Arsenal fans should be excited about Usmanov bid!

It’s no secret that the club is in desperate need of change. The Gunners have had the same manager and most of the same coaching staff and managerial support for the last twenty years and to no surprise it’s starting to go stale.

One factor of management that does change quite regularly is the ownership and control of the club, most notably the Chairmanship and majority shareholder. The Gunners current majority shareholder is American Businessman Stan Kroenke, otherwise known as Silent Stan by the fans. Kroenke has a majority stake in Arsenal and thus has a big influence in the club’s affairs, however since he has held the majority stake, in 2011, he’s done very little for the successful growth of the club.

Kroenke’s main rival in the shareholder ranks is Russia’s richest man until 2015, Alister Usmanov. Usmanov is reportedly worth twice the amount of Kroenke and has his sights set on making a takeover bid for the club. Yesterday he was rumoured to have launched a £1 billion bid for Kroenke’s share of the club.

The news quickly generated reports of which the Arsenal fans showed excitement. The idea of having Kroenke out of the club and replaced by Usmanov, a more desirable and willing owner, is one that is surely going to please the fans.

The Arsenal legend, Ian Wright had his say on the matter, in a statement quoted from the Evening Standard. Wright said: “He [Usmanov] has put in the bid and it is great news. Something has to change, whether it is the manager Arsene Wenger or whether it is the board upstairs.”

“Top players may want to leave. Too much is up in the air. Something has got to happen for Arsenal to go to that next level. This bid will galvanise the fans.”

Wright’s statements are nothing but truthful and we all know that the club needs an overhaul. A takeover bid and new ownership of the club would be a major change and perhaps the one that is needed to shake up things at the club. I have no doubt that if Usmanov was to take more of a charge of the club affairs, then he would put forward for a change of manage, overhaul the squad and see improved methods whether the club generates finances (and profit for him) through being successful winners, rather than through Kroenke’s buy to sell regime.

The offer is likely to be rebuffed by the American, with his own intentions to one day make a bid of Usmanov’s shares. However the fact that Usmanov is showing intent and to make a change, will hopefully spur an act of rejuvenation at the club.



  1. John0711 says:

    He won’t sell he’s making too much money all this I want the club to win things is utter bollo%#s

    Won’t be long until we are linked with top players so the muppets can purchase tickets

    The only hope is Isra I’ve bids silly money over the odds so he can’t refuse

  2. ks-gunner says:

    The only thing which makes us hope and wishfull is this bid alone, otherwise its all doom and gloom for us

  3. Geekaybee says:

    I did read somewhere that he is trying to together 5billion to have a super stadium built in the US . So maybe the offer is tempting to him. He hasn’t denied accepting the offer so let’s all keep our fingers herself crossed.

  4. Geekaybee says:

    I apologise for the typos. I tried to knock it out and post it quickly without reading it. Sorry.

  5. ArseOverTit says:

    It’s a start! Usmanov has shown his real intent now.
    All fans must show their desire for wanting change from Wenger to Stan leaving.

    AFC has been nothing but a cash cow for SK who sees AFC like all of his investments as nothing but a revenue stream. Their is no affiliation or love for the club let alone football and he has invested none of his own money (apart from share buying) for the betterment of our club.

    It will be a GREAT day when the fans speak up at their discontentment at his existence at the club. It is also a easier ask perhaps than asking the real game visiting Arsenal fans ( excluding tourists and season ticket renters aside) to join as a single voice in wanting Wenger out as many still look in the past and not the recent present.

    Stan will feel the heat and so he should. Football clubs and their fans should be owned by those who care for the club and not by money ball billionaires who only seek investment.

    Usamov will of course want to enjoy the fruits of his investment but you can bet your Bottom dollar that he would not be a passive bystander who did nothing to improve the clubs fortunes.

    Change is coming it’s just a matter of when.

  6. Goonerboy says:

    The change is here now, I support that we fans should keep the fire burning, and that Usmanov shouldn’t back down and up his bid…if Usmanov sees that fans want him in, he will be extra motivated…
    We can do this!

    1. stubill says:

      I’ve just read that apparently Usmanov is preparing to up his bid to £2 Billion, how much truth there is in that, who knows? To double the bid does sound a bit odd, unless it’s a last throw of the dice before giving up.

      1. Frank says:

        Usmanov values Arsenal at £2 billion. Kroenke has about a 67% stake so that would be a bid of approximately £1.34 billion.

  7. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Arsenal FC need this change to happen Stan Kroenke and Mr Wenger need to go. If they stay nothing will change we can expect year’s more of the same o;d excuses. Usmanov would bring something new to Arsenal. The Fan’s need this change to Happen.

  8. Robert Newton says:

    Usmanov- New Owner
    Someone- New Manager
    Overmars- DOF
    New Striker- Aubameyang
    New CM- Jean Micahel Seri
    New Cb- Boateng
    Winger- Douglas Costa
    EPL champions 2017/18
    My dream will come true or not??

  9. Ronny says:

    Kroenke out Usmanov in t shirts should be printed and worn!!

  10. geek_a_byte says:

    The Invincibles in ’04 gave Wenger
    God Like status at Arsenal.
    The next 5 years saw Chelsea *2
    then Utd *3 win the title but no
    one dared question the master.
    The arrival of Kroenke in 2009 allowed Wenger
    to reinvent himself and along with Kroenke
    relaunch the Arsenal brand as the “Top 4 Champions”.
    8 years without seriously competing for the title
    and destroyed in the ECL round of 16 has been our lot.
    The majority of Arsenal fans just take it up the khyber.
    Players are paid fortunes to cruise all season.
    Arsene collects 8 mill with no pressure to win.
    Silent Stan watches his share value rise each year by doing nothing.
    Where does that leave Arsenal fans who want to win the title?
    We are an abandoned minority.
    Collateral damage in the Kroenke/Wenger top 4 vision.

  11. John Ibrahim says:

    With usmanov billions we can spend big every season…thats what the fans be chelsea, city or psg

    New manager

    Griezmann 100m

    Mppae 120m

    Bakayoko 50m

    Bernado 55m

    Varane 45m

    Boateng 70m

    Reus 50m

    Lets spend big every season,

    We want a Fifa all star team

  12. gmv8 says:

    It is so frustrating to have this leech at the club, if Usmanov were in charge, Chelski would know not to come sniffing around AS7, they would get a bloody nose!

  13. Frank says:

    Kroenke won’t sell. He is a business man, he doesn’t care how the team performs or what the fans think. As long as the money is rolling in, that’s all that matters to him.
    I wouldn’t blame Usmanov if he brought another club with his continued frustration at Arsenal. We will be a mid table team with Stan Kroenke for years to come.

  14. Yossarian says:

    I was gutted when the press reported the initial £1.3b bid had been rejected.

    However if you think about it, of course Kroenke would reject the initial bid. He knows how wealthy Usmanov is, and he knows that he could squeeze more out of him.

    Therefore I am excited to hear these rumours of a second mega-bid being prepared by Usmanov. If it’s true, then it’s fantastic news for us fans.

  15. lord wafflebury says:

    Hold fast everyone..lets not all get too excited and carried away about usmanovs bid and start with all the fifa 2017 spending spree on players.
    If kroenke doesnt sell , what is the point in usmanov hanging around…the share price of afc has jumped as a result of his bid..he could cash in and plough his money somewhere else…remember, he is also a shareholder at everton so if he invested further in them we could well have more competition for top honours in the future…also to spite kroenke….just thinking and bringing things into perspective

    1. stubill says:

      I think it’s against FA rules to be a shareholder in two clubs.

      Usmanov is a business partner of Moshiri, Moshiri was a part of Red and White Holdings with Usmanov. When Moshiri wanted to take over Everton he sold his shares in Red and White holdings to Usmanov. In other words, Usmanov has no stake in Everton.

      The other part of your post regarding Usmanov selling his shares could come true, if he feels there is no point in hanging around if he thinks there is no chance of him getting on the Board of Directors at Arsenal or take overall control, the only reason he will stick around is because he is a fan of the club, not just a very rich man trying to squeeze very penny from the club to prop up his other franchises.

      1. lord wafflebury says:

        It is against fa and uefa rules to actually own 2 clubs but is my understanding that as long as you dont hold more than 10% of shares in 1 of the clubs its ok….my local team colchester united is owned by a guy who is also a director/shareholder in west ham, robbie cowling.
        It becomes irrelevant if usmanov cashes in all his shares and buys into everton anyway.

        1. stubill says:

          In that case, I was wrong and apologise.

          I can’t see Usmanov buying into Everton as Mishiri owns 49.9%, Bill Kenwright owns 12.2% and I can’t see either of those selling their shares to give overall control of the club to Usmanov, also, would Usmanov want control of a club that he doesn’t support, surely not as an investment, it’s small fry compared to his other business interests.

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