Arsenal fans need to stop questioning Arteta and “let this man work” (says Ian Wright)

Our Gunners have come close to winning the PL title twice in a row, but unfortunately, they haven’t been able to clinch it. This has undoubtedly left some Gooners feeling frustrated. Yes, some Gooners recognize their progress and understand that despite losing the league by 5 points and then 2 points, they still have a chance to win it next time.

But can we bet on chance? I don’t think this is why Arsenal really needs to win the league next season. If they don’t, people will definitely start questioning Mikel Arteta’s suitability. Considering where Arteta took us from — 15th in the league — is it unfair to question if he’s the right person for the Arsenal job?

Ian Wright believes that there is no need to discuss whether or not Arteta is the right person to lead Arsenal to the next level. Instead, he suggests that we should take pride in our Gunners and acknowledge the progress they have made under the Spaniard, despite the disappointments of the past two seasons.

He thinks the Gunners still have some way to go, but they’ve proven they can hold their own against top teams. He urges us, as fans, to just relax and trust Arteta to handle things.

“Obviously, it’s a massive disappointment,” Wright told GQ. “[But] I’m so proud of this team and what they and Mikel have done in two years.

“It’s still a work in progress and yet we’re still challenging at the very highest level. We, as a fanbase, have got to just calm down and let this man work.”

There are many things to consider, but for Edu and Arteta, it would be wise to prioritize a successful summer transfer window to bring in quality players and strengthen the team. With quality stars joining Arsenal, they might have what it takes to step up their game and give their PL rivals a run for their money in the league title race.

Hopefully, if we leave Arteta to carry on improving the team and tactics, Arsenal can finally get over the line next season.

Sam P


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  1. as always Ian is Wright, let’s get behind Arteta and get behind Arsenal

    apologies for the appalling pun

  2. The owner has provided the ammunition. Its up to the manager to provide the trophies. And yes, we can question the manager. Its a supporter or fans right.

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