Arsenal fans planning massive protest before Everton match

Despite getting some of their questions answered and clarifications on some issues in a forum yesterday, some Arsenal fans are planning a massive protest against their owner Stan Kroenke at the Emirates before their game against Everton this evening.

These Arsenal fans have been fed up with the American’s ownership of their club for years now and want him out.

He played into their hands when he agreed for his 9th-placed team to become a founding member of the proposed European Super League.

Fans rejected the proposal all over the world and Arsenal fans are still angry that Kroenke would join the effort just to enrich himself.

His son, Josh Kroenke, answered some of their questions yesterday and reiterated that they will not sell the club rather, they would invest to make them better.

However, with their team facing a fifth consecutive season without Champions League football, the fans still want the American out.

Sun Sports says they plan to hold a physical protest outside the Emirates before Everton’s visit for their crunch Premier League game this evening.

It even adds that there are rumours of former midfielder, Jack Wilshere joining the protest.

Arsenal needs to win that game and the players will not need this kind of distraction ahead of the match.

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  1. This man is there to make his money. And don’t consider fans. How others times insulting arsenal every time without champion league. Pls we need him out.

  2. Well I don’t really understand the whole hype of this European super league. We are panting it as if arsenal was the only epl club involved.
    I believe the reason the club wanted to go ahead was to get more funding for the club, we all understand arsenal need money to flourish, believe it or not, this team can’t do much better without huge investment which isn’t going to come from the moon, but from qualifying into Europe competition.
    What does fans really want?
    What’s the assurance that if kse decide to sell today, the next investor isn’t going to be another businessman?
    What’s the assurance we will get a rich sugar daddy who is willing to use personal fund to sponsor transfer?

    1. Adajim
      I think what the fans really wanted was an owner that understood what he was buying into, rather than just as a means of making lots of money at the expense of the fans
      Vichai at Leicester embraced the club and the City as a whole and all the Foxes fans that I know held him in high esteem. Was it too much to ask if our owner not to do the same or similar?
      To know the heritage
      To understand the difference between US sport and the European set up
      To understand the core beliefs of the English supporter, whichever club they support. It has been rooted in our culture for over 100 years and all they did was stick the proverbial two fingers up and thought it didn’t matter

      Look at us now. Fans from the 6 showing that what happened was totally unacceptable but knowing that we are tarnished by this totally unedifying fiasco and will be for a long time

      1. Suep
        What you seems not to understand about Leceister though is that, he made more money than Kroenke at Leceister and since his management knew how to find gem, he doesn’t have to spend more money. So fans won’t know if he was another Kroenke or not.
        Is easy to escape the fan when you’re getting talent with peanut and selling for big money.
        Easy to do at small team than at the big team.

        Now look at it this way, if Arsenal management had spend the money wisely and bought Mahrez for less than 5M like Leceister instead of 72M on pepe, less than 10M on Kane instead of 35M on Xhaka, 15M on Van dirk instead of 35M on Mustafi, retaining Sczency instead of spending 20M on Leno etc, and with a good coach to manage them, do you think Arsenal we have this issue?
        No Arsenal fan will bother if he shows up or not if we’re winning and getting the talent out there with peanut and selling them to get another.
        But because the management failed, it all stop with Kroenke, which is right exactly how our failing is on Arteta’s head.

        1. I actually don’t mind if he did make money
          He looked after his investment without harming the team or fans

  3. @Adajim.

    You focus solely on the attempted move to go play in the intercontinental mid week friendly tournament, and the financial benefits that may have provided.

    I don’t see any consideration regarding consequential penalties against the club, imposed by each of the organisations we are currently affiliated to.

    So off we went.

    Great we’ve got European “competition”
    (not) by being invited to come along and join in “jumpers for goalposts”.

    Whoops – we’ve just been docked points or thrown out the EPL, barred from any future participation the the Champions league (when the ESL went belly up anyway) , ditto any domestic cup competitions, copped a massive fine as so on – you get my point.

    And end up basically have nothing to play for by December each year.

    Not as simple as you put it.

    Also I, as many on here, am massive on the cultural and historical aspects SueP cites above.

    By the way folks, who are we playing tonight – Bolton Wanderers ?

    1. Lol AJ – or was it just “Wanderers” Yes we all crave success Adajim. Stability? Overrated as a very similar meaning is “tedium”. Businesses want stability, to forecast, plan borrow and make more money. Fans are told we want it too – but do we?
      What the SL coup brought home to many of us is that success at all costs is too high a price to pay. We value other things more. I’m not sure we realised that before…

  4. Well said bot SueP & Guy.

    We’ve lived through Brexit, now for –

    KRONKXIT or is KRONXIT snappier !




    Still going to be difficult.

  5. Somethings has been bothering my mind which I want clarification for…
    Please guys, if a millionaire has 30% of a club, can’t he buy player himself and co-own with the club or let say, he owns the player himself and if sold, he reaps the benefit.

    Atleast, have seen some companies owning a player and reap the benefit after the player is sold. Tevez, Macherano at westham is an example.

    Cos it got me thinking since that, why didn’t Usmanov buy players with his own money if truly he loves Arsenal like everyone of us?

    Have seen players give the club they love money so the club won’t go out of business.

    So why can’t Usmanov pay the little amount remaining for a player to be sign instead of us losing the players.
    Atleast it will make him happy mere looking at the player performing and winner.

    Have done so many things in my life for many people which I don’t expect anything in return and yet it makes me happy seeing it makes those people happy.

    But in this case, he can own the player and still gain some.

    But I don’t know if he can’t buy players just because he has 30% of the club.

    Atleast Herbert Chapman did it once.

    But I don’t think Usmanov love for Arsenal is that strong as people say and I believe he will still sign for SL if he was there.
    Chelsea and Man city did, so I trust no one.

      1. Then he can own the players himself. That is not against the rules cos I know clubs doing it in England.

        So why is he not buying players for Arsenal (and own the player.) Out of love for Arsenal?

        1. Whatever he buy or whoever he buys (because he is sole owner) for FFP rules it all has to meet them rules and go through the club finances, according to the rules in place. Ultimately Arsenal football club must own the player.

    1. Usmanov had 40% of the shares of Arsenal FC, yet was denied a seat on the Board. That is why he did not invest his own money in players.

  6. Usmanov had 40% of the shares of Arsenal FC, yet was denied a seat on the Board. That is why he did not invest his own money in players.

  7. Now, given the turn out by locally based Arsenal supporters to demonstrate #KROENKE OUT, will the Kroenkes sacrifice Mikel Arteta and bring in a top class manager to try and appease supporters?
    These people have no morals, ethics or loyalty to anyone other than themselves.

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