Arsenal fans praying Roy Hodgson drops Walcott!

Recent reports are claiming that Theo Walcott will leave Arsenal if he fails to make Roy Hodgson’s England squad this summer.

This will come as music to many Arsenal fans’ ears, who have been calling for the speedster to be sold in the coming window, and some will be praying that the England boss certainly does overlook him, and the report proves to be true.

West Ham are claimed to be eager to bring in some top quality signings to go with their move to the Olympic Park Stadium this summer. The fee they are looking to pay is reported to be in the region of £26 Million, but Arsene Wenger has previously ruled out the former Southampton youngster’s exit.

The Frenchman claimed that the best is yet to come from Walcott, which led to further angst from our fellow fans, while others have simply claimed he would be willing to sell, but is using tactics to keep his value up in case he does sell.

We signed the winger back in 2006 as a 16 year-old with a huge amount of potential, but has never stayed fit enough to reach a level worthy of regular first-team football for us.

Walcott did start this season well, earning Arsenal’s Player of the Month award for September and challenging Olivier Giroud for the striker role, but once again he picked up an injury, and has not been the same player since coming back.

Arsenal is crying out for another striker to rival the likes of Giroud centrally, and while Danny Welbeck has impressed in recent months, his fitness is also a worry, and I’m also uncertain he can maintain his goalscoring form should he remain fit.

One or both of Edinson Cavani and Zlatan Ibrahimovic are going to be available come the end of the season, and there will be no excuse for not trying for either of them.

Do we believe there is any chance that Wenger will sell, or is he too stubborn to accept that Walcott is simply not good/consistent enough?

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    1. First strip him the number 14,and down size is 140k a week and sell him to any team who will finish 14th at the end of the season. He is a fraud not because you wearing number 14 you will be came the King’s Henry the 2nd.

  1. now for serious stuff – if wenger is arsenal’s manager next year – he has to sell or let go :

    areteta, flamini, walcott, rosisky.

    bench :

    mertesacker (good for dressing room), giroud, coqulin, ox

    buy :

    WORLD CLASS striker (not a false no9 – not a winger / striker – a real out and out striker.

    WORLD CLASS DM – bigger than coq/stronger/ puts outs fires / loves defending


    these are the areas wenger needs to buy on – miniumum

  2. Walcott won’t leave his £140k per week salary to get less
    Also Wenger would not have agreed to £140k per week if he didn’t want theo

    Theo is going nowhere

    1. You speak with sense, but damn does the truth hurt. I don’t know about you people, but I’m tired of having mediocricity in Arsenal. This goes all the way from academy players (not that the overall shape of our academy is mediocre) to the top of the board

  3. We need a new manager full stop.
    No amount of persuasion could convince me otherwise. The players look lethargic and quite frankly the fans appear lethargic. Even my fellow contributers to this website are beginning to sound tired and lethargic.
    All round changers next season at the Emirates is my wish.

  4. Wengersays the reason he didn’t get Payet before was because he was too inconsistent, okay fair enough maybe he was. Then you look at players who have been at this club who have been inconsistent for so long now, so why are they still here?

  5. Anyone see the huge grin on Wengers face when asked about Xhaka. This was a tell tale sign of Wengers when quizzed about Ozil. Last season I think he gave a big grin when slapping down Vidal rumours. I want to believe Wenger is looking for this type of player to go with Coquelin and Elneny but something tells me he will promote youngsters and maybe look into getting an attacking CM.

  6. Walcott is still one of my favorite arsenal players.
    i still believe he can do many good things for us.
    but i think it would be the best to move him back to rw where he belongs.
    he has to accept that.

    1. we can rotate with walcott and campbell on rw.
      in my opinion we can sell the ox because he cant get better than he is
      at the moment and thats not good enough.
      and i dont want to see ramsey on rw or any other position.

      1. There was no-one stopping Theo from going out wide and doing his thing. In fact, players interchanging is encouraged from time. Not only that but he didn’t even have to swap a position, he could have just went out wide like Thierry always done, it’s what they know best so they’lll start out wide and move inward. Theo just hasn’t got a clue, it’s true when they say without his pace he wouldn’t even be a footballer, or he’d be down the divisions at the most.

        I appreciate that he’s one of your favorite players, and if you’re a loyal person there is allot that you can put up with. Your love for Arsenal should be stronger though, and Theo has hindered the Arsenal with his demands for a striker role before completely going missing this season. If I were Iwobi Id be looking at Theos number and thinking, Iv got this.

  7. Campbell has an eye for assisting Walcott lately,
    As in the Hull and Watford game, I think that we will see a more determined Theo in the remaining fixtures, especially since his England place isn’t guaranteed.

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