are the only aims set by whoever does not give a F*ck about the club.
    If we get a “small” cup, that’s a bonus.
    This is why you saw all the suits coming out on the pitch after the FA Cup win… I found it pathetic and opportunistic.

    Top club?
    Please stop kidding yourself…

    Not even near, not even close…

    It is just sad.
    I only feel sorry for the fans.

  38. Yesterday I was browsing through YouTube saw the bayern match in 2001 season we took a 2-0 lead but lost it due to defensive issues and now fast forward to 2014 arsenal drew with andrelecht 3-3 what part of forgiveness does the manager need, he gets the funds to sign people and assign them accordingly with players like Monreal at CB and Calum at RB after the first goal he should have put Calum at CB and monreal at RB.
    Another point the manager is missing is not giving Steve bould the respect and allowance to organise the team next what happens fullbacks,CDM and CM and attackers accumulate to total of 8 players behind the ball whilst leading 1-0. Arsene stated before the game Chelsea can be chased and still early part of season,after the game no one can catch them .WTF

  39. Again another blog I got bored of reading. Yes we have injuries and that has depleted the squad. But who could have and should have brought in more players? Mr Wenger/The board.

    Yes we are only 4 points behind Man City, but their defence isn’t much better than ours, but they can score goals galore!

    Why Man U have even been mentioned in this blog I don’t know because they have about as much cohesion as 20 year old glue from the horse factory.

    The truth is WE WON’T WIN THE LEAGUE OR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE UNDER WENGER. It’s a sad thing to have to say but Wenger hasn’t got the tactical ability to compete with the likes of Mourinho, and the Swansea game showed that. We simply should not have had more than half the team in front of the ball instead of behind the ball when they went ahead. Wenger is responsible for managing those players and telling them where and how to play. If you get a lucky break away from home on a saunday afternoon when it’s pissing down with rain and you’re under the cosh then you defend that lead. We simply threw it away as we did in the CL last week. And it’s happening all the time. The FA cup was wallpaper to a crack last season.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but when will people wake up and smell the coffee? We need to take a risk and change the way this club moves forward.

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