Arsenal fans not only have a trophy but also belief and hope for next season

And so we have our trophy! by Shenel

I wrote an article only a few weeks ago just after the semi final draw was made and I said beating City and then possibly getting Chelsea in the final would end up being a repeat of the 2017 final.

We knew so many pundits and people wrote us off as soon as we got City, but I always had faith! I believed we would beat City and in turn I also believed we would beat our final opponents be it Manchester United or Chelsea.

Although in 2017 we beat City 2-1, this time it was 2-0 but the final result against the same final opponents had the same result and after such a poor season with so many ups and downs, we have finally managed something positive!

Winning the trophy that is meant for us for a RECORD BREAKING 14th time may I add is some feat in itself!

The win against Chelsea follows on from the impressive two wins against Liverpool and Manchester City only two weeks ago.

We have seen what the boys are now capable of! On their day they can beat almost anyone. If we maintain this passion and positivity, keep 90% of the players we already have if not more, and add a few more experienced ones then I can see us having a good season next season.

Well let’s put it this way it can’t be any worse than this one can it!

Here’s hoping we can automatically qualify for the Champions League next season without having to rely on an FA Cup final win to get us into Europe.

Either way the grit and fight shown by our boys, shows Arteta’s message is clear to see with how he is building his team and what he expects from them.

If they keep this up it won’t be long before we get to see the Arsenal that we had become accustomed to. The team who fought tooth and nail in every game, the team who went unbeaten and the team who challenged every season for 1st place and trophies.


Shenel Osman


    1. Sue In 28 days we play Liverpool in the community shield.
      These guys have no chance and time to rest.
      Hopefully the board doesn’t EFF this up and Arteta gets his players in

    2. fans should forget about winning a trophy for at least 2 seasons

      rebuild the team, lay the foundation…

      let the young boys play together for 2 season with a few seniors to guide them

      this way we can build up a core team to win

      1. Same old arsenal though always interested in top players but never buy anyone then last minute panic and buy crap, hopefully after winning the Cup the board will spend

  1. we went a goal down in a final, we fought and worked harder, fought like we wanted it more.. The players looked calm and played for each other.
    Yo this is Emery’s team with all the same players, same squad with dead confidence and lack of hunger.
    Mikel brought something and has turned them from massive failures to hardworking players.
    This is the difference between Emery’s Arsenal and Mikel’s Arsenal.

    I’d love to read more Mikel is am assistant manager joke
    Thank you Arteta!
    I trust the process

    1. The players seems to have adjusted to MA coaching as we now have less injury with the same work rate. And most importantly everyone is listening to the gaffer and playing to instruction as we can see change in tactic after the 1st half water break

      1. No rocket science, just keep non performers out of the playing squad or send them abroad, and we win big time. If Unai had to do the same, the EL would have been ours.
        Cheers Mikel, good you stood you ground, I Remove my hat for you Sir.

    2. Did you not comment yesterday”these players lack the mental strength to play finals….they are shaking…”??

  2. All the excitement of the cup… and now I’ve just read Bob and Doug are returning from space later on today!! Safe Journey 🙏

  3. Eddie and Sue, this is a good night for me. The Lads made my day. I wish and hope d board will sign. And let’s start the revolution with partey, coutinho and szobalai. We don’t need to buy a defender, we have enough, just try to improve the ones we have, sell some and bring Saliba and we’ll be ready. Let’s go back to 433

    1. Saliba is huge! He even made Kolasinac look small!! I can’t wait to see him start..
      Yes, Raul and co had better hurry things along… don’t want to miss out on our targets! The clock is ticking….
      Glad you’re happy, Labass… think we’ll all be grinning for ages after that result 👍

      1. That was Saliba?! I didnt see his face but was wondering who that giant is! If Luiz can stop himself from dishing out penalties, they can form a solid patnership in the next few weeks to come.

  4. Oh I am. I’m really really grinning, just hope we’ll sign partey coutinho and szobalai. We just need midfielders and we re go to go. Keep Aubu

  5. We have the potential with our young players, we need to see Saliba and Mari and we need to add some good quality players in the mid. But most importantly, we need a real playmaker.

    I belief that MA noticed what he needs in order to compete with the other teams, remember Chelsea will be more different in the next season. Man City and Liverpool they already have the best quality players I guess in the whole world and Man U are getting better.

    1. One thing I can tell you and sure is that Arsenal won’t be buying any defenders. mark my words.

  6. Proud of you lads. You deserved to win. It seems that Willian will be with us soon. Arteta 10/10. Hope everybody on this site are well.

    1. With regards to Willian, I do hope not…… Partey should be our main priority this summer, then Coutinho (or Fekir) and one of Aouar, or Szoboszalai, add a top CB to that (Koulibaly?….. I think he’s linked with City)….. all of these in addition to keeping Aubameyang and Ceballos….. hopefully Lacazette too…… and boy!…. are we going to obliterate teams next season 😀……. this victory has really got me in an optimistic mood 😀😀. Anyways, all dreaming aside, I do hope they get the recruitments right against next season. COYG!!!

  7. Wat a peno can’t get much better than just haf to mention as it was wat we needed at right time hes worth 5 Ozils.

  8. Next season looking good for Arsenal. We just need to keep Auba, extend Ceballos loan and get a proper number 10 with magic in his boots. Some people say buy defenders but personally I think we’ve got a good crop of defenders and a VERY good goalkeeper too

    1. Good defender crop?? Can you name few..apart from Tierney I don’t think any of our defenders will be first choice in top 6 premier League team. Luiz was poor today so was holding, we got lucky with Chelsea players getting injured. That American dude was running circles around our defence like Messi. We need defenders n good ones too. Attack wins you game and defence wins you league. All ex primer League teams are proof of this.

    2. Arsenal need to retain Aubameyang and AMN and bring in Thomas Partey. The Board and senior executive need to get off their backsides and spend any funds wisely.

  9. As I have always believed, this team is good enough as it is. A few additions in some positions will make it even better. Now if they can treat every league game as an FA cup semi or final, we will be talking something else come end of next season.

    1. Highbury Hero, consistency is the problem, due to deficiencies in certain positions, DM, box to box CAM and CB, and squad depth, when injuries occur. Therefore the team is only good enough to be where it is; the table doesn’t lie. As we have seen, if the planets align, Arsenal can perform well in one off knock out games, but winning the EPL requires consistently good performances throughout a full season.

  10. Yea. That’s the spirit. Right on the Gunners. League championship & Uefa don’t seem that far again.

  11. Funny thing is Wenger won de same cup so many times with little investment in squad and finishing in top 4 at same time but Arsenal fans abused him and called him out. Now we win FA cup with out champions League but fans sound over the moon. How the mighty have fallen. I wanted MA to be the manager right after Wenger left and I still back him to do great job , we can win some major honours under him but the board needs to back him like Chelsea board is backing lampard and Man U have backed their managers. It looks like our board do not get the message more trophies you win more money you earn….stop being penny pinchers n buy some quality. We keep falling down the packing order of world richest club and if things continue like they have under kronke we might end up as Newcastle or worse leeds.

  12. I’ve Never watched a game that we go a whole 90mins without conceding fouls. 2-14.tactics spot on

  13. Did you guys notice Xhaka? The guy is now having the confidence of a big club player, and our ‘play from behind ‘? Beauty . I never knew we could confidently play out of pressure from our goal. Thank you Emery for introducing it early and thank you Mikel for perfecting it and giving us hope.
    With the way our players are now playing, we can still get them sold for a decent amount if we decide to move any of them, compare to the start of season that they all look like £1 player. Only the high wages may be an hinderance

  14. What makes this victory sweeter is that Chelsh*t had a man sent-off AFTER Aubameyang had put us infront and had to experience the hopelessness of playing against 11 men who are already a cup final 😂 Man, congratulations to the boys! Ending this nasty season with a trophy is incredible!

  15. Tierney, Pepe, Ceballos first season and a medal, terrific! They have brought back the valor to their jerseys. We win when we play our good luck charm AMN, praying he rejects Brighten and stays with us.Happy for big Emi. Auba, we just need to pay him even if it is 350K/ week! I trusted Luiz and he didn’t let us down.Credit to the man. Mikel won with his winning combination, please do not tinker too much.

    1. Arsenal must keep the best players, like AMN, who have come through the Academy with Arsenal DNA. They will fight for the badge, proud to wear the shirt.

      1. Who blamed him, other than for a defensive mistake? The whole team, led by Arsenal’s talisman Mezut Ozil downed tools in Baku.

  16. At least no one will be moaning today about the ref being against us! There were some close calls that could have gone the other way.
    Great performances from Aubamayang, Luiz, AMN, Xhaka and Ceballos.

  17. Moshan,

    I see that you are part of the few people that cannot just simply enjoy a very great and memorable moment without adding a touch of negativity and a useless comparison huh
    Why did you have to mention Wenger, top 4 and all of that??!

    Look, you may have forgotten, this is a very strange season for this great football club where we have had THREE managers, this is not the kind of thing you associate with a club like Arsenal.
    At a point this season, we were hovering above the relegation zone with a clueless team dangerously devoid of confidence that some sections of fans already fear we will be in relegation fight, it was that bad!

    Don’t you think finishing such a season with a trophy even without Europe calls for celebration?
    We are part of the three champions this season, Liverpool, Arsenal and City and you still have something to moan about?

    Are you not happy to see our hard work being rewarded? Arteta winning his first trophy as a manager, Pepe, Tierney, Ceballos, and Luiz winning a trophy in their first season with us. And Spurs will have to play in the play-offs while we get automatic qualification…lol

    This is getting too long my friend, just enjoy this moment and bury any negative thoughts you have there…

    1. Likewise Goonerboy, enjoy the moment and don’t lower yourself to gloat at the misfortune of others eg Spurs.
      Arsenal has to regain “class” and sportsmanship.

  18. My gut feeling is Auba will leave think his body language when pressed on whether he will stay was not positive and he just brushed the question away seen this all before hope I’m wrong because he will be virtually impossible to replace on the budget Arteta will be given for transfers!!

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