“Peak Sol Campbell” – These Arsenal fans react to Gunners legend spreading coronavirus conspiracy theory

Sol Campbell has disappointed some fans with his tweet.

Many Arsenal fans are disappointed to see legendary former Gunners defender Sol Campbell seeming to spread a popular coronavirus conspiracy theory on Twitter.

See below as the former England international posted a genuinely concerning story about black people being as much as four times more likely to die from COVID-19 than white people, but captioned it with the suggestion that this virus might have been designed…

There is no evidence for this claim, as explained by the New Scientist and others, with the virus looking likely to have originated in bats.

Still, Campbell seems to be questioning if someone might have deliberately made this virus to target certain demographics.

Arsenal fans will no doubt always love Campbell for his years of great service to the club, and tweets like this probably won’t change that, but it seems many have not reacted well to the former centre-back engaging in weird conspiracy theories…

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  1. Sol Campbell 🙂
    Its just another mild flu strain no danger to 99.999% of the population. The only people dying from it are those with severe preexisting health conditions mostly the terminally ill elderly .

      1. DECLAN. If I wrote what I , you and many of us on here REALLY thought about stevo, I would be banned on here. Why this site keeps allowing him to peddle this disgusting lie, in Trump style, under a false banner of so called “democracy” is puzzling.

        Instead they will almost certainly remove my truthful comment for telling him he is lying. Either that or CENSORED! Some justice eh! He claims that only one human in every hundred thousand is in danger. Which means that fewer than 700 would be in danger in Britain despite well over 30000 deaths. Discuss! And he appears to believe his own lies too , incredibly!

        1. As idiotic that statement was/is i still hope you and your family stay safe and dont lose friends or family to this disease. My wife is a nurse, her friends are nurses, she has friends at other hospitals, they dont get people in dying from flu that often over the years. They have never known a disease kill as many people as this in their lifetimes and are witnessing the true extent of this virus. Please dont lower yourself Stevo to write absolute tripe and misguided rubbish. You obviously dont realise what you are talking about and like a few idiots, try to trivialise something that is devastating more peoples lives on a daily basis than anything we have ever had to deal with. Grow up!

  2. Let’s not jump and comment on topic which is not Sol but question he asks and why.

    He sees those stats, he is black and a man.

    You have UK and US governments with this theory of covid being made in laboratory in order to kill us all, calling it The Chinese virus!

    People dying left and right!

    Sol is a brotha scured for his black ass, obviously affected by media.

    As many brother got that psycoronavirus having him buggin.

    Must stop watch news as many of us

    Lately I do notice very weird articles, no sense, irrelevant, totally bugged!

    Latest would be latest one online!
    Dude wonders hiw can Arsenal benefit from relegated clubs’ s players!

    Why would anyone go there? Depressing and bugged!

    You all be safe, brother Sol be alright soon. Lock his ass home & shut that damn Covid TV!

  3. I was going to mention Trump and red neck in my comment Jon but resisted. The man, and I use the word with reservations is obviously deluded or has been brain washed. I could be far ruder but like you would possibly fall foul of the admins.

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