These fans call Emery ‘deluded’ after claims that Arsenal are ‘improving defensively’

Unai Emery has shocked some Arsenal fans after claiming that the side’s “improving defensively”, the Gunners fell to a shock 1-0 defeat to Sheffield United on Monday night.

According to the Express, Arsenal boss Unai Emery has insisted that the Gunners are “improving defensively”. The Spaniard’s surprise claim has shocked some fans.

Arsenal’s defence looked half-asleep as they allowed Lys Mousset to score for Sheffield United on Monday night.

The Gunners have struggled at the back in the last couple of years, this is probably the biggest factor behind our decline recently.

Some fans may be exaggerating slightly with their reaction to the gaffer’s comments, from a personnel standpoint I believe we have improved at the back.

Are we moving backwards under Emery?

The key issue is that we haven’t yet seen enough of the players that are expected to shape our backline in the future.

Some fans will have expected that talented youngsters Rob Holding, Kieran Tierney and Hector Bellerin would be the cornerstones of our defence.

However, injuries to the stars have prevented us from seeing them in action together.

Take a look at what Emery had to say on our backline below:

“We are improving defensively. We’re receiving (conceding) less goals.”

“It’s one objective we’re doing. I don’t want to achieve the best defensive solution with one system or using only those four players.”

“In the Europa League we are using different players and they are also improving our defensive moments. It’s for all the players.”

“Above all I want to continue being, because we want to be, an offensive team, improving defensively but offensive.”

“Our mentality is to be offensive. I am going to get that balance I am sure. Little by little.”

“Now we are getting better as a competitive team, better defensively and we want also the next step to be to keep our capacity offensively.”

“We are going to do that. After Monday we can be disappointed but it’s only 24 hours.”

Here’s how some supporters reacted to the Spaniard’s comments:

In other news, Emery has had his say on Dani Ceballos’ future in north London.

Fans will be expecting a much more composed defensive performance in tonight’s Europa League clash against Vitoria and our Premier League tie with Crystal Palace on Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Of course he has to say nice things to the media

    Emery and Ozil have three things in common:

    – They have been given countless chances, but they always bottle it

    – They need to defend themselves in public

    – Their days are numbered

    1. Unai is both stupid, dull and arrogant. Why does he play Xhaka in Torreirra’s position
      > 8 games into the season, does Unai have his first 11
      > does Unai has a consistent formation to use
      > does he play his players according to their strength
      > why does he not play Ozil
      > why does he not play Laca in big matches
      > if he does play whty substituting him every time
      > why does he not play Torreirra and yet Mattheo plays even when off form

    2. @gotanidea
      Once again, 👍👍👍
      I am a critical but incisive analyst. Most times your review and analysis of games and issues are on point.
      I wonder the reason for U Emery”s complain about Ozil performance?
      There are defensive & midfield players that have been given chances this season yet, performed below per like OZil.

    1. it is really unfortunate that we have to wait til then. I think we have a great chance at top 4 if he is gone or somehow miraculously changes his behaviour, selection and strategy.

      I am not overly optimistic that the change will occur…

  2. Presumably UE must be referring to defensive progess since we lost 2-8 at MAN URE. I would not agree with him, even if he did mean that game. We are like the house of straw the wolf blew down. Time to import some bricks; not straw wrestlers, dilly dallying poncy French long haired so called “creative” CB’s who cannot defend for their lives and German sliders who prefer the floor and opponents ankles/shins to staying on their feet. Ditch -PERMANENTLY – SOKRATIS, LUIZ and MUSTAFI. That will mean spending some proper REAL dough on defenders and what a novelty that will be for anyone under about 18! While we are at, it get the Islington council rubbish cart to take away Xhaka. Right now!

  3. If this is Emery’s assessment then we are a long way from home especially because of the sickness of delusion Emery is suffering from. Arsenal are not ready to move up, their football is dying, their identity is eroding and results are not improving. With Emery in charge we are going to be here for a while. This coach is clueless!!!!

  4. Conceding less goals since when?

    I still don’t think he did enough to address the defence in the summer. It was our main area of concern and that was before we lost Kos and Montreal.

    Yes Tierney is looking to be a great purchase and we’ll have to wait to see Saliba, but Luiz was a mistake – we should have invested in another decent CB.

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