Arsenal fans reactions to Man City embarrassment…

Rather than let anger get the better of me, I am going to post what some of the pundits and fans said about Arsenal’s meek submission to Man City in the Caraboa Cup Final, and it doesn’t make for happy reading…..


Carl Bövis
I can take losing, but at least show a bit of fight!
There was none today. None at all.
The fans deserve a team that give 100% in every single game, without fail.
Hardly trying is unforgivable…

Squawka Football
Claudio Bravo created as many chances (1) as every single Arsenal player combined.
His chance created was also an assist. ?

We used to somewhat accept the bad defending when the attacking football was good.
We’ve not played good attacking football for months/years.

it’s not always easy to be a Arsenal supporter but would never be anything but a Gooner ❤️

I’ve supported Arsenal for over 40 yrs. and I have seen plenty of ups and downs but never have I seen a team with no passion and clueless as what to do on the pitch. It was embarrassing men against boys. This cannot be allowed to continue.

I’ll always accept defeat if I see players putting a shift in.

Manchester City
Fc cologne
Manchester United
Nottingham Forest
Ostersunds fk
Manchester City

Tells me they don’t give a f***! ?


arsenal fc the best
As long as the men in this football club will not change, we will never win anything again.
We will sometimes have a good spell of game like other teams but nothing else.
I know you can lose a football game and it is not a problem, but it is the way we are losing. There is not a sense of emergency from the men in charge to the pitch.
All the players should apologise to that little 5 years old boy crying when we were 3 nil down.
So sorry for him and all the men and women paying hard earned money to watch this.

I never believed we ha much of a chance, but I thought Arsenal at least would have turned up motivated and looking to make a fight out of it.
But we looked like we weren’t even trying to win right from the start.
What a disgrace.
Wenger should be sacked now, but if he had any dignity he would resign by himself.

I know Wenger assembled this team but the players haven’t even tried, even though Wenger being a useless manager if players can’t gear themselves up for a final and put in an effort, they don’t deserve to wear the shirt, another cr@p display of themselves regardless of the opposition.

Everyone should be positive today as this defeat is what everybody wants. It is obvious how far behind Wenger his as a coach in England. Infact he is the worst. If we swap Wenger with Pep two days before this match, it is certain City will loss. That is how tactically inept Wenger is. The thing is who ever among us still think Wenger is our problem is enemy of our clubs. It is now a fact that arsenal board and Stan are the major problem if thay can’t say enough is enough to him after is constant failings. Losing today’s final doesn’t affect me at all but what affects is the manner and pattern at which we loss under Wenger. He makes things easy always for the opposition. Imaging Wigan beating this team without conceding a goal and we conceding 3 with our superior players. And the man still have a job.

Says it all when all we could bring on to change things was Welbeck & Iwobi. Xhaka awful on set pieces all game, Ozil disappeared. Sack Wenger, get someone new to try to boost us so there’s a chance of getting some decent players in the summer. Just awful & embarrassing (again)

I think that’s enough for now. Need I say more? I think we all get the idea…..



  1. John Ibrahim says:

    City bench is quite impressive….

    60m Laporte is only a bench warmer

    Pep is 100m short of matching Fergie’s spending….

    pretty sure he will smash it come summer

    1. HeavyRiffs says:

      Keep clutching those straws John.

    2. Mobella says:

      Are you saying the difference in both team performance is how much spent. Well city may have cash to burn but their main asset is Pep Gardiola. We beat the same team last year at Wembley minus one or two players. Even @ 3 goals up city still looking to score more why we kept passing backward, sideways you can’t buy that with money. We have two strikers with goal record of over 60 last season and our totally goal scored this season left nothing to be desire.

  2. Davo says:

    Cabarao Mickey Mouse Final 2018
    Don,t worry Arsenal fans- it’s only the Mickey Mouse Cup Final that you lose.
    City will never be big until they will the Champions League which they may never do.
    Money is the root of all evil and City not raise one player through their youth systems currently into their first team.
    For instance City will never ever match their fierce rivals United record and look at United’s youth system over the years.
    City will happy with the result yesterday and the big thing is that they put a Big smile on Mickey Mouse’s face.

    1. BennyGooner says:

      …you mean like Phil Foden who came on as a sub, the young English midfield talent from Man City’s youth team

  3. Mobella says:

    It is high time every ex players who are now pundit should stop talking on the pages of paper and in front of cameras if they truly care. It is time to act, time to have a meeting with the board, Josh and Stan Kroenke with video compilation of all the matches we have lost these season and seasons ago to see a pattern, what our players said after each lost, what Wenger said and how he and his players responded afterwards. This will help more to alleviate our pains than compounding our suffering by repeatedly saying what we all already know. These players have no problem as it has been clearly proven with the performance and utterances of the players that had gone to another clubs like Coq, Gabriel, Wally.. If our response to a lose on Thursday was that performance, not result, Wenger needs a new job from football. He always tell us to move on from his bad result only to give us another one to talk about. I respect the man but my desire is for him to be relived of his job in May

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      pundits are paid to talk crap….

      if you want change asap either you buy the club or empty the stadium

      everyone is keen to know whats going on…is it the players? the manager? the coaches? or the board?

      prior to the game, rumours have been going strong that Arsenal is going to lose for sure….

      take a another look at mustafic…is he really that soft to allow the goal to be conceded?

      some players were juz standing and looking

      1. Break-on-through says:

        What rumours, you think guy’s been paid millions for the best job anyone could wish for are gonna go round talking about throwing games. Allot of these players are new, and Wenger brought them here, what you’re saying makes as much sense as Iwobi taking a swing at goal or Xhaka being a B2B.

  4. wengers coat says:

    Arsenal has the players to finish top 4 or possibly win the league. But its just a case of too little too late here. We started the season poorly, bounced back but then fall short after a few weeks. I guess the past 2 season “winning ugly” was a huge red alarm that we are in a downward spiral. Even in 2012-14 we were able to finish off opponents and play attractive footbabl (before Sanchez and Ozil). Now we look deprived, no confident, no fight, no belief.

  5. Aussie Jack says:

    Arsenal players do not have a professional attitude, nor do they have pride in the club they play for. This is a matter of turning up for the match and being paid a ridiculous amount of money.

  6. dragunov762mm says:

    Unmotivated clueless team. I’m not just talking about this final ,this is the sump of Arsenal team this season. Also describe Arsene’s latest managerial skills : unable to motivate let alone to lift up the team, and clueless for years.

  7. skaymini says:

    u are just crying here everyday and the problem of Arsenal is u fans cos if arsenal win today u ll say in arsene u trust if he lose tomorrow u ll response Wenger out…. the best transfer of the century Arsenal need to do in the summer is for Wenger to go..

  8. Craig says:

    Can’t believe I’m starting week feeling like this. Worst is usually the next game offers a chance at redemption. This is gonna be a long week. Buckle up gunners

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