Arsenal fans need to take the blinkers off and face harsh realities


Winds of change have swept through North London over the last several weeks – or have they? While some may be quick to suggest that the newest members of Arsenal’s administrative staff have started to exert their influence over player movements. So long as Arsene Wenger still roams the sidelines things will continue to devolve. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic that Auba has joined our ranks, even if it’s a year or two late. He makes perfect sense for a club looking to restore some of the world-class directness that has been notably absent for far too long.

Unfortunately Wenger’s sideways tactics could prove problematic once again as PEA’s success is largely predicated on the manager’s ability to make the necessary tactical and personnel changes so that our newest strikers are provided with the proper service. If Wenger had any balls left he would have employed a 4-4-2 or even a 4-1-3-2, with Auba and Laca up top, immediately upon PEA’s arrival, but we know this would have been difficult for a manager whom has sh*t the bed for the better part of a decade regarding our defensive options, and it likewise wouldn’t have provided him with the usual excuses if it failed to produce the desired results right out of the gate.

We simply can’t afford to waste this new opportunity to get things right. So it’s high time we put on our big boy pants, rid ourselves of the TRUE deadwood from within the clubhouse and boardroom then turn this sh*t-show around. Only by ridding ourselves of the monarchical structure that has long plagued this club can we finally address our obvious defensive shortcomings, then start to acquire those players who could best assist in our transition to a more direct brand of football. So no more square pegs in round holes, no more playing favorites without cause, no more ticky-tacka with no end product – and no more settling for third, fourth, fifth or sixth best. It’s time to end this horrible charade once and for all and start anew.

In order to facilitate such wide-sweeping changes this club needs to start exerting it’s financial might or we must be willing to do whatever is necessary to force this money-grubbing Yank out of North London. Regardless of those who continually spew nonsense about how we can’t compete with the oil-rich fat cats and the like, this club and it’s majority owner have bags of cash at the ready, but simply refuse to deviate from the business model that has allowed them to reap the rewards of our financial loyalty without assuming any monetary risks whatsoever. Why do you think every financial journal or wealth assessment tool places us squarely within the top tier of richest teams in the footballing world or do you think that is just another example of the elaborate conspiracy on the part of all media institutions bent on bringing down the 6th place team in the EPL, as Wenger and his most ardent supporters would have you believe.

While you’re still pondering the ludicrous possibility of such a widespread conspiracy, remember that Kroenke is the only individual on earth who personally owns teams in all 4 of the richest sports leagues in the world (EPL, NFL, NBA & NHL) and is likewise married to the uber-wealthy heiress to the WalMart fortune. So before you try to sell the ridiculous notion that our manager’s hands are tied by financial constraints or that we were burned by the ineptitude of the Financial Fair Play pie-in-the-sky mandate, or that we are just a humble, family-oriented club that is resigned to counting our pennies and cutting corners to make ends meet, I implore you to take your blinkers off just for a brief moment and honestly examine the harsh realities currently facing our club. Once you have done your due diligence you will see why it’s imperative that the fans never stop voicing their displeasure or things will continue to steadily erode.

There is no doubt in my mind that the most disastrous decision we made during the past calendar year, up to and including the most eventful January transfer window in recent memory, was not the Sanchez debacle that saw him off to Old Trafford, which will forever be considered a failure of epic proportions, or the selling off of Ox to Liverpool following a thrashing less than a fortnight earlier, or even the triangular clusterf*ck that saw Giroud head to our crosstown rivals in the 11th hour, but the re-upping of our manager after another tumultuous and cringe-worthy campaign both on and off the pitch.

Let’s face it there isn’t enough cane in the world to sugarcoat what has transpired here over the last 18 months. The contractual amateurism displayed by our management team, the planting of seeds in the press to negatively sway fan opinion regarding our best players, the glaring lack of tactical nuance displayed by our manager, the continued failure to address the most obvious of deficiencies and the utterly disrespectful way this manager has treated the fan-base, especially when it came to the child-like manner in which he handled his own contractual situation, are but a few of the legitimate reasons for his immediate dismissal.

The bottom-line is this tale reads like an idiots guide to how NOT to run a professional footballing club, yet nothing REALLY seems to change. It’s almost like watching the world’s longest episode of the Twilight Zone, without the payoff. So don’t let the Puppet-master or his minions fool you, we deserve so much more!!!

Viera Lyn


  1. Nayr says:

    Viera Lyn telling it like it is.
    problem is arsene wenger..not spending,not players

    article is spot on…
    it’s such a pleasure to read such an informative different article.
    good work.

    1. Craig says:

      Great article. Agree 100%

      1. Thomas says:

        100% diasagree this person obviously doesnt check facts or at least didnt reference any since 2010 we have won 5 trophies and lossed 3 competed for 8 in 8 years not bad just raining in facts

    2. chris says:

      I agree … except that you won’t get rid of Kroenke unless he says so. He is the controlling shareholder and is doing very nicely out of it.

  2. Dboy says:

    Well Said. Disband the Red-army and BSM and all your problems are solved. They are the main reasons behind this shabang.

  3. Nayr says:

    mustafi 35M
    xhaka 35M
    lacazette 42M
    aubameyang 52M
    chambers 19M

    apparently wenger lacks cash,doesnt spend and that is why he is failing.
    that joke was funny in 2008. ??

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      thats the entry level price for non quality stars….

      world class players cost 100m and up…

      neymar 200m

      mbappe 170m

      Dembele 130m

      coutinho 130m

      Mahrez 95m

      Lemar 90m

      Van Dirk 75m

      defenders like umiti and varane cost at least 100m

      and more

    2. Sue says:

      Chambers was 16m

    3. Innit says:

      Also, Ozil £45 million and Alexis £32 million. Wenger has had plenty of money to spend over the years and achieved very little

      £35 million for Xhaka
      £32 mil for Mustafi
      £16 mil for Chambers
      Were a waste of money

      He spent very little on defensive midfielders

      1. Thomas says:

        I believe this was answered above with 100m and virgil van dijk was 75m were sixth in amount spent out on players

  4. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    He’s been a deluded fool for years now. Issues behind the scenes, money etc are all irrelevant factors as we have now seen that he simply does not understand modern football and persists with pointless formations and cannot motivate or coach his players

  5. Ray says:

    Spot on with most although Arsene has had quite alot of cash to spend. He just has not spent well. There have been panic buys because it was left too late in the transfer window when everyone else did it early. And, the defensive buys have been laughable at best! We’ve seen most of the best players go to Liverpool and Sp*rs over Arsenal. Which is why BTW, they are above us. They are bought and managed by managers who are pro active and ready to correct problems in the squad. Arsene Wenger just covers them in cotton wool with a pat on the back!

  6. barryglik says:

    To be fair Arsenal missed ECL by just
    one point in the league last season.
    Arsenal won the FA Cup last season.
    The club made it out of the ECL group stage.
    Admittedly the club was walloped.
    But a point off 4th and an an FA cup
    compares favourably with all but the PL winner.
    Hardly a melt down of epic proportions.

    Arsenal won the Community shield this season.
    Arsenal made the final of the League Cup this season.

  7. barryglik says:

    It is really difficult to assess
    this years performance.
    Arsenal won the Community shield.
    Arsenal made the final of the League Cup.
    But right now the season is balanced on
    a knife edge and could swing several ways.
    6th in the league needing probably 9 wins from
    the remaining 11 PL games to make 4th in the league.
    Into the last 16 of the Europa league which if won would
    qualify for direct entry into the Champions league.
    Lots of players have left Gibbs Gabriel Chamberlain Walcott Giroud Coquelin.
    The Sanchez saga affected the club.
    His sanchez swap no cash deal hurt and his sub
    Mkhitaryan is still settling in.
    46mill Lacazette has failed to fire and is now injured.
    55m Abameyang is just new.
    The likes of Cech Bellerin Mustafi Xhaka Iwobi
    Ramsey Wellbeck Kolasinac are off the pace.
    It means to me that if an off form Arsenal is still in contention
    for top from the league and the Europa then what could
    this team achieve it was fully focused and fired up.
    Beat City this week and AC Milan next week
    and the the come back is on. 🙂

    1. Thomas says:

      Well put well put and to think if we took points on the games against watford, west brom, bournemouth, stoke, swansea, evem two of tjese games we would be roght in the thick of it tjose matches we have remorse in but were mot far off amd what is this poor decade the article talks about we have won 5 trophies and lossed two but atleast made it cup finals that is impressive and still got ecl also again well put barryglik amd our spending has been for money put out on players sixth highest to boot and first year in epl is always tough laca will be better next year


      Hehehehehe loooooool . The come back is on! Stop trolling us man.

      1. Thomas says:

        Its not trolling the site says just arsenal so if i rain in some facts or some opinions based in analysing instead of jus stating negative things about the club without such statistics to support such argument if you think that is trolling then go to just spuds they would love to here someone say that are club is falling apart when its not

  8. jod says:

    The problem with your arguments is that if it was just about spending money then there’s no way Spurs could compete. The Manchester clubs and Chelsea try and buy success. Spurs (and to some extent Liverpool) can’t do that with less money coming in. Spurs instead have a different business model and develop players instead of buying the finished product. Arsenal don’t seem to have a business model. Maybe first of all Arsenal need to decide what sort of club they want to be.

    1. barryglik says:

      Arsenal does have a club model.
      Achieving 1st place is too expensive
      So Arsenal has been a top 4
      sustainable model club since
      2009 when Mr Kroenke became majority share holder.
      City Utd and Chelsea spend massive.
      Arsenal Liverpool and Spurs spend less.
      The results now almost always reflect the level of spending
      except the freak Leicester win in 2016.
      Till this season it was a Kroenke/Wenger model.
      Now there are changes afoot with others involved.
      But what effect are they having now?
      What effect will they have when Wenger leaves?
      Only time will tell.

      1. Thomas says:

        And we finished 2nd in 2016 and were the only top team to beat Leicester twice every other top club failed

    2. Thomas says:

      Spurs and liverpool have spent more on players than we have just to let you know 75m for van dijk shatters our record we sit sixth in money spent on players

  9. Phil says:

    Great Article.
    However the Topic was (in a nutshell) we ate Blinkered and need to face Reality.
    The Majority of fans,with the probable exception of those AKB idiots,woke up to the fact what Wenger was doing to OUR CLUB many years ago.Fans are not as Stupid as the Board obviously feel we are and would like us to be.
    We saw this coming and when voicing concerns and feelings were shot down and shut up.
    To say this is only now being recognised is wrong.
    But still a good article

  10. Shinoda says:

    The reason why most fans are pissed of is because of the amount of lies sold to us. The club management has no respect for the fans. We were told that the move to the Emirates was so that we could compete with the likes of Bayern, but we all know how that turned out. Our transfer policy has been a shambles. We call ourselves a big club but we behave like Nottingham Forest. I don’t dispute our achievements but when fans are paying top dollar & the club is getting big sponsorships, I expect to at least compete with the likes of Bayern & Chelsea. The ridiculous spending of oil rich clubs has destroyed football, but I believe that it takes a lot more to compete or win trophies. Without a good manager who can bring out the best of his players, it won’t matter how much you spend. Liverpool & Spurs are quite a good example, just look at how much Kane, Alli, Salah, Mane, Firminho etc cost & compare that with other big clubs. Arsenal should be up there with the best & I believe Wenger is holding us back. All our signings & youth products have been underperforming; Ozil was good in Madrid, Xhaka was great in Bundesliga, Kolasinac was the best LB in bundesliga, Bellerin was once “the next Alves”, Lacazette was banging them goals in Lyon, Aubameyung was scoring for fun in Dortmund, Holding had a very good debut, Iwobi had a great debut, Ospina was doing wonders for Colombia, but look at all of them now. We need a manager who can motivate these players and bring out the best in them. Wenger has done enough, it’s time for someone else to be given the chance.

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