Arsenal fans ready for Ramsey goal rush

After a really tough and dogged effort from the home team, Arsenal finally broke through the Watford defensive line and that was a huge relief. But as much of a relief, if not more, was the fact that the third Arsenal goal was scored by Aaron Ramsey.

I am sure that no one will be more relieved than the Wales international either, because it was blatantly clear earlier in the game that Ramsey┬┤s confident touch on front of goal was still eluding him. There had already been that glaring miss from inside the six yard box after Alexis Sanchez found him with a peach of a long ball and then just before halftime he blazed another chance high and wide.

At one point the TV commentary mentioned the unwelcome stat that Ramsey was the EPL player with the most attempts on goal without scoring. At least that showed that he was getting in the right areas and now that he has scored for his club after notching for his country in the week, I think we start to see the old Ramsey, the one that could not stop scoring a couple of seasons ago.

Back then his confidence was flowing and now that the frustration and desperation to end his goal drought is over, I expect to see Rambo chipping in regularly. Fair play to Wenger for sticking with him on the right because it really has paid off for the player and for Arsenal in general.

So is Ramsey set to score double figures for the third season in a row?

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  1. Excellent result today, we’ve scored 11 goals and conceded 2 in the last 3 epl games. Cech is on top for the most clean sheets in the prem, ozil with 1 maybe 2 assists, alexis is in the category of the top top players, and bellerin man of the match for me.

    In the first half though Coquelin kept getting forward and Cazorla was playing deeper and I didn’t like that but 2nd half he stayed to his position and played amazing.

  2. Who noticed Coquelin ball distribution today? I thought he made some good passes……He has improved in that department….He is doing his job pretty well….Would love to see his goal celebration… We will see that when he scores. I like the fact that he knows his job in the team but i am sure he will get few goals this season….

    Ramsey wanted the goal badly today… He missed half chances but he kept pushing and giving his all even when Watford fans were booing Him….He overdoes it sometimes but You got to love his energy and link up play at times….Hoping for a good run from Him…Santi to score soon too.

    Jekinson scored a good goal today….I am happy for Him.. He is improving well.. Welldone Jekinson!

    1. so so happy for ramsey today. we need him , ozil and ox to score . walcott went missing. hope he’ll be back soon.

  3. Bet Giroud will start against Bayern because he scored and Walcott didn’t… Big mistake I think. Bayern will dominate possession. We need a pacey counterattack, it’s our best chance of getting anything from this game really…

  4. I hope you’re right..but the position he played three seasons ago ain’t the position he’s playing now. Please i’ll rather he puts his head low and keep up his work rate and contribution to defending than start bombing forward for goals and wasting tons of chances. I like the cool headed Ramsey,the one playing well and allowing Bellerin be the sharpest. If he gets the goals then sweeet. But for now please tell him to be disciplined, we ain’t lacking goals and we ain’t asking him to score, plus he should always put the team first just like Ozil ALWAYS does

    1. @Eddy, what is I tell you that the position he is playing now (Right forward) is even more attacking than the one he was playing then (box2box)??

    2. i’d like to see bellerin at RW, and debuchy at RB. probably bad news for ox and ramsey, but it would be better for arsenal. hope debuchy gets out of his bad mood.

  5. I’m so glad that we’ve two excellent RB in Bellerin and Jenkinson…Debucy can start looking for another challenge else where come next summer .

    Chelshit against west ham next week and I’m hoping Jenko to score again.

  6. LOOOOL..
    saw this just now

    Wife: which teams are playing?
    Husband: Arsenal vs Manchester United
    Wife : oooh wonderful! I love Arsenal..
    Husband: that’s a good team…
    Wife: is Drogba playing?
    Husband: he doesn’t play for any of these teams…
    Wife: okay sweeet…is that Chris Brown?
    Husband: [bored] no he is Chamberlain…
    Wife : okay but they look the same…what’s that
    yellow card for?
    Husband: its a warning to the player…
    After few minutes Wayne Rooney scores for Manchester
    Wife: [cerebrates in high mood] is that
    Chamberlain who has scored?
    Husband: [calmly] no its Rooney for Manchester
    Wife: [furious] how? it should be Arsenal who should have scored!!
    Husband: [silent]
    Wife: what is that red card for?
    Husband : [bored] that means the player should go out of the pitch for misbehaving.
    Wife: then is he going to be a coach?
    Husband:[unwilling to answer] aaaaaaa no…
    Wife: its the same with traffic lights: yellow=warning;red=danger.
    Husband: exactly darling…
    Wife :what about the green card?
    Husband: mmmm nothing of that kind in a field of play….
    Wife: I want Arsenal to win the world cup…
    Husband: [silent]
    Wife: who is that man standing who looks like Mr. Bean?
    Husband: [bored] it’s the Arsenal coach ….Arsene Wenger.
    Wife: that means the other opponent’s coach is Manchest Wenger?
    Husband: [changes the channel to Africa Magic]

    1. The 1970s called and it turns out even they don’t even want that joke back. My girlfriend knows far more about football than half of the clowns who post on this site.

    2. The 1970s called and it turns out even they don’t even want that joke back. My girlfriend knows far more about football than half of the clowns who post on this site.

  7. Giroud continues to grab and hold players around the head as part of goal celebrations – like your weird uncle Herbert who would always grab and rub your head in his awkward attempt at displaying affection.

    It is clear that players don’t like it and that is understandable. Every player should give Giroud a strong warning against the awkward and annoying post-goal man-handling of team-mates. “If you do it again you will receive a surprise team punch-party in training.”

    I cringe every time I see it.

  8. 1st of all I wld lik to state d Ovious which is not so ovious to many, Ramsy is not a winger. He is playing @ d right wing as a midfielder (there are reasons for dat). Winga has been tinkling wid his player positions(cazola,ozil,ramzy,walcot,chambers,chamberlin..), reason is to get a cummulative balance in D overal team streanght to mount a genuine title challenge. D ploy here is to actually use bellarin as a false Winger while rambo gives d needed protection and. Cover. Rambo usually creats space for bellarin to make those hiz scintillating runs. It d same balance we hav @ d right wing, monreal doest bomb forward regulaly cauz our Duracell’sanchez’ does dat in abundant, while Nacho gives him d cover. Ramsy often drifts inside d midfield(which increases our possession rate $ ball recovery rate) and not try to out pace a defender to make a pull-out (dats a typical wing forward) As for ramsy getings goals(he really needs to improve his finishing); wen rambo scored goals for arsenal it was from his natural position-box 2 box midfield. If u had noticed rAmsy has actually hesitated playing some shots(he usually trys to attempt does stunners) wen he made som runs cutting in from d right wing; cauz his not prolific wit his left leg. Most of his goals are from d left or middle(u cld download $ watch best of Ramsy goals for proof). I do not think he can hit dat goal scoring stint he had last 2 seasons but he sure can massively improve his technique wen he attempts to shoot from d right(most times wen facing goal Diagonally- from d right). 2ndly I wld want him to work on his left leg for accurate shorts may b he cld place a Call to Messi, Robben, Bale….he cld even contact RVp! For advice lolz. I think ramsy is a great player. Fans shld get behind him and d club not always screaming for som 1 in $ d nxt week d same person out.

    1. Please write in proper English in future instead of txtspeak. We have many nationalities on this site and it is easier to understand normal English….

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