Arsenal fans react to All or Nothing announcement

After the deals of Ben White and Albert Sambi Lokonga reached advanced stages, it was the news of Arsenal’s involvement in Amazon’s All or Nothing documentary that trended on social media.

Fans were naturally excited to read the news and will be looking forward to 2022, when the series will be out exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Here’s how the Gunners community reacted:


While some fans are apprehensive about the idea, others are clearly excited and have shown that on social media. Tottenham pocketed around 10 million for their documentary series, and it is unknown how much Arsenal will earn from it.

With the fanbase that Arsenal have as compared to Sp*rs all over the globe, one will definitely assume it should be way more than that.

Most importantly, we will get to see what really happens inside the club, something the fans have been crying out for several years. Even though it will be filtered out and the club will obviously try to look good, a documentary series on the club we love will be immense, to say the least.

Yash Bisht


    1. Hey SueP- most on JA will likely never have heard of Paul Mariner but he was a very very good CF and he improved us as a team when he arrived. Reading the tributes it seems he was liked by everyone as well. Top Player and a gentleman too. RIP

    2. Fantastic character, who always wore his heart on his sleeve…unique commentator with valuable insight, who loved to turn a phrase…actually spoke with him on two occasions, albeit relatively briefly, back in 2012 when he was hired by Toronto FC…my deepest condolences to his family, friends and all who he touched along his incredible journey…thanks SueP for bringing this to my attention

  1. As an Arsenal fan I will love to see more about the club, but I am sure if this a good thing for a club that is current struggling. The one big question is, are we doing it for the right reasons or just for money. The other question is, are the players on board. I think they are just doing for the money. The focus now so be on getting team to win soccer games. This will be beneficial to a winning team, but I hope this will work out for us.

    1. led concern all first to strengthen the week areas. All or nothing ducumentery analys latter.

  2. I think before we start lending ourselves to these vain media celeb projects…..which is obviously for money. We instead concentrate on our primary task of improving our on field expectations.

    We’ve to some extent made a mockery of ourselves in footballing terms having won nothing for ages, getting and giving ourselves conciliatory praise to hide our shame. And we’ve done this all up front and in full view. Now we’re putting ourselves out there in a Warts and All documentary. This will be nothing more than a poor exposė done in the name of entertainment. Not too dissimilar to the Benefit Porn that’s done the rounds on British television for years. Where vulnerable folk give up their privacy in the vain hope that they will be endeared and understood. Instead, they’re denigrated and mocked further.

    In the footballing media world this is the same thing with these half arsed, supposed, documentary exposès. As a football club, we’ve done nothing to endear ourselves with our footballing performances, be that to our fans or those external to arsenal. And now we’re going to give a behind the scenes view of the club. Players acting up for the camera, all their pomp and ceremony. Turning up to training in luxurious cars, having tantrums and generally acting the goat. And for what, a few million quid at the expense of more ridicule.

    Given what we’ve (tongue in cheek) achieved in the last few seasons. We’ve got no reason at all to be putting ourselves out there, all haughty and proud in Amazon’s version of the Big Brother show. This will just takes us to a new level of ridiculous.

    Forget joining the sweeping media whore of celebrity and get back to the task at hand. Building up the club’s reputation by becoming a footballing contender in our primary task.

    Were already involved in one of the world’s biggest sports and have all the media attention we need. We don’t need to outsource ourselves to other forms of media…… especially when we’ve got nothing to brag about !

  3. Agree with you LtDan, this type of article would have been more appropriate 15 years ago!!! It’s got everything to do with making a few quid on the side.

  4. This proposed Amazon doc will certainly add to oui global fanbase This reason ALONE dwarfs the many but lesser reasons why it might prove embarrassing in small sections.

    But as for the whole, I much believe it will prove beneficial to the club and increase our worldwide support. Also to Kroenkes bank account but that is still not a reason not to allow it to go ahead. Kroenke is many things, most of them awful but he is not and never has been a financial fool. And clubs, esp of our size, do not run on fresh air but on money. Lots and lots of it Reality!

  5. Kardashians Reload Arsenal Show📸🎥🍾Kroenke Milking the Fans😉😉😉we heard you we listened #Kroenkeout 🤔

  6. Great with the way most media teams tend to mock us and the recent low times we’ve had I’d rather keep our potential level of further embarrassment to a minimum.
    When City did it it was because they were winners.
    Just hope we get strong rights to edit well before airing!
    And does this mean we are ‘going ALL?!’ With the kroenkes at the helm I fear we’ll come across as ‘Nothing’

  7. we’re not in any european competition and still getting this much attention. Truth is we need to make up for the deficit somehow. Amazon throwing us a bunch of money to do this is fine by me as long as their cameras dont affect our season. Unfortunately there are players on the team who I feel will love the camera more than their football. We’ll see. Overall it’s good news tho.

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