Arsenal fans need to cut Ozil some slack

The ball was lobbed. The Gunner in Bright Yellow waiting – unmarked- in the left wing. One sublime touch to bring it down and another to slide it to Giroud and GOAL for Arsenal!

There he was. All smiles. 14 minutes into the game, providing. While CR7 fumed and Real Madrid fans sang, He was there, our new Messiah, Our Mesut Özil.

But this wasn’t the fairy story that went on ever after, he was questioned from the moment he arrived. “Did we need another attacking midfielder when our priorities were a striker and defensive midfielder?” And with an accusation from the Real Madrid President “He parties too much. That’s why we sold him.”

I always said,”Who cares? We have the best number 10 in the world.”

But one year down the line things have changed DRASTICALLY for him.
From Saviour to Passenger. A run of poor games has prompted fans to Sell him and recoup the transfer fee. Even stats which only matters to the fans are not on his side. But there a case can be made, as always.

He missed the pre-season. Played one of the highest number of games and minutes for club and country in his entire career. He is clearly out of form yet does his business quietly. You may not love him at the moment but just take two minutes off and watch the only goal we scored against Besiktas in slow-mo.

You know what you will see?
You see, Jack making a pass to Mesut where he is crowded by three Besiktas players, yet he effortlessly glides the ball beating three opponents at once and freeing up Jack to score. But Jack miscontrols the ball and it falls to Sanchez who scores.

Mesut may be anonymous the whole game operating in shadows, but one moment, and you will be amazed. Its a matter of time before our Mesut finds his mojo. Until than give him the love he needs.

P.S.- Mesut has had very low moments even in Madrid where Mourinho subbed him twice at half time and didn’t play him at a game.(The Infamous Özil-Ramos shirt case)

P.P.S.- Mesut choose us at a time when we had no great players plying their trade with us, no trophies to go with over Sheikh owned PSG where he was guaranteed a League win with a decent UCL run and assisting the likes of The Zlatan and Cavani.

Remember Gunners, he choose us at a time when we were at our poorest. I ask you this, do we not repay him the same way when he is at his poorest?


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  1. May be Wenger should positioned him at his rightful place, in the middle… We are not the German national team (we have no where near the same midfield quality, no where close) where he plays on the wing because the DM can track back.

    Gibbs is back (it seems) in the squad !! Looking forward to that (not)…!

    1. bc we re building a team around him and need to give him confidence to perform. He’s 25. imagine our midfield in a couple of years: him, wilsh, ox, ramsey with welbeck up top. Teambuilding. The rosicky and caz arent here forever

  2. Even if he out of position he can put in an effort.

    He is like a child when things don’t go his way.

    Ozil out

    1. In my opinion it’s all due to a confidence problem as well as his physical presence.. These two are related to each other.
      Maybe Wenger should rest him a bit more or use him as a sub
      As a sub he’s sharper than the opponent’s the moment he comes on, which should be a big advantage.. another advantage of this would be that if he performs well, he gets his confidence back.

      I totally believe in Ozil and it’s way too harsh to criticize him that much. Two years ago it was Ramsey, beginning of this year it was Jack.. for some over here it would be better if they don’t share their opinion on this page. Really getting tired of those haters with their superficial ”opinions”

      Give Ozil some time to flourish, just imagine an AFC team with a Ramsey, Sanchez, Jack and Ozil totally in form. Not to mention our other prospects

  3. That is the problem, you guys have not realised that Wenger will play Ozil as long as he is fit, due to his price tag. He will play him in defence if he has too…!
    Wenger never made/make the tough decisions.
    Against Leicester, Rosicky or Campbell would have change the game.

    Why is Campbell not playing? The boy should have looked for an escape route, he won’t be much involve. Wenger kept him because the fans would have found strange to let him go after such a great World cup.

    Those next 3 years are going to be painful and I hope they will be Wenger last because the guy needs to bounce the f*ck up seriously.

    Arsenal has so much potential (due to the fans pockets, let’s not forget that) and could do so much more especially on the European stage where we have just silent participant.

      1. 10 yrs have gone by and we are going to be out of top 4 this year….sad to see good players signing for us as Wenger will make them miserable.
        This year man utd will be top 4…it will be fight between everton,liverpool,arsensal.
        We started the season aiming for the top slot..but it was all a joke.
        Wenger is stupid and he will remain that…it is difficult for many to change at 65..

  4. Just Arsenal needs to shut the F** up. Football is a team sport, if we do something wrong, one player alone cant be at fault. I personally before blaming any one on the pitch tend to critisise the manager.

    Look at Man City. Every player in the team plays to their fullest talent. Silva plays up front, Aguero scores goals, the defenders try to defend.

    Same with Chelsea. Costa scores goals like a striker, Fabregas makes assists like a playmaker, Hazard is running down the flanks, Matic stays and bosses the miedlefield.

    The point is. They will always do better then us bec not like Arsenal they ask for their players to do the things they do the best.

    Comon Arsenal beat the Bvb

  5. Just want to see him back to his best. Maybe he gets singled out by 2 or 3 opposition players but that’s what happens when your a good player he needs to up the effort and his form will come.

    Buzzing for tonight c’monnnnnn !!!!!

  6. When you pay over £40 million for a player and pay that player £140,000 per week, I guarantee Wenger won’t bench him easily

    I can understand Ozil being out of position is not his fault and we can’t expect him to defend great and hustle after balls and tackle like an expert, but we do expect him to show more effort and enthusiasm out on the pitch.

    Also, I blame Wenger for not only placing Ozil out of position but being incredibly stubborn to keep putting him out of position match after match after match.

    1. I swear. I’m grateful to Wenger for all the trophies and getting us in Champions League every year, but Wenger is the most stubborn predictable manager there is.

      There is nothing wrong with being dynamic and changing tactics if one doesn’t work.

      Most managers will go from plan A to plan B to plan C.

      Wenger goes from plan A and if that doesn’t work he sticks with plan A.

    2. Firstly unlike most think, Wenger does not really play him out of position.
      – Ozil played a lot in the left when he built up his name in Bremen
      – Check his heat map in both Leicester and Man City match and you will see that he spent whole match around the center of the field, a bit to the left or right but very far from byline where normal winger would play.

      What Wenger does not do is to have a formation and tactics to get the best out of Ozil, or build the whole team around him. But Why should he do that when Ozil is no where near the talisman in our team (used to belong to Henry, Fabregas then Van Persie). The new formation this season is to get the best out of Ramsey, Sanchez and Wilshere while still give Ozil decent freedom to roam and create.
      Dont get me wrong that I like Ozil and think he should deserve more credits. He is not the one who give the direct assist or score goal but many times he is the one who pass to the assist. His playing style and dacial expression make it easy for others to blame him when things go wrong. Anyway he may want to pick a leaf out of David Silva’s book, this is how playmaker should play in the EPL. We have many options in attack now, Carzola or Rosicky can replace Ozil when he get tired after 70 mins.

      1. I disagree with the position thing. Even Ozil himself in his interview (i think sky sports) stated that he prefers the center, or even on the right where he can cut in on his favorite left to make a pass or shoot.

  7. Clearly right now mesut ozil is out of form badly! But lets give him a chance, and behind him and the team! He will come good! Coyg!

  8. We have to realise that for a club with so much potential and such a great fan base, we are doing “nothing” football wise, nothing!
    Since 2006, we should have been European champions at least twice (please don’t mention the stadium and the rest… Other clubs have done it).

    I will always support the club and enjoy the fans passion, but I could not give a f*ck about Wenger… He is clearly here, now, for his own agenda and could not give a toss about the fans.

    Our club should have one of the top manager/coach in the world and we got a 63 yo senile tactically useless and arrogant somebody… He even came out today saying that “we are short at the back and we cannot afford another injury”!!!!! I mean I know he is deluded, but is he deranged???

  9. Lets be honest here. We have no chance of winning the Cl. Just try to be objective. Wengers record against Big team is shocking.

    Not only from this year, but as long as i have been to known Arsenal, the team always struggled against big teams. 6-0 lose Against Chelsea tells more then thousend words.

    1. Just because it happened last season doesn’t mean this is still the case. 6-0 against Chelsea was a game where none of our players actually turned up. And it makes it worse when all the opposition player turned up that day. Same thing happened with 8-2 at Utd but there was also a certain Webb and the fact that we missed the penalty. I mean it was like what? 3-1 at half time?

      1. How about us losing to Liverpool 5:1, City 6:3, Everton 3:0, being unable to beat a team like Manure? Dont try to tllk this down as there is no excuse in the world which could excuse these pathetic results.

      2. Yeah, and that was Arsene’s milestone. I mean, how would he want to lose that game, and in that way too? He wanted something glorious, but the players let him down. #Sad

    2. I agree in some aspect but until we face and big teams this season you don’t know if things have changed. We face city who in all fairness were lucky to draw it was only down to a set play and players switching off. We were ripping the poop out of them just poor finishing let us down. They were constantly fouling us milner should of been off with the amount of times he fouled debutchy I feel we have more chance in the cups

  10. I think for the time being, let’s just remember what he accomplished at Real Madrid. He had top assists in La Liga (higher than Iniesta, Xavi, Messi) etc before he joined us. The class is there, we must just be a bit patient with him. Unfortunately, the more we get on his back right now, the worse he will perform. He is not Aaron Ramsey. But if we encourage him he will naturally play better. It is also Wenger and the coaching staff to point out his errors and motivate him to work harder on the pitch. If he fails to do this, the blame must be laid at the managers feet. Plain and simple.

  11. lets all leave him alone (ozil) other clubs would love to have him in their squad, we obviously not using him properly even his saying it, don’t let Arsenal haters get to you, wait until TW14 is back by end of October if we don’t have any major injuries we will be unstoppable with Ozil coming good.

  12. so do we still need to cut ozil some slack after our latest debacle against dortmund folks ?. i say cut his legs off instead , he is dead in the water . and to think what we could have done with that money that the clown wenger spent on the most over rated player of all time .talk about a comedy of errors , only wenger could have written this mess . wenger out now .

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