Arsenal fans need to lower expectations – Emery didn’t bring a magic wand

Despite all the pre-season hype, it has now been revealed that Unai Emery does not in fact have a magic wand that will suddenly turn Arsenal into world-beaters, and there is definitely a lack of magic dust to give our opponents intense fear of playing against us in every game. Also he forgot to pack his superman powder to stop all our left-backs getting injured too.

But what the Spaniard has brought with him is a large dollop of hope for the future, and some new ideas that could show our tactically naive squad that there is a reason why top managers run around with bits of paper with arrows and circles all over them, and actually shout their instructions from the dugout during games.

All this is going to be new to a lot of Arsenal players and it will take time for them to understand what is going on, but you can rest assured that Emery will be drumming all this new information into their heads on a daily basis. This may take a LOT of time for some players to comprehend, but gradually they will all click on and understand what he is trying to teach them and will hopefully start seeing the results in training turn into results at the weekend as well.

But don’t think Emery can change things in two weeks, so we should not have great expectations of beating Chelsea, but we can expect them to start taking effect when we come up against West Ham, Cardiff and Newcastle in our next three games. The improvement will be much more obvious to our untrained eyes by then, and hopefully everyone can calm down and start seeing an interesting future.

Keep the Faith!



  1. Tas says:

    Chelsea is a full squad now it will be a miracle if we beat them, we must have Auba and Laca on at the same time because Chelse has weekneses in defending and they will not have their Courtois in goal

    1. Tom says:

      Realism is the name of the game with the arsenal

  2. OKIROR says:

    OT. love to watch its not Hector vs Stephan on twitter, you just Love this guy Stephan aBSOLUTE CLASS FROM HIM HOPEFULLY Bellerin will learn more

    1. Go ask Alice... says:

      Fans could learn a thing or two from him.

  3. Innit says:

    Emery wants them to all lose around 3lbs so that they run more.
    It’s good that he’s trying to improve their performance that way.

    1. Innit says:

      3lbs each

      1. A.ball08 says:

        How about losing £30k of there wages and putting that back as a win bonus
        In ozil case £300k seem appropriate….

      2. jon fox says:

        I doubt anyone thought you meant three pounds between all of them. No need to correct something already clear!

  4. Go ask Alice... says:

    The city game showed how vulnerable our mindset is, a pundit picked up on it and I agreed with it a little. Emery was trying to teach them – how to play out from the back, Emery’s way, he only had six weeks and he had to get a full scope on all of his options. We didn’t have enough time to tell our professional players when not to play out from deep, they shouldn’t need to be told about every instance in which it might be a bad idea, the keeper esp should know when to throw it a little further instead and try to find someone in a decent position. It was amazing watching them do what they were trained to do but not knowing what not to do as if they need to be trained for every little occurrence.

    The goals were typical Arsenal goals, unnecessary, Bellerin and Guendouzi let that little s**t waltz right through as if he posed no danger. Then the cut back, typical Arsenal give away, they all fall in line with our CB’s who have to stay positioned where they were, but not one midfielder reads the play and no-one looking around to see who or how many could become a problem. The amount of space and time Bernardo had was unbelievable, he must of passed by every defender and said hello along the way, it was embarrassing. Totally unnecessary.

    It will take time, I think everyone is maybe aware of that now. He’s gonna need to buy his own defenders if these guys don’t dramatically change. Also Mkhit and Ozil, I can’t see them playing too many high energy games in the same side if Sunday is anything to go by, surely Emery demanded more from them. People were right, Lacazette should’ve started. Also the gap from first line of attack, was too big, too far from the next line in midfield, a top team will bypass that with ease, and then the next line we were soft out wide. Too easy for city to pick us apart. Its gonna take a good while there’s allot of work to do, this season almost feels like a bit of a write off. Hopefully we’ll get some luck in the Europa as that may seem a more likely route at the moment.

    1. Rushbeatz says:

      2nd goal: Xhaka was supposed to track back, sense the danger and snuff it out. Torreira did just that when he raced back and helped bellerin during one countrler down the right. Xhaka constantly proves his tactical naivety and unawareness. For me, he should be benched for a long time, Elneny even does better

  5. Loosing to city was the first test i mean real test to our new coach. We didn’t play too badly with the team not clicked yet but with Chelsea comes more improvements IMO. I see us doing better on Saturday

  6. Dmar williams says:

    It’s not about winning.bits about playing like they want to win. I am not ecstatic if we play a game and loose 2-1 3-1 3-2 etc. Or even by more. But what arsenal lack as a team is heart. As a fan all I want is for my team to play to the best of their ability. I want them to look like they care and want to win. Arsenal haven’t looked like that for a long time. If we loose we need to go down swinging spitting and scratching not just rolling over for city to spank us

  7. nikkogunners says:

    I think we have a chance with Chelsea but only if Emery learns from the lessons of the first match, we may just spring the surprise. The back left is a problem but i think Lichtsteiner can help us resolve two defensive problems in one. We have a ‘Mustafi’ problem and if Emery is he is not comfortable with younger players like Holding and Mavropanos playing there, Mustafi is not improving anytime soon. Ramsey is just like an exoplanet spoiling our sun moments by distorting our lineup when his form is low and should be sold. I know he will pick Cech over Leno still…

    I would suggest this lineup –

    or in
    That keeps Mustafi away from XI, Plays Laca-Auba together, Ozil in his prefered position and bring some wing depth to help the back with mobile wingers. Any chance on goal we will get it in the net very efficiently…

  8. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    Mustafi didn’t play badly against man city…i really don’t get your point

    1. Phil says:

      I agree-Mustafi and Sokratis both done well.We got murdered down the flanks with both their goals coming from out wide

  9. Welbeck says:

    I suspect our new manager has a very good idea who his strongest team is but he couldn’t or didn’t want to pit that team against Man City. Chelsea will probably beat us but I do think we’ll score. All of my predictions could come down to team selection on the day.

  10. auba arsenal of lagos says:

    The sad truth is mhki & ozil will not give you high energy marking,neither will xhaka nor elneny who just shakes his dread @ the opponents but never win the ball.we’ve all been saying our players lack the grit to win tackles except now for torreira. I can see Guendouzi developing to get the grit.wish emery can get xhaka to be more useful by grinding out tackles to make opposition know they’ll be coming up against a bone crusher. I hope the team gets better with defending responsibilities but ozil & mhki will never give us the grit

  11. Ozzy AFC says:

    No admin Dick Emery didn’t bring a wand…..magic or otherwise, The reason for this is because he is an average manager with an average CV. He’s just the sort of manager that Kroenke would always have endorsed, wont ask for a fortune to spend and will try to work with what he has rather than the complete overhaul that was soooo badly needed when Wenger called time on it.
    I do wonders who both Gazidis and wenger have really gone? Could it be that they knew that Usmanov was going to ditch his involvement with the club and they can see the writing on the wall will silent stan being fully in charge?
    One wonders?
    What is clear from the opening game is that dick Emery has no tactical nous what so ever and will clearly be the type of manager who thinks he can get average players to play better through the strength of his personality rather than realising that they are below par and getting rid of them.
    Why are we soldiering on with Ozil when its clear he cares about the club so little that he doesn’t even try to hide his complete indifference, and for this we are paying him 300 grand a week?
    Mugged we were as Yoda would say.
    I can see us getting drubbed by Chelski on satyedat especially if he plays the game through the back again like at City.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Ozzy AFC, who would you have selected as coach/manager of Arsenal, who was available, if not Unai Emery?
      Please explain on what basis is Unai Emery “an average manager, with an average CV”?
      Who to you is a good manager, with a good CV, who is currently unemployed in any major league?

    2. jon fox says:

      What tosh you write. Emery “an average manager” who won 3 consecutive Europa s with a side less famous than Arsenal? You are the arch pessimist on here judging by your silly post. Also he is not Dick but Unai Emery, so give him the courtesy of using his real name, as you would expect others to address you. Even though you ARE a dick!

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Don’t worry guys. Totenham fan I think, bunking in on our site. Never heard of him.

  12. Things are changing says:

    I saw Emery is persisting with Cech as a starter for the Chelsea game, if he also persists with starting Ramsey and Xhaka I don’t give us much of a chance.

  13. herb says:

    After hearing all the rubbish from pundits, I would like to give good and bad points from our match with city and way forward.

    Good points:
    1. Playing out from the back: I am one of few gooners who was very mad every time Cech used to hoof the ball up and then after 20 seconds it returns because our players in midfield were short.
    2. Pressing game for the first 15 minutes or so. Only after the 1st goal did i feel we diverged from the initial plan.

    Bad points:
    1. Emery’s pre-match interview: I am very surprised that not even one person has come out to notice how a whole manager of a big club like ARSENAL can come out and praise the opposing team in the way Emery did it. It really pissed me off.
    2. Bellerin, Xhaka, Ramsey: These three guys are just mid-table player. The fact that Emery picked them is the other disappointment I felt with him.
    3. I have always said our central midfield is our weakest link and not defence. I would even go further to say that its even worse than Westham’s. Because aside from Torreira and now Guendouzi, all the other Ramsey, Xhaka, and Elneny are just foolish mid-table players.

    Way forward:
    I have always said Chelsea is my favourite for the EPL trophy and its because of their midfield.
    So against them, play 3-5-2 formation to our poor midfield.


    Otherwise play the same lineup we used against city and I can only see Chelsea winning by 3+ goals.

    1. nikkogunners says:

      Lacazette for Iwobi…I would not mind this lineup

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Apart the inclusion of Iwobi, good post Herb.

  14. Aussie Jack says:

    The season is starting very much as expected there`s a lot of learning to be done. If we get two wins and a draw in the first six matches we`ll have done very well. Emery has the same problem as Wenger, DEFENCE, and the daddy of them all, Kroenke, isn`t helping any.

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