Arsenal fans should BACK not ATTACK Jack Wilshere

Wilshere needs the backing of Arsenal fans by Sam P

I have seen plenty of comments from Arsenal fans who are not that happy with the news that our England international midfielder Jack Wilshere is almost ready to return to the team after missing the last two months of the season. I just don’t get it.

Obviously the latest smoking controversy does not help but Arsene Wenger seems happy to play it down and back his player, so why can’t the fans do the same? It is the manager who sees the players and can judge them better than us after all.

Okay, young Wilshere’s progress has stalled somewhat in recent years but that can be largely attributed to all of his injury problems. And it is unfair to blame the player for being injury prone because if someone smashes into your ankle with their studs like the Man United defender Paddy McNair did to Wilshere back in November, you will get injured.

Let’s give the lad a chance eh? This latest injury must have been a real blow for Jack because he was beginning to prove his critics wrong, for club and country. The biggest of those recently had been Paul Scholes but the former Man United star had admitted that Jack was proving him wrong.

Wilshere could return for the FA cup clash with Middlesborough next week and then be available for the last 13 Premier League games and the Champions League. And he has yet to play alongside Coquelin and his new defensive midfield form.

When the season ends in around three months and Wilshere has failed to impress, have a go then. For now though, how about a little support from his own fans and how about remembering how we were all on Ramsey’s back until he proved us wrong last season…

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  1. jonestown1 says:

    I do my best on here to support unpopular players and those subjected to often poorly reasoned abuse and criticism – but even I find it next to impossible to say anything hugely positive about JW. I don’t wish him any harm or ill-luck but I just don’t get him nor the hype.

  2. sevenitti says:

    I try to support Wilshere as much as possible, but he is one injury prone MF who is going to destroy his career if he doesnt change his style of play. Too hazardous.

    As for how he performs, he’s on and off, just like all the other players, but he has his clear weaknesses that he needs to change – like always hunting that next ‘norwich goal’. As for his smoking habits – he does have a point in it not affecting his fitness game too much, but it’s just stupid. He should know better.

    1. juhislihis says:

      The ankle injury he’s now suffering was 100% his own fault and was 100% avoidable. His selfish style of play is hurting the team in more ways than one.

    2. fred cowardly says:

      When you say “one injury prone MF” do you mean “Midfielder” or “Mother F**ker”?

      Because both can work and the latter one especially if you are black.
      Just curious

  3. Handyandy says:

    I think it’s disrespectful of him to keep getting caught smoking. This last one was even worse as he actually knew he was going to be pictured with that smoking device in his hand. It makes Arsene look disrespected and proves he doesn’t give a monkey’s for what his manager has to say on the issue. He has glass ankles anyway and is forever on the ground. Practically every time he touches the ball it end up with him falling over. Time t get rid.

  4. Greg says:

    I love and support jack wilshere he is my boy and i has always love his fighting spirit on the pitch! But one serious bit of advice to him, stay away from the cigarettes and smoking it isnt good publicity for himself and arsenal fc/ england! All the best jack this is one gooner that truly wants to see you back to your best for arsenal!

  5. JAmerican says:

    Wilshere is no doubt a very talented player, put aside the English hype, the smoking and all other distractions which I agree he doesn’t do himself any justice with his conduct. Honestly I think his biggest weakness is holding the ball longer than needed which overall puts the team under pressure the minute he loses it and stays to ground. In my humble opinion at this point I wo much rather him than Ramsey which clearly is making the team worse at the moment. He was into something and I rem the City game at the Emirates where he bossed and we should have won, but again his self inflicting damages is what will cost him and on a greater extent the team…

  6. Hafiz Rahman says:

    theres totally no space for him in the first 11 and on the subs bench

  7. tubby says:

    I’ve always supported Wilshere and I can’t even comprehend why fans turn against him. This is a young man who has Arsenal DNA through his veins and, like the spuds fans like saying, ‘HE”S ONE OF OUR OWN’. The way I see it, he’s a player who gives his all on the pitch.

    In games when the likes of cazorla, ozil etc gone missing, he picks the ball up and tries to make things happen. Granted it doesn’t work all the time, and he gets slated when he loses the ball, but its a sign of true leadership, where someone is willing to accept responsibility to push the team forward, something our team is sorely lacking at the moment.

    I’ve seen many fans stick with ozil, for example, even when he was doing crap at the start of the season, which I feel is wholly unfair to the likes of Wilshere and Szecsny. Just because Ozil is a bigger name that comes from a bigger team doesn’t necessarily make him untouchable to criticism. Wilshere, on the hand, perform much better than him prior to injury and somehow gets slated while being out with injury without even playing a game. Sometimes, I just don’t understand the fans

    1. GOONSTER says:

      Wilshere was our best player in the United game but because he missed that chance he got absolutely blamed for everything even if he was the one pushing the team on till he got injured later in the game..

      The guy is so annoying and his personality is so hard to like, he is not likeable but I think the amount of hate he gets is unfair. Some players in this Arsenal team are wrapped in cotton wool while the others are given a few games to perform, if those games elapse with no significant improvement then it’s all abuse there and after..

      1. SaveArsenal says:

        What game were you watching?
        Best player???
        He wasted every chance he had, that doesn’t say best player to me.
        Another player in his place would have helped the team do better.
        Don’t you know the stats? We lose more games when he plays and we come back fewer times when he is on the pitch!

  8. JAmerican says:

    OT: Did anyone read what Fernando Torres said about Mourinho?!? Priceless and that goes for all the others that buy they’re way to the top. That made me feel a little better this weekend, just a little though…

  9. davidnz says:

    Wilshere Bendtner Arshavin Diaby
    Park Ryo Podolski Flamini Vermaelen
    Djourou Girvinho Chamakh Adebayor
    Squlacci Kalstrom Sanogo Santos.
    Over hyped, overpaid under achievers all.
    After 8 seasons Wilshere is too often injured
    when and fit plays 2 good games in 5.
    Fellow English COREpses Walcott + Chamberlain are also flat track bullies.

  10. fred cowardly says:

    Yo Man! Wilshere is one injury prone MF, man!
    That MF is always injured. Ya know what Im sayin Man?

  11. SaveArsenal says:

    Wiltshire’s problems have nothing to do with smoking and everything to do with him not being good enough.
    “starting to prove his critics wrong, for club and country” you said.
    Where and when exactly did he do that?
    He was poor for Arsenal, so much so that we still lose more games when he plays.
    Wiltshire should be sold, after Flamini he is arguably the worst player for Arsenal.
    This is no time for sentiment, sell him and buy a good player.

  12. GOONSTER says:

    I would rather a fit and fired up Wilshere than Ozil..

    Wilshere is annoying as hell, he has believed his own hype and is too cocky and arrogant like SZNY his best friend. But in the EPL I rate him higher than a La Liga player like Ozil.

    Wilshere needs to be dropped like SZNY so that he realises that he is not Mr Arsenal like we so wanted him to be back in 2007-08. Needs to knuckle down.

  13. @sama says:

    Wilshere does nothing for Arsenal apart from running with the ball towards opponents wall and loosing it in the the process.Some fans think running with the ball constantly like an atleath and giving it away is the way football should be played,now that is not football that is Wilshere’s style of football.My conclusion sell Wilshere and get me Sissoko of New castle or Blaize Matuidi of PSG.

  14. Bartender says:

    How do you back someone who has been playing shit for the past two seasons??!! Not to mention he’s a smoker.

    Atleast if he was a smoker that still performing well then I’d be backing him. But he is not.

  15. Remember this …..

    When Wenger was going through one of his ‘Wenger Out’ phases Jack Wilshere announced publicly in his defence …

    “If the boss leaves then I will have to reconsider my future at Arsenal.”

    Can you imagine TA6 ever saying stuff like this? Exactly!

    It shows Wilshere only has loyalty to Wenger and not Arsenal like he claims. Arsenal paid the boy, Liam Brady moulded him and Wenger just gave him a chance, and another chance, and another …. and another … and so on.

    Translation of Wilshere .. “But hey, F@@K Arsenal, I’m with Wenger. If I continue sucking up like this I’ll be Team Captain without even trying, plus I can smoke all I want and get away with it. Cushty. Also I can take a leaf out of Van Persie’s book and deliberately get myself injured during play so I have more time to chill with me mates, innit, while on full pay. Ave it!”

  16. FFFanatic says:

    So much negativity about Jack! Let’s dispel 3 myths:

    1. He isn’t that good

    Well duh – he’s spent countless time out injured. He has all the building blocks there to be a GREAT player and players who have come against him who know the game back to front (here’s looking at Gary Neville) have stated just how good he is. He’s not got consistency or form to his play and he’s still very young. Give the boy a bloody chance!

    2. He is disrespectful

    Smoking is bad. He gets caught on occasion smoking. BUT I don’t get the impression it’s a committed habit. Seems to me he smokes, on occasion, when on a night out and has had a little to drink. He’s young, a little immature and acts like most guys his age. BIG WOOP! He loves Arsenal, you see that every day he plays and it should be appreciated.

    3. He is too greedy or self centred

    Just wrong. The boy is still learning to improve his game. He makes rash decisions and can be stupid BUT that’s not unlike Gerard was at a slightly older age. He holds the ball too long but not because he doesn’t want to pass but rather he wants to make that ball matter as much as possible by drawing the man. It’s not perfect, he’s got to work on it, BUT given time his game will improve. His style gets him injured…but should he play worse because other players are dirty? No. Granted many of his injuries are also from bad tackles of his own doing but he will improve that. Attacking a young player for learning is dumb.

    He has so much potential, why people on here want him out on his heels is beyond me. Have some patience with the guy!

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