Arsenal fans now just ONE game from total meltdown

I am not talking about the game Arsenal face in the Champions League this week, because not too many of us Arsenal fans are holding on to anything but the hope of a miracle and I don’t think that any of us had much confidence that we would get through over two legs against Barcelona even before the home leg was played.

No the game I am talking about is the trip to Everton on Saturday and after being knocked out of the FA cup at home to yesterday to add to the general mood of disappointment that has been hanging around the club for the last couple of months, Arsenal must surely beat the Toffees to keep alive any hope of a happy ending to the season.

There is already a steadily growing sense of enough is enough among the Arsenal fanbase and even Gooners like myself that have backed the boss before are starting to turn. The spuds won today against Aston Villa which we all expected and we can only hope that the new manager effect can help Newcastle take something off Leicester tomorrow.

But whatever happens our title hopes will be gone if we lose on Saturday, simple as. After that we have an international break and some time to regroup and after that we are supposedly getting the likes of Cazorla, Cech, Wilshere and Ramsey back. Maybe, just maybe Arsenal can go on a strong run and chase down our title rivals, but not if things go wrong at Everton.

If that happens I am worried about the reaction of the Arsenal fans because it will not be pretty.

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  1. We’ve started Giroud as striker in 2 crucial games (Barcelona and Watford) and both games have ended in disaster. If we can’t convert our possession and chances into goals, we’ll see many Swansea and Watfords in our lives :(. We need a sharp shooter next season.

    1. Don’t get me started on Giroud. I don’t understand how a grown man that size can end up on the ground so many times every game.

      1. nxt time wenger complains about fan attitude affecting players, i wish a media person would have the b*lls to ask how he expects kroenke’s admission to affect the players
        kroenke: “if you were after championships, you’d never buy”

  2. Thing is, something needs to change, Wenger leaving or Kroenke leaving, if Wenger leaves and we finish lets say 10th than Kroenke will sell, and Usmanov would take over and re build whole team, so its a win win situation, this constant loop we witness every year is boring, predictible even by Wenger standards, what would you choose, every year same 4th place and Wenger, or new Manager and mabye disaster but ending with Usmanov take over and rebuilding team, i know what would i take.

    1. Arsenal finishing 10th won’t get Kroneke to leave.
      If we look at last seasons tv earnings Arsenal got £96 million just from tv rights and for finishing 3rd (not including merchandise or ticket sales)
      Man Utd made more than Arsenal despite finishing 4th (£97 million).
      If we look at Liverpool who finished 6th they made £92 million, more than 5th place Tottenham who made £88 million because Liverpool have more fans so they had more live games shown on TV, same with Utd on Arsenal too.
      Arsenal finishing 10th would still make them at least £90 million, that would be more than most of the clubs that could potentially finish above them because of their bigger fan base so more of their games would be shown on TV too.
      You want Kroneke out? … the only way is to stop buying merchandise and stop going to games, which many fans have trouble doing.

      1. That’s still ain’t good enough. Usmanov ( I prefer Dangote) has to be crazy as Roman Abramovich. Buy Kroenke’s stocks with crazy offers, then it’s done.

  3. How weak are these people in the UK?

    All it takes is boycotting the next home game, staging protests and coordinating a social media campaign. The majority has no tilted on favor of the one who want the manager out.

    Start there, its not that hard. Bringing banners to game is one thing, boycotting a home game is a dagger to the heart of the likes of Kroenke, Gazidis and their foot soldier aka frontman aka muppetboy wenger.

  4. Yes there will be fireworks
    at Everton which if we win
    could ignite our EPL chase
    or if we lose ignite the
    bonfire being set around Arsene’s feet 🙂
    Everton have a free week but Arsenal go to Spain.
    I guess avoiding injuries to key players would
    be a good result for Arsenal at the Nou Camp.
    Newcastle upsetting Leicester tomorrow would help too.

  5. Kroenke is a definite problem, Wenger is a maybe problem. Kroenke has said today after the defeat “I didn’t buy Arsenal stake to win trophies”. It confuses and baffles me why the Arsenal Board recommended the Bracewell-Smith shares were sold to this mercenary. He clearly doesn’t have Arsenals best interests at heart, only his own.

    1. Usmanov and Dangote are clearly richer than Abramovich. But both of them don’t have just 20% of Roman’s guts. That’s why we still see the Satan and his slave Gazidis at Emirates.

  6. I think that wenger’s Arsenal career,
    will last longer than his 30 year marriage did. ?

    As long as the money keeps rolling in… Wenger won’t be sacked! …. And thats straight from the Yankees mouth!

    And there was poor little fat old meeee, trying to remain upbeat and positive, for the rest of the season and then came a long a big steel caped boot… straight in the Nuts! ?
    Losing at home to Watford, is the final straw!
    Enough is enough man!! ?

    Does anyone fancy double figures at the Nou Camp?

    1. I gave up ever since the Southampton game, that was the final confirmation that our team will never change in this current state.

  7. How do fans expect the team to be committed to winning championships, when the owner has come out and publicly said that he isn’t? How can this not cause de-motivation in the team?


  8. We don`t play football at Emirates, we play poker. The last game of football was played at Highbury.

  9. Players to leave
    Scenzny,mert,artetta,rosicky ,flamini,campbell,ox,walcott,giroud and one of ramsey and wilshere in not needed

    Players to come
    1-starter CB 15m
    2-DM that can pass 20m
    3-player like isco to cover cazorla 35m
    4-starter RW (like mehrez) 40m
    5-starter striker (like higuain)50m
    6-cover for the new RW if campbell,ox and walcott leave and i prefer them all to leave because theya are not arsenal quality 20m
    7-cover for alexis 20m

    That is 200m
    Quiet a fortune but this is what we need to build new arsenal teams with players deserve to play for our beautiful club

    1. Gk get rid of szezney (8M) whilst we can still command a decent fee. Martinez has been excellent on loan at wolves were he should stay another season [saved 8m]

      Rb aurier 15m 0ut= debcuhcy/Jenkinson + around 7m
      *arsenal target when sagna left/ arsenal fan*
      (he can effectively cover the hole back line as well and has been arguably the best RB across the continent this season, a bust up with psg will see him available) [net spend 7m]

      Cb Umtiti has been excellent this season and is being scouted all season by us. we should loan chambers out to establish himself as a cb to come back the following season were per will be sold. [net spend =16m]

      Lb Gaya (17m), not only is he great friends with bellerin but he is also the next best thing to alba for spain and is still only 21. Gibbs (9m) is at the age were he needs to play regularly so he would do good at a mid table team. [8m net spend]

      defensive summary ( we would have a top up and coming player in every position with would)

      DM release arteta/flamini , elneny is already there replacement.

      CM cazorla/jack/ramsey = sorted

      cam release rosicky = Iwobi is already his replacement.

      Rm Mahrez 35m best player in the bpl, imagine mahrez-ozil-sanchez
      sell Walcott & wellington, for 20m [net spend=15m]

      Lm sanchez/Welbeck= sorted

      ST ZLATAN Ibrahimovic he is free, world class, scores, creates, leader what else can I say?
      sell sanogo

      38m spent

      so no we don’t need to spend a fortune just need to spend smart 😉

  10. Lovers of ARSENAL FC

    I think its been too long and enough is enough. I would love to organize the charge but I am too far away and to think I bought tickets to London in May in December because I had faith… sadly whilst I will never support another team, I will only be watching Crewe Alexandra from now till next season, this season has been too painful.

    A good pre-season had my hopes raised, buying Cech had my hopes high, was concerned no one else was bought but still held hope THEN came December, could see we were not the same, injuries as expected but to more crucial players, same old tactical mistakes and same old blatant favoritism. Jan comes and we only buy Elneny (dont mean to disrespect him. I would give him a few more games to get into the EPL and for 5mill, dont really expect too much).

    As we are unable to bring in banners can I suggest a new song for us till it changes… TIME TO SAY GOODBYE…..
    or for the linguists in you ….

  11. I’m glad that we’re out of UCL and FA Cup, possibility in 4th position again in BPL..It will give biggest pressure to AW regime, hopefully he’ll get fired and we’ll get a new manager next season

  12. I want Leicester to win against Newcastle. In fact I want them to win the PL. I am pretty
    sure we will not win the PL and if Leicester drop points I am pretty sure Spurs will win the PL.

    The only thing worse to us not winning the PL in a season it was hard not to, is Spurs winning the PL.

    In addition Wenger and the club will have a harder time explaining why he is still the man to lead us forward if a club with a non existing budget out manages us/him.

    (He will however gladly say that buying players is not the issue as Leicester proved but he would only be pointing the finger at himself if he did that, since he had a far superior squad available and could not manage to win.

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