Arsenal fans need to realise that Havertz was not bought just to score goals

Do you still think signing Havertz was a mistake?

Kai Havertz joined Arsenal in the summer and although he has some what of a slow start to life as an Arsenal player, lately he’s begun to look much better in the red and the white. Coming from rivals Chelsea mustn’t have been easy for him to come from one of our main London rivals and feel settled, but as time as gone by it seems like our squad and fans have made him feel at home and with that, it’s bringing the best out of him.

Playing mainly in the midfield he’s looked composed and has linked up well with Declan Rice and Odegaard, creating a good bond with his fellow teammates. Although a lot of fans would have been surprised and had their questions about him, including myself, I think he’s done a lot better than I expected him to do.

He did cost a pretty penny, and you could argue that we could and should have done more with that type of money when we needed strengthening in a lot of areas, but Arteta and our recruitment staff clearly saw something in Havertz that they wanted, and he has started to really come into his own at the club.

When asked recently about his time at the club so far, Havertz said this “People don’t watch the games, they just see the goals and assists and if no one scored, they had a bad game. But for me, I didn’t start playing football because of this. Obviously, it’s the best thing to do, to score goals, and I love it, but there are a lot of different things you have to do in the game as well”.

“I want to score goals, I want to assist and that’s the nicest thing you can do, so I just try my best every game for that. I think I adapted very well, and I love being with my mates there, with the team. It’s a lot of fun in the dressing room and on the pitch, it’s hard work, but also fun. It makes me happy”.

For him to speak so highly of his start to life as a Gunner is very reassuring and makes you feel like we have a great, stable environment for new players to come into and thrive. Havertz for me has just looked better and better the more he plays, and Arteta seems to have given him a lot of confidence by continuing to trust and back him, starting him in big games and allowing him to have a lot of freedom.

Although he spent a lot of time as a striker at Chelsea, he seems to have adapted into the midfield role perfectly and when Arteta has given him the shot up front, he’s been good there too, making him a dynamic player that I think was a great pick up.

What’s your thoughts Gooners? Are you happy with Havertz so far?

Daisy Mae

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    1. Absolutely, this is getting a bit tiring. Havertz puts in a half decent performance every so often and all his fans run out and shout “See! We told you he was worth it!”.
      Whilst he’s improved he isn’t proving his worth, played well yesterday but 6-7 players played far better than him. The truth is, no matter where he plays he should be one of our best players (goals or no goals), and he never is, yet he expects the club to give him the best wages. He isn’t first choice in any role in the team, given his cost, that’s a big concern. How long till our better players demand the same wages due to superior performances?

  1. That’s true! But i were Arteta i wouldn’t have gone for him in the first place. I don’t know who gave him the advice to go for him.

  2. I look at our much improved record and performances against the elite in the PL and put a lot of that down to him

    the way Havertz and Odegaard worked together as a pair of high pressing #10’s was critical to our victory over Liverpool

    and it was no fluke as exactly the same strategy was very effective against Man C in the League too

    stifling their midfield of any creativity which in turn gave their quality attack no chances – Liverpool xG 0.37 and Man C xG 0.43 is the lowest for both this season

    last season Man C consistently put us to the sword, it was no contest – this season is a massive turnaround on that

    and I think it is these big games against quality opposition we can see what a valuable addition and big contribution Havertz can make

    the business end of PL and CL is coming up, this is when the big players stand up and are counted, regrettable in the past too many of Arsenals big names went missing in those big moments, let’s see if Havertz can help turn that around

  3. Too much money, wrong buy, paid far too much and I still think he is not good enough. Against Wet Spam, he won a few headers in the air and for once was fairly dominant, using his height but on the ground, i thought he was lacking again. I think if any other club had signed him, many on here trying to up rate him, would be knocking him at another club. I hope he gets better because we need him too. I just think, he is technically poor. He is Peter Crouch but not as deadly.

    1. And I have to say, these constant copy cat articles are now getting too much. We have done Haverz too death. Leave it now, and judge his imput, in an article ay the end of the season. Because just like Raya, and others, their value too the team would have been vital, if we win something this year. If we dont, they then will come under the spotlight.

  4. On a slightly different note,have we realized that the EPL is slowly taking another shape?
    Where we have the “top three”-and the “rest”!

    The top three are currently on “50 something” points and the best placed others on “40 something”!

    By the time the others on “40 something” points get to “50 something”,the top three will be well into “60 something” ponts!

    So who among the “top three” will win?
    ARSENAL off course!

    1. will you put 500 grand on Arsenal..iguess not a chance. KDB is back, Haase is firing…
      .for me as much as could have liked Arsenal to win..still Mancity is too strong..bo5h mentally and physically

      1. If I had a million quid,and I was a betting person, I’d put it on Arsenal.
        Arsenal can win games,and have indeed won them,without any of our stars.
        Remove KDB and Rodri and they can’t win a serious game to save their lives!

        1. CHRIS, That is sheer hype and those reading it will recognise it as such.

          Why not use true thought through proper analysis instead and get more respect as a fan who thinks first and reacts later. Not the other way around!

  5. Still paid, and still paying every week, too much for a slightly above average player. Please do not use the word ‘dynamic’ when you refer to him.

  6. If class is permanent, a German international from an early age with champions league experience cannot be such a bad buy.

    His last two games were excellent without actually scoring.
    It’s like Xhaka all over again, time will tell how much of an upgrade is he over the Swiss.

  7. Sometimes I ask myself whether these apolgetic notes on the same player every week are being paid for!!! You can’t be spending so much money on a player every week and then begging the pubblic to sympathise withhim.

    Time and time again, we have seen Guardiola make such errors but decide to play the player from the bench to give him time to settle down as was the case with Grealish. At times, he just forgets about the player as was the case with Philips.

    To err is human. Arteta can’t leave players like Smith Rowe and Jorginho on the bench and opt for a passenger who is glaringly unproductive. Why are those writing these apologies the only ones seeing what not everyone is able to see.

  8. Still a player we shouldn’t have even been looking at let alone paying that ridiculous amount on him.
    And to make him the biggest wage earner will just be asking for trouble.

  9. Slowly warming to him. He works, but his languid style often misleads people into thinking he isn’t putting in effort. He’s a team player, and can cover more than one position. Decent, verging on really good. We’ll see.

    1. Agreed…if he coat say £30mn and was on no more than £150k per week most would say that’s a good squad purchase at this point

      Can he improve.. Well there is plenty of scope for that. !!

      Interesting to see for the whole team if we got a proper striker, would that affect the whole system? It did with Haaland initially though he was.scoring hat tricks for fun !

  10. He is getting chances to score, more than any other player. This just shows that he is making the right runs, but lacks that clinical Finnish. He is however causing the defence problems and creating space for our midfield and forwards to run into. He may not be dynamic, but he is a sleeping giant, with the amount of opportunities and the correct runs he’s making it is just a matter of time before he starts tearing into the opposition. Even Klopp named him in the game before last, as the biggest threat to Liverpool after carving out 5 missed opportunities, that on any other given day, would have torn Liverpool apart. Keep the faith that Arteta knows what he is doing and that perhaps Havertz needs a full season to shake off the Chelsea bad habits and become a confident DYNAMIC Arsenal Striker in the future. Don’t be surprised however if we get Mbappe for free in the summer!

  11. I think Havertz has settled in very nicely and he was not bought to score goals. Time for the so called supporters to get off his back and give him the support all the others get on match day.

  12. I’m starting to come around to Haverts . I think we paid too much and all but I like the fact he has a bit of niggle and physicality to him . He riles up opposition players but never seems flustered , for context if xhaka tried to rile an opponent he’s more likely to get sent off than the man he’s trying to upset . I prefer him up top to Jesus who should be sakas back up

  13. Either Arteta knows what he’s doing by persisting with and playing Havertz or he doesn’t. I think he knows exactly. I’m confident that come the latter stages of this season Havertz will win many of his detractors over and for the most part whenever we have played well he’s been in the first eleven. I really hope he does well to be honest its a shame supporters buy into a bogus reality of thinking they know better than Arteta. He has systems in place to monitor these athletes, their confidence, belief, and attitude – we don’t. *Support him and get off his back.

  14. The point is he is not doing what a player who has more than three years Premier league experience should be doing!!!!! He is giving us just below the minimum an experienced player can do. Come on guys, is it difficult to see?

  15. I was one fan who criticised Kai a lot but overtime he had proved me wrong. His defence is smart without earning team red cards like what Xhaka did. He is pretty useful when playing big games. I hope he continue doing that.

    1. Unfortunately, we are stuck in an era of stat merchants, who only see stat padding goals/assists, as a sign of contribution…

      I guess Bergkamp is crap too, because he wasn’t scoring/assisting every game either, but these are the silly times we are in regarding footy now…

      Average fan nowadays is obsessed with stat padders & workrate merchants…

  16. He’s a really clever player, I think his timing and movement off the ball has made a huge difference and helped the team play more cohesively recently. He’s constantly doing little things that help his teammates out. Without being spectacular, he’s also improved on the ball recently and looks visibly happier and more confident, and his controlled (for the most part) aggression helps ensure we don’t lose the physical battle, which has been a concern at times. I agree with those saying 65m was too much, but I do think he’s proving himself to be a very useful player.

  17. I think Havertz’s off-the-ball work has been his biggest or best feature over the last couple of games Where I want to see him improve further is in his passing game and of course, if he’s getting chances he should be making the keeper work Some players take time to truly bed in So I’m open to him becoming a better all-round PL player as the season progresses

  18. I also was a Havertz hater but it’s clear to see that he’s improving. What he should be doing now is wearing his scoring boots because Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG and City will not forgive us if we miss our chances. Overall I’m hopeful we can win a Cup with him in the 1st team.

    I hope they have him doing scoring drills because every other skill has been fairly good. COYG

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