Arsenal Fans need to get behind the team until the end of the season

The Gunners are on their worst run of results in the history of Arsene Wenger’s leadership at Arsenal, and the main reason I can see is because of all the uncertainty about Wenger’s and our star players contract situations. Mesut Ozil spoke up in the media the other day saying that he intends to forget about his contract talks until the season is actually over, as we still have targets to reach like the Top Four and of course our FA Cup semi-final.

With us facing a trip to Middlesbrough on Monday, it is imperative that we forget the media circus (and the protests) and actually get behind the team as we try to salvage something from this disastrous run. As Wenger said yesterday: “In the final part of the season, with eight games to go, it’s difficult when you get distracted,”

“We have to focus on the right things. In the summer, you have a longer period for the club to negotiate and plan the future.”

Totally ignoring his words, of course the media preferred to stir things up again (as they do in every press conference) by asking Le Prof about his own plans for the future. “Nothing [has changed],” he replied. “I focus on what is important for me, that is the performance of the team and what the fans are interested in is the performance of the team.”

“We spend a lot of time in our society to focus on things that are superficial and not take care of the essentials. The essential in football is that we have to make sure of one thing. Good players on the football pitch. That’s what we have to take care of.”

So we need the players to concentrate on getting their confidence back, and the best way to do that is to get a convincing win this week, to give us a little hope ahead of our FA Cup semifinal at Wembley next weekend. So how about we just let Wenger and the lads just do their jobs for the next 10 games (if we get to the FA Cup Final) and worry about the rest once it’s all over?

Sam P


  1. khangunners says:

    Guys our season is officially over. City winning that top four is going out of sight. Hate it but i think now is the time for fans to show there discontent as never before. If we fail to get three points on monday then top four is done so getting behind your team for what? What is left of our season? Fans fighting each other,an arrogant manager who is a furgeoson wanabee, spineless performance. The players hve to give the fans something to shout about but now we dont see anything. We only hve fa cup to play for but that is not a walk in the park. Wenger out !!!!

  2. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Oh please give Arsenal fans a Break!
    [They have been behind the team for years unend]

    They are not the cause of these predicaments…….

  3. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Get behind what???

    You can say that again……. Is this even a team?….
    Others are out ere Oozing class, we are busy Oozing sh**

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Thumb me down all you want Arsene…….. You can’t run away from the truth….Like it or not!

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    There’s nothing left to salvage points for…… And i really hope Boro(despite their bad run of form) tear us a new one
    Incase we haven’t notice ….these are the times of relegation struggles…..teams below become ferocious and are ready to fight tooth and claws to keep their heads above water
    The fight has begun!

    1. khangunners says:

      Exactly. I will not be shocked if we drop points. They will defend very deep and we will fail to open them up. The plus point is there forward line sucks so counter threat is not soo much but they can still harm us

  5. Arsenal007 says:

    It actually gets me angry all over again when I hear Wenger speak, or read his statements. The guy should for once admit he’s been poor…and take the blame…and Stop with all the ‘until end of season’ CR*P.

  6. ThirdManJW says:

    Couldn’t disagree more with this article. I hate seeing the protests, and our fans ripping into the players (especially as it’s Wenger’s fault, not theirs), but it’s what’s needed at this time. We’ve been behind the team for years, we’ve ploughed so much of our money into the club, and look what we’ve got in return?!

    An owner who’s barely even in the country, board members who have no knowledge of the footballing world, and a megalomaniac of a manager, who is desperate to keep hold of power, no matter what the consequences are for Arsenal. The fans have been taken for a ride, lied to, and treated with such disrespect for years, but no more! We are fighting back, and we must continue to fight until we get change!

    1. gmv8 says:

      That is the point – that is why they are tearing the fans apart as well, because we all want to back our team, but if we don’t protest the board and manager will think everything is OK and we will have to endure the same old mediocre cr@p year on year.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    I believe we’ll see much more effort this week. I think the way the fans chanted “you’re not fit to wear the shirt”, this should have them fearing a repeat onslaught from our fans, I wouldn’t have liked hearing that if it was me, I’d run my socks off in an effort to wipe the memory clean.

    I don’t like the way the FA is piling up our games, I wonder if Arsene insulting the integrity of the game has anything to do with it, probably not, but it was still unwise and unusual of Arsene.

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Ever heard of the word “Nemesis” ?

  8. Janssen says:

    For me, getting behind the team means wanting Wenger to leave. The team want him to leave, that’s why they are not fighting for him.

    Sadly, if there is any chance for Wenger to leave it will be if the poor results contiue.

  9. Red Dawn says:

    I believe that Merson is right in what when he said that Arsenal are simply waiting for the end of the season when everyone has gone home and the stadium is empty then they will announce that Wenger has signed a new deal for at least two years but more likely four years.
    There will be massive talk of re-structuring within the club and a new “director of football” what ever the hell that is and will be appointed whose responsibility will be to say yes to the manager.
    Big talk of big players coming in and the saps – sorry the season ticket holders will renew their season tickets and the whole cycle of failure will begin anew for the 2017/18 season.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      And I reckon that Wenger must be kicking himself for not signing the contract renewal as soon as it was offered to him.
      The Greedy forker was probably holding out for a bigger and better deal but little did he know that the team would fall to bits! lol and lol again.

      The majority of the fans don’t realise that the Board have responded to their protests by cancelling/freezing Wenger’s renewal, until the end of season… If you took a peace from all the rumour puzzles in the last month or so and put them together, you would get a clearer picture of what’s going on at the club.

      My assumptions are:
      The Board were looking for a suitable replacement,
      Either to gradually take the reins from Wenger within two years or to completely replace him at the end of the season,that’s if he (Wenger) didn’t agree to their terms and Maybe that’s why Wenger was delaying the signing of that contract because he didn’t want to work with a new assistant manager next season, we now know that the present one is jetting off to manage a club in Turkey at the end of this campaign and after working with Wenger for 19 odd years, this does sound a bit strange,right?? yup 1+1= Sesame Street do the maths! ?
      Wenger’s best mate and present assistant manager has made things easier by declaring that He is leaving, clearing the way for Wenger to sign the renewal, but nooo ..Wenger still thinks that he can hold the club to ransom and continues with his delay and for whatever he was holding out for? It has turned around and took a big chunk out of his Boney ass.
      The terrible results, the long losing run and the protests being bigger than before have made the Board react by freezing contract talks until the end of season.
      Look, if we finish this season Empty handed and with no European football (the board would accept Europa league by the way ???) then I’m sure as hell that Wenger will be gone by the mutual consent BS! at the end of season.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Yet Wenger could have been asking for assurances for the transfer market, to make enough funds available.

        As you said, Wenger was offered it ages ago and he didn’t sign.

        Since the board added the rebuild to the deal.

        If the board couldn’t get him to sign with no demand of change then why put that demand in and still hope he is going to sign unless that demand was asked for?

        We all know Wenger and Arsenal doesn’t like to do this kinda stuff public so how would we know if Wenger was fighting for a decent transfer budget to rebuild after having years of his best players sold?

        We all believe that we are waiting for the news to be told about Wenger signing a new contract, because of this I do question why Gazidis would say that Wenger needs to be a catalyst for change if he is to stay at Arsenal… Either they are saying what-ever to please the fans without intending to go through with any threat or Gazidis knows that Wenger wants a rebuild, announcing that the board put a ‘demand’ for change before it happens can be spun to make them look good and how the club has become ambitious.

        I will admit it could be Wenger just being a dithering old fool but until what I just said can be proven to be false then I do believe us supporters should bare it in mind, if nothing else we should keep this in mind considering what he has done for the club.

  10. Gunner 4 Life says:

    We as Arsenal fans.. the most of Us.. always want Our team to win.. but it’s only that some of Us r predicting a bad result.. n as someone above wants Us to lose.. it’s all down to Wenger.. Most of Us.. including me don’t want Him at Arsenal next season.. n dats da reason.. no one z cared about supporting Arsenal until the end of the season.. but.. even if U trying avoiding it as we can.. we can’t.. coz it’s Arsenal dat We all care about…. hope whatever the future we have.. I pray It turns out to be Good 4 d club.. n may We all support Arsenal together n not divided…. #COYG

  11. Boldly from borehamwood says:

    I will never ever want Arsenal to loose a game.
    Whilst I agree that massive change is needed, starting with a new manager, anyone who wants us to loose is fickle to say the least and a traitor. Forget top 4, that boat sailed weeks ago but I still want us to win as many of our remaining games as possible. Being a true supporter is about wanting your team to win not loose.
    I don’t particularly want us to be in the Europa league but who would want to manage us out of Europe? What players would want to join us as well?

    1. If we win we might finish 4th and Wenger will stay and the whole cycle of rubbish will continue. So if losing games is the price to pay for a new manager then so be it. Who will want to manage Arsenal while in europa league? Lol..I don’t think we will have trouble convincing a manager to accept 8 million a year for the challenge.

  12. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Yes, why not??
    The fans should get behind the team and give them exactly what every other Tom, Dick and Harry has this season??????

    Sponsored by GangBangs@BargainBuckets.. Finger licking good.

  13. Bill says:

    A club worth over £1billion ,Champions league year after year,The Emirates stadium, The Invincibles, new training grounds ,a fan base in all four corners of the globe ,
    Arsenals next manager has a lot to live up to.
    If there is anyone stupid enough to take the job.

  14. Bill says:

    Victory through harmony???

  15. gmv8 says:

    There is no passion in the team, and how can there be, when you are told you are not there to win trophies, but to bolster Kroenke’s bank account? What a bizarre decision to ship out Wilshere on loan, one of the more passionate Arsenal players, who could also inspire that passion in the newcomers in the team. Ian Wright has got it spot on. We need people like him on the board, in the coaching and any other publicity role on the Arsenal staff. When Arsenal legends, and it’s not only Mr Wright start breaking ranks with something they hold so dearly, you know something is seriously wrong with the club.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Ian Wright is nothing more than a BandWagon -Gravy -Train -Robber ??

  16. Steve H says:

    Got a better idea. The players get behind the fans. Show some passion ffs

  17. Frank says:

    The default positionis this: Wenger out at the end of the season, new manager in, build a new era. Nothing else matters presently, the season is gone, completely irrelevant. Last chance for some redemption next weekend but it’s not going to happen.

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