Arsenal fans say goodbye to Wenger!

Better from Arsenal, Perfect from the fans by KM

It was a fine weekend for the Arsenal family. After the disappointment of last weeks result vs Man Utd. we really needed that win, and unlike the Swansea game we were ready to defend for it. It was scrappy, we got lucky with the bar and 2 off sides, where Berahino was one on one with Martinez, but it was still better.

On the attack, we were scrappy as well, we missed chances and we made life difficult for ourselves. We should’ve scored in the first half – Welbz and Ramsey – 2-0 up and then just rest in the second. Instead we dropped physically and really had to dig for it. I liked how the team looked with two strikers. It was a change, and we so badly need one, that every change is a breath of fresh air. Giroud and Welbeck make us really tall in the box and it will be no surprise if we score a lot of headers this season.

The best thing of all though was where the away fans were sitting and the banner they held. People underestimate the value of a banner. We get bombarded with banners that subconsciously affect our lives. This one said it all though. “Arsene thanks for the memories, but it’s time to say goodbye”.
I feel really proud of this action the Arsenal fans have done, because i have been repeating myself like a broken record, but now it seems that most of us start or have realized that this win doesn’t mean a corner has been turned. Wenger will make the same old mistakes like before and we will move no further than 4th. We reanimated a United side. We brought them back from the dead by giving them an away win (one the likes of Leicester didn’t) they didn’t expect at all.

I just wonder how big is this. Are we gonna see the “Wenger out” spread through the Emirates on the home games? He didn’t want to comment on it after the game. Why not Arsene? You don’t like the fans opinion? The media feed of those stories, they will make a forest fire out of a lit match, and if this keeps going the pressure will be on, and something will have to be done.

Arsene Wenger said: “I try to do my best for this club that I love and we are very united with the players and the staff around the team and that’s all you can do,”

You simply cannot ignore the fans, because they are the ones that create all the money that football runs on. I salute every Arsenal fan that put a penny into the Arsene out campaign, because it costs so little for a banner, but it has a huge influence. I just hope that this grows bigger, that the board and Wenger get the message that 4th is no longer good enough for us. We gave Wenger a lot of chances, the board gave him money. The results against the top clubs speak for themselves.

It’s time for a change, “Enough is enough, Wenger out!”

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. The saddest thing is that Wenger will probably be remembered as much for his mistakes as for the great success he enjoyed in the first years of his career at Arsenal.

    Arsenal desperately needs a new direction, I don’t think there are many that will doubt that and I hope Wenger walks away with dignity instead of desperately clinging to a lost cause.

    1. I don’t see how Arsenal are a lost cause. He build down the foundation for future success. I say that we at least let him see out his contract. This reminds me of the Pardew out campaign. Completely and utterly embarrassing. In a few months, Brendan Rogers took an 8th placed team to second and is now hated by many fans. Imagine the effects that the banner must have had on the players. Sometimes I feel that logic and reason falls through people’s heads in general.

      1. This is life @arsenalman365 … do your job and everybody is happy … otherwise you should accept the criticism … there is nothing embarrassing about that

        1. Every team goes through a patch of bad form. We’ve had terrible injuries and bad luck. The season is only 1/3rd in.

          1. you are still living in denial…

            poor tactics..

            poor player selection…

            playing players at wrong position….

            refuse to spend…….

            so many obvious signs ignored….

            its all over for Wenger…!!!!

            1. Refusal to spend? 90 million net in the last 3 tra nsfer windows?Player selection has been affected by injuries and I don’t think it’s been that bad. Our team did lack defensive structure so far this season but that has gotten better. While I think our situation is far from perfect, it’s just a patch of bad form.

              1. Why are you so unreal?
                Were you expecting us to see through the season with 6 defenders? Why did Arsene not buy? Our recurrent injuries, you must think its coincedental? You are like Arsene himself. He is not just hungry for success anymore, that is not good enough for Arsenal.

                1. I do want Arsenal to succeed, why did you make that up. Why would you say anyone doesn’t want success without logic or reason? We have 7 defenders and Chelsea have one less senior defender than us. Defenders don’t grow on trees. Remember that the best Barca could buy is Vermaelen. Who’s gonna want to sit on the bench?

              2. Emm do you even know what the meaning of net is? Net means in – out . We have a better defence that Barcelona so what does that mean? The Kronke and greedy board thing is all propoganda. In the years that Stan Kronke has owned Arsenal, only 3 million quid has gone into one of his company for management services. Every other penny has gone into football related matters. Check the financial figures at Arsenal site. What you’re saying is all made up.

            2. Imagine a simeone.. Or Klopp maybe..
              This will be their best case scenario :
              One season to build the team
              Then say two seasons of success maybe
              One season of downhill and he will leave the club.. And we will hv no direction.. Not to say that this is the best case scenario.. The new managers might even do a moyes or a dalglish or rodgers..

              Come on guys, just leave Wenger alone.. His job might not be fantastic right now.. But it’s pretty decent I think..

          2. The only problem is, 1/3 of the season and a big team like Arsenal is already using a makeshift defence… It’s unacceptable… And add lack of a proper DM to that,,,, then Wenger is surely to blame.. If he’s not prepared to move with the times, build a strong team, aim higher than 4th…. Then thanx n goodbye…

      2. I’m with you arsenalman. Dont think there are many like us in this forum.
        I always believe we should improve the team all the time, and if there is a manager out there who is better than ours, we should give it a go, but for NOW Wenger is the right person.

        What Wenger did really really wrong is that he lied to us fan every season that the club will challenge for titles, if we can only challenge for 4th due to financial reason then say it. For ticket season, for attracting top players, for motivating his players, who know but an experienced manager like him surely know very well that you win zero things with kids and average players like Chamakh or Squillaci. The way he defend his young players by giving stupid excuses after every wrong result just frustrate us fan even more.

        Technically still I believe Wenger is the most under rated manager by Arsenal fan.
        He is the victim of his own brilliance. Bar last season onward, he had to make do with very limited fund (dwarfed by even the like Spuds, Liverpool) and key players leaving every season, but still keep us consistently in top 4 and get through CL group stage, so consistent that the fan had taken it for granted. The first season he really had some money, he won a title. We are know Wenger is influential but it is not like he did everything, he depends on advise from his scouts, his physios and chief negotiator like Dick Law. Putting all the blame on him on any injury or when we failed to seal a deal is not right. He had not successfully plug all the holes in the last 2 transfer windows, we are still 3 top players away from top teams – DM, CB, CF – the greedy board should be also responsible for not providing the manager enough fund to build upon the momentum of the cup win.

        All in all at the time beings, any non well planned move will just make matter worse. He still have the dressing room support and although result is really bad, statistically we are not doing that bad (we give away the least clear cut chances in the leagues, just huge percentage of chances we gave away turn into goals). He is still the best man we can have until the end of the season, but our board should be brave and plan well ahead for life after him.
        For us fan, can we just be a bit patient with our team? – bar few top players like Ozil, Sanchez we have a bunch of young players who never win big titles before – We cannot just expect them to compete on par with teams full of seasoned top players like Chelsea and Man City. Young players need support more than criticism, too much criticism will kill their confidence and morale.

        Lastly too much expectation will just bring us more miserable. The problem is much more than just at the manager. We want to win the BPL we need to invest as a title challenger – with the current owner, board and transfer policy I do not see it change very soon – any new manager who come in have to be a miracle worker to turn it around.

        1. well written mate, the problem with most here is that they believe a new manager will miraculously win them titles. Its just not going to happen.

      3. I never said Arsenal were a lost cause I said Wenger clinging to his job is a lost cause.

        Its just a matter of time before the inevitable happens.

        And it might just come sooner if he does nothing in the January window…

    2. My POV is that Wenger has failed to do his job, Yes injuries are a factor, a big one for us, I would still support Wenger if I could see he is at least trying, rotating the squad, changing tactics to obtain results, BUY the players you need to reinforce your weak points, bottom line do your JOB….Finishing 4th is not Wengers achievement, we have Top Quality Players, most of them Internationals, with the proper Coaching we could achieve much but much more from our current players, at least give a fight to the big money spenders, much has been said by the press that ARSENAL players do not have the mental strength to Win the Big Games, for that there is one responsible and one alone WENGER….MY RESPECT TO THE FANS THAT TOOK THE CHANCE TO VOICE THE THOUSANDS OF ARSENAL FANS THAT WANT MORE THAT JUST SETTLE.

    3. The fans who put this banner up should be ashamed of themselves absoultey disgusting doing this during the game and mid way through the season after all wenger has done for us they want to disrespect him and create rift and negativity around our club at the the time were going through a bad patch he ain’t going now so this sort of protest should be done at the end of the season totally wrong

        1. Ok mate come back and talk to me wen you seen your club finish outside top 4 in your life time it’s got nothing to do with mediocrity but having respect for our manager and trying to mug him off after all he’s done for us the funny thing is the day he leaves wenger will become more of a legend to our club every single day that passes and people will realise what he has done so stop beign an idiot cause I’m on about respect which he deserves COYG

      1. So Wenger is finally feeling some pressure by Usamanov and oh dear, 10 fans who were brave enough to hold that banner yesterday. Well GOOD. It’s about damn time.

  2. Football is becoming emotionally based these days. Can you believe that Arsenal are in a crisis after 3 poor games out of 60+? Then other Arsenal fans say that our season has flipped after 2 wins which we were expected to win. Thinking logically we are a holding mid away from the title, Arsenal are being ambitious and rebuilding. People remember that Rome weren’t built in a day and we need to put the final pieces of the puzzle in the team. One thing that’s vital is to get a holding mid asap and challenge at the top next season.

    1. “Please wait … Arsenal is under construction”
      This sign has been there and we have been waiting for AGES

      1. Arsenal have only had a chance to rebuild since last season. It took Chelsea 1 billion of net spend and 10 years to win a champions league. It’s hard to build a title winning team in 2 years.

        1. 3 poor games out of 60? wtf- enough patlloyd your taking the micheal.

          we have been poor for nearly two seasons now with only a few great performances.

          you cannot justify us being 1 striker away from the title last season,

          or 1 dm and defender away from challenging this season. there is no excuse

          1. It’s much harder to sign players than you think. We won a trophy last season abd I think we had an above average season. This season our form has been poor. What defender and dm could Arsenal have signed?

            1. It’s not hard to sign players if you pay the right fee, it’s only hard when you want top players for peanuts

              1. I’m wasting my time with baseless arguments. Name this mythical defender that Arsene tried to get for peanuts and would’ve stayed on the bench for a season. Why am I supposed to argue with you if you make baseless claims?

                1. Waslim, don’t just claim I’m out of touch with reality without proving it. Who is this mythical defender and dm that we could have signed?

                2. This is ridiculous!!!
                  This Man does not even think we should have added to our defenders. Wake up!!! I repeat, you are the same with Arsene.

                3. John Legend, now you’re making up stories to defend yourself. I said in earlier posts that we need a new defender. You still haven’t anwered the question. Who should we have signed? You are just complaining for the sake of it.

                4. Plenty of cheap players available pre and post world cup. He had no intention to sign many players as we all know he wants a core of 16-17 players max and the rest of the squad made up of reserve deadwood. Evidence for this is google Arsenal
                  Squad and try to name me 15 players which would get into a top 4 team 😉

                5. i think you are right that we couldnt buy a wc defender in the summer transfer market . there werent many options left and the example is barcelona . they settle down with mattheiw and verm but my question is why wenger sold verm when he knew it was hard to find a new proper defender???

              2. @john0711
                Yet, you and others are quick to point out and praise how Klopp and Simeone put together winning squads buying cheap players…
                You can’t have it both ways.

    2. @Arsenalman365 Arsenal was built in the 18th century. The rebuilding of the ground is a massive excuse considering Highbury was developed into a housing estate where Arsenal reaped massive income from and used that to pay towards the building of Emirates. The remainder of the rebuilding cost came from US, the fans who pay extortionate prices for tickets and merchandising week in week out in return for mediocre excuses from a sturbborn and out of date management!

      1. Arsenal just about broke even with the Highbury estate which cost 130 million to build. The rebuilding costs aren’t black or white either. Arsenal have had no money to spend on transfers since the Emirates and that is pretty much fact. The figures are all to see. Arsenal just about broke even every year. Last season was finally when we had the money to rebuild. It’s very hard to build a title winning side in 2-3 seasons. Remember arsene kept us in the top 4 when our starting 11 had Squilaci, Benayoun, Arteta and Gervinho and Wengrr still kept us at the top.

        1. So, you think if at least four other teams do well in a season, Arsene would have maintained keeping us in top 4 consecutively for that long? We have always been lucky.
          This season, Liverpool is not doing well, if they were, I bet you Arsene would not make it.

          1. 16 years in a row isn’t luck. Those years ago we have competed with City, Spurs, Liverpool, Everton, Chelsea and United for a top 4 place.

              1. Muff, as much as I would love Arsenal to win everything, it’s unrealistic to expect Arsene Wenger to win everything with 5 million net in 7 years.

                1. @arsenalman365 I see that your argument is about how much money and broke we are, then WENGER Should rethink his salary too, not sure how can we afford to pay him what we pay if we are so broke…is your right to like the man and settle but don’t try to talk everyone else with your baseless arguments, the man is good no more for ARSENAL point blank.

                2. First of all, I didn’t say that we are broke. I said that we were broke until we repaid for the emirates. Arsenal’s management offers the contract, not Arsene Wenger. It’s called playing someone their worth. Lets say a top CEO saves a company 30 million per year and asks for a 5 million per year wage, is it really that wrong?

        2. Where is the proof the redevelopment made no money? This is all hear say. No one does a project as large as that to break even, especially not our money hungry board.
          Anyways im not interested in top 4 places with squid in the side!!
          I want a champs league trophy, prem league trophy within next 2 years and i want either Diego Simeone/Klopp/Guardiola to be the one to do this!!
          Goodbye Mr Wenger, America would be a good move as he may get the trophy of being the best manager there!!

          1. Search it up on the internet. Arsenal broke even in 2011. Financial results prove it. That is fact. Arsenal do not have some sort of divine right to will all of those trophies. It’s earned. Real Madrid won their first Champions league in over 10 years spending 1 billion. To expect a manager to win all of them in 2 years with limited resources is virtually impossible.

            1. arsenalman365 we are both ARSENAL fans so no quarrel and let’s settle as our Manager does, I am not talking CL nor even EPL trophies (for now) I am talking about being able to beat Chelski, Manure and regain our self respect…it cant go on that every time we play these teams is like walking to the slaughterhouse and be content that we lost for just 2 goals an improvement of the last beating

    3. Huh? Three poor games where have you been all these years. This is a result of years of poor performance not just 3 games.

  3. Would Arsene have had the success at Arsenal between 1997-2004 had the Premier Leage been more competetive as it is today? Simple answer NO WAY!! Arsene cannot and will never be able to compete with top managers like Mourinho and Guardiola hence why he has never left this club for the likes of Real Madrid and PSG because he knows too well he would get exposed!! We are glad he won a few trophies for us but so did George Graham but he never outstayed his welcome when the tide turned!! So all you true Gooners need to get it in your head that it is not the be all or end all if Arsene goes!!

    1. guariola and mourhino have unlimited budgets, do you think either would win at west ham? new castle? even you could manage a winner with madrid or bayern,

        1. Porto? The entire Portuguese national team was playing for Porto that time.. Deco, Carvalho, Ferreira, Nuno Valenate, pedro Mendes, Costinha, Benni McCarthy, Bosingwa,Maniche etc… Nothing out of the ordinary, that’s why after that all of those players were snapped up by the big clubs and Mourinho took some to Chelsea with him.

          1. Well said – the Porto mythology needs debunking. To talk about Portuguese football in general and Porto in particular in such a derisory manner exudes footballing ignorance.

    2. I disagree with you. Mourinho will never go to a team where he wont be able to spend hundreds of million. Mourinho thrive on money spent. I dont think he can survive a season if is made to sell his best players to balance the book.

      1. you’re not disagreeing w me? jose and pep are like WAGs, they go where the funds are, still tough jobs, as expectations are only win, and the players at that level are difficult to herd, but we are expecting to win the league against these spenders? 3 teams have won the league over the last decade, all 3 out spend us, all 3 have finished also under 5 th place, its the nature of spending to win…

    3. George Graham went out due to dodgy dealings. Can you tell me of these secret sources exposing why he didn’t leave? You can’t tell me that the Barcelona job is easier than the Arsenal job. The league used to be even more competitive. Newcastle were premier league challengers when Wenger came and Leeds were playing in the Champions league.

    4. JM and PG are hired guns – nothing more. Very good managers but nothing to mark them out as geniuses or legacy makers. Cherry pick the best and least risky jobs. Porto, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Inter have won 21 CL (or equivalent EC) and 110+ national league titles without either of them. They won before and they will win after the egos come and go – and lets face it they won’t stay long. And the Abramovich empire enabled di Matteo to win CL, Ancelotti to win PL and even Avram Grant to get PL and CL runners up. I mean how difficult must it be when you can buy who you want, when you want as often as you want.

  4. For the good and the sake of Arsenal, more banners please … 4th is no longer good enough for us …

    More pressure might means better winter transfer and also change of philosophy (tactics, disciplines, market, … etc)

    Enough is enough, Wenger out!

    1. Even if I’m not a fan of a player, why make a display name against them? That’s what I don’t like about the modern fan.

      1. @arsenalman365
        The modern fans are too social media influenced. Following trends set by invisible entities who lather em up and set them loose out here on the ether…
        Logic and reality are their enemies.

        1. Way too much mob mentality, baseless claims and lies that the media feed to people and each other. People complain of the lack of loyalty in football when they are in fact disloyal. Even fans today can’t be trusted to support their team. After Ramsey’s tremendous last season, he hit a bad patch of 4 games after injuries. The abuse that he’s now getting again is vile. Way too much mindless emotion in sport.

  5. I think the banner was quite polite but conveyed the message adequately. Quite classy. Better than “Wenger get out” or something

    1. I don’t think that the banner was malicious in any way and everyone has the right to free speech. I think that the banner was overblown by the media but I can understand why people aint happy.

  6. More banners and this time let it be more direct like “wenger out” and just as I suggested pls we go in group of 10 and more to protect ourselves bcos I love every single soul that loves Arsenal Fc……Wenger Out…we have endured enough

    1. @goldfish27
      If you “love every single soul that loves Arsenal Fc” Then you love Arsene Wenger as well…

  7. this complaining about wenger gets nausiating, i know these type of fans will want the next manager out, then the next… everyone is a Klopp fan but no one want to mention his 16 th place in the relagation zone, our team is competitive, yr after yr, our wage structure, set by the board is lower than the oil rich rivals who can buy who ever they want, we do alot with less, and yet find a way, I dont agree w every move of wenger, but i dont want to support a classless dildo like jose either

  8. Damn, I do not know how we’ve fallen this low. Even if I agree Wenger should be sacked (at the end of the season) we’re looking like bloody newcastle fans! Just stick behind the team ffs, the moment we enter a great run of form everyone will be back on the Wenger train. So annoying to see fans do this, how do you think the players feel? In the end, they play the games not Wenger, players might find this discouraging. We’re NOT Newcastle, we’re ARSENAL, class in its pure state should be our definition. Now AKB’s will throw their banners on Wednesday, it’s pretty obvious, and while the fans have the right to express themselves, they should stick with team on matchday, come here and rant all you want.

  9. I don’t know how some people manage to defend Arsene. He is stubborn and he is the reason we are in this shit. When we needed to get a defender and a holding midfielder, he refused because everybody in the world was saying it. Was it to prove a point?
    So pathetic!!!

      1. John Legend is psychic. He can access Arsene Wenger’s mind from when he’s sitting. Every financial transaction is on the Arsenal website, but he knows that the greedy board and Stan Kronke are secretly hoarding money into Swiss bank accounts like Joran Belfort from The Wolf of Wall Street.

        1. @arsenalman
          He, like most of the others are rolling on the same dog eared script(9 trophyless years, he earns 7/8 mil, specialist in failure, no dm, no cb, sell all our stars, he’s French, too old etc, etc) the list is as laughable as it is long.

  10. wenger out

    klopp in。。。

    klopp will led us back top top 4 this season…

    and the title next season。。。。

    klopp guarantee titles

  11. what world class player would want to come to this fan base, do you stick w the wife who complains everyday, even after two wins in a row we complain daily, we win the FA Cup, complain… Only todays AFC fans would complain about Ozil, meanwhile every other team on the globe want him, and he admits he did not want to come to Arsenal, why? Football is entertainment, if I want constant complaining there are several outlets, now lets prepare to go and beat SOU, we need that win, and it wont be easy. btw, I am not a supporter of Wenger, I often would make other decision counter to him, but he gets paid to manage, I dont understand the constraints put on him behind the scenes, I am not in the training ground everyday, so I will wear my colours and support who is paid to manage my favorite club,

    1. We complain because,, 1. City are small boys in town.. They don’t even have a player who has scored more than 100 goals in EPL…
      2. To look up at Southampton and fearing their visit to Emirates is totally unacceptable.
      3. Starting a game with Nacho Monreal as CB is like commiting suicide.
      4. Remember the free-flowing Barca, needed ref’s help to beat a battling Arsenal…. Thus what we want, not Berahino tearing us apart like we are some mediocre mid table team.. It’s unacceptable..
      5. Wenger MUST and I repeat MUST do self introspection and tell us where he is taking Arsenal…

  12. the media wants wenger out…

    the fans want wenger out…

    the board should listen and fire wenger before its too late….

    fans are the master of the club…

    the fans should decide who to sign

    the fans should decide who to play

    the fans should decide everything….

    Wenger out!

    1. with all due respect Hafiz, you dont speak for “the fans”, your little darling Kopp is now rock bottom of the table, bottom! w a 3-2-7 record, and 11 pts on the season, I would be leading the charge to fire him! minus Bayern, the Bundesliga is weak, takes a complete breakdown to be last place!

      1. At the Westfalenstadion, despite being bottom on the Bundesliga, Klopp got cheers and 80,000 cheering fans. At the Emirates, it’s as quiet as library and we boo our own team.

        1. its shameful, i have been to westfallestadion, those fans dont turn on their own, and they have come from the depths of broke

        2. @ arsenalman365

          thats what happens when arsenal charge highest prices for tickets in europe- they price out the real fan!
          dortmund have some of the lowest tickets of the european elite.

          why do u think its quiet? wenger an ivan have robbed real fans-

          they can deal with the upper crust from now on. library love 🙂

          1. Muff, the ticket prices are propoganda. The most expesive tickets at Arsenal are the highest in world football. This is not true for the cheapest matchday ticket. In a nutshell, Arsenal’s most expensive ticket is the most expensive. Ticket prices doesn’t stop fans from supporting the team!

        3. win anything? ummm, fa cup holders? and you want the ladt place bundesliga team, who may get relagated? this is so stupid i cant stop laughing? are you like 6?

        4. Loving the double standards of convenience. So Klopp is blameless for the departure of Lewandoski, Goetze and Kagawa but Wenger is totally and solely to blame for Van Persie, Sagna, Nasri etc. And Wenger brings in “cheap” and “discard” players like Ozil, Sanchez and Welbeck whilst Klopp brings in Dong-Won, Sahin and Gyau.

          Bottom line though, for all his alleged superiority, Klopp is bombing at the moment. And maybe, just maybe, Dortmund just have a better class of fan than Arsenal. And I like Klopp alot – but why, just why would he give up on the fans at Dortmund to come to Arsenal? Expect he saw the banner yesterday plastered all over the news and thought “f@%k that for a game of soldiers”. Yet more arrogance from the AOBs to assume he would even be interested.

          1. @jonestown1 do you think LVG saw the banners flying over OT and thought ‘nah not for me”.
            I mean seriously guys, do you think theres any manager out there who only manages a team if their supporters dont put pressure on them?? I have never heard such drivel like i have today!!
            No manager out there expects an easy drive and the more passionate the fans are about their club the more the manager looks to please them! Shame we dont get that from Wenger.
            AOB AKB or AFC, the cause is to win trophies not hear excuses year in year out.
            No trophies = No job

    1. Last year this last year that
      Last year this last year that
      Last year this last year that

      Enough with this bulls##t come to the present and tell me
      What can we hope for this season

      1. have you considered becoming a barca fan? since your standards dont even include last year? there are two cups in the prem that really matter, seems we won one of them? but that dont count? tough fans, good thing your eere not born a derby county fan…

  13. Are fans the reason we have not signed a DM for 2 years running???
    Are fans the reason he did not buy a ST and played with giroud for the whole season??
    Are fans the reason we bought a injured player in January??
    Are fans the reason we started the season with 2 senior CB defenders??
    Are fans the reason we don’t have any plan B??
    Are fans the reason for those stupid illogical substitutes he makes??

    GTFO Arsene d##k and smell the coffee

  14. I concede there more than likely BS transfer rumors but I do like the idea of both Sissoko and McCarthy joining Arsenal in January. McCarthy, much like Schenderlien from Southampton is terribly underrated and a tireless defensive midfielder. Sissoko is a powerhouse B2B midfielder that would bring much needed direct pace and attitude to the center of the pitch.

    Throw in Scharr, Van Djyk or Vlarr and Im a happy camper.

    And Yes they are all Arsenal Quality. Lol

    1. Sissoko is not Arsenal quality. There’s a reson he cost 3 mill at his career peak. McCarthy seems to have meaning as it has been mentioned in more reliable papers like the telegraph. The Guardian have also claimed that Van Der Djik and Schaar are under consideration which I will give the benefit of the doubt. The Vlaar and Sissoko rumours are most likely BS.

      1. Every time I’ve watched Newcastle(including against Arsenal) he is consistently one of if not the best player on the pitch. Temperamental yes, but provides a physical, direct presence the Gunners desperately need. At least IMHO. lol

      2. @arsenalman365, I do think Sissoko is really a good signing to make, very powerfull, direct and I believe he can also play DM if needed …

  15. I have a life outside this site you know before you call me a name. Your 20 years ago claim makes no sense whatsoever.

  16. Forget this your idea that the board should fire wenger it will be er happen… get real because they (the board) feels it will be a disrespectful of then to do that…even me I can’t do it ether… having an employee working for me for good 18years if his life with dedication and his loyalty.. and just waking up one day and tell him “you are fire” with just little mistake he make and that I know there still enough time to correct this mistakes……I say let him see out his current contract.. as a mark of respect for what he has done…. and then go into retirement .

    As for the banner polite a enough just to make him sit thight and do de needful.

    1. very well said, I have had many employees over the years, you treat loyalty w respect, and thats how you attrack talent and build power, both players and managers, and you learn when you take risk to build an enterprise that you weed out the negativity, you can disagree, you can make changes, but the class of your organization is seen by all.

  17. Like Admin I’ve been around since before Radford and Kennedy, McLintock and Simpson, Story and wee Gordie Armstrong. I’ve seen and been through far worse than this, times when we were either fighting to stay out of bottom 2 and aiming for mid table. I’ve seen crap managers and some crap players. Wenger has been brilliant and I loved his football and philosophies of how the game should be played. But yes, I am waive ring in my support for the prof, but it is stupid to even contemplate changing manager mid season, unless of course we are in the bottom 3, but that is not the cases and never has been.
    I was at West Brom and trust me out of the thousand of us, only a very small minority were applauding that banner. There was anger in our away support at some basically airing their dirty washing in public. Free speech, opinion, protest, yes everyone’s right and long may it be that way but don’t be fooled into thinking that the majority want him out. Like me, a lot are a bit on the fence at the moment but let’s give it a bit longer eh, before the revolution gives us something we may not want. Remember we do not appear to be being run by a football loving owner but a business man and he could well bring in someone far worse than what we have. I would be more than happy for Usmanov to be at the helm, at least he would not only support Wenger but also put things right if it was going wrong in a football, Arsenal loving way.
    Keep the faith a while longer.
    Peace and Love.

    1. @Bolly – great piece. I agree that we dont need Wenger to go today, but definitely at the end of the season is his time to say goodbye to the club. We have been mediocre for far too long. He has had long enough to create a great team and he has not succeeded. Listen to Usmanov, even he is saying that Arsene needs to change – better players – better tactics.

      Look – he has not beaten Mourinho once, We lost to a horrible Manu team, he has not bought a Dm in many seasons, last winter Moureen bought Matic – we loaned Kallstrom, He started the season with just two senior centre backs, he sold any player that wanted to leave – other teams do not do that, look at Rooney, look at Suarez etc..

      But most of all he has no ability to learn from past mistakes – we have seen the same problems at Arsenal for many years now – and without any solutions.

      So thank you for the memories ( not recent) and good bye ( at the end of the season)

  18. If we don’t act NOW we risk losing out on Simeone, his team is currently 2nd a going after RM with a small budget. I think he’s the ‘only’ MANAGER that can take this team from mediocrity to league winners but we as fans have to champion together to put him at the helm. More banners, to every single game if necessary to have our voices heard.

    1. Wouldn’t worry about it – the AOBs will look around and jump on the bandwagon of any manager who is doing well at the moment. And jump straight off the bandwagon when they lose a game. Koeman, Martinez and Klopp need to start winning again as the Arsenal band wagoners only have so much patience with flavour of the months.

  19. And for making substitutions in the 80th minute must be rizin enuf, Wenger is soooooooo tired he cannot even make a substitution. He would rather have a tired Giroud play a whole 90 mins wen a striker like Podolski is warming the bench…. It’s TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE and WENGER MUST GO…..

  20. I’m glad Wenger is under some pressure, finally, he deserves it. I know we still have a long season ahead, but our team still got some problems. We looked better yesterday, but we still made mistakes that we cannot afford to do against Southhampton. Time to step the cluck up AW.

  21. Its kinda odd when i see grow ups acting like some teenage fan girls being all obsessed with one individual. For example this arsenalman365 who i am sure has many other accounts on this site.

    Realise that this is not a matter of life and death. If Wenger goes, he will be off as a millioner, not like a beggar who has 9 kids at home to feed. Get a grip, and dont embarrass your self any longer.

    We know Wenger better then anyone. Its this fact that i want him to leave, bec Wenger is simple not good enough. The Fa cup was the culmunation of his work.

    IF you want a 4th place manager? Wenger is the man
    If you want more then a 4th place manager. Wenger is not your man. Simple as that.

    1. well put, but i still credit him for building the invincables, making the CL final to barely loose to Barca in the pouring rain, I will never take those accomplishments lightly,

      1. People are respecting him for what he did, but they dont respect him for what he is now. I refuse to be like Liverpool fans, comforting my self with the past. The Cl finale was the begining of hell, if i knew at that time what i would expect in the comming years i would rather start with Ballet or something and give up on football from the start.

    2. Now people are saying I have multiple accounts? Not all of us have that much time on our hands. I have a life and post when I can, but 2 accounts really?

  22. Mind that if Usmanov would be in charge he would pump money in the team and not the other way around. Something like excuses would not exist. Win, you stay, Lose you are off.

    Wenger is the one who keeps the board at tact, the pupper master. Without him there wont be anny Stan and minions. That for him getting the sack is mission impossible.

    If Wenger had any tendecy for the good of the club he would resign long time ago or at least get him self some proper help. But he is a narcistic person, he feeds his ego with Arsenal. This is not love for the club but obsession. He is obsessed to prove people that he is always right.

    He has always an openioun about others. He loves to speak about other managers, other clubs, other fans, other football transfer targets, but if it comes to him, he plays the insulted prima dona, playing all arrogant, saying thing like ” i dont care this and that” I hate Moro a lot, but Moro is someone who torments Wengers supreme Ego a lot, and this is something i rrly enjoy.

    1. Yawn, the Usmanov claim. Remember that ffp exists? One of Kronkes companies took 3 million for operating costs in years. Financial figures claim that this is in fact not true. Now your claiming that Arsene Wenger has some mental issues, causing narcissism and an ego. I’m sure you personally know him very well. No player that has left Arsenal has ever said this.

      1. There is no need to tell it. Them ( star players) leaving the club proves that Wenger is doing something wrong.

        Ibra said it in his book. Mayb some ex legends will say the same when the time is right.

        1. The star players left because Arsenal didn’t have the money at the time to match their ambitions. Now world class players are joining. Ibra loosely follows the premier league.

          1. Money was there, but Wengers socialist wage poletics is kinda Shi%ting all over us. We can analyse all the players a new but i am telling you, in the end you will see that money is a factor but not the main one.

            He would have, but Wenger would have sold him soon after anyway. $$$$

            1. Sorry, but your comment made no sense. You can check any figures you like and be proven that no money was there, full stop.

      2. @arsenalman365, when was the last time you saw daylight? You literally took the term go where the sun dont shine literally!! I mean Arsene must love you, or is it Stan or maybe Ivan, cant tell as we can never see your face!!!
        Ps. Its all banter but you are obviously so deluded that you need to be given a reality check 🙂

  23. What do we do give a new manager 200mill re build then like any team it needs to bed in so see it out

  24. These so called AKB’s THINK they know about football, can someone tell them to get their faces out of Wengers a** and face reality instead!!
    Wenger will never achieve what Klopp has on a shoe string budget producing some of the worlds best players on show today.
    Dortmund fans will never turn on him as they pay an average of £200 for a season ticket and they know they are forced to sell a world class player each season to stay afloat.
    As for Sissoko, please remind us why he was playing at the WC with France? Its quite a simple answer, he is a classic box to box player that Arsenal havent had past 8 years!
    Wenger out is the first cure, if it has to come to it, hope he takes the AKB’s with him as this club needs to bring back the winning mentality of the 90’s not the 4th place wannabes!!

  25. Arsenal are NOT a poor club – so enough with the garbage that we have been living off peanuts for years.

    Arsenal has no ambition – that is a FACT ! Don’t believe me ?

    Look at other similarly sized clubs and ask yourself if they would have kept Wenger on – Mourinho is 100% correct in saying there is no pressure on Wenger to succeed.

    We have a 30% stakeholder who is desperate to invest in the team but is held back by a board that is obsessed in retaining the profits for itself – I have never heard of such a major shareholder NOT being allowed on the board.

    The Arsenal board are just happy to continue with someone who is clearly not to to task of leading Arsenal to success – are you telling me there is not one manager out there who could lead Arsenal to the lofty heights of fourth place and only the amazing Arsene Wenger could achieve such a mind blowing achievement?

    Arsenal are in a rut – they personify the term “rut”.

    Arsenal are going absolutely NOWHERE regardless of who that idiot signs – its not the players its the tactics, management and leadership that wins you trophies and Wenger has shown year in and year out that he has no tactics, management skills or leadership…

    1. Tbf it is some of the players too, mediocre players getting over paid due to the socialist wage policy Wenger has in place, therefore the need to try harder and succeed vanishes instantly.
      We need born winners in this squad like Sanchez. The others as Ramsey has stated are all lazy!!

  26. Hey Guys,
    I don’t login to the forums too often maybe once a year, but I do read most of the comments and articles day to day. I just opened justarsenal and i saw this whole discussion (Arguments) between about 90% anti wenger and 10%(maybe even less) AKB’s. and I gotta say 1 sentence about this whole thing. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @arsenalman365 you should be named one of the most deluded fans out there bro pay ur pounds to wenger’s and the board pockets every week and say “take my money, I’m happy with mediocrity”.
    my own view of this season: I lost faith in this season as soon as I watched us losing the 3 goal lead against anderlecht. That just ended my belief in this team and wenger for the entire season. I’m arsenal fan since 1997 and im just 27 years old that’s 17 years supporting this club, Every season it’s been same old same old and I’m really getting tired of this bull crap excuses. when does specialist in failure wanna leave us alone god knows…

    1. Add @ny_gunner to the deluded list (may be the same person with 2 accounts). I really think they are either employed by Stan/Wenger or they are actually spud fans!! We also need proof that they even watch Arsenal games!!

  27. i wonder what most of Wenger supporters have been seeing the last 3-4 years…. our beloved Arsenal have not being able beat top 4 teams. it is a simple fact. Even our FA cup win was an absolute shamble. not good enough for a team like that. Also all weaknesses pointed are known and commented extensively for the last few years. not addressing those issues looks like lack professionalism to me…Now, if you want Wenger to continue in this way, please support him and continue to suffer as we all did the last couple years. I was a die hard fan of Wenger but i did realize he is just not good enough anymore. He needs to go (up).

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