Arsenal fans should be confident that Arteta will transform Havertz into a star eventually

Arteta getting the best out of his new Arsenal players is there to be seen. Aaron Ramsdale, Martin Odegaard, and Ben White are just three of the many Arsenal players Arteta has positively transformed.

Ramsdale came to the Emirates stinking of relegation, but under the Spaniard’s guidance, he has been transformed into a top leeper — a title-challenging and most-valuable keeper. David Raya joined to challenge for his starting spot, but I doubt he will easily do that just yet, but will be kept sharp in Cup games.

Martin Odegaard is another player who everyone knew was quality, they just needed to see him be consistent. Under Arteta, after leaving Real Madrid, the Norwegian has been in his most consistent run, putting in incredible performances and realising that last season he ended up as our Player of the Season.

The ex-Real Madrid man is so good that he was the only one guaranteed a starting spot in Arteta’s midfield.

Ben White is the other player who’s been transformed under Arteta. When Arsenal paid £50 million for his services, some thought they were crazy. But these guys had nowhere to hide last season as they watched the Englishman dazzle at right back as he was too good to bench upon the return of William Saliba, not forgetting that he had been impressive at central defence before Saliba’s arrival.. There was talk he wouldn’t get into the team this season, but he’s confirmed he’s too good to bench.

These three, and others like Gabriel Jesus, Oleksandr Zinchenko, and even Gabriel Martinelli are all clear evidence that Arteta has a calling for getting the best out of players.

This realisation makes me tip Kai Havertz to get better at the Emirates The German hasn’t had a headline start to life at the Emirates; he is yet to provide a goal contribution, but he will soon be great under Arteta if he is given time to learn the boss’s expectations on the pitch.

There were many Arsenal fans that were not happy when Arteta brought in Odegaard, Ramsdale or Ben White, but the boss saw their potential and has eventually proven the fans wrong and made the trio into integral parts of his system.

Let’s be confident that Arteta will do the same for Havertz.

I am convinced he will, are you?

Sam P

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  1. Yes, if the gaffer can transform Odegaard and Vieira he will do it too for Havertz , am predicting the German will come alive in an Arsenal shirt within the next seven games.

    1. Vieira played a good 30 minutes or so but before then he wasn’t particularly great, so I think you are being a bit charitable – let us see how this season goes.

    2. Havertz can run fast but his reaction which is kind of reflex is very slow and it can’t be improved. I think he might be another Ozil in making but only difference would be that Havertz could not assist. So remove assisting skill from Ozil and it would be Havertz.

      1. Me2 – Vz
        True, am amaze about the performance of Vieira he has shown glimpses of ability before, but that was a very inspiring thirty minute performance from a player most of us have written off.

        Havertz haven’t been too bad maybe nothing spectacular, but if you have access to the replay of the Palace game, you would appreciate his contributions a little more.

        Where I think the gaffer is going wrong with the German is starting him in every game, he needs a more gentle introduction, and the constant fidgeting with the team is not helping.

        1. Arteta should be very careful the moulding of his team this season he thinks he can do.

          Just because you made the club spend so much on players does not translate into all of them transforming instantly.

          Arteta should be very careful on his insistence on having Havertz to play every 90mins just because £65million was coughed out on him.

          If Pepe, despite the £72million spent on him, became an abandoned project why should Havertz not be.

          It is early in the season that smart clubs garner points with superior goal difference but Arteta does not seem to bother.

          Havertz should be benched henceforth as well as players played in their natural positions if Arsenal will ever have respectable story at the end of the half season in January.

          1. Harvetz was signed by M A.It seems the boss is just shipping out players he found there and building his own team. Pepe was not given that time coz of that. all other excuses sound racist for me. We;lcome to England. Look at GABIE M and Partey ,abuising talent

      2. SADLY , I already see many dismal similarities in the lack of desire to play wholeheartedly , betwen HAVERTZ and that supreme waster ot natural talen galore, in Ozil.

        What a travesty hisfive last years became and surely our club and esp MA ought to know,in the light of OZILS LEGENDARY IDLENESS ON THF PITCH, how vital is the need for ALL players to play flat out for the entire time they wear our shirt.

        I do NOT see that trait in Havertz, frankly and have deep foreboding that we may have brought in another Ozil, albeit one with far less natural ability.

        No realist should expect a brand new player in our team to be pulling up trees for a while yet.

        BUT we all have a perfect right to expect, to demand, 100% ALL OUT EFFORT. True or false?

    3. Yup, Xhaka also got criticized harshly before Arteta moved him up to the left-AM position

      Vieira was lost in that area as well, but he showed a tactical understanding improvement of the role yesterday

      It’s only a matter of time before Havertz fully grasps the left-AM role

      1. @, gotanidea, Arteta need to learn ruthlessness for results from his mentor PEP and stop always “taking the positive talks after game”. Yes we need to be patient with Havertz. But the Patience should be for him to wait on the bench and come in as a sub. It’s disheartening for other players who can outperform him to be benched. It’s going to be a long and tough season only players on good form should be selected without sentiments. We just dropped outside from top4 today. Play Pathey as inverted Rback, and White in CD I bet Arsenal won’t win ManU.. I speak as a realist.

        1. Rubbish.
          Most of you so-called realists predicted that we wouldn’t make the top four last season.

          1. @David
            Yea rubbish in your small skull. And I am not one of those pessimist who said we won’t make top4. I am an Arsenal optimist of over 20 years and football reputable analyst. We shall return to this conversation on Saturday when the team least is out.
            Arteta wasn’t stupid when he played players at their rightful position against MCity in community shield.

        2. We’d likely need his height to receive long passes from Ramsdale, because Man United attackers are good at high pressing

          Vieira or Trossard could replace him in the second half, after Man United defenders become tired

          1. Gai, ESR is taller, faster and physical than both Viera and Trossard. But I guess they are more trickery than him.
            I think it would be profit Arsenal if. We can have the same same line up like in the community shield with the exception of JTimer. But Tomiyasu should be able to handle Arthony while Zichenko comes in as a sub later. Arteta knows best!

    4. Maybe after we have lost 14 points or more, having lost 2 points on Saturday. By then we will be out of the EPL race and scrapping to finish in the top 6 considering WHU and Villa are improving too. I see this as a repeat of the Willian fiasco, none of the CFC lads have performed over here. Arteta should admit Hav signing is a mistake and move forward. The mistake will be forgiven and forgotten if we are challenging City for the title, else this will be the topic for discussion for the next 35 weeks or more. Feel pity that the whole squad has to be rejigged just to accommodate one player. Martenelli, Saka and Odegard’s performances have dropped, Partey is shunted to RB, Gabs is warming the bench. not a good sign of things to come.

    5. By then we will have lost 21 points just because the gaffer wants to fit in his signings.Bull……..

  2. He was hesitant and uncommitted in his play yesterday. Sounds like a confidence issue perhaps! I think Arteta knows this and will start him again in the next match against the bully cheat boys, Manchester United.

    1. We are going to need his physicality and hold up play in the middle of the park against Man United.

      But should be rested there after into a more timely integration, should not be rushed as he’s of a different temperament to Timber and Rice.

    2. Whether arteta transforms him into optimus prime or into a decepticon , the issue is with his selection into the starting lineup . a tactical conudrum. Harvetz role is undefined in the team. That is what infuriates us fans. Seems he is used just because of his transfer fee. Arteta should take a leaf out of guardiola’s man management of 100million man in jack grealish. He benched him to make him see how the game is played from the bench. That helped grealish to blend in. Pep was not concerned about the transfer fee of grealish. He needed to humble him which made him hungry to start games. Kai is being given a royal treatment which will soon rub off the other guys the wrong way especially partey who has to sacrifice his role just to accommodate an average player

      1. It may well be that incorporating Havrtz is a tactical conundrum. However, it is unlikely that Havertz is being played just because of his price tag.
        It is also really unfair to compare the situation with that of Grealish as MC already had a number of seasoned MFs Guardiola could play. Even then, Grealish played quite a few more games than many may realise in his first season. He also played the first 7 PL games of the season.

        1. Also Grealish is a far superior player than Havertz.

          Bit unfair to Havertz really, poor lad looks lost at sea currently with us.

          1. No chemistry with teammates
          2. Doesn’t know where to position himself
          3. Can’t decide whether to support teammates in buildup or be an outlet for attack
          4. Poor lad strolls around trying to have an impact when opportunity arises.

          Arteta threw him in the fire; Kai looks I’ll prepared and currently getting burned to a crisp by the heat.

          Arteta, please bench the lad until he
          1. Understands whatever hybrid setup travesty we’re playing this week
          2. Has chemistry with teammates
          3. Finds confidence from somewhere

          Worst player management decision yet by Arteta. Not only for Havertz, but has turned the entire squad and 14 other players upside down.

          All the excuses and justifications are just laughable and fan-boyish at this point.

          Be supporters, not enablers FFS.

          1. I remember when signed Henry, he was lucky to sign before the muppet show in social media.

            I’m really impressed with all fans being able to conclude after three league matches, impressing.

          2. Wish to point out that pros like Trossad & Rice playing for smaller clubs managed to integrate within a short time and produced good displays. Havs coming from a relatively club as the same stature of AFC cannot make an instant impact is appalling. We all support AFC and Arteta and want him to succeed, hence most fans want Arteta to use his own philosophy and make the player earn his starting spot rather than walking into the team. The comparisons with Ozil are absurd, Ozil managed to gel well with Sanchez and they caused havoc. Ozil’s game deteriorated once Sanchez left and we have a classy forwards then. Now we have Martenelli, Saka, Trossad, there can be no excuse. Havs is just not ready for the EPL, three seasons with CFC is a lot of time to adjust. Sorry times running out for Havs and Arteta.

  3. Play Havertz from the bench, same ego filled MA from first 2 season is back.

    When he dropped his ego 1.5 seasons ago we greatly improved, now it’s back and we suffer from his arrogance!

    Can any of the super fanboys logically explain why Havertz can’t be integrated into the team as a early sub from the bench?

    1. Agree with you.
      The setup and tactics are ego-induced and not performance based. Likely surrounded by sycophants and enablers, no assistants to speak up and disagree.

      Then again, we know what happens to sqeaky wheels with Arteta; frozen out, devalued, and sent away.

  4. Call me old fashioned, but I always believed that players earned the right to be in the first team and so far I haven’t seen that with Havertz.

    But, wtf do I know when we play a gk as a sw, dm as a rb, a cb as a lb and a cm as a false 9. So who knows what MAs plan is as so far this season it isn’t filling me with confidence.

  5. Sorry mate but you are mistaken. I predict that like Willian, Kai Havertz will be a £65mill flop. Such a shame as we looked like we were making progress towards the top. For £65 million we could have got Kudus or Vlahovic. Who have got? Havertz. WTF?

    1. Or Diaby who went to Villa or Xavi Simmons who went to Germany. Better players for less money. I don’t get what the manager sees in him.

  6. You highlight Ramsdale White Odegaard.
    I say to you
    Ozil ( got worse)
    Aubamayang (stopped him scoring)
    Willian (abject fail start to finish)
    ESR (deteriorated alarmingly)
    Tierney (why better for Scotland)
    Pepe (free scoring to invisible)
    Balogun!!! ( not given chance)

    1. There is a pattern here that for some reason our managers and board cannot seem to see –

      Gallas, left Chelsea under a cloud, issues with his temperament hung over his whole arsenal career, left us unmourned.

      Diarra, diabolical Diarra. Flopped at Chelsea, and, err, flopped at Arsenal

      Petr Cech. Couldn’t believe he was coming across London to us. Several matches later, couldn’t believe he could possibly be that bad!

      David Luis. If people think xhaka cost us dear with rash moments, then Luis would leave them a gibbering wreck. Absolutely terrifying player. No matter how comfortable we looked Luis could always find a way to turn things around – for the opposition.

      Willian. Useless. Nuff said.

      1. You mean to tell me that Arteta paid E65m for Kai just to come and revive his career @Arsenal? Mind you , Arteta didn’t transform any of those players you mentioned. They came readymade. Arteta had an opportunity to transform Pepe who was evidently doing better than Kai is doing but sent him on loan. I hope he uses the same formation against united and brace up for the embarrassment he will get.

    2. Saliba forced White to RB, as no sane person would select White over Saliba as starting CB.

      Martinelli had 10 goals 5 assists as an 18 year old Brazilian newbie under Emery.
      No one gets it right all the time, Arteta has just as many misses.

      Also, name an academy player he promoted in his 4+ years. I can’t either. Textbook example of checkbook manager. Far easier to buy a player than develop the resources you have.

  7. Arteta can transform a player, but it should not come at the cost of team cohesion when there are better options within the squad to fill that position.

    I expect time will tell in the end and in fairness to Havertz it was not his fault that we gave away two stupid goals yesterday.

  8. Simple answer, no, he won’t. Chelsea have, yet again, offloaded a dud on us and are laughing all the way to the bank. Havertz was sold because Chelsea had simply exhausted every option with him. Now Arteta is going through exactly the same process. Arteta is also learning another hard lesson, you tinker with a successful lineup and tried and tested formations at your peril. Or is he? Havertz has the Pepe air about him, but this time we knew that before we bought him. It’s not often I actually groan when we buy someone, but I did when it was definite we’d be buying the Kai. As for comparing Havertz with other alleged ‘turn arounds’ they’d already shown they could play – he hasn’t.

  9. I want Havertz to play six to seven games before I wil say something about him,gf him time pls.

    1. What difference will that make? He’s just carried on where he left off at Chelsea.

      I’d love to be proved wrong, but Chelsea have sold us too many duds that we struggled to get shot of to have any confidence.

  10. Against Man.U


    Trossard. Odegaard. Saka.

    Rice. Partey.

    Zichenko. Gabriel. Saliba. White.


    1. Wont happen
      Ben Salliba
      Partey Zich
      Ode Havs
      Saka Gabriel Martenelli

      Score Utd 3-1 AFC

  11. Yes i fear Chelsea have done us up like a kipper, with Haverz. He has done nothing yet to disprove his 3 years of cadging a living on a meagre return was not his norm.

    1. How many of Chelsea’s young and gifted players have been performing at their best level recently?

  12. Arsenal should just simply stop buying players from Chelsea and Manchester city. We need Brighton scouting staff.

    1. Manchester city players are good and are performing well like Jesus and Zinchenko! But all players bought from chelsea were duds!

    1. Thats probably because he is making some strange calls on the team at the moment. Is he trying to be too radical or is it just single mindedness.

        1. Does that matter David ?
          Why are you so intent on trying on trying to undermine other fan’s opinion regarding Arteta,I find it odd and proper cringey.
          We get it you like him and I would imagine you have a duvet cover with his face on it but other fans do not have to fall in line with you buddy it’s pretty simple really .

          1. Pat I don’t say half as bad things like the cult but my posts are deleted yet the cult posts stay up like this one.

            Jen called me dumb and you didn’t do anything I called her the same and you deleted my post.

            They have become like those FBI guys with glasses in movies thinking they own the place.

  13. I hate being the negative one but Why cant Arteta be criticized ? It is almost like there is a cult of Arteta . He is human .
    Arteta ruins players as well as a helps a few .
    Pepe was ruined by Arteta , Auba was ruined by Arteta , AMN same , Martinez, Leno, ESR,Kieran Teirney etc .
    A manager hasn’t introduced a player from the academy in 3 years .
    The manager also lies and is vindictive .
    I want more than anything for Arteta to do well but let us be honest . Only Arsenal can spend 200 million and look worse than they were last season. What scares me the most is when i see what Mancity is trying to do signing Doku and now Nunez .

    1. “Pepe was ruined by Arteta , Auba was ruined by Arteta , AMN same , Martinez, Leno, ESR, Kieran Teirney etc.”
      None of them was ruined. Arteta wants us to play a high-press high-tempo game, which requires players who work hard, good on the ball, can press, and are press resistant. And that brought us the best ELP season we had since the invincibles. Pepe did badly before Arteta, and is not suited to our system. Auba was doing great under Arteta but did not survive Arteta’s increasing demands. AMN was not ruined, he is a mediocre player that wasn’t even that great in his loan spell and now plays at his right level. Martinez wanted 1st choice guarantee which we could not provide, and Ramsdale is an improvement over Leno. ESR is not yet suited to our system, even by his own addition (he said that he is still learning the defensive side of the MF role). And Tierny could not make the shift to inverted-FB, a tactic that is very much the root of our progress.

      1. The best maagers manage what they have and play with the players strengths . Granted a manager can also do away with players who dont fit his tactic .

        1. Every manager manages what they have. Some players work out, others don’t and are moved on.
          Claiming that a manager has “ruined” a player because they do not fit into the manager’s plans does not make sense.

      2. What a joke ? That Ramsdale is an improvement over Leno. 😂😂😠🙌 sometimes i wonder as fans Do we watch the same Games surely?

  14. The difference is this player has been in EPL for 3 seasons and has failed to convince. This was a huge fee for a player that looks totally devoid of confidence and even midtable footballing ability.

  15. Yes, that’s why we bought him. I’m sure Arteta is capable of helping Havertz to become the best version of himself. He was an exciting player before Chelsea bought him and ruined his confidence.

    In the meantime there will be much noise and some will probably ask for a new manager. I’m sure Big Sam and Little Mourinho opportunity 😁

  16. This argument doesn’t make sense. We need results now such as are being produced at Tottenham by Maddison who was available for a much lower fee and stable satistics and we abandoned him for a 3 year Chelsea flop. The PL is not for Havertz.

    If he must play him, let him do so from the bench to give him time to understand the system. Right now, he is lost and it’s hurting the team badly. He probably needs time but should begin by gaining minutes match by match until he can start being productive. He’s olaying under too much pressure to get results and it’s not working.

    Thirdly, how can you change a winning team? The changes are too many and shock even the players.
    Even Odegaard were and Saka were lost. Suddenly, everyone is struggling from the shock of too many changes.

  17. Academy players that can sit in for Havertz are in their numbers.
    All clubs are moving up their academy players; yet ours are just there.
    Why is Nwaneri, Reuters, Skelly or Omari not in the squad when they are capable.
    Even Patino would have do ne better yesterday

  18. Havertz is a work in progress, i’d liken him to the gaffer’s combination to his AmEx as none of we fans,pundits and rivals will have a clue what he’s up to until it’s time for him to unleash it but until then WHINE ON AND EAT YOUR INEVITABLE HUMBLE PIE LATER.

    1. First of all,myself like most fans who have been rightly critical of Havertz would be delighted if Havertz was to come good.if you don’t believe it then it doesn’t say much about how you see Arsenal fans who do not agree with for eating humble pie,if you had been on JA long enough you’d know that i never had any problems putting my hands up and admitting being wrong.if Havertz comes good,I don’t think we should eat humble pie no matter how good it is.i mean we’re talking about a 65M player(300k/week), with 4 seasons in the PL and playing in one of the top teams.if you ask me, that’s the least we can and should expect from him.

  19. You cannot polish a turd.

    Arteta and Edu have made a colossal mistake in signing Havertz just as Chelsea did.

    He may have looked good in the Bundesliga, but he lacks the ability to read the game and from that comes the vision to make a clinical pass or to see an opening to score a goal.

    All that money spent on Havertz, and he already looks like a terrible signing after just three games.

    But Arteta will persevere with him even if it means sacrificing valuable points in the league just to be seen to be right.

    It sounds like a terrible thing to say, and it is, and I am sorry, but Timber’s injury is a far worse blow to Arsenal than it would be if it had happened to Havertz.

    Arsenal would have functioned much better without Havertz.

  20. We should just count our losses and get a new midfielder. For what is required to excel in EPL, Havertz just don’t cut it. Yes, we could play Odegaard, Rice and Partey midfield but it is only a matter of time before Partey goes on his usual annual long term injury and then we would be in a limbo. We cannot rely on Partey, 3 season has obviously taught Arteta that and that’s why he went all out for Rice.
    We need to search the whole of Europe for a proper Xhaka replacement now or forget about winning EPL this season. I always knew replacing Xhaka would be the most difficult

  21. I am afraid @ Sam P with due respect you are deluded. I just don’t get some Arsenal fans like you honestly. With due respect to Kai, he is not a natural baller – it is clear for all and sundry to see. He is not a good dribbler, not a good scorer, not a good distributor of the ball, he has no intensity etc. WHAT IS HE BEING GIVEN TIME FOR? £65M is premium payment for a player. You need to hit the ground running and be shaking things up in the team. I keep saying my greatest regret is that £65M would have gone to so many great players in Europe. Don’t forget this guy has spent 3 years already in the premier league. Honestly, I would not have been pissed off if they had only spent £30-35M on him. Giving Kai Havertz time should not be an excuse for dropping points this season. Let him start on the bench then. That should be to Arteta’s shame that he spent £65M for a player that is not good enough for first team. Let’s wait and see but i have no confidence Kai will improve.

  22. Arteta should stop this madness experiment, his making Arsenal worse than last year. I was hoping we’d play better football this time around. He is confusing players and everyone else including himself. Arsenal need to win a lot of games. Arsenal is not threatening any team in the PL as we speak. The 10-man team managed to grab a point in our own backyard, absolutely unexcitable.

  23. He should t have to make him into a star ,we just paid bloody 67 million for him and made him our highest earner .
    Have Arsenal turned into a early learner centre ,what next ,show him how to do his shoelaces up .
    What Arteta needs to do ,if he’s to play every week is to find his best position and the best position for the team ,because the first 3 matches he’s been underwhelming unless OFC winning 4 headers per match is some kind of achievement.
    He’s been around the prem now for 3-4 years and is a Germany international so he should know the basics for goodness sake ,maybe he needs encouragement and abit of confidence but this is the prem where if you don’t perform your out ,I just hope it’s not another Willian situation and we all know how that turned out ,and prime Willian I would take over Havertz every day of the week .

    1. I couldn’t care less how we have playing in our first three league matches. It’s much more important how we are playing in March, April, and May. We are going to compete in four tournaments this season, and when you are inventing something new there’s always a risk for breaking eggs. COYG

      1. Good for you buddy ,that you couldn’t care less 👍
        But we also competed in four tournaments last season ,only difference is now we are in the big boys European competition.
        Artetas record in the second tier European competition is embarrassing,let’s hope we do better against teams in the top tier of Europe rather than against teams from the outer reaches of Europe

        1. I know this will get deleted but these guys have gotten so much worse in their PR bs that they don’t even think about what they are writing.

          1. The sad thing is they are becoming apologists and defend any fault. If people cant see that we have just played 3 very average to bottom teams and our faults are there for all to see. The tinkering and favouritism has not made us a better team. Why cant people just admit when something is not working, instead of glossing over everything. We all want us to play better dont we?

          2. I was away from Ha all summer but that’s true things have become can’t be critical of the manager and if you are, you’re not a real supporter/fan.some of the excuses that some come up with are just ludicrous , we’re talking about worshipping levels.managers like SAF, Arsène Wenger, Maureen,Klopp… even Pep have never been exempted of criticism so I don’t think why MA should be??

  24. Arteta should play Harvetz upfront as a target man. He was passably decent when he played there against City in the Community Shield even if he missed a few sitters. His runs were pretty good and his holdup play wasn’t too bad either.
    The midfield should be Partey Rice and Odegaard with Jorginho, Vieira and Smith-Rowe in tow.

    1. CorporateMan, I agree this is his best position given his height of 6’4″; however not only does Havertz have to “beef up” his body strength, but he has to increase his aggression to put fear in defenders..

  25. The warning signs were there before we bought him from Chelsea. They couldn’t wait to get rid, the extracted a fortune out of us for a player that had been doing, exactly what he is doing for us. I dont see why people can not see, Haverz is doing no less and no more than he did at Chelsea. Why are some not accepting that?

    1. Lets please deal in facts, the real world and not fantasy island thoughts because our manager wanted him.

    2. Chelsea has been in complete chaos and most likely have this not been a good place to be, especially for young foreign players. There was a reason why Chelsea bought him and there’s also a reason why good players have been struggling to reach their expected level. I believe that Arteta can help Havertz to be the best version of himself, and we should be backing our players. COYG

      1. Like i said we can all believe what we like but just deal in the facts at the end of our noses. He has bombed in tge premier league and we are seeno different. He should not be taking someone elses place in the team who could do better. Thats the fact.

        1. “Chelsea has been in complete chaos and most likely have this not been a good place to be”
          Yet Havertz won the Champions league in that chaos ,hopefully Arsenal have some CHAOS in the next year or 2

          1. Chelsea won the CL in 2021, what happened with Chelsea afterwards? From the time he signed with them until he left he had six managers. And you believe this is a good environment for elite sport 😂

        2. I’m concluding when the season is finished, but I’m impressed that you are able to conclude already 👏👏

          1. They still won the CL with Havertz scoring the winning goal .
            I wish Arsenal were in so much CHAOS

            1. I know, but unlike you I’m not a Chelsea supporter, not even 0,1 %. Follow your dream man nothing wrong with that.
              I wish you a wonderful Havertz free week 😉

    3. Exactly @Reggie,if Poch really rated him he’d have kept him around and promised him an important role for this season.

  26. unless injuries occur, Kai has no business starting in our games, but that’s not even my biggest problem. am still utterly upset as to why play Partey at the RB, total BS

  27. If I was a betting man, I would bet all experiment will come to an end on Sunday, not a single square peg will be inserted into a round hole.

    Sunday we will see a return to basics a back four in place with Partey and Rice providing a protective shield no dramatic and mind boggling changes.

    The balance in a team is very important, innovation is fantastic but sometimes something that started as a good idea evolves into something which doesn’t work

    I know the gaffer maybe tempted to throw Raya in the ring but that’s the most.

    1. I listened to Gary Neville,he too believe that MA is overcomplicating things and should get back to basics(his exact words) for the game against UTD.he is not the only pundit who thinks the same way.

  28. Ateta has caused Havetz more harm than good.
    by continuously playing him. The fans are going to turn on him and this can’t be good for his already fragile confidence. He needs to be taken out of the firing line even if it’s only temporarily until he learns the system or somehow shows improvement.

  29. Surely after 4 seasons as “a work in progress” and a second place finish, Arsenal and Arteta should be building on this foundation. Players like Kai Havertz should be bought to improve the squad. Any new player should have to earn their place in the starting 11, not be “shoehorned in” with other players benched or played out of position to help them find form, or help the manager to ascertain their best position
    The Premier League is not the place to do this, as any dropped points may prove critical. Performances in the first 3 EPL games against expected lower position opponents with Havertz, out of position players and omissions like Gabriel at CB in the starting 11, have not been encouraging.
    If Arteta wants to experiment, there are other competitions, like cup games available when first 11 players need to be rested. The EPL is not the place to develop the “Havertz project”.

  30. Guys why are you fighting, we are only in phase 4, we will win trophies in phase 10 until then we will consolidat the top 4. If you do not understand the empire our legend manager with epic Edu is building then go and spread you negativity somewhere else. Go support City or Chelsea who bought their trophies but make sure you don’t mention the 700m we spent under this current regime that might land you in sticky condition.

  31. Maybe he can but right now he should earn the right to the team shirt, not be given it due to his cost. Eddie has done well and still was dropped for the Fulham game. Gabriel was great last season and has lost his place no doubt due to the possibility of a sale. Risky business for Arteta especially as his signing of Rice has yet to improve our goals tally nor our defensive security. Shows that Xhaka is a tough act to follow.

  32. “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!. This Havertz nonsense that Arteta has put upon Arsenal will cost us points AND the League

  33. By the way,
    Arteta is doing a great job but he needs to stop overthinking things.
    Finding game times desperately for Trossard on the wings and upfront will always be a hit and miss.
    Arteta is the problem of the Fulham match not Havertz.
    Bringing on Jorginho for Odegaard was a sacrilege!
    Nothing is wrong with Havertz.

    Arsenal did extremely well with their transfers this current window. They got their perfect players.
    From last season, Arsenal needed to replace Xhaka (with Havertz),
    provide rotation for Zinchenko (with Kiwior or Timbre)
    provide rotation for Partey (with Declan)
    and then possibly improve on Magalhaes (with Kiwior or Timbre or Declan).

    However for Declan Rice value and what he gives to the team, sacrificing Magalhaes is clearly correct and tactically apt.
    Now, Declan Rice should be maximised with more defensive duties.
    It will make him help impact and stamp his authority on team more greatly.
    He has to play more in the backline than Partey.
    Declan Rice is more defensively solid than Partey and White. Playing him in the backline will suite him more like he is another Saliba.

    Arsenal strongest 11 this season will be
    Kiwior, Declan, Saliba, White
    Havertz, Partey, Odegaard
    Martinelli, Jesus, Saka

    And, luring Declan to CB is actually easy, just the same trick played on Partey.
    Instead of Partey often covering RB,
    let Declan predominantly cover LCB as the deeper of the 2DM pivots in a 3241 that we’re seeing already this season:
    Kiwior, Saliba, White
    Rice, Partey
    Martinelli, Havertz, Odegaard, Saka

    Arsenal will not win anything this season for
    as long as Jorginho is playing in that midfield,
    as long as Trossard/Vieira are fielded in the frontline.

    Arteta should simply stick to the peculiarities of the player roles in his tactics,
    and use the right resources in there, all over the pitch, at all times.
    He should stop making things unnecessarily complicated.
    Else it will be another near success syndrome season.

  34. Smith Rowe has to move on.
    He wont get game time ahead of Havertz, Rice and Partey as an attacking occupyer,
    he wont get game times ahead of Zinchenko, Timbre, Odegaard, Trossard and Vieira as a playmaker
    neither will he get game time ahead of Saka, Martinelli, Jesus, Nelson, and Eddie as a striker.

  35. @Pat please your support for Harvetz and none of it on T Partey and others is the reason why coaches have destroyed pepe et al and saved real flops

  36. Havertz is definitely not worth the £65m+ we paid for him and will never be a prolific goalscorer. Maybe he fits somewhere in the club’s long term process? Chelsea must be overjoyed, Havertz for £65m and Mount for £60m!!!

  37. We only needed A backup midfielder (we got Rice),a backup defender and a 20+ goals striker.Havertz wasn’t necessary at all. I can also feel Xhaka’s impact from a far. I don’t get Partey in RB nonsense.

  38. I think this article should be titled

    Arteta will make Havertz into a Star even if it ruins the rest of the team!!

  39. After 2 plus years and several managers at Chelsea, no real performance. Why would you expect a new level of performance at Arsenal.. absolutely crazy buy when we have ESR and Viera.

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