Arsenal fans promised “top quality” signings

It has been an extremely frustrating transfer window for Arsenal fans so far, with just the free transfer of Sead Kolasinac to cheer about so far, and with the continuing uncertainty about the contract situations of many of our best players. So there was an air of hostility from some quarters when Ivan Gazidis met around 250 Arsenal fans at the Emirates yesterday.

I hope Ivan wasn’t just trying to avoid conflict, but he promised the crowd that Arsenal were aiming to buy some ‘top quality’ players to try and improve on our alarming showing in the League last season. Ivan said: “It was a bit disappointing, we were in the mid-70s for points and our ambition is to win the Premier League and to do that you have to be at least mid-80s, probably upper 80s. So there is a gap. We have to close that gap and that’s not just about spending, although that’s obviously a big part of it.

“So we’ve already signed one of the players of the season from the Bundesliga team of the season last year, we’re very actively in discussions on a variety of different players at the moment. On the squad side, we’re not looking to add more squad depth now, we’re looking at players who can come in and compete for a starting position.

“We want to raise the quality of the starting XI with top quality players, we feel we have good squad depth. There have been other appointments behind the scenes and there will be more as the summer plays out, which you’ll see if you pay very close attention.”

There will be many cynical fans saying that Gazidis says this every year, but it rarely comes true and, as Ivan pointed out, we spent £110million in last summer’s transfer window.

Can we expect the same level of commitment this summer?



  1. Every transfer period we target top quality signings, but have we bought anyone top quality in last 5 transfer period . One top quality that we bought will leave us this transfer period.
    Why didn’t we go for Kante instead of Xhaka , Kante is the kind of player which we have been looking for since Viera and Gilberto left us. Since we were busy bickering during transfer we couldn’t sign Kante.

    1. Xhaka is not DM
      he is pure CM and he is very creative
      this it the reason i think William Carvalho is a player whom we should sign in order to protect the CBs and he is the player who is closer to Patrick Vieira
      i think with W. Carvalho, Mahrez, CF & CB we will be aiming for the top

      1. Portuguese press had an article today saying that Arsenal is all in for William Carvalho that will be sold under 30MGBP
        I still think that we paid for joel campbell salary to get leverage in william’s deal this summer

    2. Gazidis is all talk. I would be too on that pay check. I would lie to all Arsenal fans including myself, then cry myself to sleep on silk pillows every night…

      1. He is a liar. What happened to the dip in form being a Catalyst for change, what happened to the restructuring off the club so it’s a smooth transition when Wenger finally leaves, what happened to getting a D.O.F. All lies this board has no balls to challenge Arsene a real chief executive would back his mouth with big balls and do what he said. Full off it all off them

  2. It’s the Same old same old, Over fibbing and Under bidding ??

    Malyon from The Independent reports: “the French champions were “surprised” by how low the Gunners’ bid was… Arsenal’s wild valuation suggested, according to sources in France, that their interest in the wideman is not genuine enough.”
    Monaco now feel that with another good season, Lemar will be worth plenty more than Arsenal’s initial offer of 31 million pounds.

    Monaco do not need the cash.
    The Ligue 1 champions do not need the money having already sold Bernardo Silva and with Tiemoue Bakayoko on his way to Chelsea.
    They may also transfer Fabinho and Benjamin Mendy, so want to keep Lemar.
    Malyon adds on Arsenal’s bid for Lemar: “Arsenal’s offer merely made the club more determined to hold onto a 21-year-old star on the rise.”

    1. Barcelona are now enquiring about Lemar and that’s funny considering that half this site got sucked in by the REtard-Source bull??? that Lemar has already signed for Arsenal ??that serves you muppets right, I won’t even bother mentioning Lacazette ?? Jeez!

  3. Different year, same old story
    Rinse and Repeat
    We need REAL CHANGE in our transfer dealings, enough is enough

  4. So Alexis has decided what he’s doing?

    Bye bye then mate, it was a pleasure watching you play for Arsenal ??

    Once again Arsenal showing how pathetic they are in the transfer window.

    Letting our best player go to another premier league team once again. Good job Arsenal!!

    Bring on the new season ahead woohooooo

      1. Go watch the video on Sky sports.
        The official interview was in Spanish, when Sanchez was asked if he would be at Arsenal next season he replied that he doesn’t know. But when he was asked if he had an idea in his mind on what he has decided, he smiled, leaned back and put his hand over his face and while still happily smiling he then replied that he has but he can’t tell anyone about it.

        To me, it’s looks obvious that he wants out ( City) but he isn’t sure if Arsenal will force him to stay for the remainder of his 12 months and lose him for free, or if they will cash in now and sell him to our rival.

        Sanchez looked very happy and relaxed throughout and I’m 100% certain that it had nothing to do with any contract offer from Arsenal.

  5. What someone should have pointed out at the meeting, is that it’s really nothing to do with the money…as last season proved. Wenger had never spent as much, and never finished as low in the league, and never taken a beating as bad as 10-2 on aggregate in Europe. Clearly money isn’t the issue, it’s about having a competent manager. You can give any manager the best tools in the world to work with, but it’s up to the manager, and no one else, as to how these tools are used.

    1. Even if we get world class players , Wenger will play them out of position and make sure that they lose all confidence in their abilities.
      When Ramsey played for Wales in Euro 2016 , he was unplayable.Wales missed him most during their semifinals.He was far better than Bale but what happened to him as soon as he came back to Arsenal.
      Arsene Wenger is a disease that is killing the club that I love so much.

  6. Dare I say same old song?! We’ve been waiting for them since the transfer window opened.
    For now the club haven’t walked the talk…they are making all those backroom changes and it ia a good thing if it leads to better preparation, less injuries and better competition within the squad.
    But ultimately where are the signings? Where are the top players they are talking about?
    They don’t even seem ready to offload players that haven’t fulfilled there potential or that are injury prone or that have never drove Arsenal to a major title having been at the club for so long or are simply not world class to allow us to go toe to toe with the top clubs.
    So how are you going to sign so called first team players? You got to make space as they come in. We need ST, RW, GK and arguably DM/CM (depending on what Wenger has in mind) and CB. We are still waiting, 3 weeks aways from pre-season and nothing much to show for it and prepare accordingly for the start of the season. Nothing to convince Sanchez to stay and extend…NOTHING and we are still waiting in a summer that looks more of the same old…

  7. Ozil has renewed his executive box at the Emirates, it’s a good start ?

  8. I’m a believer, but it gets annoying to hear the same crap year in and year out. I enjoy transfer rumors/activities, but to a point. I want to see my club improve, so when Gazidis himself acknowledges that there are “gaps”, quality players need be signed to come in and make us better. There are still six weeks left until the season starts, so I’ll hold off my judgement until then, but I’ll be majorly pissed off if we don’t bring at least two decent players into the fold.

  9. Haven’t we heard all of this before. Arsenal will spend and spend big. Only to buy a bunch of crap players. Wengers problem is he is going to loose all his big players. What then. This club will never get anywhere while Wenger is there

  10. With Lemar seemingly off the table and Sanchez destined for a reunion with Pep on the blue side of Manchester where does that leaves Arsenals transfer business as the summer window officially opens tomorrow?

    Personally I see the following additions as living up to Gadzis recent Top Top declaration

    Lacazette– $55M
    L Mora–$35M
    Seri or Goretska—$30-$35M

    $155M spent

    To suppliment the supposed war chest Wenger has been given these players will be sold


    $105M recouped, and the figure could drastically rise if Walcott, Ox and Giroud are put on the block.


    1. Leicester are demanding £50 million for Mahrez so I doubt Wenger will pay that much for him.

  11. Is that the same man that “promised” we’ll compete with the likes of Bayern Munich by 2015, the same Bayern that trashed us 10-2 on aggregate in 2017?
    My guess is that the 2017/18 merch sales aren’t quite hitting targets, so some lies have to be spewed out to improve those rookie numbers.

  12. The most alarming stat from this report is that yes, we did spend £110m in last summer’s transfer window yet we ended up going backwards as a team and dropping out of the top 4 for the first time in twenty years. That if nothing else tends to confirm that the problem is not so much about spending money, or not spending money, but about the management and coaching situation at the club. As if we didn’t know that already of course!! Actually just on that subject, surely one of the lest acceptable things in the current set up is the lack of relationship, creative partnership between Wenger and Bould – or am I missing something? None of us in our professional lives would work in a place that would tolerate such a state of relationship between the No.1 and No.2. Surely that should have been addressed already- even before the Director of Football ideas was dismissed so autocratically?

    1. You’re right, Bould doesn’t even share out his chewing gum in the dugout, it looks as if he is chewing the whole packet at once. He is definitely showing symptoms of chronic nose powderpuffing ? toot toot ??

  13. mancity brought gudogan for 20mil madrid brought kroos for 25mil. xhaka how much?
    we will sign some but they wont be top quality

  14. First thing tell A-S he’s going no where simple as that if he dose not the EPL if he wants to be a d–k bench him for the season. No player is bigger then arsenal. Then a super DM the best just pay for him no matter what. Then we need to buy a captain ATBH a CD top class end of. Might upset some players but who gives a crap. Replace SC now coz he will not play for arsenal anymore.

  15. Arsene Wenger should go all in and buy Francesco Totti. that’s the player Arsenal need and he is free, hr wouldn’t command much wages too.
    he signed Mertesacker to a new contract. so why not Totti?

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