“Wenger masterclass” – These Arsenal fans convinced Gnabry destroying Chelsea & Spurs is all part of the plan

Arsenal fans are seeing the funny side of Serge Gnabry’s amazing form.

What a disastrous mistake it was to let Serge Gnabry go, eh? The former Arsenal youngster was in dazzling form once again last night in the Champions League with a brace for Bayern Munich in their 3-0 win away to Chelsea.

Gnabry has enjoyed his trips back to London this season, having also netted an incredible four goals in that 7-2 win away to Tottenham in the group stage earlier in the campaign.

Quite how Arsenal managed to let this top talent leave is beyond us, to be honest, though that’s a lot easier to say with hindsight.

At least these Gooners don’t seem to be taking it too badly, with many on Twitter simply enjoying the fact that he now seems on a personal mission to destroy our rivals every time he plays in England!

Was this perhaps all part of Arsene Wenger’s master plan all along? That’s what this lot seem to think…


  1. Boy, Nabri we gooners muss you so much. Imagine a combination of Nabri and Auba tormenting defences in the PL and Europe, wow! Wish you were with us but anyway you punished the Spuds and the chavs. A true Gunner!

  2. I obviously wish we had kept hold of Gnabry but I don’t can’t entirely blame Wenger for him leaving. To be fair Wenger did give him chances in the 2013/2014 season. I think he played about 10-15 games but his season ended early because of injury. He didn’t play at all in the 2014/2015 season because of his injury. And we when he was fit again in the 2015/2016 season it’s understandable for Wenger to have sent him out on loan to regain match fitness. Obviously it didn’t work out for him at West Brom. And Wenger said he tried to get him to sign a new contract before the start of the 2016/2107 but Gnabry is the one who refused and chose to leave. And fair play to him, he probably felt who would have been behind the likes of Walcott, Cambell and Iwobi. If Wenger guaranteed him a starting birth I’m sure he would have stayed.

  3. Deluded Wenger wanted Wallcot to “develop” so he sold Gnabry.
    With more competent management we could have now Gnabry, VVD, and 100 million pounds from the sale of Sanchez and Ramsey.

    1. @OITB
      Seems like you and ya boy jonfox still can’t get the taste of AW out of your mouths. That’ll teach you next time to spit instead swallow… IJS 👍🏿

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