Arsenal fans need to give Aubameyang a break

Yes we all know that Aubameyang has been out of form this season, and he has been lambasted for not scoring in every game like he was doing for us last year. But last season, he was practically carrying us on his own and there was rarely anyone else stepping up to score when it wasn’t working out for him, but he was very often our saviour and won us many many points, not to mention the FA Cup semifinal and final.

But looking back at our bad patch, we were blaming Auba for not putting his chances away, but who else was helping? You could hardly even say we were creating any chances either, and surely Aubameyang could not be blamed for that either as he can’t play in every position. His job is to put chances away when he gets them, but if the chances are not provided then how is that his fault?

Yet again against West Brom, things didn’t work out for Aubameyang and it looks like it has affected his confidence, but we still scored four goals and at last we are seeing chances being created and we are seeing other players stepping in to help for a change. Why weren’t we blaming anyone else when the whole team was squandering any chances they got?


Mikel Arteta was asked about Aubameyang’s goal drought after the game, and he agrees that we can’t blame him for every defeat, and expect him to always put the ball in the net. The boss said: “I keep saying, we can’t keep putting all the weight on Auba’s shoulders to score the goals. We need contributions. The midfielders need to score more and give more assists, and we need goals from our wingers as well.

“Laca is in great form and has scored five goals in his last four games, which is what we need from our strikers. Auba had some chances today to score and it was the same in the last game or so, but I am so pleased because in the final third we looked lively and there was a lot of movement. There is good energy, there is a real purpose and everybody is playing forwards. It’s like we are free to play there and the understanding is allowing us to generate a lot of things there.”

As they say form is temorary but class is permanent. Now the team is improving and creating more chances, his touch will come back you can be sure of it, but any good team doesn’t have just one player that scores all the goals if we expect to challenge for trophies. We need the team to play as a team and support each other when one is going through a bad patch.

So let’s give Aubameyang a break shall we and stop putting so much pressure on him, please…


  1. lcw says:

    Definitely! let’s give Auba a break shall we and stop putting so much pressure on him. Auba is a goal scorer and those players are noticed even more when they don’t score.

    This is a team sport and one player by himself can’t be blamed game in and game out. What matters the most is winning.

    One, for instance, can attribute Thierney score to Auba positioning. He actually created the space on the left for his team mate.

    1. Lenohappy says:

      Icw seriously it’s annoying how some fans think, it’s just like some fans have short memory, I can’t even believe that some so called older fans here are saying we should take the captain band from him just because he’s going through a rough time. 😒😒😒

  2. Lenohappy says:

    Some fans are hypocrites, last season when Aubamayang was scoring they said a good captain leads by example like Aubamayang was doing then but now that he’s going through a rough time they said the captain band should be collected from him and given to Tierny and the funny thing is that, those that are really critizing Aubamayang on here are the so called “older fans” this man has been carrying us for over 2 seasons now and without his goals last season, we wont be in Europe but all of a sudden he’s been labeled “ Lazy” just because he’s not scoring at the moment and it’s not like the season is over we still have more than 30games to play in all competition.

    1. Dan kit says:

      This lazy tag that’s crept up on here in the last 2 weeks is absolutely laughable .
      I’ve never heard such rubbish spouted in my life .
      I read that Bellerin ,Xhaka ,Elneny,Auba ,Willian,were all lazy players because they haven’t played well.
      People really need to engage their Brains before they post utter garbage .

      1. Davi says:

        Lazy may be a bit hyperbolic in some cases, but you could accuse some of them if being too comfortable, not pushing to improve themselves or the team.
        I think Auba and Willian have been a bit short of confidence and not really known what to do about it – they sometimes walk around and appear not to be trying, when they’re probably trying to motivate themselves or figure out how to change the situation. I understand supporting players but at this point in their careers, they should be past that and given their recent, massive contracts, it’s natural that people question them. They should be the leaders but they’re being shown up.

      2. GunnerDev says:

        I think the lazy tag comes from when players drop there heads and seem down beat and less motivated.

    2. Davi says:

      Leading by example shouldn’t stop when things start going badly – that’s when it’s most important. It’s easy when things are going well for you.
      I’m sure his form will recover soon and am sensitive to the fact that he’s short on confidence and is doing his best, but that’s not how a captain should behave.

  3. Sue says:

    👍👍 He was unlucky not to have scored last night – could’ve had a couple! Loved the big grin on his face celebrating with Laca and Saka!
    It’s coming – that front flip isn’t too far away…
    I’m grateful to him for everything he’s done for us, as if he hadn’t been banging them in, we’d probably be in the championship right now!!
    Auba ❤

  4. Joe Allysons says:

    I don’t know about others, but my criticism of Auba has never been missing chances. It was his work off the ball. I even not so long ago pointed out actual real-time scenarios where midfielders had the ball and he wasn’t moving which resulted in them having to play backwards.

    Laca on the other hand was actually battling and moving even though he kept missing chances.

    Last two games, Auba has moved better. Been more aggressive, and the chances have come.

    In the match after Leeds ( can’t remember for the love of God) he kept too static that Xhaka had to give him a mouthful right in the middle of a passing move. The chances were being created. Holding , Laca, Saka, Bellerin were all missing chances left right and center which meant that the chances were there but it was he that was missing.

    Now with his increased graft, trust me, it’s only a matter of time before he starts banging them in.

    1. Kstix says:

      Bless you Joe, you seem to be the only one that gets the point. AUBA is my favourite Arsenal player even now, the problem wasn’t in him not scoring, it was the work rate which dropped drastically. Lacazette wasn’t scoring at some point but he was working his ass off, Martinelli didn’t score in the last 2 games before West Brom, but he played in Auba’s position and was one of our best players in those games. Why? Not because he scored, because he didn’t, but because of his work rate. I saw that in Auba for the first time since he signed the contract in the first half of yesterday’s game. Nobody is saying he’s shit for not scoring. No, his body language has been very wrong. Reminded me of when Ozil plays poorly. It doesn’t take away what he’s done for this club but he needs to put in more work, we talk about cutting him some slack like he did us a favour scoring the goals he has, have we forgotten that’s his job that he gets paid every week to do? I personally hope he gets back to form, Maybe the lack of goals is affecting his work off the ball, but I really don’t mind if he’s not scoring atm, it’s a bad patch which will go, but I want to see him work as hard as martinelli. Auba is still my favourite Arsenal player regardless.

  5. Indian Gunner London says:

    Firstly Happy New Year to all Gooners.
    Oh What a Difference a week makes!!

    I agree Auba needs a break. We are just waiting for him to get a goal maybe off his backside and then the confidence and the rest will follow. Or even better let him save it for Europa League and hope that we go all the way.

  6. Jose says:

    Those who are blaming Auba know nothing about football,,,!!!

  7. Clive says:

    one of the best Article’s I have read here in a while. Auba carried us last season. I said something last season , if Auba goes on a drought we will be in trouble, which have happened this season. it surprises me the way people are lambasting him bcos he is not scoring at the moment. the goals will come he is a world class striker, strikers go through this face…..pls give him a break. This guy won us the FA cup on his own last season. Am supporting him to come good again.

  8. Cph says:

    I love PEA. I have been giving him a break since the start of the season and will give him a break until his contract expires.

  9. guy says:

    Sorry – a minority of Auba criticism has been solely because he is not scoring. But as nobody else has either, that was unfair to a degree. If you read the comments, the (I believe valid) criticisms have been as follows:
    1. In many games, including last season, he was hardly involved in games at all, but suddenly popped up and scored a cracker. Otherwise anonymous, his goals alone justified his inclusion. When the goals dry up fans are justified in questioning his overall contribution. We all recall when he had a toilet break and not even the tv commentators noticed? QED
    2. His style simply does not fit our evolving system. To his credit he has obviously been working hard on adapting – his willingness to pass in quick triangles, cross the ball – simply getting involved in the activities on the edge of the box, is becoming more obvious, so it CAN work.
    3. Football is ruthless – past performance, while worthy of respect, CANNOT influence current selection – there lies the ruin of many teams.
    4. His body language has been, until very recently, was awful. I suspect mentally and perhaps not for solely football reasons, he was struggling. Maybe he would even welcome losing the captaincy albatross? He’s not a talker on the pitch, doesnt encourage players or give orders/advice, his position isolates him, body language, off-form. Honestly not typical captain material! Many great players were never suitable captains – its NOT a slur.
    5. He has NOT been taking all of the flack – others have taken far more than him, and honestly most that he has taken is not malicious – we all love the guy…
    But he’s on the way back, its evident from the last two games, so perhaps this conversation will soon be irrelevant?

    1. Davi says:

      Very fair criticisms. We’ll put.

      1. Davi says:

        *Well put

    2. Kstix says:

      Spot on guy👏👏👏👍Brilliant post.

    3. Krish says:

      perfect points especially point 5.. auba has gotten a lot less flak than players like bellerin, holding, leno who in my opinion have performed better than auba this season

  10. Mogunna says:

    i fully agree, stop taking on pmayers but talk about what would help to make it better & turn it around.

    Obviously; he is not happy, not scoring nor assistining nor able to be efficient from that part of the fiele all season long.

    Just as Bellerin or Laca became not good enough, to transfer.

    qbut end of last season, he played and plans and wish of fans to see him transfer changed.

    No, Bellerin did not progress in two games, he has players above him keeping their men on checl or he ends up with 2 players, backed up all game long not able to run forward…

    With Saka or a Nelson, he can do so, they mark their respective players, defend lot more than Pepe and Willian combined.. Blame Bellerin give him a 2 or 3 rating.

    Auba or any player will get a 4 or 5, Auna was useless again.

    Hr is npt a.winger, if plays on a wing it is RW and he usually rush to center not working wing as winger but use space to rush in middle making him hard to tfack and play.
    He can hit a cross from Tierny on his right foot and qcore…Not on other side

    Auba laca saka
    instead of
    Saka laca Auba.

    Now we have 3 threats…

  11. RayB says:

    Old saying in football “ Form is temporary, class is permanent”. I’ve seen loads of class players have a blip and come back as strong as before, Auba will too.

    1. guy says:

      I believe it was originally a cricket quote in Wisdens, Ray, but yes, he has class.

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