Arsenal FANS need to put some pressure on Wenger

Time for fans to do to the same to the board and Wenger – with the a petition to leave Arsenal….

I believe the time has come for Arsenal fans to make their move on what way they want the club to be – as its still the same ol’, same ol’, here at Arsenal under Wenger. I am, like many, sick to death of the Arsenal teams always coming up short! We can’t defend and Arsene doesnt have a clue how to, stats don’t lie… Arsenal concede most goals from set pieces every season and it doesn’t look like it is going to stop! Question… how after so many times does this still happen? He never learns!!

The petition started for Mike Dean never to referee an Arsenal game again, what was it 100,000 in 5/6days… How can one not be started for the board and wenger to go? I did an Article a week ago about my reasons and got a lot of good feedback so don’t need to go into them details again.

We have lost both our Champions League games against lower teams we should be beating – but again Wenger has been found out. But it gets better, now we’re heading into daunting back to back games against an in form Bayern Munich. Wenger is not a winner and Arsenal football club are not either with him there. How does this happen when we are supposed to be a great team?

Arsene Wenger is the 1st Manager to lose 50 Champions league games… make that 51 and counting!! I don’t see us getting a thing from the Bayern games imo! If he is’nt under pressure now then there is something wrong with the club, and as Mourinho said, he has the easiest job in football. Obviously he won’t be from the board so the only thing that will make anything happen is the fans making a statement and put pressure on him.

I think we are all fed up with this same outcome year after year… people are scared of change, but whats the worse that could happen?? We rebuild!! As I stated before with all we have facility-wise, the stadium and the money. The platform is there so whats stopping it?

Koss the Boss

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  1. Win, Lose or draw against manure this weekend………WENGER OUT………….. We dn’t need to put any pressure on him to succeed…….. I want him Out!……. That would be a Trophy on its own!…. A Trophy greater than the EpL and UcL

    1. Funny this is Arsenal Inc. which is one of the best run company “FINANCIALLY” in the world. This company makes a profit every year and has cash reserves of almost £ 220M come on guys you fans needs to just buy the expensive tkts and merchandise and shut up.

      Leave Wenger alone !!!! DWL

    2. @aesop
      You’re a funny little minstrel. Good luck with getting him AND the board out. As if you wield and power beyond the ability to type in words and push enter…LMFAO!!!!

      1. @NY…… with it…… if ur words come with bows, arrows and knives capable of smiting me from behind ur blurred screen!… Do i look like i care?

        1. @aesop
          If you care or not, makes me no never mind dude. But you’re the 1 throwin impotent tantrums, because life ain’t goin your way. To coin your phrase”Deal with it” …Lmfao

      1. Hahaha .. how am I supposed to know you ? ?
        Anyway, my comment was aiming for the Article by koss,
        You just happened to be in the way ?
        if it was for you… There would have been a arrow showing you that I replied. … right? ?

        But since you mentioned it,
        you can include yourself to that! ?
        I am generous like that ????

        1. Fatboy i dont think il will be praising Arsene anytime soon even if we do win against utd the out come at the end of the season stays the same! As u got alot of thumbs down ones on here tend to know where i stand on this topic and u can be 100% sure i will not be kissing ass over one win! We have played well in one match i praised this season n that was last weekend bt still we couldve lost that game! Should of been 3-0 dwn before we equalized. Not good enough

    1. @Fatboy……….. L()L……….. Funny u! …… bad!…….i shoulda seen the arrow with a koss name tagged to it as well right?

  2. Guys I have a feeling that Sanchez might be unhappy with this situation and will be looking to move on nxt summer…my feeling is juventus will have more money nxtsummer after selling pogba and vil come up with a bid ..wenget out ..klopp or Ancelotti in

    1. if that happens by chance………i will have no hard feelings over sanchez………. And he will have my support to move on (this is if we still dn’t show ambition)…..what’s in for a player of his calibre giving his whole heart,time and youthfulness for wenger’s arsenal without no returns!

    2. That is what makes buying no one this summer so frustrating. You have all these players in the squad and if you add 2-3 players over this summer, you have a team capable of winning the title and competing in UCL if not winning it. This summer was the biggest one we’ve been waiting for and it was a huge let down. There was money, spend it and ensure trophies not just Fa cup for at least the next few seasons, players stay happy and decide to stay.

      Instead it might be how it was a few seasons ago where our best players start leaving again. Then Wenger will rue again for not spending on WC striker Physical midfeilder and another, and see this team break away by leaving like that of the team of 4-5 seasons ago.


      like kos said repeated vicious cycles, same ol same ol typical wenger.

      it won’t be a shocker what you’re afraid of sanchez.

      history tells itself:




      van persie

      of course sanchez has ambitions and hunger for success.

  3. It is hard to say why our team is defending so badly. I can definitely blame Wenger on not getting a DM or a striker, but last night proves that something is seriously wrong on the training ground. We looked shaky against Tottenham and Leicester, so something has to be done!

    1. Our defence is too nice at the moment, they need to show more aggresion. Kosc even seems soft in some games now, so only Paulista is left as aggresive. Mertesacker is always soft.
      Only the first goal yesterday can be attributed to bad luck, the deflection of Ox.
      We can’t take setpieces, we can’t defend them. Walcott is the best corner taker, alebit he floats it in the box. Everyone else who takes it hits it way to short.

    1. I will accept your apology this once but if I EVER hear you doing it again, I will give you a beating you will never forget young man!!!!!

  4. Offtopic,

    am I the only one who thinks OX is one of those kids from the playground games who stops trying the second they are losing? Looking at him, his head drops whenever we concede.

    1. and we all thought Ox had bags of pace and could dribble!……..These days he looks Lost and traumatized!

  5. Arsenal fan base outside of england is the best you ever have seen. But in england, sigh. Maybe the die hard fans who trully love football have been priced out the club, and the ones who can affort this are the rainbow troops, who have to much money, and lack sense, pride and football love.

    Even the thing about creating names like AOB or AKB is sheer bs.

    In Wenger i trust. You trust him to do what? Arsene out brigade. loooool. As Arsene is the only problem we are worried about. ASBOB at least, bec i blame the board equal to Wenger, if not even more. You people are obsessed with the old man.

    1. @ks-gunner
      Yet you’re the one who manages to bring him up in every post…Pot, kettle type stuff, huh!!!!

  6. Ironically, the only way the fans will be heard is if huge numbers boycott games. Silence would speak volumes, along with less money in the board’s back pocket. Sadly, this won’t happen. A mate of mine is going on Sunday and he paid nearly £100 for a ticket! So sick!!

    1. You’re the only one that has seen the only solution we have apart frm me… I’ve highlighted this point a million times but no one seems to care… We shout wenger out but we dnt take actions….. Boycotting games is our greatest weapon

    1. *Taps muff on the back* *sprinkles ice-chilled water on him* *he wakes up screaming “gimme back My money!”*

  7. Barry Schwartz wrote a great book called the Paradox of Choice. He also said “the key to happiness is to lower your expectations.” I wouldn’t recommend it in all walks of life but I’m adopting it for Arsenal. Will let you know how it goes at the end of the season.

    1. @trudeau

      Nice paradox.

      I am from overseas fans realize that too for Arsenal.

      Since nothing will ever change, we just sit to watch arsenal game at home, and just drinking nice beer and lower our hope.

      Sometimes I wonder if not gonna take long we will becoming like spuds or looserpool fans.

  8. Am I the only one that thinks Ozil was pretty awful yesterday? Apart from the freekick he offered no danger at all.

    He kept drifting around and losing the ball…he had a terrific runner off the ball but failed to find even 1 pass to a danger area…Ramsey on the other hand (I’m not saying he’s a great player) came on and immediately played like 3 good offensive passes,one of which we should have scored from.

    This is against olympicos and he gives us a performance…sometimes I wonder if we didn’t waste 42mil

    Alexis on the other hand was terrific…created all 3 goalscoring chances in the first half then scored himself…that is what you call world class and it was not even 42mil…

    I’m really pissed!!

    1. You are right, he was woeful, when was the last time ozil took a big game by its scruff of the neck and changed it in our favor and please people saying its not his style are just delusional, when you are considered to be the best no 10 in the world you are suppose to be that player, remember cazorla in his first season playing no 10? now he was brilliant scoring goals and assists throughout the season with giroud as main striker, that’s what no 10s do they change big games

  9. i don’t see him signing anyone in January if he couldn’t or wouldn’t sign outfielder players during the summer

    January is tougher to sign players

    Lets just hope we finish high and win a trophy of some kind


    1. @robert

      Just like Trudeau said above, in order to avoid trauma or going stress,

      I am as an overseas arsenal fan could only lower the expectations.

      Signing in January for who?

  10. Your solution is signed a petition?

    I literally laughed out loud.

    Only in Goonerdom would someone think a petition is the solution

    1. Its to open the clubs eyes as to what the fans are feeling because the signs will be took away at games, the fans who are at the games are so quiet will make no difference about letting their feelings known! There is no ambition here and they dont listen to anyone even legends of this club so what else do u suggest genius? A protest?? Yea that worked great before! Everybody boycott games?? Not going to happen sure 45,000 season tickets already paid for and fans pay good money for a single ticket so doubt they are not entering the Emitates!

  11. never going to happen this man holds the keys to the front door of the Emirates!
    Let me throw this one out there:
    Why last night was all the noise being generated by the minority 3,000 Greek fans when tonight Old Trafford is roaring like a Gladitorial arena?
    What’s wrong with our fans that visit. I’ve been on many occasion and each time it’s like a library!
    Weak manager, weak players, (largely) and a proportion of visiting fans also weak!

  12. Seriously. Don’t be shocked if Alexis puts in for a transfer in the summer. I would not blame him either

    Playing in the CL is not good enough. Top players want to see at the very least hope of winning

    When they see a wealthy club like Arsenal not bringing in any outfielders this summer who can play immediately, our top players will be like “What the F?”. They won’t admitt it publicly but they know what’s up.

    Don’t think that Ozil, Alexis or any other top players will put up for BS longer than they have too.

    Wenger could have been a hero this summer and redeemed himself by bringing any two of the following: Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, krychowiak, Schweinseiger, Carvalho, Vidal, Jackson Martinez, Dybala, Lacazette, Benzema, Lewandowski, Gotze, Pedro, Reus, Greizmann, etc

    Yes most would have said NO but we could have at least got Jackson Martinez AND Kondogbia

    Lewandowski may have rejected us but he only makes £20,000 more than Ozil, Walcott and Alexis @ £160,000 per week. We could have afforded to pay him £200,000 per week (That is not my opinion but the words of both Gazidas and Wenger). Transfer fee could have been affordable also

    Chelsea and City who finished ahead of us last season and United who we barely beat to number 3, had got top outfielders: Pedro, Sterling, De Bruyne, Schneiderlin, Depay, Rahman. We didn’t get one single outfielder even though we needed a striker and DM

    Loads of Top pundits and former players: Linekar, Shearer, Adams, Henry, Keown, Merson, etc. Even Cazorla made a interesting comment about getting a striker

    Surely, at some point it’s valid to say: Enough is Enough

    1. Tell me one thing seriously, would any of the signings would have really saved us from conceding 3 cheap goals…

      And even if I give you reasons for why none of them could have been bought, you will ignore all that and call me an “excuse giver”

  13. The writer of the article must be new to matters Arsenal. On 25 April 2011 a petition was initiated for the removal of Arsene Wenger at To date that petition has 229 signatures. In 2012 another petition was attempted, which can be found on this site: That petition only attracted 305 signatures. During the same period another one was done calling for the removal of Wenger and Gazidis, it attracted 17 signatures. Another petition was done following the departure of Fabregas and Nasri:, it attracted 5 signatures. Another one ended up with one signature. Another in 2010 had 290 signatures. A facebook page campaigning for the sacking of Wenger only has 4, 609 likes to date. Another one that has been running since 2011 has 8 signatures.

    Meanwhile a petition to stop Mike Dean from officiating at Arsenal matches reached 106 158 signatures within 14 days. This shows that Wenger out petitions failed not because there are no Arsenal fans online but because fans did not consider them worth supporting.

    You must therefore not overestimate your numbers. That you make multiple comments here that end up at an average of 50 comments on articles posted here does not mean you number anywhere near 100.

  14. Sometimes I wonder if those commenters posting their comments on articles on Arsenal at our fans base of are truly Arsenal fans. How can a truly Gooner wish our top players like Sanchez to leaves our club next season, because the Gunners have lost 2 Ucl games of recent? Isn’t such comments tantamount to an act of disloyalty to Arsenal football club & the team. That’s an advocacy for the collapse of Arsenal. Just because you the minority AOB fans don’t want to see the face of the Boss at the club because he resisted the urge to squander the club’s live savings on transfer this summer. What do you AOBs take Arsenal for? A gambling house? Continue to be patient. Our days will comeback to us again. We cant’t force it, but attain it.

  15. Arsenal and some of the authors on this site are just plain crappy!! We are Arsenal, win, lose or draw. I support the Club, Manager , Team and it’s supporters, till I die!!! When the club wins, I rejoice, when the club loses, I’m saddened. Wenger Out, Wenger In, is all a lot of nonsense. Everyone complains about Arsenal winning nothing and etc. They fail to mention the clubs that win, have spend and have a lot more money at their disposal. ManU, City and Chelsea, all spend a considerable amount more. But money doesn’t buy you love, nor does throwing money at things. We have a good team, that will be a great time, with or without Wenger and the board. There are troubles, but every team has troubles. We will win, you all talk like as bunch of losers, life has no guarantees. Mr Morgan wants Klopp to be new manager, after he almost had Borussia Dortmund relegated. The bottomline, is that changing the manager at this stage, is foolish. Arsenal is not a bad team, they are not a great team. Give it time, we have more 30+ games to be played. At the end of the season, we can (in reality can’t) force Wenger, The Board and Owner out. If the Fans don’t show up, there is no team. The truth of the matter, all this stress on the manager and team will not make them play better and that is the prime objective.

    But, I’m more upset that the Fans!!!! They turn out for games and let the Away Team out cheer us, that is criminal!!! We all should be shot to allow that to happen. Even crappy loser teams cheer happier and louder. It makes us look like fools and the team plays accordingly. Our Away Fans are so much better, we should be like that every Home came, so the other teams fear our fans, even if they don’t fear our team!!!

    Arsenal will win, stop the complaining and be part of the winning side, not the whining one.

  16. You guys do realise there will only be three places for CL next year due to the bad performances of English teams.

    I’ve been saying it for a while Wenger out !!!

  17. Do we have any billionaire fans on this site ?
    Dear billionaire fan please get your cheque book out and save us from this misery and sign Diego Simeone, tell him to bring Griezman with him. Please do it for the fans, we will eternally remain indebted to you.

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