Arsenal fans react to Mesut Ozil being rested after one game

Arsenal manager Unai Emery has clarified why he has left Mesut Ozil back in London while the rest of the squad travels to Germany to face Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League.

According to the Spaniard, it is because he is resting the German playmaker ahead of the Premier League clash against Aston Villa on Sunday.

Click play on the video within this tweet to hear Emery’s explanation

Ozil has played just 71 minutes this season so it is a little difficult to understand the reasoning from Emery and the Arsenal fans on social media are far from impressed.

I have to say that I am a bit lost for words myself, there has to be more to this than what we have been told. Maybe he is not fully fit but then surely more game time would help, maybe it is because of his family but then why not say that? This is really confusing I have to admit.


  1. You should have caught on by now..

    In the coaching and players fraternity..the term “injured,sick,resting,has flu” etc is a diplomatic way of saying am not playing him…,I don’t like him etc..

    That’s what’s happening,Wenger did it, Ferguson etc they all did it.

    Case study: as far as we all know Mendy of man City has been out injured… but city are short of defenders and he appears…

    Simple..UE doesn’t rate Ozil qed…

    1. Not saying a player can’t be legit injured… but it has a different meaning btw pros and spectators..

      And as a professional player speaking out against your club, you’ll be fined

      1. Well said, it’s a diplomatic way but also weak from Emery. I’ve always said he should have told everyone what his stance is, not mixed signals like this.

        1. @350oz.
          Emery’s stance on The Shirt Seller from last season has always been clear. “I don’t rate him but no other club is willing to help us take him off our hands”. No sane club board is willing to pay ££300,000 a week for a disappearing act magician like our Shirt seller. And on the other side we have The Shirt seller not willing to compromise on his £350,000 a week.
          That is why we are at an impasse/ deadlock.

        2. Simple Emery’s mission is to eject oil down the squad by stimulating him, regardless of his performance. He has issues with high profilic player. He wants to be the man. That’s why he can’t give the chance to shine. For him Guandouzi is better and xaka
          he believes in muscle not inteligence

      2. Spot on Nero.

        “Rested” “Tight Hamstring” “Slight Calf Strain” for punter consumption often translates to (specifically in this case) Emery doesn’t fancy Ozil – never has.

        Some would say Ozil “was resting in the Watford game”

        1. So, two simple questions for Goonster and350oz and A J,,,why select him in the first place then and substitute ten minutes after Cabs?

          1. Good questions ken1945, and 2 for Unai.

            My take.

            Lacca not available, went 2 up top away from home.

            With Ceballos played wide in the “diamond”, Ozil the only number 10 available to prevent top 2 being “starved”.

            Took the wrong man off in Dani, as we lost all energy and semblance of control and got even deeper but guess what – we had to bring Torriera on to shore up in front of ANM (no surprise there) as Deulofeu was by now being allowed to resemble Ronaldo!

            Then Ozil off to get Nelson on left side pretty much as above on left flank – Watford were getting in behind us at will on both flanks.

            So nothing much worked actually.

            As for Ozil starting in the first place – Watford away, new manager Blah, Blah Blah – not for me.

            2 solid banks of 4, with 2 up would have been my preference.

            As for the personnel, we all have our ideas.

            Probably all rubbish, but my take on one aspect of the debacle.

    2. Why didn’t the article talk about socratis too ozil is not the only absentee, another ozil article looking to stir up arguments when did Europa league became such prestigious tuna tournament for a club like Arsenal it’s a disgrace and it should be an opportunity to give some young stars game time

    3. So true!

      On the other hand, I know Unai is getting some bad press lately (and rightly so) but, when you have players like Ozil who just isn’t interested, it sure as hell does make life that much more difficult!!!

      He been a waster for years and should not be paid based on his bad performances. In fact, I believe every player should be based on performance related to salary and contract length!

  2. Well, yet another controversial decision by the coach it seems.

    Before all the let’s blame Ozil” rants start coming in, please remember that this is UE decision, not Ozils.

    UE has said he wants him ready for the villa game, so perhaps he sees that the PL is more important than the Europa league…at least that’s a positive.

    1. See what I mean?
      Nero completely ignores UE saying he wants him for Sunday and instead turns it into a entirely different scenario.

      1. Ken1945,Your love for ozil is legendary,I have never seen you defend any player the way you defend ozil and Wenger. Maybe you should put your your love for him aside for a minute and think may be he really need the rest, my son asked me during the Watford game if ozil is sick because Truth be told he really look sick. He look like someone who is going through some kind of depression but am sure you will not notice that.

        1. Lenohappy, yet again you miss the fundamential point – the reason given by UE for leaving him out.

          It wasn’t Ozil who reported in tired or injured was it? That was UEreason for leaving him out of the squad.

          Now, if one was to believe that UE hasn’t got the cojones to state the real reason why he dropped Ozil, shouldn’t one be asking why?

          As for my legendary love for Ozil and Wenger, the latter needs no defending does he? Next home game, just count the number of trophies and point out to your son that looking sick didn’t prevent UE from subbing Cabs ten minutes before Ozil or that once our two attacking midfielders were substituted, we were absolutely outplayed.

          The thing that makes me laugh so mjch Lenohappy, is that a fellow gooner seems to think that if Ozil left, I would be heartbroken…just as you seem to think was the case with Wenger.

          I just comment as I see it, 20 years of success under AW and a coach in UE, who after more than sixty games in charge, still doesn’t know his best eleven, plays his favourite player and…oh yeah…selects a player who looks sick and might be going through a depression!!!

          About time we got a medical team at The Arsenal who can instruct UE on the things to look out for regarding sickness and depression, if your son can spot it and UE can’t, we are in bigger trouble than I thought.

    2. @Ken1945 if you look back on his previous number of appearances, you will notice the abnormal low number under Emery. He doesn’t have injury record like Wilshere, so why? There is definitely something between them as Nero said. It could be simple matter like he doesn’t rate Ozil or more complex one like Ozil didn’t follow instruction during training, went against Emery, and so on.

  3. Zero point discussing a players like Ozil anymore, given his career finished years ago. Would prefer talking about our current squad, specifically Xhaka.

    In such a short space of time, Emery and the new hierarchy, have done extremely well in identifying our poor/injury prone players and moving them on. They’ve made the odd mistake here and there (Luiz being the worst), what club doesn’t? But overall the positives far outweigh the negatives.

    This why the Xhaka situation is so baffling. Under Wenger, it was favouritism and loyalty, but the new regime have been pretty ruthless, and meticulous, looking at stats, the players histories, when deciding their futures. I can only imagine they didn’t do this for Xhaka? I cannot understand how he gets a free pass all the time? He is not only our worst midfielder, but one of our worst players! The likes of Mustafi, Miki, etc, are deemed not good enough, yet Xhaka makes more mistakes than them, but somehow starts all the time!

    Even if he takes a month off for paternity leave, and we win all our games during his absence, he’ll probably walk straight back into the starting lineup!

      1. Eemery has his problems ,we lost points because of him ,he has poor tactics we Ozil has done his work very well and now resting him for what

      2. Quite correct Viju….selecting Xhaka under Wenger was favoritism and loyalty, a disgrace in other words….selecting Xhaka under Emery baffling and a mystery?

        No it isn’t, they are one and the same thing, just as buying “drossplayers” such as lichstenier, sokratis and luiz are, but sometimes admitting the obvious is hard to do, when one has gloated about “getting their Arsenal back” or “Arsene who”.

        Odd mistakes here and there? Like £200,000,000 on new players and still not knowing the tactics and not playing those players that were part of the £200,000,000 investment but select a player whose”career was finished years ago” and the ccomplete “dross” article inXhaka!!! Have faith Viju Jacob have faith!!!

        Still, once those dross inherited players are back from injury and we can drop the new dross players from the team, we’ve been told that THAT is the time to judge UE….sounds like one law for one and one law for another, but what club doesn’t have different ways of judging things?

        1. You forgot Denis Suarez, Ken?.
          I find this Wenger bashing and Ozil slating a tad unfortunate, while they miss the elephant in the room. That Emery has been a disaster and he will continue to be. Players like Ozil, Ceballos, Auba, Laca need game time on the pitch. Add Pepe to the mix, these guys need time on the pitch together to form wonderful partnership, instead of players like Guendozi & Torreira who scramble around in the name of work rate.

        2. Typical Wenger fan boys, you and Viju almost having a stroke at the mere mention of Wenger, and I barely mentioned him!

          You’ve also not even understood what I said, unsurprisingly. I never once said Emery was doing a good job, I was just focusing on players in and out.

    1. I’m surprised Xhaka’s career still hasn’t finished too. I guess Emery doesn’t have the nerve to confront players with strong character like Xhaka, Luiz, Sokratis, etc. He picks on weak passive players like Ozil, Mustafi, Chambers, etc.
      He couldn’t discipline Neymar back then. When he was partying UE just said every players need time to relax.

      1. 350oz
        If you want to criticize the coach do it without being biased, which coach in the world will bench a player like Neymay,I know the coach has his fault but you saying emery doesn’t have the nerve lol is not true.

        1. Lol do you really think that brilliant players are untouchable? ?
          Zlatan was ousted by Pep, Perisic he was told by Klopp to shut his mouth and do his talking on the pitch – in the end ousted too, a fight between Angel di Maria and Van Gaal – benched and ousted, even Neymard was given a stern warning last summer. What world are you in pal ?
          I stand by what I said, Emery’s man management is clearly lacking. Jose told Ozil he is a coward and that helped to bring out the best in Ozil.
          When attacking me, at least back it up with some reason, the way I see it you are weaker than Emery pal. ?

          1. You’re right in principle, but wrong in the example.

            Neymar was brought to Paris to be their star player.

            And you talk of Perisic. And even Zlatan’s position at Barca was much less than Neymar’s in PSG, not to mention Pep’s power at Barca vs Emery’s at Arsenal who does not even have the power to bring the players he wants, e.g. instead of Nzonzi he is forced to accept Torreira.

      2. @350oz
        Mama mia.
        Did you just label our Shirst Seller as weak and passive?
        His fan crowd will not be pleased with such terminology about their saviour.

  4. Maybe just resting him for Sunday
    I think Home Match against Aston Villa will be appropriate for Oil

    Frankfurt would be too but he can’t play 3 matches in about a week. He isn’t the fittest of players.

    I would rest him against United away too. He will probably be next to useless against a Top team

    Ozil should only start against teams lower than us and at Home

    Otherwise start Ceballos/Wilock in his position

    1. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Ozil is a big plus for the offensive play, Ozils job is not to make tackles his job is creating chances and where do you find a better player?

  5. Maybe because Arsenal are worried that Frankfurt’s fans might harass Ozil

    Remember that his resignation from Germany national football team was controversial

    I just wonder what those football managers love in Xhaka, because he always starts for them

    1. The Xhaka situation with managers is exactly like Jordan Henderson at Liverpool. Hardly anyone rates Henderson but it seems like each and every manager that has been in charge at Anfield for the past 6 or so season retains him and makes him the No1 CM all the time.

  6. Whatever decisions UE makes with his players, however mind boggling it may be, we just have to back him i guess. By season end, if there’s no improvement, the board must shake his hand and tell him “thank you very much for your unsuccessful service for the club… you’re free to go”. Promote Freddie immediately after…

  7. You haven’t seen anything battling yet. Wait till Sunday when Ozil won’t even be on the team list because a few guys asked about Emerý’s decision. Said after the w0 match streak last year that this guys an ideal bush league coach and has no business being around big players. He went in there last year and tinkered with a perfect team chemistry tanning Ozil and Torriera and then couldn’t win four of eight games against teams below us. Ozil should have played again against Frankfurt and rested against Villa. It’s all inconsequential as we won’t see him again for four games. Fire this joke.

  8. Everyone is making far too much about this. He’s being rested, been dropped, being saved for Sunday, washing his hair, whatever.

  9. Managers – Allegri or Naggellsman or however you spell or say it lol

    Why not try Sol Campbell as defence coach coz whatever we have now is clearly not working

  10. Was it yesterday UE was criticised for not being tough and leaving out underperforming players?
    And now he does exactly that, so give it a rest, pal, if you know what I mean.
    That he publicly says he is “resting” a player, is really just proper handling of his players.

  11. Ozil WAS a world class #10 but has declined. However, he is still useful to us. Last season, our mini-revival from Jan coincide with him being re-integrated into the team.

    So we should play Ozil as #10 and Ceballos as #8 to good effect, make this formation consistent so that other players get familiar with working with this core pivotal pair. At the same time, replace Ozil by a younger and better creative #10 asap but keep the team formation.

  12. Emery makes ozil looks like a finished player with his meaningless tactics, mesut still remain a fine player without UE.

      1. Tommogun 58, that’s theREAL question isn’t it?

        If he thinks the way that some are saying about Ozil, why did he select him against Watford…why did he substitute him ten minutes after Cabs and why didn’t he notice that he looked sick and depressed as Lenohappy’s observant son spotted, before he picked him and played him for 70 odd minutes anyway?? (That reason takes the biscuit Lenohappy it really does)

        I believe he is trying to turn the fans against Ozil by doing this, but he is playing a dangeous game, especially from the fallout reported by the players after the game.

        Get him out he hasn’t a clue.

  13. Ozil is a kind of player who, in his best of days is hard to replace by anybody. So, maybe Emery doesn’t want to build his team and tactics with Ozil being a key player, as Ozil is reaching the end of his playing career, and it would be a really tough job to actually replace him. See, mediocrity is surplus, genius is rare. I can’t blame Emery. If he starts Ozil every game, with the quality of players upfront now, as well as Ceballos, that might work wonders, which is actually a problem for Emery to sustain in the long run as Ozil isn’t getting any younger or better, and for what Ozil does, you won’t find anyone easily doing the same wizardry with the balls, and would probably cost a fortune if there is one like him.

    So, yeah, Ozil should find himself another club imo, for his own good. You can’t mix genius with mediocre, it never works. Even if it works, it isn’t a sustainable model for a team, as such a team would depend a lot on such key players for good performances, and once they are gone, the whole team crumbles.
    I would rather develop a team of all average players than 9 mediocre ones and 2 geniuses. More sustainable and dependable.

  14. I am starting to think that Emery cannot dealt with the scrutiny, pressure from newspapers, fans, players, pundits, football shows,prese conferences, interviews after games…I read books, articles from former french internationas players, coaches, managers….the pressure they were under in the UK was unbelievable and could not be compared to that of any of others countries,24/27,day in day out, people really suffered,took their own lives,is he starting to lose it?

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