Arsenal fans should NOT want Mesut Ozil to change

The Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil is obviously a very opinionated person and does his own thing whatever other people expect him to be doing. I was quite pleased when he made it clear that Arsene Wenger needed to buy some more star players in the summer.

When he first arrived Arsenal fans thought him lazy and lacklustre because he didn’t seem to be running around the pitch like a madman (mind you we call Walcott a headless chicken when he does it!) but we now know that he is careful and is always looking for his team-mates positions.

The German has been our best player all season, creating chance after chance for our misfiring strikers, but now it appears that he has been told to change his ways. Ozil said: “My goal is to make sure my body language is right.”

“When I make a mistake, I get annoyed and you can tell from my body language. But these days I try to make sure that I don’t do that anymore because in football you can make mistakes and play a bad pass.

“It is more for the fans, the people who watch the game, [rather than team-mates], because they might think that I’m not fighting anymore.”

Ozil, don’t change! We WANT you to be annoyed with mistakes. We on’t want you to smile and wave and pretend you don’t care. Whatever you have been doing since the beginning of the season just CARRY ON DOING IT!

But whoever is trying to teach you, could you send them to Olivier Giroud so he stops acting like a prat when he misses!

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  1. In his first season I used to bash Ozil for not tracking back when he loose the balls (add to that the fact that I was (still) angry at Wenger for not signing striker and instead signing another AMF) … Now I am happy with Ozil and what he is doing for us … Ozil, you don’t need to change as long as you have the spirit and the fight …
    The one I need him to change (rather being changed) is the one who will never do … The stubborn one …

    1. Are u saying u r super pleased with ozil ??? Honestly ??? Cos i really wish he would do better for a 42million attacking midfielder .. For the sake of Arsenal r u really deep down in ur heart pleased wid ozil ????

  2. Ozil should just leave.
    He has wasted 3 years
    of his career at Arsenal.
    The Ozil transfer was predicted
    to begin an avalanche of world class players
    racing to Arsenal which by now would be a super club
    winning the EPL and making the ECL semi’s.
    But here we are 8 points behind useless Leicester,
    last 16 as usual in the ECL and
    beaten at home by Watford in the FA Cup.
    Let the guy go where his talents can be realized.

    1. He has actually wasted 3 years of iwobi’s development , cos iwobi or cazorla in the no. 10 would provide us with more goals. honestly speaking

      1. Everyone is entitled to opinion, however it doesn’t entitle them to be right.

        This is a bloke that would of absolutely smashed assist history if he’d had a equally classed striker to find.
        I’ve missed 1 game (overseas) all season and he has been outstanding for ALL of it..

  3. We really did not need Ozil when we got him. Cazorla was doing a better job, and I still rate Cazorla as a better AMF above Ozil. Only this season has Ozil manage to do just one aspect of his duties – assist goals. All other responsibilities associated with AMF, Ozil has failed to do

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