Arsenal fans need Wenger to announce his intentions now!

Arsene Wenger needs to come out with a statement over his future! by Konstantin Mitov

It’s probably gotten a bit boring to talk about the future of Arsene, but I want to talk about the consequences the delayed announcement of his decision brings. Is he actually affected by what’s happening at the club?

I don’t really think he cares too much about other’s opinions but as time passes by, the board seem like Arsene’s last standing ally. Although a powerful one, as it can decide his future, We already know everything lies in his hands, but will Arsene crash into a harsh reality?

On one hand the media were long supporters of Arsene. Rarely have you seen a journalist come out in the past years to be critical of Arsene, but things are starting to change for the first time and long term supporters of Wenger seem to think it’s best for him to go for his own good.

Ex Arsenal players, especially those who’ve played under Arsene, are cautious about their words and generally all of them believe Arsene needs to go out on a high for what he’s done for the club, but he should go nonetheless!

The so called Wenger Out Brigade was called a minority for most of the past 5 years but more and more long term Wenger supporters are starting to see through the fact that Arsene is just not up to date with the modern game. Bear in mind in his glory days Arsene only had one real opponent in Man Utd, but now there are 5-6 clubs all looking at the top 4 with a much smaller quality gap.

Back to the point though, the fact that nobody knows what will really happen is bad because every bad result puts more weight on an already heavy finger pointing at the manager for the bad results, when I have to admit that it’s not like the Board or the players are helping him too much.

Nevertheless it’s been 20 years. Arsenal were founded in 1886! It’s nearly impossible to imagine another manager that will get his career time, but point is, everything over his 20 years reign has changed, except for the manager. The fact that we’re not playing this weekend is a welcome one, because we do need time to reflect on the situation.

Truth is I’ve personally never seen Arsene looking so broken and to some extent I can understand the pain he feels. Imagine you are giving all your heart and work to a company for 20 years, yet everyone around it is saying you’re not good enough for your job any more. You’d be kind of upset and find it difficult to leave.

But we’re all thankful for what he’s done for us. I just hope he comes out and clears up the situation, so that the board can find a new manager if he’s going, and prepare well for the best suitor. Imagine if Arsene had left us in May 2014 had we not beaten Hull for the FA cup.

If we start looking for a manager in the summer we’d be miles behind. If he truly is leaving, which I find hard to believe, announcing it early, would unite everyone over the idea to send him out on a high and prepare well for a new era! We don’t want to repeat the mistakes Man Utd made.

This will be a summer of transition and I’m struggling to see how Arsene would deal with it. The game at Liverpool, will be Wenger’s biggest test so far, because he is fighting for his legacy! For what he will be remembered for. The ‘specialist in failure’ tag by Mourinho stuck with the boss because there’s partial truth in it.

Arsene said he’ll manage next year – here or somewhere else, only he knows. Does he have a real job waiting for him to accept, or is he playing the situation “you’ll miss me when I’m gone”? The FA cup is the last realistic chance we have to get something on our table. Please Arsene, do the right thing! Announce that you’ll leave and we can all stick together for the best of Arsenal FC!



  1. Budd says:

    Wenger Out Brigade is still a minority but very close to 50% now. Never was the fan base split as it is today. I am not sure if Wenger will go this summer. That would be a mistake, if you ask me. There’s nothing he can do anymore to improve this squad. Moreover, the squad does not really believes in him. There are also some other issues.
    The rest of the article is just strawman arguments. Like it is Arsenal’s fault that no other team than United put some fight between 1998 and 2004. Just like last year when all the idiots on the internet and in the media saying Arsenal lost the title to Leicester. Same idiots not giving any chance to Arsenal in the beginning of the season and dismissing them totally in February-March but moaning that Arsenal lost the title (just because it happened we finished second). Give me a break.

  2. Pablo Picaso says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the title.

    Why does Arsenal leave everything to the last minute? This is one tradition I hate about Arsenal, lack of transparency. Be it new signings, out going players, renewal of contracts, hell even releasing the kits.

    How is it that clubs like Bayern, United, City, Chelsea, Barca, R. Madrid and other smaller teams information easily flows ensuring the clubs and the fans are on the same page. I bet Arsene and the board already know what will happen come end of season so why not put us the fans out of this guessing game.

    Whatever they are smoking at the Emirates causes them stir up unnecessary grief.

    1. Tas says:

      Pablo its all hush hush because Arsenal PLC sorry Arsenal FC is run as a business the American way

      buy a business with potential build it up and sell it when the price is right,

      unfortunate for us Arsenal fans its still not at its peak ( monetary terms ) for the Stan Kroenke empire to sell,

      Arsenal FC will never be transparent under the present regime or manager

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Yeah it’s funny how everything to do with Arsenal is hidden with secrecy and strategies, yet we are soooo transparent on the pitch ???

        1. Pablo Picaso says:

          @ Fatboy lol so true, we let it all out on the pitch like a fat kid in cake shop.

          @ Tas I cannot wait for the day we will see the back of Stan, Gaz and the board members who have been around since the time gonnersorus parents where around.

          1. Tas says:

            @ Pablo you and us must also be careful what you wish for, up until four years ago “Stan and co” did a great job of rebuilding our club but in the process lack of funds in the earlier days made us lost the art of being competitive and the only way to recover our hunger for success is a new WC manager one that will sending shock waves to our leader the Stan man

      2. Jansen says:

        Falling out of the top 4 would surely reduce the value of Koenke’s club.

  3. Disturbance says:

    I think that if Arsene was really leaving, the media would somehow know it and it’d be all over the news. They have contacts with managers and they’ll know if we speak to someone for the job. I just don’t think he’s leaving. Frankly because I don’t think anyone big would have him right now.

  4. Jansen says:

    Wenger is not leaving and puts himself ahead of the club. Why does he have wait until March/April? If he believes a few good results between now and April will justify continuing on as manager he is completely disconnected from the fans. We don’t care if he manages to secure 4th, it would not be a license for him to stay another 4 years. He has passed the stage where the results of the team can influence our opinion of him.

    What he hopes is that a few good results will open a short window for him to get away with signing a new 2 year contract.

    I saw a pole on the daily mail about whether it was time for Wenger to leave, about 80% of what I believe was 70,000 people thought it was time for him to go. Any reasonable football fan understands he should go for his own sake and for the clubs sake.

    I hope behind the scenes he has let the owner know that he will not sign a new contract and I hope the are in the process of agreeing terms with a new manager of high quality.

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      ‘Give all your heart and work to a company for 20 years’ and get 100+million in exchange sounds like a really good deal.

      Arsene is gagging to stay on and continue with what is this tidy little arrangement from his point of view.

      It is not care for the club that has Arsene hanging on by his finger nails it’s a combination of greed and delusion that is becoming ever more unseemly to have to watch.

  5. BUR says:

    I still can’t imagine why there are still people out there who require in favour of wenger. Are you happy with getting embarrassed every year in the Champions league? Are you happy with a 4th place finish? Are you happy in not competing for the league? Are you happy with the inept excuses why we can’t compete? Are you happy in having our season ended in February? Are you happy with the board coining the profit? I’m not! I want him out and gone so as we can rebuild and compete at the top again.

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