Arsenal fans pressure works! Kroenke removes “trophy-hunting” from TV Channel

Yesterday we published a post with a link to a petition to persuade Arsenal’s sponsors to sanction Arsenal and Stan Kroenke over his launch of a new TV Channel dedicated to the killing of wild animals for sport. That pressure was quickly successful and Kroenke has now ordered My Outdoor TV to ‘remove all content related to those animals in light of public interest’.

A statement from MOTV today revealed his orders. The statement read: “Outdoor Sportsman Group is dedicated to serving audiences around the world interested in the outdoors. In the past few days, there has been significant public attention to a small portion of programming on our MyOutdoorTV app that contains content associated with hunting certain big game animals.

“While many on both sides of this issue have made their voices heard, and this content is only available through paid subscriptions, Stan Kroenke has directed us to remove all content related to those animals in light of the public interest.”

Although they highlighted the involvement of Arsenal fans in the statement, they did try to distance themselves from anything to do with Arsenal, despite being owned by the same person. “First, Outdoor Sportsman Group properties operate independently from unrelated companies that our parent owns – as do all of the parent’s other business and sports interests,”

“Arsenal Football Club has nothing to do with any of our media outlets. It has nothing to do with our content or the editorial decisions we make. We deserve no credit when an Arsenal striker scores a goal. Arsenal deserves no criticism when we offer a program with which some disagree.

“Second, we have made our content decisions independently of our parent company. Our parent had no input into these past decisions, and they have none now. All those who value the freedom of media outlets to set their own editorial courses should both recognize and respect this. We are grateful that our parent gives us this freedom.

“Even so, in this one instance, Mr. Kroenke directed us to make the changes explained above. He has a decades-long track record of environmental stewardship, working with conservationists, hydrologists, microbiologists, and others to responsibly manage habitat and enhance wildlife preservation. We also take conservation seriously, and dedicate programming to this issue and to anti-poaching efforts specifically.

“Third, hunting and fishing enthusiasts turn to our programming because we serve their interests. They turn to our programming because we depict legal, fair-chase practices. We recognize our content is not for everyone, and we respect those alternative viewpoints.”

Well whatever their excuses, the fact is that if enough people make their voices heard, then they will listen, especially if it affects their commercial interests, which is what would have happened if our petition had been taken notice of by our sponsors. Long live democracy!



  1. Mertinho says:

    Good, but not what we were after at all. Its time for change at the top of the Arsenal heirachy, starting with this clown!

    1. neil says:

      has not worked at all !!
      all he has done is ak them to not show on the UK channel re killing of endangered or beloved animals… that still means he is showinng on same channel in US and elsewhere…
      doesnt change anything… this guy has no morals and should not be anywhere near Arsenal… these morons who say his other business interests have nothing to do with Arsenal can also go as theyy clearly dont understand ethics !

  2. John0711 says:

    I would have preferred if he left Arsenal but that’s where the money is

  3. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    *removes trophy hunting from favourites lists*

    Well that frees up my weekend

    1. G-Rude says:

      He removed trophy hunting from Arsenal years ago lol

      1. Muff d says:


        Well played sir

  4. henry says:

    I regret the day Bloody Kroenke acquired a large stake at Arsenal.
    I wish he left immediately because Arsenal has not posted goods results under his ownership.

  5. sulaiman says:

    this is not we want to hear about kroenke.
    i think all of us would be happy if the title is “Arsenal fans pressure works! Kroenke stepsdown as majaority shareholder as Usmanov’s takeover bid is accepted”

  6. LL_cool_gunner says:

    Why didn’t he remove himself from arsenal, when majority of the fans wanted him gone??

  7. Authority007 says:

    I doubt it if arsenal will win anything under d leadership of kroenke n Wenger , all wat dey want is money not trophy

    1. Midkemma says:

      Already won some FA Cups.

      I know what you mean though and I do not believe it is Wenger that is the issue, he won the EPL when Dein was on the board and the board had passion, we got to our current state because of ownership.

      Wenger could have walked away when Dein left and maybe he should have for his own legacy, he could have left us and the board we had then was looking to bump share prices for a big sale, we might have had Moyes or worse to replace Wenger. Someone short term until sale of shares.

      Wenger can win stuff but he needs the players to work in the system he wants, we have a squad that has been made up off years of penny pinching buys, people blame Wenger but Wenger didn’t have this issue with Dein did he? Wenger wanted TH14 and AFC got him. Wenger wanted Vieira if he was to manage AFC, AFC got Vieira. Wenger wanted Pires when RM also wanted him, AFC got Pires.

      Wenger wanted Lemar and MBappe, still wanting them, still dreaming about MBappe because of RM.

      How different would the squad be if Wengers 1st choices had been acquired for the past decade?
      Wenger isn’t perfect and does pick flops, like Debuchy and Jenkinson… but we wouldn’t have Welbeck and Perez as Lacazette would have been bought before we got them.

  8. John Ibrahim says:

    Sad to say top players are out of reached now

    Veratti 132m

    Asenio 135

    Mbappe 178m

    Dortmund would want at least 100m for Dembele

    Spanish clubs are known for crazy over 100m clauses

    probably 2 clubs in the world can afford over 150m deals

    Super Elite (Tier 1)

    – PSG (backed by Qatar)

    – City (backed by UAE and China)

    Elite (Tier 2)

    – Real

    – Barca

    – Chelsea

    – Utd

    – Bayern

    – Juventus

    – Milan

    – Inter

    1. McLovin says:

      Which elite group are we in, Hafiz?

  9. Jean says:

    Hardly related but does have a mobile app?

  10. Midkemma says:

    Maybe the fans should petition Silent Stan to give AFC an interest free loan of player sales?

    For example, AFC value the players they want (want, not forced) to sell at a combined £50 million, loan AFC £40 mil at interest free for 12 months.

    Focus on buying players now, have the cash to buy now, get business done ASAP then look to recoup the money to repay that interest free loan.

    Hanging around to make player sales for funds can cost transfer targets and if the manager gets blamed for that then it will be sad, owner can and IMO should do more.

  11. Ronny says:

    Nice try but social media works not arsenal pressure.
    the guys a business man and realises one poor judgement of airing this show could taint his whole business and cause a massive loss in support/revenue. Kevin Pietersen should be commended.

  12. gmv8 says:

    It is so frustrating that anyone was ever taken in by Keroenke – which unfortunately fans and board were. Everyone seemed so up on what Usmanov had done wrong, yet the fact that every club that Kroenke had taken over, turned into instant failures with irate fans, seemed somehow to escape everyone’s attention. The problem was that Usmanov & Dein wanted to move to Wembley, while Kroenke, who for the only time in his life realised that doing what the fans and the then board wanted, would get him his goal – staying in Islington.

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