Arsenal fans over-reacted yet again – Have some faith…

Do Arsenal fans overreact after every loss?

There is no doubt in the fact that Arsenal is still one of the most widely supported football clubs across the globe, with a fanbase of millions.

Naturally, thus, every result of the team is scrutinized by billions of eyeballs. Every player, every performance, every tactic is discussed by fans across the globe.

The situation remained the same after Mikel Arteta’s men failed to beat rock-bottom side Burnley last weekend.

Despite being a disappointing performance, in which the players did not show much creativity at the final third, it’s not the end of the world surely?

We had four important first team or squad players heading to AFCON. We were always going to be short in numbers this month.

A difficult transfer window hasn’t helped either in bringing in the much-needed fresh blood this current team so desperately needs.

But there’s still seven days to go to the end of the winter transfer window and a lot can be done, if you want to believe it or not.

Shifting the focus to the league table, a draw on Sunday means the North London outfit failed to reclaim their fourth spot.

However, they are just two points off it with a game in hand. Apart from that, Arsenal have an easier run in than their top four rivals, and that might prove to be invaluable come May.

Thomas Partey and Granit Xhaka will also be back for their next Premier League match against Wolves on 10th February. A lot of players will fully recover from their niggles and injuries.

Arsenal will have a proper squad the next time they grace a green pitch, and it might even be strengthened further with a few additions.

Although I understand the fans’ frustration that the club let go of a wonderful opportunity to stake a claim on the fourth spot, but we still have 17 games to play in the league!

Last season, at this point of time, we were nowhere close to the top four pack. But then we ended up finishing just six points off fourth placed Chelsea.

If Arteta and his team continue to show their impressive colours, which they have usually shown this season, we still have a good chance of finishing in the top four.

Have some faith. And if we fail, at least we can be proud of the team of giving a proper fight after two horrendous seasons.

Come On You Gunners!

Yash Bisht

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    1. …and a very poor comment. Insulting another fellow Gooner because you don’t agree with him.
      Must everyone agree with you all the time?

      1. Sorry Pat, but I don’t insult people. Only stating the obvious. Our name should be changed to “Mediocrity FC”

        1. Is being two points off the topo four with a game in hand mediocrity? Ik you are frustrated but in the end what matters is we are just two points off fourth with a game in hand. I bet you would have taken this outcome before the start of the season

          1. Do you really think we will make the top four, when we play Wolves, they will overtake us and we will drop down, this is a good team run by an average manager with no ambition and no idea, bring someone else in who will work better with the players

          2. Conveniently leaving out Spurs with the same points as us and with a game in hand are we Yash? Total honesty would be nice instead of a half truth.


    1. I could not agree with you more. Spot on .Everybody thinks it is the wrong players but honestly it is only the wrong manager. Look at the mess we are in in the middle of the park.
      We had Guendouzi , Maitland Niles but this manager thinks he can get others like them for less. Look at the way he has treated OZIL, Aubameyang.
      I do not see happy faces in this team at all, they all seem to just be going through the motions, just doing their job.
      The cheapest version would be to get another manager when the opportunity knocks.
      I still believe Arteta is a good coach though, but he needs to learn to treat players right ,bring back the smiles.

      1. Why are you calling aubameyang arteta has made a statement with that the moment aubameyang left the squad we started performing better,scoring more goals why the hell are you calling aubameyang
        Ozil is gone forget about him everybody keeps talking like it’s arteta that drove ozil out of the team since before arsene Wenger left he was being frozen out of the team
        And why should we change the manager you’re comparing yourself with the likes of man utd and man city we don’t have the squad depth they have and yet we’re still in the top 4 race everybody shouting sack arteta when has changing of coach ever helped arsenal
        Abeg just sit and watch ball or you can fly to London and sack him yourself

        1. Replacing Wenger with Emery when he took over.
          Emery finished 5th, missed 4th by 1 point; Wenger finished 6th the previous year.

          Emery also got Arsenal to the Europa final. I would say changing the coach helped Arsenal based on the results.

          Replacing Emery with Arteta has not helped the club, you are right. two 8th place finishes, out of European football for the first time in over two decades.

          Yet the 2 managers some blame, miraculously achieved qualifying for European football with the dross Arteta ousted.

          Nearly 300 million spent, , over 15 new players, yet no accountability after 2 years.

          1. Well quite fun it is how selective one’s memory can be.

            We can also mention that Emery lost the dressing room and Arteta came in a dire moment. He removed the dead wood, and instilled better values in the players. He even made them run, lol, something it seemed they had forgotten how to do. Nice bonus was the FA cup which we won on pure Arteta passion, the players just believed in him and gave everything. Now the squad is far more balanced and far better than it was back then, full of young disciplined players on long contracts, and this gives us a foundation on which we can build. I honestly believe that a striker who can find the net will be a game changer for Arsenal, along with an upgrade of Xhaka.

            If you look at Manchester United after so many years and so many managers after SAF, I think they are already behind us, in terms of rebuilding and putting the foundations for something that lasts.

            With that being said of course Arteta has many negatives, but no one is perfect, and the guy has passion and even love for this club. Let him finish what he has started. He is so close now. I still think we have chance for top 4, it will be very hard but doable, and the best scenario if we can reach it, than we can take whoever top palyer he wants because we will have CL football. Then next season we see his completed project from the start.

            If he fails to be a top 3 team, than it is obvious that we can take someone else with a ready squad, that excels in game tactics and just materialize the potential that Arteta has built.

    2. And who are these ‘Big’ managers Perry. All of the so called elites are at other clubs and to be honest. No matter who we get. All it needs is a few bad performances or results not going our way and everyone will again start baying for blood and sackings. We moaned at Wenger, again at Emery and now at Arteta.

      Maybe the problem is with us the fans. Maybe from our viewpoint, all the answers are simple as if we have any special knowledge and skills on how to manage a football team.

      Some managers are more successful than others where they might have rich benefactors and a dearth of resources to literally buy and put together an ensemble team. Unfortunately we don’t at arsenal and I wouldn’t want us to go down that road of buying the league title either.

      I know I keep going on about Wenger, but you gotta give the man his due. When he came to our club, he wasn’t lavished with financial backing and resources, in fact he was an unknown quantity (Arsène Who?) but…through his wisdom, knowledge, network of staff at all levels, was able to put together an ensemble team from nothing. Players that were unheard of (and some of more notoriety) and put together a side that played attractive, rapier like football, with style and flair like no body else of the time and above all, we done it the Arsenal way! We didn’t buy the league, we were patient, wise and negotiated our way through it in style and grace.

      I like many, i have a moan at things going on at arsenal. Mainly players and their performances or lack of. I don’t always do it on here. But we really have stop thinking that ousting one manager after another is the way forward. We gotta stop thinking that we know best. Which is easy to do when watching from a distance and don’t have the responsibility of real hands on football management. We gotta stop accusing each other of mediocrity just because we don’t vent our spleen at our current situation. Of which I’m amazed at really. A lot of people on here are accusing dissenters to their ideas, of being mediocre and lacking ambition. However, those same people are happy just for a place in the top four. I thought the idea of a competition was to win it outright, not to be the fourth best. We didn’t win the title but we gotta a place in Europe as runners. Isn’t that mediocrity in itself to be happy four places behind the leader?

      We’ve had some good times as arsenal fans, shared the ups and downs. Had our battles on and off the field and enjoyed some big and small victories One thing I was always proud of is that we didn’t, until recently adopt the impatient and bitter mentality of other clubs fan bases where they thought a good old sacking was the way to go. Which seems to be the norm now in modern day football.

      We’ve seen loads of football managers from other clubs, over the years being unceremoniously sacked even when they were doing pretty well and as I said, this has now become a norm. But I also said…..this was not until recently an arsenal thing. We had a different sentiment as true football and moreso, Arsenal fans. Even when we did see other managers getting the sack(maybe with the exception of Mourinho) we didn’t revel in it and perhaps…. Was dismayed at the apparent injustice of it. I think that what set us apart from other clubs and their fans as we were parhaps considered more ‘gentlemanly’ as a football club.

      I’m not a die hard fan of any managers per se and this is not a piece that should not be interpreted as being a round the house’s way of backing Arteta. I just think we should be patient, be graceful in success or failure and get back to being a top arsenal club, but do it in our own time and manner!

      1. What a refreshing post to read, well said LtDan

        Someone putting their foot on the ball rather than steaming in with two footed tackles

        As I say a refreshing read on what was becoming a rather stale postings site

      2. I’m with you regarding sacking managers like switching socks.. But why should we support Arteta? That’s my problem! It’s clear that he’s not the man for the job yet he gets all the support and doesn’t even have any history or a CV to warrant that kind of support! He’s just a rookie! We should have gotten Conte when he was available.. Or sack Arteta and get Ten Haag, these are the kind of managers who we give the support and patience.. Not Arteta! Arteta and Edu will sink us further and it’s obvious.. 2 points from 4th with a game in a hand? Come see me in May if that’s still the case and we weren’t between 6th and 8th.. If it is ill eat my words and never speak about Arteta again!

  2. What have Man City and real madrids results got to do with Arsenal ,they are both top of their leagues no comparison between the 3 whatsoever .
    One is fighting for scraps under a manager who’s biggest achievement is getting high payed players off the clubs wage bill ,the other 2 are playing to win their leagues and do so every season .

    1. Great point I was going to mention the same.

      I think fans upset because we struggled to put away Burnley, and lost to them last year. Upset because we should be beating teams at the bottom of the table.

      Upset because we again fail to take advantage of opportunities, Upset because it was a woeful display.

      This makes 2 poor performances back to back, only scored 1 goal in January. Tired of inability to score; a reoccurring theme under Arteta.

      It’s not this single performance, but the combined performances over the last 2 years.

      Selling a “project” or “process” yet goalposts are constantly moved regarding “progress.”

      1. I think Dan kit called you out perfectly Yash – in the context of the article, it was obvious what you were attempting to do… Well said Dan.

  3. Totally bad management.
    We knew January was a problem & we did nothing about it.
    Cost us at least the Forest Game.

  4. Well done Yash Bisht, It made a pleasant change to hear a different song on JA

    Come on you Gunners indeed

    1. I appreciate your comment. Nobody here realizes that we have finished eighth in the past two seasons and cannot immediately hope for success with the young squad we have got.
      Tbh I was never sure of Arteta ever. I’m not his biggest fan at all.
      But fans need to think logically

      1. In my experience I don’t think football fans think logically Yash Bisht and there doesn’t seem to be much room for logic in top flight football anyway, it is also expecting too much for football fans not to over react to a result that wasn’t what they would have preferred

        Comments on here are rarely balanced so it was good to read your view that had perspective but most of all was in support of the Arsenal and positive, as I am all of the time, unconditionally

  5. Cmon if some of you seriously thought were going sign big players in Jan. Vlahovic was never coming to Arsenal, he likes playing in an easy league against shit teams. He and his agents were angling for Juve all along.What has football transfers got to do with the manager????

    What big manager does everyone want???? Mourinho was sacked by spurs as well as Utd cause he’s a dinosaur. Conte has won 3 games in 10 at the spuds even with all the rest they’ve had. Tuchel has in his last 8 has 11pts out of a potential 24. If he wins nowt with a 1.5bln quid squad hell be sacked in his 1st full season. Ancelotti was on the verge of being sacked by Everton before he ran for the hills. These are all “BIG” managers some of you wanted at Arsenal.

    Get real for god’s sake the issue is the recruitment team. Edu is shit takes too long to get deals done and spends to much time chasing shit Brazilian players. He has also spent too long chasing a player who wanted to join Juve. The man is a joke we should give Overmars his job and let him go play with Kia and Raul

    1. I think we could tempt Rodgers out of Leicester especially the way their fans have started booing him after poor results even though his overall time there he has done a good job. Just look what he has done with some of their youngsters like Fofana, James Justin and Harvey Barnes to name a few, imagine the wonders he could do for Saliba too and if we could somehow negotiate a return for Matteo and Dinos alongside our talented youth at the club presently.
      The only mark against him is bottling the title with Liverpool and the Top 4 twice with Leicester (albeit with mitigating circumstances namely injuries) but that apart, every other box is a massive tick in his favour. He has way more experience and is categorically a better manager than Arteta, who would bring an attacking, attractive style of play and his man-management is very good all things Mikel is criticized for. He could also reinvigorated Auba who is very similar to Vardy by playing more to his strengths.

      1. Sorry Rogers is not a top manager he was sacked from a top club did well in Scotland. This season his team are in 10th with arguably a better squad of players than us and if you think he is better than Arteta then I would have to completely disagree

        1. Rodgers would be the perfect fit for Arsenal nothing the style of play and ability to judge who a good player is. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see the likes of ESR, Saka, Tierney, Saliba, Guandiuzi and co smiling and enjoying their football.

  6. This is a good article and imo you’re right I for one don’t like the fact we haven’t signed yet but if you still check not every big team has signed and besides you don’t rush things like this good coaches buy individuals that fit their play not just any big talent you see I believe we’ll still sign before the transfer window ends and if we eventually get a good striker then we are one step in the top 4 already
    Youa re right arsenal fans are so scared that when there’s a little set back we start to panic

  7. We are rarely as good as we sometimes think we are nor as bad as we often think we are.

    In that respect I don’t think we are that much different from most fan bases in the world in most sports. It may feel like we are more passionate than other fans only because we don’t spend our days on Spurs, ManU, Everton etc forums to hear all the moans and groans.

    The only thing that makes us special is that we all support the best team.

  8. Yash… although I appreciate your sincerity there are a minority of fans that are “unable to see the wood for the trees”.

    I for one can and I think you will find a vast majority of fans are now seeing the same.

    Do I expect to be challenging for major honours? No.

    Do I expect we have a divine right to win every game? No.

    Do I care about the continuous fan arguments about the internal alleged player discipline issues and shipping out the ‘deadwood’ which has hindered us over the last 13 years. Nope, it doesn’t concern me, I support the FOOTBALL club and don’t give a rats a*se about internal politics that we will never know the truth about.

    What I do expect is that after two years of bringing in his own players at a considerable
    cost that we might have some indication of what this ‘process’ would be?

    What worries me is that the ‘sh!t show’ of inconsistencies in results and performances that we all have been witnessing since he has developed his own team could possibly be the fabled ‘process’ 😱

    Don’t get me wrong, I like MA and I am sure he is a very nice man, but the mess we are in is of his own creation so he needs to take full responsibility.

    So far all I have witnessed is that he is easily to deflect any blame on ‘circumstances’ and worryingly, the players performances.

    That is not the behaviour of the top boy but a child that has been caught ‘stealing the sweets’. (He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy🤣)

    I for one have had enough of the excuses, ill preparations and performances and I am glad that at last the tide has suddenly turned against him as he deserves it.

    If he can turn it around then I am more than happy to hold my hands up and say that I was ‘wrong’. Unfortunately, I just can’t see it.☹

    So how much I always like your writing style, I and other like minded souls will disagree with your arguments, Yash. Sorry.

    Now if you could you write an article called ‘Arsenal fans see sense… why have they lost the faith?’ Then I believe you may receive the reaction that you require.

    1. The inconsistency also frustrates me, but at the end of the day we are just two points off the fourth spot with a game in hand. Forget everything for a moment. Just think of what I mentioned.
      I am sure that 99% of fans would have taken it before the season started

      1. The problem is Yash, is that we are realists and it will be a minor miracle to finish top 6 let alone 4th.

        You say “Arsenal have an easier run in than their top four rivals”

        Don’t make the mistake of second guessing the results as Burnley at home should have been a three pointer as well as the other points that were dropped due to tactical naivety and poor management.

        Personally, at the beginning of the season I expected no more than what I am seeing now under MA.
        Although I felt I was bashing my head against a brick wall I wanted him gone last Christmas as there was no progress so I was under no illusion that he could turn this around this season, no matter how much money he spent.

        Disappointingly, he has performed as I fully expected this season. 🙁

        1. Two great posts NB – I stuck with MA until the fiasco of this transfer window and the awful game against Burnley.
          I cannot see any way we will finish better than last season and I hope I’m completely wrong.

  9. Key difference between us and City is that was only their 3rd draw of the season in the prem having lost 2
    They also didnt finish 8th in consecutive years
    If they did , I bet their fans equally wouldn’t be content

      1. It’s fine Yash, I can see the humour, however they was all expected to win, especially Madrid and Mancity but they didn’t, and statically Arsenal was the most likely team to drop points…….🤔

  10. Let’s not forget the first season we finished 8th Arteta joined the club when we were in the bottom half of the league. He then got us up to 8th and won the cup so I would put the blame for 8th place that year to Arteta

    1. But James, he achieved this with the players he inherited and now, after all the comings and goings, we are four points from being 8th once again.

    2. The FA cup win credit goes to all the players and not Arteta nor his Style.. Obvious by the way he was knocked out in the following seasons after he got the team playing his way..

      1. Well both statements are true so not really that silly. We are two points away from 4th and four away from 8th.

        What is perhaps silly is a punter who thinks thay can predict with any certainty where we will be at season’s end. I’m not calling anyone out in particular.

        Classic glass half full versus glass half empty perspectives.

        Judge at the end of the season I say. And as long as the glass is topped up with gin and tonic, I’ll be okay whatever the outcome.

        1. My point is… that we could go either way and this article does NOT give that clarity when asking us to show faith.
          After that awful game against Burnley (watching paint dry would have been more entertaining) and what’s been happening in regard to the transfers in and out, I have this feeling that we are more likely to be in the negative situation…. only my opinion, but worth pointing out wouldn’t you say?

          1. I personally don’t need to be reminded that the teams I support might not be as successful as I hope but maybe some do.

            I’m not reading as much into the Burnley game as others are. I think Burnley’s position in the table is a false one and we were toothless in midfield mainly because of suspensions (I don’t really get the narrative that some how AMN would have suddenly emerged as our saviour). What I am more concerned about, and what I think will stop us from getting in Europe next year if not resolved, is how our senior players have been letting us down (Partey, Xhaka, Lacazette and Aubamayang)

  11. Finishing 5th 6th 7th may be considered progress by some,or failure by others, but what I consider to be the biggest failure of all is after Moses Arteta’s 2yrs in charge we witnessed the utter shambles we saw on Sunday. If I don’t see another game this season and we finished 6th, would I say that’s progress, I would say it’s better than last season in regards of league position, but if I watched another 17 games of s**t like last Sunday and we finished 6th would I say that’s progress, no I wouldn’t. IMO progress isn’t just about league position, It’s more than that, it’s also about what goes on on the pitch and what we can see with our own eyes. How has our style of play progressed? I still see this forward sideways backwards sideways passing. No urgency, no desire, no movement. Why isn’t there a leader on the pitch to kick ass? How many of our players have progressed? Tierney, Saka, Smith Rowe, Pepe, Martinelli. I can’t see much improvement. In fact Tierney seems to have regressed. I want to be excited again, look forward to the next game and win lose or draw know we competed and the players gave it their all. At the moment I just feel so exasperated watching the same old s**t. I’ve supported Arsenal a lot of years and will continue to do so, but I find it really hard to believe Moses is going to lead us to the promised land.

    1. Hit the nail on the head there mate
      For me it wouldn’t matter where we finish be it 4th or 8th it’s still the same old plodder football we have come to expect u see Arteta .
      Few wins on the trot then back to same old same old ,it does not matter who we sign the weakness is obvious to see well to some anyway .

    2. Spot on.

      Of all the years I have supported this club I have never felt so underwhelmed to watch a game as I do now. So going, knowing that it is probably going to be a hard watch makes me question my sanity as it isn’t for entertainment or pleasure anymore.

      This is why I question the ‘process’ as this is the regular turgid and uninspiring performances that is put week in and week out. This has been implemented by one man only, not the board, not edu, not the players and not Mesut Ozil and Mustafi(before these old chestnuts comes up again🙄)

      Most of my historical posts have been about our footballing identity on the park… I have seen nothing to suggest that we have a proactive style of play and if anything we are reactive dependent against the opposition.

      I was hoping the amazon thing would be on by now to see how he motivated players before and during the game because whatever he is doing clearly isn’t working as this is pure stagnation at its finest.

      I know it is a tired old cliche but on paper we have a good team with lots of potential and we have all accepted there was going to be bumps in the road due to youth, so how we can be meh’ one week and bloody awful the next is beyond me?

      So far the only success I have witnessed from MA is that he has decimated the squad depth without no future proofing. So we’ll done you, Mikel. 👏

      I am at peace that this season on a competitive note is probably over as I can’t see us getting top 4 but ffs play with some identity and pride so we as fans have something to relate to. Results will soon follow but at least we have a clear idea of where we are going, I for one will be a much happier person.

  12. Man city at the top of the league in England. Real Madrid at top of the league in Spain. Arsenal not even in top 6 in England. Really rough years for arsenal. Not so much for real Madrid and man city

  13. Patient, Patient and Patien please my fellow Gooners in solidarity. Yes, the Gunners playing at home against Burnley in their last EPL match before the winter break might had annoyed us with their collection of only a point from the match as against the 3 us were expecting them to collect.

    But when later one of our rival club sides Tottenham Hs for the top-four place finish this season lost at the Bridge to Chelsea dropping 3 massive points in the process. While Arsenal collection of only a point earlier proved vital as the one point they collected saw them climbed up the table from 7th to 6th. Which left me with some contentment, as our top-four place finish this season is kept alive. With only 2 points and a game in hand behind the current 5th placed West Ham.

    17 games are still available for Arsenal to play them and garner the necessary points that will see them overtake Man Utd, and West Ham to the top-four place finish while Spits are brushed aside by Arsenal to deny them to finish 4th at season’s end.

    So therefore, let us thank God that Burnley did not embarrass us with a shock win over Arsenal after their parking the bus to deny the Gunners scoring goals to win the match. I think Burnley had thought Arsenal a lesson to never underate the resolutenss of the lower League placed club sides. But take beating them a more very serious business to execute. And undeniably execute it to the letter.

    Wolves is a MUST win game for Arsenal at the Ems after the winter break.

  14. Look guys again I asked the question earlier who would you want as manager. Someone said he’d rather a manager who’s team is 10th with a better squad.

    There’s a saying, don’t come to me with problems, come to me with solutions. I think instead I whining about the manager tell us what you want and who you want and we can discuss the merits or debits of that.

    Instead of saying it’s shit and we need to sack everyone for the next 5 years.

    1. Lol…

      I would have a punt at Potter at Brighton. He has a clear vision of playing, a decent cv, European experience and has always worked on a limited budget.

      Don’t get me wrong, he might not be the answer but at least with whatever has been left over from the last three wasted windows, the money we appear to be hoarding from wages he could be a surprise and can’t be any worst than the “shit” as you have so eloquently put it.😉

      They do say ‘you have to speculate to accumulate’ and seeing we gave MA a chance, then why not?

      I will guarantee one thing though there will be a clear football philosophy and no shirkers.

      Other than that, the norm… Pep, Tuchel, Conte, Alegri, Fergurson, Cruyff, Wenger and so on and so forth…🤣🤣

      I would have said woy but he is unavailable now, darn that watford🙃

    2. We may as well have big Sam in charge ,let’s be honest it’s the same football we are watching if he was were to be in charge .

      1. I agree to be honest Dan, don’t like the idea of potter. I think we need a still need a striker and 2 mids for us to click. I do think we should give Arteta about more time but I would like Neiglesmann tbh good culture style and likes to work with youngsters.

        Who do you think Dan

  15. I appaud YASH for attempting thr impossible For trying to get th ehorde of biased MA OUT DOOMMONGERS to look at and think properly about a balamced article when all they ever wish to do is to slaughter whichve ris our latest manager.
    They should follow Watford instead, as that would be HEAVEN FOR THEM; A NEW MANAGER ALMOST MONTHLY.

    Almost orgasmic, if you are Dan Kit, Reggie, Dan Smith, dgr8xt, Ken 1945 and co.
    If it was up to them we would be the new Watford already! Such unthinking agenda ridden fans !

    1. Biased: to unfairly prejudiced for or against someone or something.

      JF if anyone is biased… my dear sir it would certainly be you🤣😂😉

      1. YOU KNOW WHAT NICKERLESS, when anyone, as you do, reveals their need to use silly, meaningless emojis with a laughing face, then I KNOW THEY HAVE NOT THE VOCABULARY AND INTELLECT TO DEBATE SERIOUSLY.

        Mature and grown up folk do not need to use childish cartoon symbols to make their point. They have the language skills and intellect that you lack, instead.

        1. Written language evolves Jon surely you should know that?

          Emojis with one symbol express feelings that would have taken many words to convey. Sometimes they express feelings better than words.

          By the way our ancient ancestors used cartoon symbols way before written words were created, some of which remains to this day.

          Embrace the emojis Jon they are the way of the future as they were of the past.


            WORDS EXPRESS INTENTIONS CLEARLY . EMOJIS ARE EASILY MISUNDERSTOOD , WHICH IS MY PRIME, THOUGH NOT ONLY OBJECTION, TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO USE THEM. In proper communication between humans, ease of understanding is of prime importance.

            A smile emoji can mean very many different things to different people, as can many other of those childish things. Words are CLEAR and, if one can write and punctuate properly, are easily understood.

            Finally, HH, I agree with you that written language evolves. But emojis are NOT language.

  16. If it was up to fans like you jonny boy and the way that you support such mediocre football and a joke of a manger we will become just like Watford eventually .

    1. I seem to remember, Jon, that you were incessantly decrying AW for four!/ five years on JA, so why are you so upset that some of the realists amongst us are doing the same thing with MA, only it’s not a personal thing, it’s about the style, results and performances out on the field.

  17. Neither Stan nor EK whoever so ever will be the owner next season if they want Arsenal progress kindly bring back Wenger just for one season with Per Mertesacker as a backup coach, they will use our Academy Players and make us Great Again without spending much

    Then Wenger might move to Director Job and Per Mertesacker will lead us to the Future

    This Club has known for playing Swift Attacking Midflieding Football which made us attract fans all around the Globe

    But now I can’t recognize our Team again #Arteta Out

  18. I do have faith that Arsenal can finish the season sixth. That’s the highest my hopes can get. Four wasn’t, isn’t and won’t be possible this season. Scum is already ahead and will stay ahead with a coach like Conte. It’s only a matter of time before Manure overtakes us.

    I do believe the boys can outmuscle the Hammers for the last spot in the EL.

    It will take an incredible summer transfer window if Arsenal are to challenge for the top 4.

  19. “If Arteta and his team continue to show their impressive colours” as exemplified by the draw at home against last laced Burnley, a loss to Nottingham Forest and a loss to Everton, who sacked their manager, where are Arsenal likely to finish?

  20. When I complain on this website about Arsenal and when I state my expectation that they should be aiming at the top 4 this season. I feel like Oliver Twist asking Admin Pat for more!!.

  21. My expectation for Arsenal has not changed since the start of the season. I expected an 8th place finish. I suspect I did this so that I would be very happy with anything higher.

    Before January, I was sanguine that we will finish a little higher, but I have fallen back to my original thought.

    I would like to make one point though about Arsenal and its possible different situation to most of the other EPL teams

    Arsenal FC are now a “subsidiary” of Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, a Holding Company.

    Arsenal FC and Arsenal WFC share KSE with the following professional sports franchises:

    La Rams NFL
    Denver Nuggets NBA
    Colorado Rapids MLS
    Colorado Avalanche NHL

    When people say Kroenke hasn’t provided money in a particular transfer window, it is “KSE: that did not provide the money.

    I must admit I do not know whether Arsenal FC money is used to help finance these other sports team, but I have a suspicion it does.

    A while ago (2018) KSE took out a loan of around $550m to buy the remaining Arsenal shares. This loan had to be serviced. I suspect that is one of the reasons there has been little money for transfers until last summer.

    KSE (on behalf of the LA Rams) has recently taken out a $750m loan from the NFL. My suspicion is that is to pay the fines incurred in their move to LA.

    Somebody must pay off that loan. Again I suspect it will be serviced by monies taken from all the teams in KSE.

    This is my understanding, but if anyone knows different I would like to enlightened

  22. Arteta has been burning through far too many players the last 2 years to pretend to be a good coach.

    our squad is now too thin and it will be exposed despite only having 17 games to play. Be ready.

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