Arsenal fans played a key role in helping Gabriel choose the Gunners

Arsenal is on the verge of completing a £27 million move for Brazilian defender Gabriel this summer (The Mail).

The Gunners had been in serious competition for his signature with the likes of Manchester United and Napoli also interested in signing him.

The defender has reportedly chosen to join Arsenal and The Telegraph claims that Arsenal fans played an important role in making him choose to come to the Emirates.

His agent revealed recently that Arsenal didn’t offer the most lucrative terms in the race to sign him, but Edu and Mikel Arteta are said to have helped the defender decide to join them.

Edu and Arteta had repeatedly called him to inform him about how much they needed him on their team and that made him feel wanted.

The report claims that Arsenal’s fans also bombarded him with messages pleading for him to make the move to their beloved club and that may have also influenced his decision.

Gabriel is a left-sided defender and will offer the Gunners important squad depth that they have missed since Pablo Mari got injured.

He will be the second Ligue 1 defender that will debut for Arsenal this season when he joins because this will also be William Saliba’s first season at the Emirates. 

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    1. I think the admins also play a part in this. Regurgitating the same news in different ways. Maybe it’s a tactic to generate more revenue for them, the more articles people click on, the more money they make. But if this is the case guys, at some point we have to behave as true arsenal fans(which is quite different from say a daily mirror admin) rather than the lure of the money you’d make as this is an arsenal fans site. Many times you end up repeating the same rumours. Then one goes offline a few hours, only to come back to dozens of articles that have either been regurgitated or repeated. Sometimes we like to have debates or discussions in individual articles and rumours but when one needs to go check the replies you got from fellow fans you were debating or discussing with, one gets lost in the pool of articles you don’t even remember which is which anymore and ends up giving up. The opinions section is great and I like some rumour articles too but I feel they’re quite alot and we don’t have to repeat rumours over and over and over. It gets boring like Roachie said. This is not a personal dig at you guys as I feel you’re doing a great job keeping this site running on a daily basis. It’s not an easy site to maintain but please give my opinion some serious thought. Keep up the good work.

    2. He has signed the contract already…
      Arsenal as usual are the ones delaying the announcement.
      TBH I’m sick of the video announcements with players punching the air with effects surrounding them.
      A simple picture would do, just announce it FFS.
      Gabriel is off the hook. This delay is on Arsenal

  1. Why are we always on the verge of signing someone, oh it will happen tomorrow, oh I forgot, tomorrow never comes…..

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