Arsenal fans, please don’t think Rennes will be an easy game for Arsenal

All Arsenal fans just looked at Rennes as being a mid-table Ligue 1 club, but as I told you before the first leg, they are a formidable side since Julien Stéphan took over in early December. Not only have they not lost ANY home game, in any competition, since then (but everyone was surprised that Arsenal lost?)

So onto their away form, they have lost three away games since December (that’s over 3 months) and the only one that was more than 2 goals was a 4-1 defeat at PSG. Let me make it clear, they are NOT going to be easy to beat tomorrow!

In the last round we also lost away to BATE and had to make a come-back, and that was a great night, but I assure you coming back from 3-1 against Rennes is going to be a little harder..

But our new midfielder Lucas Torreira thinks that it will be a little bit easier if we don’t get anyone sent off! “Obviously we had the situation in the last round where we had to turn the tie around. I think in terms of the game last week [in Rennes] it was a very different game until the red card to Sokratis.” Lucas told “I think we were in control of the match and we’d obviously taken an early lead, but the red card did change things and Rennes were able to take advantage of things. With that being said, we do have confidence that we’re going to give a very big performance and go through to the next round.”

We should be confident after beating a massive team like Man United (who made mincemeat of PSG) but please don’t think it is going to be an easy ride all night okay?

Darren N


  1. I am really flummoxed at the way Arsenal fans are all over social media bragging about how we are going to crush Rennes.

    This was the same kinda arrogance that United fans had before the game last Sunday. At the end they had egg all over their faces.

    C’mon guys, dial back a notch and have respect for the opponents.

    This game is going to be TOUGH. And that’s just plain fact so don’t expect a smooth sailing.

  2. I believe it’s gonna be an easy ride

    Their best attackers are just Sarr and Ben Arfa that could not even penetrate Arsenal’s defense before Sokratis’ red card

    Sarr is not as tricky as I thought he would be, but his height could be a threat to Arsenal’s LB/ LWB. Their defense was in shambles and I predict Arsenal would get another fluke in the first half

  3. I don’t expect an easy game, I just expect that we go through.
    If we can’t beat them 2-0 at home, we should then never have been dreaming of winning Europa at all.

    1. Exactly. Arsenal have a European Trophy phobia or something. This tie should not have been this much trouble. Not saying Rennes is a pushover, but getting beaten 3-1 away from home, and especially not seeing out at least the 2-1 result was just pathetic.

  4. It won’t be easy but I think we will do it if they keep their minds on the game and concentrate on what is happening around them.

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    1. I’ve had the same problem on all my devices, iPhone, iPad and MacBook. When I log in a Paddy Power ad completely covers the site. What’s that all about? Thank you.

      1. Paddy Power adverts have hijacked posts on my Android and won’t let you bypass them. A total pain in the arse.

  6. Four English clubs into CL quarters as it stands. No Arsenal to ruin England’s coefficient eh? And yet I’m sure there’s heavy political pressure to draw those four against each other next round.

    1. Drawing them against each other might not be such a bad idea, it’ll ensure that at least either if those teams qualify for the semis

      1. Would love to see Spurs v Liverpool and United v City, that would mean both pairs play each other three times in a month

  7. I just saw that mkhitaryan might not be available, though he’ll be scanned though. If it had been Mesut Ozil bayii, some people will say, well, you know what they’ll say
    I even heard that he selects the games he wants to play in???

    1. He was awful, that Bayern team are finished! Did you hear Paul Merson slagging us off again, what is his damn problem? The dried up old drunk is sickened Arsenal have leapfrogged united.

      1. Gutted John!! The draw is going to be interesting for sure!
        I heard something about it, nothing surprises me with him anymore! Tbh I’m not that bothered about what he has to say… half of it’s a load of crap ?

        1. Merson is a united fan now haha he really doesn’t like Arsenal at all, all because Wenger got rid of the fat git ? give Liverpool Man City or Juventus Sue! Klopp on the pitch after every game does my head in there’s a level of arrogance about him ?

          1. Or Barca!! Coutinho to dump them out ?
            John… as you know a lot of people do my head in ? Klopp being one of them! I’m sick of being blinded by his teeth, I’m sick of seeing him hug his players, I’m just sick of him full stop!!
            Jeez when Mane scored the 4th against Burnley, he was still bloody moaning to the 4th official… ???
            I wonder if we’ll be buzzing this time tomorrow….

            1. Messi to make Van Dijk and Alisson look stupid ? his teeth is ridiculous big sugar cubes and that horrific beard ? the media and pundits love him and Liverpool we’re seen as the Garbage outside of them, Chelsea, city, utd, and the scum! You wonder ? I told you we’re through Sue.. relax ?

              1. That horrific beard ?? I take it you’re clean shaven?! ?
                Sod the lot of them hey?! Well John I’ll be buzzing regardless as Arsenal, darts then 5 days off work… bliss!! I’m actually looking forward to the game.. haha I’m relaxed!!

                1. Not at the minute no Sue his is just ridiculous ? oh yes sod them ? your relaxed because you know we’re going through! Those champions League PL teams won’t steal our thunder lol. Oh yeah you like that price guy ?

                    1. I don’t mind as long as it’s not Liverpool, Totts or utd Sue ? Messi on ? tonight. Gonna watch Vampires ?

                    2. John Carpenters Vampires James Wood, Daniel Baldwin ? haha Stiffler and co ? after tomorrow no Arsenal for 2 and a half weeks ?

                    3. I think I’ve seen it ?
                      Better.make the most.of tomorrow then John… 2 1/2 weeks ? that really is crap!
                      Only 8 games left…. ?

                    4. Definitely Sue ? guy doing the commentary tonight on Liverpool game said Bayern haven’t lost to an English team since 2012 Chelsea! Jesus unless I’m going mad I could swear we beat them 2-0 in 2013 Giroud and Koscielny.. you see Sue always totally dismissed! You probably have it was popular back in the day ?

                    5. Your knowledge is pretty darn impressive ain’t it & not just about Arsenal ?
                      It was that Fletcher guy wasn’t it? He obviously hadn’t done his homework.. probably skipped it so he could go and see Klopp hug his players & the first flash of his teeth ?

                    6. Is that his name ? it baffles me how some of these media personnel get jobs, it’s their job to gather facts and 2013 wasn’t that long ago or just maybe like I said they like to dismiss us, I stand by what I said they see us as the garbage club we’re always constantly scrutinized ? haha not without his sunglasses first Sue ? is the Europa League draw this Friday ?

                    7. Sue how would you feel if Rennes forgot their away kit and we had to wear our mint kit tomorrow night ?

                    8. Happy days will look forward to that ? well Sue I’ll let you get on and get some sleep bring on Rennes.. we’re going to do this ?

                    9. Haha I just knew you’d bring that bloody kit up at some point just to wind me up ???
                      Yes until tomorrow John… goodnight ? COYG ⚽️?

                    10. Haha maybe a little ? in fairness it’s an awful kit ? yes definitely Sue COYG ? ? Goodnight ? ?

  8. PSG to spend again
    Man City can do what they want
    Barca recruit smartly
    Bayern Munich in decline
    Real Madrid in decline
    Chelsea banned from spending
    Liverpool can add
    United can add
    Spurs can’t spend

    THis is the goal post for arsenal. But first they must take care of rennes

  9. I’m getting the Mayra breast enlargement ads that others have mentioned too but quite frankly my man boobs are big enough thank you admin ?

  10. It’s a team we should beat. Should’ve beaten them away and not doing so was a failure. Time to make up for it or that’s it. Let’s not pretend Rennes is on the same level as Arsenal. And if that is true then Arsenal are not living up to the standards it and it’s fans have set.

      1. Arsenal know what they have to do; clinical finishing of any chance and top gtade defending.

  11. I don’t think anyone thinks it will be easy, easier maybe as the emirates is becoming a bit of a fortress now and with the added inclusion of Lacca it should be all or nothing in this leg, pick your best side unai and just go for it from the off, don’t let them settle and get comfortable on the ball and the breaks will come, I am more confident that we can swing this after that massive win against united at the weekend.
    Come on you gunners.

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